ECT Depression Therapy Should Be Suspended, Study Suggests


From BBC: “The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) currently recommends the use of ECT for some cases of moderate or severe depression as well as catatonia and mania.

However, peer-reviewed research published in the journal Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry concludes ‘the high risk of permanent memory loss and the small mortality risk means that its use should be immediately suspended’.”



  1. There is nothing ethical about diagnosing people to begin with. These are not real doctors yet who assign fancy labels to behaviours or human issues.
    THAT is not doctoring, nor serving, nor ministering. Nor are any of their chemicals any kind of “medicine”.

    Suspending EC, sounds as if they will hang it up for a while, but only to continue using their botched up chemicals, further contributing to the woes of mankind, further contributing to physical illness, unemployment, murders and suicides.

    Politicians are responsible for letting this farce continue, disguised as “doctors” with “treatments.

    I do hope psychiatry goes to trial one day.

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    • New title: “The use of induction of grand mal seizures by electrocution should no longer be allowed or justified through pretending it is some sort of ‘treamtent’ when it is actually electrically-induced brain damage.”

      Or “Induction of seizures is not ‘treatment.’ It is intentional brain damage.”

      There are many other options, but you get the idea.

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