Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

The Truth About “Breakthrough” Drugs

From The Washington Post: "When federal regulators started giving certain drugs 'breakthrough' status in 2012, pharmaceutical company interest exploded. The goal was to speed up...

“Views on Assisted Outpatient Treatment: Fuller Torrey, M.D.”

E. Fuller Torrey, M.D, shares his experiences and views on AOT with Behavioral Healthcare. “The whole issue of involuntary treatment is one that’s difficult...

My Life on Antidepressants

In this piece for Vogue, model and writer Sydney Lima shares her experiences with the adverse effects of Sertraline and Bupropion. "For the next few months,...

How Biofeedback Works

-Counselor Tori Rodriguez discusses how biofeedback works, and what the research has shown about its efficacy.

We Need to Move on From Self-Care to Something Outside of Capitalism

From The Guardian: Rather than just seeing ourselves, we need to recognise that our health and fates are inextricably linked to our fellow human beings and find collective care.

“An Illness, Inherited?”

Novelist Jenni Fagan writes in the New York Times of being gestated in a psychiatric hospital, told she may have inherited schizophrenia, growing up...

1 Boring Old Man on the Glaxo Pledge

1 Boring Old Man theorizes (with a nod to Bob Fiddaman) that the recent appearance of data from study 329 and Glaxo's pledge to...

FDA Invites Comments on Guidelines for Informed Consent

The United States Food and Drug Administration is inviting comments on its new draft guidelines for informed consent. "This guidance is intended to provide...

Social Farming Ireland Shown to Have Positive Outcomes for Mental Health

From AgriLand: Social farming is ideally placed to contribute to people’s recovery, providing opportunities to re-engage with life, with nature and with other people.

Psychiatric Diagnosis as Subjective Opinion Rather than Science

An opinion article by a survivor of forced hospitalization writes in The Irish Times argues that the 30% reduction in involuntary detentions in Ireland...

Hearing an Opinion Said Aloud Humanizes the Person Behind it

From the Association for Psychological Science: According to a new research study, people attribute more humanlike qualities to those expressing opinions they disagree with when...

Self-Care Won’t Save Us

From Current Affairs: "In a time where people—especially millennials, at whom this particular brand of self-care is aimed—are increasingly talking about their struggles with...

Big Pharma: The Global Effect

In this piece for Vision Magazine, Danit Felber details the U.S. pharmaceutical industry's efforts to stomp out foreign competition. "What does this mean practically? A nonprofit...

“Hearing Voices: tracing the borders of normality”

-Rhianna Goozee discusses the development of the Hearing Voices Movement and how research has blurred the lines between "healthy" and "normal" minds.

Seclusion and Isolation Rooms Misused in Illinois Schools

From the Chicago Tribune: Children are being locked away, alone and terrified, in schools across Illinois. Often, it's against the law.

“SHIT Happens”

David Healy posits the Secret Health Ingredient in Treatment (SHIT)  . . .  "In the early twentieth century SHIT was some supposedly secret magic...

This Article Won’t Change Your Mind

From The Atlantic: For some people, believing false information is not a result of low intelligence or lack of education, but the desire to...

Doctors Too Reliant on Pfizer’s Depression Questionnaire

From The Telegraph: Depression is being overdiagnosed due to doctors' reliance on a nine-question form designed by pharmaceutical company Pfizer to assess patients for depression. Article...

“How to Stop Violence”

Slate magazine chalks up one for the argument that "Mentally ill people aren’t killers. Angry people are . . . Violence is not a product...

‘Cannot Be Trusted…Causing Harm’: Top Medical Journal Takes on Big Pharma

From The Age: The BMJ says doctors are being unduly influenced by industry-sponsored education events and industry-funded trials for major drugs.

Yale COPE Project to Study How People Control Their Voices

From Yale School of Medicine: The goal is not necessarily to get rid of the voices, said the project's co-director, but to empower voice-hearers with the skills to influence those experiences.

Newly-Revised List of Industry-Independent Experts for Journalists

From HealthNewsReview: For nine years, HealthNewsReview has hosted a one-of-a-kind list of health care industry-independent experts for journalists. The list has now been revised with new...

“Dangerous Work: Behavioural Geneticists Must Tread Carefully to Prevent Their Research Being Misinterpreted”

Nature writes, of behavioral genetics, "Although the ability to investigate the genetic factors that underlie the heritability of traits such as intelligence, violent behaviour,...

“What Side Effects? Most Consumers Don’t Read Drug Risk Information”

For Pharmalot, Ed Silverman reports on a recent study suggesting that people do not pay attention to the risk information on prescription drugs. Article →...

Depression, Stigma, and our Toxic Culture

From Medium: Often after the suicide of a public figure, there is an increase in articles published attempting to destigmatize depression by categorizing it as...

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