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The Nurtured Heart Approach Instead of Drugs: An Interview with Howard...

This episode of ā€œMad in the Familyā€ focuses on a non-drug method to bringing out the best in challenging children, particularly those diagnosed with ā€œADHD.ā€ It is called the Nurtured Heart ApproachĀ® and its essence is that, in the words of our guest, ā€œthe same intensity that drives people crazy is actually the source of a childā€™s greatness."

Ben Furman – Understanding and Dealing With Adolescent Rage

A podcast interview with Finnish psychiatrist Ben Furman in which he discusses adolescent rage and how parents can come to understand and deal with teenagers and young adults who are angry and explosive.

Q&A: My Child Is Self-Harming. How Can I Help?

I walked in on my teenaged daughter cutting her upper leg with a razor. I have also noticed multiple cuts and what look like cigarette burns on her wrists and torso. Sheā€™s always made excuses about them, but now I realize she has been self-harming for a while. She swears she isnā€™t suicidal. Whatā€™s this all about, and what can I do?

The Effect of Psychiatric Diagnosis on Young Peopleā€™s Sense of Self...

A new review highlights the effects that psychiatric diagnosis has on children and adolescentsā€™ social relationships and views of self.

Review of Pediatric Antidepressant Studies Finds Evidence of Benefit Lacking

Review of pediatric antidepressant studies finds the vast majority are negative on primary outcomes and an increased risk for suicidality.

Why More American Teens Than Ever Suffer From Severe Anxiety

In this piece forĀ The New York Times, Benoit Denizet-Lewis explores the social, cultural, and economic factors that have contributed to the significant rise in...

PA State Representatives Introduce Bill to Ban ECT on Children

FromĀ Fox43: Last week, two Pennsylvania state representatives, Tom Murt and Stephen Kinsey, introduced a bill to prohibit the use of electroconvulsive therapy on children...

A Pediatrician Talks About the Dangers of Bullying

FromĀ MinnPost: According to pediatrician Michael Pitt, M.D., pediatricians see a spike in suicide attempts at back-to-school time, in part due to anxiety over bullying...

More Students Than Ever Suffer Mental Ill Health

FromĀ The Guardian: The number of children and young adultsĀ experiencing mental health problems is rapidly rising. More than ever, young people are growing up in...

Applied Psychoanalytic Theory in School Settings

In this episodeĀ of theĀ Psychoanalytic Voices podcast, Dr. William Sharp discusses his work introducing psychoanalytic techniques into school-based settings.

Targets are Damaging Students’ Mental Health

In this pieceĀ forĀ The Guardian, a schoolteacher explains how unrealistic expectations of students' academic performance as well as a strongĀ emphasis on test scores haveĀ harmed students'...

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

FromĀ The Atlantic: The pattern of constant smartphone and social media use among post-Millennials may be leading to a publicĀ mental health crisis. Research shows that...

Brief Trauma-Focused Psychotherapies Effective for Children with PTSD

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Writing Therapy both reduce PTSD symptoms in children who experienced a single traumatic event.

Rise in Children With Mental Health Concerns After Terror Attacks

FromĀ The Guardian: According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the number of children and young people seeking mental health support has spiked since recent...

Is the US Education System Producing a Society of Smart Fools?

FromĀ Scientific American: According to Cornell University psychologist Robert Sternberg, the U.S. education system is entirely focused on developing and rewarding students' analytic intelligence -...

Invitations to Crucial Re-orientation

In this lectureĀ for the Forum for Existential Psychology and Therapy,Ā SĆøren Hertz, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Denmark,Ā challenges ourĀ tendencies on to focus on individual...

Therapists Are Using Dungeons & Dragons to Help Kids

FromĀ Kotaku: Therapists across the country are running Dungeons & Dragons therapy groups to help socially isolated kids open up by participating in role-playing games. "There...

“The Overdiagnosis of ADHD”

The general theme, that various "mental illnesses" are being "overdiagnosed" is gaining popularity in recent years among some psychiatrists, presumably in an effort to distance themselves from the trend of psychiatric-drugs-on-demand-for-every-conceivable-human-problem that has become an escalating and undeniable feature of American psychiatric practice. But the implicit assumptions ā€“ that there is a correct level of such labeling, and that the label has some valid ontological significance ā€“ are emphatically false.

The Psychiatry Sandcastle Continues to Crumble

Psychiatry would long since have gone the way of phrenology and mesmerism but for the financial support it receives from the pharmaceutical industry. But the truth has a way of trickling out. Here are five recent stories that buck the psychiatry-friendly stance that has characterized the mainstream media for at least the past 50 years.