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Social Relationships Integral to Recovery in First Episode Psychosis

Research finds patients of first-episode psychosis report benefits from social relationships where their personhood is respected.

Knowing Patient’s Story Improves Odds of Happy Ending

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has released a toolkit that will help physicians identify and respond to key social determinants impacting their...

The Poison We Pick

In this piece for New York Magazine, Andrew Sullivan traces the history of the use of opiates in the U.S. and explores the social, economic,...

Underestimating Social Determinants of Health Linked to Right-Wing Authoritarianism

Social determinants have been seen to have an equal, if not greater, influence on health as individual behaviors, yet this evidence is largely ignored. Researchers investigate why this is the case.

Self-Differentiation and Why it Matters in Relationships

From GoodTherapy.org: Research shows the tremendous impact we each have on one another's emotional and psychological health; our emotions, especially those that are negative, are...

Why do People Self-Harm? You Asked – Here’s the Answer

In this piece for The Guardian, Jay Watts explores the social and societal factors that often lead to self-harm and explains how psychiatric labeling can exacerbate self-harm. "Self-harm...

The Politics of Mental Health

In this piece for Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century, Hazel Croft argues for a more radical approach to mental health, exploring the impact of neoliberal...

Critical Psychiatry Network 2017 Conference Report

From Critical Psychiatry: The Critical Psychiatry Network's 2017 conference raised a variety of issues and featured a range of differing perspectives pertaining to the societal...

Inequality is Bad For Your Health

From Pacific Standard: In a recent study featuring a group of American twins, twins who experienced greater levels of inequality showed more physiological signs of...

Invitations to Crucial Re-orientation

In this lecture¬†for the Forum for Existential Psychology and Therapy,¬†S√łren Hertz, a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Denmark,¬†challenges our¬†tendencies on to focus on individual...

Who Names Diseases?

From Aeon: The World Health Organization (WHO) recently issued new guidelines requiring diseases to be named for generic descriptive terms, instead of regional or politically...

Researcher Acknowledges His Mistakes in Understanding Schizophrenia

Sir Robin Murray, a professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience in London, states that he ignored social factors that contribute to ‚Äėschizophrenia‚Äô for too long. He also reports that he neglected the negative effects antipsychotic medication has on the brain.