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Psychotherapy Has an Enduring Effect on Depression—in Contrast to Depression Pills

A meta-analysis published last month showed that psychotherapy has an enduring effect on depression—in contrast to depression pills.

Mental Health Survival Kit, Chapter 3: Psychotherapy: The Human Approach to...

Through the process of healing—whether assisted by psychotherapy or not—we learn something important that can be useful if we get in trouble again.

The Professionalization of Mental Health Services Is Ruining Friendship

The emphasis on getting "professional" help allows people to abdicate responsibility to their real-life friends, rather than learning how to contribute meaningfully to relationships.

Insane Medicine, Chapter 7: Industrialised Psychotherapy Markets Western Folk Psychology (Part...

Sami Timimi explores the common factors that influence therapy’s success, the evidence base for psychotherapy, and the over-promotion of CBT.

Stop Saying This, An Encore!

Continuing the series, we look at discussions of "chemical imbalances," medications, and diagnoses, as well as telling people to "calm down" and a further look at the "observer."

Understanding Mental Illnesses, and Ourselves

I trained in psychiatry in the 1950s. I saw psychiatry switch from trying to help patients to understand themselves better to trying to find a drug that would relieve their symptoms.

Stop Saying This: Phrases That Sound Helpful, But Are Actually Gaslighting,...

Therapists seem to have a reference book where they go to find phrases that sound really helpful but are actually gaslighting and self-serving.

Finding a Therapist Who Understands Oppression and Intersectionality

From The Establishment: "...research on race-matching in therapy suggests that for some clients, sharing a minoritized identity with a therapist may reduce guardedness, mistrust, and self-consciousness....

Schema Therapy: Working With Complex Clinical Presentations

From The British Psychological Society: Dr. Susan Simpson provides an introduction to schema therapy and its uses in treating people who have been diagnosed with...

How Can a Therapist Get the Most Out of Therapy?

In this piece for The Guardian, Susie Orbach describes the importance of therapists' own feelings and emotions in understanding and building relationships with their clients. "Feelings are the...

AVATAR Therapy Shows Some Positive Outcomes, Now What?

In a commentary piece, Ben Alderson-Day and Nev Jones discuss the AVATAR therapy research for psychosis and propose further questions.

Treating Depression Often Lies in a Gray Zone

From The Washington Post: Doctors often turn first to antidepressants when treating patients with depression. However, the evidence shows that alternative treatments such as therapy...

Helpful and Harmful Therapist Behaviors, According to Clients

From The British Psychological Society: A recent study has broken new ground by asking clients to provide detailed feedback on a second-by-second basis of their experience of...

Psychology’s Power Tools

In this piece for Aeon, David A. Sbarra discusses the philosophy and science behind cognitive behavioral therapy and explains why it is so effective. "Importantly, emotions...

Psychiatrist Who Revolutionized Family Therapy Dies at 96

From The Washington Post: Salvador Minuchin, the psychiatrist who played an instrumental role in pioneering family therapy, died on October 30th at age 96. Minuchin was...

Tranquilizing Humanity into Oblivion: A Warning from Nathan S. Kline

Widely heralded as the father of American psychopharmacology, Kline insisted that his discoveries were adjunctive to psychotherapy, not replacements. The psychopharmacology of Kline's era recognized that medications are a blunt instrument.

Late Night Snack – Shrink: Sarah Silverman

In this video, comedian Sarah Silverman recounts her journey with mental health treatment and discusses how therapy has helped her.

Time on a Therapist’s Couch Yields Personality Changes

From Ars Technica: A recent meta-analysis found that a variety of different therapeutic techniques result in positive personality changes. The two personality traits most impacted...

Susie Orbach and Frederick Crews Debate Freud’s Legacy

In this piece for The Guardian, Frederick Crews, author of Freud: The Making of an Illusion, debates with psychoanalyst Susie Orbach about the merits of Freud's...

Researchers Say You Might as Well be Your Own Therapist

From Quartz: Therapists may play a less significant role in mental health treatment than previously thought. A recent study found no significant difference in treatment outcomes...

The Therapist who Saved my Life

In this creative nonfiction piece for Literary Hub, one woman shares her story of trauma, depression, and suicidality, and recounts the unconventional approach of the...

“Maybe You Need Meds”: From Passive Patient to Finding My Voice

I made journaling non-negotiable. I started sitting in nature and running trails. I practiced being present and prioritized sleep. These things are often seen as what you do if your problems aren’t really that bad. But to me, these are the things I do to save myself every day.

The Virtual Couch: Is Online Therapy Going Viral?

From Alternet: Applications that provide online counseling, such as BetterHelp and Talkspace, are increasing in popularity. While some studies support the effectiveness of virtual therapy,...

Killjoy: The Story of a Misguided ‘Mental Health’ Bot

The bot was created by one Danny Freed, inspired by the suicide of his close friend a few years prior. Danny reportedly balks at calling Joy a ‘bot,’ and refers to it instead as a “mental health journaling service.” Joy operates through Facebook’s system and auto-chats you at least once a day to check in.

Psychodynamic Therapy Revealed to be as Efficacious as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Meta-analytic study finds that psychodynamic therapy outcomes are equivalent to those of CBT and other empirically supported treatments.