Teenager’s Death After Being Given Antipsychotic Was ‘Potentially Avoidable’


From The Guardian: “Oliver McGowan, a talented athlete who had mild autism and epilepsy, died at Southmead hospital in Bristol aged 18 after being given a drug for schizophrenia and bipolar disorder though he did not have those conditions or any mental illness.

His family say they and their son implored doctors not to administer olanzapine because he had reacted badly to it in the past and McGowan told those treating him: ‘Please do not give me antipsychotics, I don’t like them, they mess with my brain.’ But the teenager was given the drug and suffered a fatal brain injury.

An independent review published on Tuesday concluded that McGowan’s death was ‘potentially avoidable.'”

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  1. I suppose the people that drugged him went home to their wives and children
    and mumbled something about having had a bad day.

    The only ones that had a bad day were the family of Oliver.
    This was not a car accident. This was murder. Legal at that.

    Inquests mean nothing. They are part of the cover up.

    Doctors are immune unless they used a gun. Wonder what it
    feels like to see that the body is no longer alive due to being
    an absolute immoral prick, working in disguise as a doctor.

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    • I agree, it was murder. And I agree, “doctors are immune” for intentionally poisoning people, which needs to change.

      “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Thus, it was a very dumb idea to give psychiatrists the power to play judge, jury, and executioner to anyone, for any nefarious reason they please (like covering up child abuse, which is the primary actual societal function of both the psychiatrists and psychologists). Psychiatry and psychology are absolutely corrupted industries today.

      “8 million” killed every year with the “invalid” DSM disorders, and the neurotoxic psychiatric drugs.


      Our modern day, all Western civilization, psychiatric holocaust needs to end. My condolences to the McGowan family on the loss of their beloved child.

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  2. https://youtu.be/2krwEbm5hBo

    Perhaps benadryl, a drug now known to drastically increase the risk of alzeimers and dementia and cause myriad brain damages, must be studied for its brain healing and protecting effects. I’ve read through posts of psychonautic and other drug forums over the many years and people who use benadryl regularly went good bye-bye, except when one would eventually come back and struggle to tell a story of basically learning how to eat and bathe again and know one day from another.

    But against a neuroleptic, benadryl seems to save the day. Might there be some sort of rivalry among these drugs? Hmm….

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  3. The doctors were suffering from terminal Mental Health Mind when they gave him olanzapine, which they did because he didn’t want them to. Terminal Mental Health Mind kicked in, in which the staff believed the kid was refusing meds because they were benefitting him in some mysterious way, so he was retreating from sanity as part of a Flight into Illness. His very reluctance was the very reason these brilliant professionals had to medicate him with that very same drug.

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    • They don’t think so much about the right to kill you, than the need to “super-medicate” you, using doses as high as they think plausible, raising them if you complain (surely a sign of impending relapse to an ineffectual initial dose). Maybe they also think that dying is a deliberate self attempt to foil your own recovery at their expense.

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