New Zealand Judge Rules That Abuse Can Cause Schizophrenia

A New Zealand judge has upheld the appeal of a sexual abuse survivor against a decision that sexual abuse cannot cause schizophrenia.  The judge...

I’ve Been Waiting for This Since I Was a Child

In this piece for Canterbury Christ Church University, Nell Butler highlights the significance of the recently released Power Threat Meaning Framework. A trauma survivor herself, Butler...

Scales Assessing Child and Adolescent Psychopathology Lack Cross-Cultural Validity

Researchers find few existing "psychopathology scales" are appropriate for global utilization.
scrooge christmas carol

Dickens’ Christmas Carol: A Psychiatric Primer of Character and Redemption

Scrooge’s character was forged from his own emotional pain. Indeed, we can change the course of our lives through facing and mourning that pain. Want, deprivation and cruelty create the evils of the world. Mourning and trust, in the context of love, are its antidotes. 

Reimagining Healthcare

The conventional Western classification systems of health conditions are based on flawed science shaped by reductionist, hierarchical, and profit-driven ideologies. THEN wants to create a new paradigm built upon principles drawn from systems science, the life course perspective, developmental neurobiology, and other evidence-informed studies.

“California Courts Step Up Oversight of Psychotropic Medication Use in Foster Care”

The Mercury News reports that California’s judicial council is taking major steps to address the rampant use of psychiatric drugs in foster care. The...

More Physical Activity-Based Mental Health Interventions Needed in Schools

What physical activity-based programs are being implemented in schools, how are they being researched, and what kind of impact have they made?

Meta-analysis Links Childhood Trauma to Psychosis Symptoms

The study results suggest that experiences of childhood trauma impact the development of symptoms associated with psychosis.

“Childhood Adversity Hurts Our Mental and Physical Health”

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner, a recipient of a 2013 MacArthur Foundation genius award, wrote: “ ACE Scores should become a vital sign, as important as height, weight,...

Schizophrenia Deconstructed

After a few weeks it became clear to me the complete lack of comprehension that I faced as a person claiming to have been cured of psychosis. Being a schizophrenic claiming to no longer suffer from schizophrenia only made me seem more schizophrenic due to the current culture of psychiatry.

Childhood Adversity May Increase Risk of Suicide

Swedish study suggests experiencing adversity in childhood is linked to dying by suicide as an adolescent or young adult.

Study Finds Heavy Metal Music Beneficial to Mental Health

A new study highlights the role heavy metal music plays in the mental health of adolescents facing adversity.

Prenatal Prozac Alters Stress Response in Male Rats

Researchers from Belgium and the Netherlands, publishing online June 20 in Neuroscience, found that prenatal fluoxetine (Prozac) differentially affected the development of glucocorticoid receptors...

Life Lessons and Trauma Informed Care

My first real introduction to the world of madness and “mental illness” was when I was 21 years old and I left home to start my mental health nurse training. Reflecting on my own experiences has led me to consider how the trauma of participating in the psychiatric system can affect the way we care for others.

No Guns in Schools

The Society for Humanistic Psychology has released a statement by psychology faculty and students from the University of Massachusetts-Boston in opposition to the notion...

Why do People Self-Harm? You Asked – Here’s the Answer

In this piece for The Guardian, Jay Watts explores the social and societal factors that often lead to self-harm and explains how psychiatric labeling can exacerbate self-harm. "Self-harm...

Trauma and Schizophrenia: The Ultimate Political Battle

This weekend I attended an international trauma studies conference in Miami, Florida, where some of the leading researchers and clinicians in the field of trauma gathered to share their innovative projects and findings. Although there were many worthwhile moments, overall I left feeling paradoxically hopeful, saddened, inspired, and a bit dumbfounded. One study after another was presented on "trauma-related disorders" and their associated treatments, yet there was not a single mention of schizophrenia or its related diagnoses. Four days of trauma discussion and the topic of psychosis was nowhere to be found.

Schema Therapy: Working With Complex Clinical Presentations

From The British Psychological Society: Dr. Susan Simpson provides an introduction to schema therapy and its uses in treating people who have been diagnosed with...