Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Restricting Pharma Reps Contact with Docs Decreases Prescriptions

Implementing policies that regulate pharmaceutical sales representatives’ interaction with physicians may reduce prescription of promoted drugs.

Lancet Psychiatry’s Controversial ADHD Study: Errors, Criticism, and Responses

Amid calls for a retraction, Lancet Psychiatry publishes articles criticizing the original finding and a response from the authors.

Scott Gottlieb Confirmed as Head of the FDA

From Pacific Standard: This past Tuesday, the Senate confirmed Scott Gottlieb as head of the Food and Drug Administration. "Although some Senate Democrats had worried about...

From Protoscience to Proper Science

From The Guardian: The field of psychology is fraught with fundamental problems in its research practices, from publication bias to data corruption. The field must...

Introducing the Doing the Right Thing Award

From STAT: STAT has recently awarded the first-ever Doing the Right Thing (DiRT) Award to the American Diabetes Association and its flagship journal, Diabetes, for championing correct...

Brain Stimulation Research Lacking in Reproducibility and Scientific Integrity

Questionable research practices and poor reproducibility in electrical brain stimulation (EBS) studies.

Dear Scott Gottlieb: Add New Warnings to Paxil Labels

From STAT: Scott Gottlieb, Trump's pick to lead the FDA, should consider pursuing a stronger warning label for the antidepressant Paxil. Paxil's label currently does...

Phony Peer Review: The More we Look, the More we Find

From STAT: Publishers are increasingly finding previously published studies that need to be retracted due to fraudulent peer review processes. Springer recently announced the retraction of...

Our Health Care System Still Massively Overtreats Patients

From the Center for Health Journalism: It is a commonly held belief that more medical care is always better; however, overtreatment can be harmful to...

New Tool Will Make it Easier to Spot Conflicts of Interest

From Vox: PubMed, a search engine for medical abstracts, has begun displaying conflict of interest data in search results. The abstracts now include a Conflict...

Big Pharma Funds “Independent” Advocacy Groups

From The Intercept: Several seemingly independent advocacy groups have recently published advertisements opposing newly proposed legislation that would lower drug prices. In fact, the organizations have undisclosed...

Selling Adult ADHD: NPR Coverage Helps Advance Drug Industry

From HealthNewsReview: NPR recently reported on a study claiming that a test of just six simple questions can reliably diagnose adults with ADHD. Unknown to...

Up in Smoke: Speculative Claims about Smoking Cessation Drug

From HealthNewsReview: A recent news release from Florida Atlantic University has urged wider use of Chantix, a prescription medication for smoking cessation. The release made...

Could ‘Treatment Resistance’ be an Effect of Antidepressants?

Previously taking antidepressants could make individuals less likely to respond to treatment for bipolar II depression.

The Changing Role of the Pharmaceutical Representative

From the Center for Health Journalism: Due to drug safety scandals and rising drug prices, pharmaceutical representatives are increasingly being criticized by physicians, medical schools, and...

Swiss Giant Novartis Likely Bribed Thousands in Greece

From Medical Xpress: According to Greece's justice minister Stavros Kontonis, it is likely that the pharmaceutical company Novartis has bribed thousands of medical professionals and state officials...

Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising Linked to Dangerous Overtreatment

A new study links direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising to increased testosterone treatment, even when patients do not have a diagnosable condition.

Trump’s Pick to Oversee Big Pharma has Ties to Opioid Industry

From The Intercept: Newly released documents show that Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Trump's nominee to lead the FDA, has received almost $45,000 in speaking fees...

TV Documentary Funded by Doctor with Industry Ties

From STAT: A new documentary, "The Painful Truth," chronicles the plight of several patients struggling to find treatment for their chronic pain, suggesting that physicians...

Danish Study Finds Better 10-year Outcomes in Patients Off Antipsychotics

Study finds that 74% of patients with a psychotic disorder off antipsychotics at end of 10 years are in remission.

Majority of Pediatric Antidepressant Industry Trials Considered Low Quality

Meta-analyses including studies that detail these trials could be presenting misleading information.

Avenevoli Named NIMH Deputy Director

From the National Institute of Mental Health: Dr. Shelli Avenevoli has been named the new deputy director of the NIMH. Article →­

Medical Community Split on Easing of Drug Company Gift ban

From VTDigger: A new bill has been introduced in Vermont that would scale back the state's law banning pharmaceutical companies from providing certain gifts to health care...

Two Thirds of Patients See Physicians Who Receive Payments From Pharma

Study finds more patients are visiting physicians who have ties to industry than previously thought.

Researchers Make Recommendations to Improve FDA Transparency

Organizations, advocates, scholars, and practitioners had a chance to give feedback regarding FDA processes.

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