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  • The article would have been more compelling for me had the title been a more straightforward, something more like, “There are no hashtags “melockedupyoutoo?# Because People Aren’t Nutz!”

    In other words, talk immediately about retaliation because we know that’s the answer already.

    But I’m biased. I’m sick of being told on these pages my thoughts are tangential, in a reprimand.

    Ex. I point out psychiatry is a religion and its ‘tangential,’ until a male pro writer says the same thing.

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  • Lori,

    Words. What can I say? Others have said your story is important. Your story is not alone.

    Your story should be shared with Americans, with Congress.

    Our stories should be shared with Americans, Congress.

    My story, part of it, is here, too.

    We need federal counts of psychiatric detainment. We need review of laws surrounding Big Pharma, insurance payments and psychiatry, the DSM, the labels, the drugs. All the stuff hiding dangerously behind the lame label: “mental health care.”

    Good luck is not good enough but good luck going forward.

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    “All-ages rates (per 100,000 people) of emergency detentions ranged from 29 in Connecticut to 966 in Florida. In 22 states with continuous 2012–2016 data, the average rate increased from 273 to 309. In four of five states with separate counts for adults and minors, rates over time for both were nearly parallel. In eight states that provided relevant data, the mean longer-term detention rate was 42% of a state’s average emergency detention rate. Only one state provided length-of-stay data, and one counted both detentions and persons detained. In 24 states—accounting for 51.9% of the U.S. population—591,402 emergency involuntary detentions were recorded in 2014, the most recent year with most states reporting, a crude rate of 357 per 100,000.”

    Last line says maybe one million emergency voluntary detentions in 2014, extrapolating based on 24 states.

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  • “The most reliable data available suggests that millions of Americans from many walks of life have been subjected to psychiatric detentions and treatment against their will, and millions more have experienced unwanted psychiatric coercion under threat of commitment.”

    Millions since “asylums”? Time frame is needed in the above opening statement. This argument is too important. Sloppy guesses can only hurt.

    As I recall, there are no numbers connected to the source mentioned later in the piece.

    “This darkness and dearth of data is something I repeatedly ran into during the research for Your Consent Is Not Required, and it’s also an issue that UCLA social welfare professor and author David Cohen has exposed through stalwart efforts to simply find out how many people nationally are getting psychiatrically detained.”

    I’ve looked at the article in the past. Does anyone one year studied suggest millions?

    This is very imporant.

    There are probably a small number of horror stories like mine, short of millions. We can’t be as bad with our data and arguments as the corruption we’re fighting.

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  • boans, i can only say lame words. You’re from Australia; I’m from the former leading democracy, sewer of Michigan. We are both in the cateogry of “extremely screwed” by psychiatry.

    People don’t beleive our stories because they are too over the top with too many true horrifying details. Frankly, without my own story, I would definitely be inclined to disbelieve yours.

    But a count is critical. How many in the extrememly screwed category?

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  • About retaliation, thoughts spurred by this conversation.

    Retaliation comes from work, family, friends, all subsequent medical professionals, everywhere.

    File under retaliation from a friend who in now late middle aged adulthood calls himself a Christian mental health care therapist–which to me is a pretty great indication that there is no science involved here.

    In the spring of 2012, my higher ed employer announced it would use psychiatry to dismantle me. I called my friend in Billerica, Massachusetts. This was before retaliatory psych ward lock up. My friend the Christian therapist told me to forget about it, like I was dealing with the mafia when I was forced to deal with hostile psychiatry.

    I was incredulous. You should talk about sexual abuse but shut up about psychiatric abuse, says the so called mental health care professional?

    Yep, he said, because psychiatry will never admit its mistakes.

    I can’t shut up, was my reply.

    We both were right. And I am still sunk.

    And my former very close friend? Dumped me. When the effects of unchecked criminal and retaliatory psychiatry had turned to mental torture.

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  • If something less than half the states report and the figures are horrible, can there be any reliable figures at all?

    Yeah, I’ve searched too.

    I understand the focus of your piece. I just thought the answer to your question was pretty obvious and under explored. As one of few voices I know of who is willing to talk online about involuntary detention and to use my name, first and last, hearing about the specific retaliation other survivors/victims endure would potentially be interesting to me.

    Well, good luck. I recall seeing your query. I’ll see if my library has your book and make a request. Thanks.

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  • Absolutely retaliation from a variety of sources should be feared. I did not realize how bad it could get, but I had/have no choice but to use social media anyway. Sixty year old women do not win in America. I’m 59. Been at it for a decade. But the retaliation is far more widespread than I would have imagined: Kiwi Farms, the former state AG, computer hacks, all documented but fabulous and part of an unbelievable story, that is unfortunately for me true. Thanks.

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  • Why no hashtag? No surprise, as you discuss: fear, stigma, still big time. People who still need jobs, meaning they are in their working years, realize its a bad idea.

    I would create one, because at almost 60, with my resume and story I will never get another job, so its over for me. But I was kicked off Twitter for trying to express the resulting trauma from involuntary detention.

    One of the writers mentioned in this piece said to me in a Twitter message I was being followed for my story but that my posts were scary. That writer still stands on my wick–and I’ve wondered did they try to kick me off Twitter? Scary is involuntary detention without evaluation, with retaliation instead of equal protection from the standing state attorney general (yes, documented), not trying to express resulting trauma in words. Not even survivors/victims agree/get along. I sensed sexism at play. Yes, its often worst among liberal men because they don’t see themselves as sexist.


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  • Okay. Quick read because I know how hopeless real change is. I don’t see any talk of congressional effort in Washington. Isn’t that what is needed? An official legally mandated count which means lawmakers.

    I’ll ask Debbie Stabenow again if she wants to clean up her tattered record (in my view, she has ignored me for a decade) on quality mental health care now that she has announced she is not running again for the senate in 2024.

    Oh I see the David Cohen article now, but there are no conclusive figures there, right?

    I sent around an op ed in the last couple of years asking for an official federal count. I identified myself as a survivor /victim and was turned down by the major newspapers, no surprise.

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  • “The most reliable data available suggests that millions of Americans from many walks of life have been subjected to psychiatric detentions and treatment against their will, and millions more have experienced unwanted psychiatric coercion under threat of commitment.”

    Source’s please? What are the numbers? Between what years?


    One of those people February 22-28, 2013. Michigan.

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  • Testament. No one will believe me, an old comedian you to say allegedly as he messed with people in public, stealing french fries. Far more serious, no one will believe me. And the brain and full life pain I endure is WAY too much for too long.

    I was Hitler and its not god damn funny. But this isn’t a roller coaster. It’s hell.

    I am screaming in pain, boogers everywhere. Mercy would be a blood clot; be done with this 100% imposed the hell on earth. not suicidal. Not a rollercoaster. Torture is what it is and its not okay to torture me, America!

    The last decade. First criminal psychiatry, then retaliation from my powerful attackers, including jail, because I wouldn’t shut up, then came the internet trolls, Kiwi Farms names themselves among I don’t know who else or how many, then the computer hacks.

    No one will believe me, and the pain is too much for too long.

    I have told my story about criminal psychiatry but for years not talked about the understory of hacks until now. 2023 is the ten year anniversary of my death by criminal psychiatry. Its not clear what will come first, homelessness or the anniversary, and its not okay. None of this okay, Michigan America, my never ending hellf*ck.

    Between 2016 and 2018, at Lake Miramichi, Evart, Michigan, living in a cabin without heat or running water due to imposed poverty, my laptop keyboard intermittently did not work and stopped me from writing, silenced me. I would type a “t” and would get a capital “M.” None of the keys worked properly. Intermittently. Those are just examples. The pattern would change. Next time I would type a “t” and get a “t,” but would type a “g” and get a “!” The dysfunction would come and go. The keyboard never broke. After a few hours of me screaming in pain, the dysfunction would stop. For over two years. I connected that laptop to the internet through a jump drive when I could get a ride to the library. So hacks got in that way, I presume. I took videos. I was screaming and crying in the videos because brain rape hurts a lot.

    In Bay City, Michigan, I have been subject to all kinds of hacks across three devices. It’s been extra thick hell this fall, which caused me to lose my probably last job (work at home customer service). The terror I have been forced to endure in this f*cker’s country is more than anyone will know or believe, hell not a rollercoaster, and its way too much for way too long.

    I can’t even remember right now all the hacks I have endured.

    On the day I was suicide swatted February 22, 2013, my Facebook page appeared to be hacked and the documents I posted from the Oakland Community College sexist gaslight bogus mental health care witchhunt were removed, missing. My new writers website was ransacked when the school launched its attack in 2012. There is has so much suspicious activity and no one will believe me or bother to look at the evidence. No one will help. That’s not a roller coaster. That’s torture in hell on earth.

    On the day before Thanksgiving, this year, I was at the beach, Lake Huron. The place was practically deserted. A figure was hacked into three of the many pictures I took. The figure is a rough red hooded figure from the back, no face, which looks like one of the characters I’ve drawn, based on the iconic little red riding hood.

    Nothing is worth brain rape. Nothing is worth brain rape. I don’t deserve brain rape. I don’t deserve brain rape. Stop stop stop stop stop. Not a rollercoaster. Stop the hell. Stop the torture of me, my f*cker country. Putting up with your f*cking crap for a decade I have proven I was never suicidal, but my America is an inferno of cruelty that won’t stop.

    Prosecute St Mary Mercy Trinity Health with human trafficking. Statute of limitation 25 years. Three disparate sets of medical records prove my claim: I was not evaluated by Dr. Andrew Muzychka in the emergency room and the overall the state mental health code was trounced. Out Oakland Community College. Plenty of documentation to prove my claims that I was set up and psychologically abused. But there is no help in this country that is nowhere near as a great as it thinks it is.

    On top of criminal psychiatry, which is too painful and life ending itself, especially at age 48, there have been so many hacks on welfare cellphone, my camera phone and desktop computer in the last few months I can’t recall them all right now. Brain raped too much too long hell not rollercoaster.

    About a week ago, my keyboard on my desktop completely freaked out. Started moving phrases without me typing or touching the keyboard. I took a video. I am screaming and boogers are coming out of my nose, but I recorded what happened.

    Call the police? The police are part of the problem. When I was falsely prosecuted for allegedly stalking an Oakland Community College cop at Lake Miramichi (with a second home across the street from my dead husband’s cabin), I received death and rape threats through Gmail, which the Michigan State refused to acknowledge while they were falsely prosecuting me based on dirty cop’s lies and no evidence of stalking. Documented, everything documented, but who wants to read? Later, when the 49th District Court wanted to re-jail me, to silence me from telling my story online, the prosecutor and judge used Facebook troll accounts to claim I violated probation regarding the internet. One troll was the name of the guy who threatened to kill my dog, rape and murder me in 2017. The other “liked” Adolf Hitler on Facebook. Judge Kimberley Booher hid everything by not actually holding probation hearings. My lawyer? Piece of sh*t American took care of himself only.

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  • Well.

    The rollercoaster metaphor I find so very problematic.

    In my life before psychiatry was use to end my life, as a tenured community college English teacher, in Composition I when personal narratives were assigned, I cautioned against use of one metaphor: the my life is like a roller coaster metaphor.

    Students at all levels used the my life is like a roller coaster metaphor anyway, finding it very apt, apparently, though never in association with a DSM label. (This was before 2013.)

    So the average student, I deduce, sees normal life as a roller coaster.

    In my completely destroyed life as a victim, slowly being crushed to death, by criminal and retaliatory psychiatry, I know the roller coaster mood swing analogy is a dangerous description to place on a person and one used to control.

    This piece does not provide any details of the relative’s roller coaster mood swinging. What really does this person do?

    I have been labeled bipolar by an emergency room doctor I never met.

    For a decade, I have been forced to deal with mental abuse and mental torture due to unprosecuted violation of the state mental health code. This came after suicide swatting from my purposely psychologically abusive, EEOC documented employer, Oakland Community College, and the usual mistreatment from sexist white male police. The school wanted to silence my voice about teacher to teacher bullying.

    Outsiders, trolls, professionals might describe what they think they know of my behavior AFTER criminal psychiatry as a rollercoaster of mood swings.

    And I would wish them bodily torture in reply.

    No one cares about my story or my criminally imposed pain in a society that claims to care.

    I fight to win my life back, I lose repeatedly, and I wear out before I can try to rebuild myself. That’s not mood swings. That’s the effect of ten years escalating terror and torture on a human isolated by criminal psychiatry.

    No one wants to deal with the devastated life that I am forced to live. Every day is hell in all sectors: financially, emotionally, intellectually, etc. So I wear out before I can try to build myself back together again. That’s not mood swings. That’s the effect of torture and gaslighting. This human has been forced to endure WAY too much. There is no story like mine.

    No one wants to believe my story and my story is WAY too long, with too many turns, details and chapters. No one wants to deal with any part of my story, and my story includes retaliatory jail time in 2017, because I can’t shut up about never being evaluated by Dr. Andrew Muzychka February 22, 2013.

    Not even Mad in America wants to deal with my full story of criminal and retaliatory psychiatry and the destruction it causes, so I try to win, I lose, I wear out, I build back, and the cycle continues, but I always lose and I always wear out. I’m 59. Humans wear out. What I am forced to endure is not mood swings. I fight, I exist, clearly I am was never suicidal, I never win my life back, the days continue, terror grows, I wear out.

    What may look like mood swings is natural human response.

    What might your relative have experienced that wears your relative out?

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  • Gina no one will help you. Gina no one will help you. Your body needs to understand this and find a way to die of a heart attack or somehow end this dangerous hell.

    Get hit by one the not mentally ill Michiganders who don’t slow down when they drive by at 50 mph three inches away when you walk the dog?

    I would be maimed and my dog killed probably.

    No my f8cker cruel country, I am not suicidal, but I wish every f*cking American this hell I am forced to endure, equally and constitutionally.

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    please help me please help me stop mental torture please

    I am under siege with computer hacks across three devices please please

    connected to kiwi farms?

    its too much pain trauma terror and loss I face joblessness homelessness and the losing end of my ten yen year fight to win my life back and end mental torture

    justice or death penalty not torture

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  • I can feel a large number of privileged persons in NYC, Wash DC and LA, well educated, with white collar jobs, maybe art world gigs, who have been medicated for years, who rely on Big Pharma, or old school psychiatry, or who have a relative (let the relative speak!!!!!), who stand in the way of real progress.

    I am guessing the comments were even worse than the article, with hundreds of people who might vote like I do, who I might otherwise not like as people, even liberal leaning people.

    Watched Neflix Take Your Pills docs on xanax and adderall. The younger generation is on uppers, the old school liberals are on cocktails of god knows what.

    Trumpers on one side, nasty self serving liberals on the other, no relief in between.

    Liberals in the teachers union threw me under the bus and know I am being tortured by retaliatory psychiatry these ten years, ten years, but do not give a crap as long as they see their automatic deposits.

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  • There should be federal law about psychiatric detention equally applied to all Americans.

    This issue was made mine, on February 22, 2013, when EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer Oakland Community College after almost a year of escalating abuse, suicide swatted me, the Livonia Police through sexism and poor training completely botched an unneeded welfare check, and calamity ensued, as my higher ed mind rape Larry Nassar, HR lawyer William MacQueen, could count on, due to the mess of psychiatry. The Catholics who were allowed to raised me also grossly violated the state mental health code, at Trinity Health in Livonia, Michigan, which also something that can be counted upon, as I have learned through ten years of research. For the millionth time: I was NOT evaluated by Dr Andrew Muzychka in the emergency room, not at 11:30 am with first year student intern Nicole Shattuck, or at 1:00 pm, without her. St. Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward broke the law and then tried to cover up, as the three distinct sets of medical records released prove. There are no medical records from Dr. Andrew Muzychka, because, as I have claimed for a decade, we have never met.

    Ted Cruz’s daughter, 14 (on Tik Tok) “No, it had nothing to do with my sexuality or my father. I’m not suicidal but I am experiencing some mental issues,” she said, noting she’s “working through it and getting the help I need. Thank you so much for all the support and love, it means a lot to me. But the most traumatizing part of this experience is how public it’s been.”

    Dear Ted Cruz’s daughter,

    Well, good news! You are okay, you say, and it could be worse, young woman, please realize when you are ready.

    You are very lucky to be hospitalized immediately and receive support, as you express. You are very lucky to have a platform and an automatic audience to which you can claim that you apparently did hurt yourself but are not suicidal. How long were you hospitalized, I wonder and frankly may deserve to know on some level, as a citizen who was also detained, but against my will, and state law. This black hole of no federal law is a situation that your father could and one day should be forced to vote upon.

    Have they given you a label from the DSM? Do you know about the full history of psychiatry? Do you realize that since there is no biological test to determine any so called mental health disorder, that any labels they may have given you are based 100% on accumulated bias, the very same bias that gives the world sexism, homophobias and colonialist racism? Meaning the facts that women have been slow to be seen as leaders in government, religions are still given a pass to hate and discriminate LGBTQ people, from our own conservative SCOTUS even, and people all over the globe are still trying to overcome slavery and oppression are together not seven steps of separation distinct from whatever label they may have given you.

    Have they drugged you? Be sure to review the archives at Mad in America regarding all drugs they may have given you. That’s a great receptacle, like a library of scientific papers, professionals and patient testimonials. Some of the most promising advances seem to include peer therapy. But make sure you know all the side effects of psychiatric pharma, reflect on the known placebo effect, and really think before you rely on Big Pharma.

    Notice how NO ADVERTISEMENTS show people locked up in a psychiatric ward. When I was locked up, the place was a horror show, with little in the way of so-called therapy. Unsupervised coloring with poor supplies was a main pastime, as well as hunting for doctors to ask for release. I wonder what your experience was like. Hopefully, it was better.

    Honestly, it is very difficult for a seasoned adult to believe you have not been coached in your statement. Oh, I see you admit that you are reading a script. That’s a nice human touch, thank you.

    I hope you are able to locate, listen and love your inner voice.

    Please realize you are getting special treatment not afforded to most, which is perhaps more critical than any negative media attention, which I am sure is unwelcome, in your case.

    Without the attention, would you receive as much support?

    Others who have hurt themselves could find themselves locked up for a long time against their wishes in a place that hurts instead of helps.

    Best wishes, from a victim of unprosecuted criminal and retaliatory psychiatry.

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  • This country is terrifying, hell on earth for some like me.

    Unprosecuted criminal and retaliatory psychiatry has me facing joblessness and homelessness, at age 59, no safety net left, which means further threat of another unnecessary psychiatric lock up, maybe for the rest of my life.

    Nothing is worth the hell I have been given by my EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer, Oakland Community College, who started this mess to silence my story of workplace teacher to teacher bullying.

    Senator Ted Cruz’s daughter admits to hurting herself and apparently breezes through a psychiatric ward. She has the privilege to say she hurt herself but is not suicidal and finds herself quickly free.–sXyY

    And the rest of us?

    This country is a sewer.

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  • Being one of the humans sacrificed to this godless and science less endeavor and reading the plain talk discussion about how I will die sooner because of so called medical providers who should be in jail for actual violations of the state of Michigan mental health code?

    Psychiatry causes mental torture is so many ways.

    Death would be better.

    Catholic god of St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward in Livonia Michigan run by Trinity Health violate me dead already. Stop the torture!

    All I can do is document the hell that’s been made of my life, not a damn thing to stop it. Or free myself..


    This human world is hell.

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  • Article: The rate at which Americans are held against their will and forced to undergo mental health evaluations and even state-ordered confinement — lasting anywhere from a few days to years — has risen sharply over the past decade, according to a new study by researchers at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.

    The analysis, published online today in the journal Psychiatric Services, shows that in the nearly half of U.S. states for which data was available, involuntary psychiatric detentions outpaced population growth by a rate 3 to 1 on average in recent years.

    The study is the most comprehensive compilation of data on involuntary detentions to date, the researchers say, an undertaking made more challenging by the lack of a national data set on the topic and longstanding inconsistencies in reporting across states and jurisdictions.

    “This is the most controversial intervention in mental health — you’re deprived of liberty, can be traumatized and then stigmatized — yet no one could tell how often it happens in the United States,” said David Cohen, a professor of social welfare at the Luskin School, who led the research. “We saw the lack of data as a social justice issue, as an accountability issue.”

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  • What is needed:

    The US federal government should track voluntary and involuntary “civil” detentions, like they do criminal detentions. That fact that this is not done by anybody, government or academia, says a lot bad about both, but no one here is surprised by that.

    We don’t know if the numbers still show that women are detained more than men without the data. I read a mostly picture book about old asylums, with a foreword by Oliver Sacks, and the limited figures shared showed more women then men in earlier centuries. One picture showed the tallies on a display board hung at one of the old “grand” institutions, reiterating that women outnumbered men. The story of Elizabeth Packard of the 1800s reminds us that it was legal for a man to say his wife needed locking up and she would then be locked up, but a woman never had the right to say, for example, my husband is beating me, lock him up! He must be nuts!

    What is the situation now? When I was illegally and involuntarily detained, due to retaliatory suicide swatting from my EEOC documented psychologically abusive higher education employer, there were more women than men. What are the figures overall? We don’t know because this sexist society and corrupt still sexist psychiatry does not care.

    And yes, patients, should be listened to about the effects and real world outcomes, which are freaking horrendous and why we are ignored.

    I wish the imposed criminal and ah so cruel pain would just end me and I could exit this unrelenting hell. I wish I could buy the S in suicide like I was accused without evidence or evaluation.

    Psychiatry does not want hear about the hell it reeks and the realization adds to the hell.

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  • When is someone in this discussion, either MAD or a professional (I say with great disdain)–thanks commentators for the added bit about the subject supporting electro shock so called therapy–going to mention the media celebrities who push DSM labels and allude to taking these drugs? How much more damage do Selena Gomez, Kanye West and Ben Affleck due to so called mental health care and the rates of diagnosis and drugging when they support the nonsense of psychiatry with all the support of the mainstream press? They do more damage, I fear, then MAD will ever be allowed to do good.

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  • Academia has not even bothered to study voluntary or involuntary psychiatric detention, which the United Nations calls “torture”–does the article mention this? I don’t think so–because it is torture to be victim of other humans making money off nothing but their bias, your inflicted pain in the duplicitous name of “care” and your forever more annihilated human and civil rights (to say nothing of the financial and social devastation).

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  • When academia gets around to studying inpatient coercion, they will of course need to include the after effects of involuntary and illegal detainment, which includes the need to beg on social media for justice and the resulting appearance of trolls like Kiwi Farms. And how there is nothing a woman can do to save her life from criminal psychiatry.

    YouTube refuses to take down the Kiwi Farms video for reasons of defamation. The provide a form then say they don’t take down videos for accusations of defamation. Because they can’t prove whether or not I am a “schizo cow” or have “meth teeth.”

    Nothing is worth this suffering.

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  • “It smells like discrimination to me that we’re not systematically measuring patient experience at the national level, and incentivizing performance on those measures.”

    Yeah, good idea, and good luck. Won’t happen at all or soon enough to help me. But keep up your singular fight, you don’t need to me to add.

    What about immediate euthanasia for the excrement of this hell like me? The society puts down dogs and horses. What an unbelievably cruel society this is.

    Kiwi Farms international troll farm on top of criminal psychiatry, on top of state of Michigan sanctioned retaliation, on top of an impossible fight for one woman, on top of one of kind story including a second set up in jail when I would not shut up about the looney bin (spelled like Warner Brothers cartoons because the warden and the system are Daffy Duck).

    On top of being fired from another phone customer service job for one bad call again because the pressure is way too much for too long.

    I have taken a long walk walk toward inevitable homelessness (unless I find a way to become suicidal) because of criminal psychiatry but the important thing for change is to take care of the feelings of the psychiatrists who have been lying and greedy.

    I don’t appreciate being the human fodder shit out the back and discarded in this heady development toward a better psychiatry. Not your fault, but I don’t appreciate it.

    I do appreciate this space in which to share my dying words. Its been a slow death for almost ten years with no mercy in sight.

    Kiwi Farms is too much on top of all this and no one will help.

    Lock a woman up for her views? Then let the trolls have at her?

    It would be kinder to shoot her in the skull and the vagina.

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  • please help me stop the destruction of me

    kiwi farms troll farm

    please help me in michigan

    call the attorney general in Michigan and ask her to charge St Mary Merciless with human trafficking or give me the death penalty to stop this dangerous destruction of me

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  • I was involuntarily detained for a week and diagnosed as bipolar by an emergency room doctor who never met me, who never evaluated me, who did not supervise the first year intern who spoke to me briefly, at a Catholic hospital in the Midwest. The young female first year intern very quickly and very strongly disbelieved the very real short story I told her, that I was set up by my EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer–suicide swatted the term was later coined. My story remains well documented, though unusual.

    My medical records from the emergency room and psych ward are a mess, and similar to the game Telephone, crossed with criminal cover up. Especially when the three distinct set of records released are compared. Long story.

    But my medical records don’t compare well with the DSM, as nutty as the DSM is. My medical records are filled with tests of my urine and other tests that don’t reveal bipolar. They are filled with notes of part time support staff using terms from the DSM like “flight of ideas” and other fabricated assignations regarding my life, including my previous eating and sleeping habits, which no one asked me about. During the week I was held to bilk my teachers Cadillac insurance, there was only a criminal semblance of talk therapy by a doctor and a hospital who admitted the doctor played hooky.

    In my discharge papers directions to patient, the Catholic hospital reduced the protracted psycho babble definition of bipolar in the DMS to traits they don’t like in critics, especially female critics: aggression, talking and creativity.

    Misinformation has spread like bible stories.

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  • Thank you to MAD in America and the subject for your work.

    I had to stop reading the home state top press, the Detroit Free Press, because of their abysmal coverage of mental health care. And refusal to cover my story, involving the state’s largest community college setting me up with criminal psychiatry.

    The horror is still just as strong. Psychological abuse for a year, accused of being school shooter material based on nothing, except retaliation, hack shrinks, removal from the classroom as tenured teacher, non payment, no due process, declassroomed but not fired, and then the big finish: suicide swatting–all because I was bullied by other unions teachers over the creation of the teaching schedule (greedy little prima donna piglets), but would not shut up about it. I was sexist police abducted, as one can count on, especially in 2013, then not evaluated in the small midwestern Catholic emergency room or the psych ward, but kept for week, human trafficked. I was not suicidal but psychiatry does not ask questions other than how many days can we bill her insurance? Then, leaving the realm of any other story I have heard, Bill Schuette, the former AG who wanted to be governor, retaliated (all documented), with the state police, to silence me. I have served a month in jail for fighting for my human and civil rights against criminal psychiatry, which means I will be poor and very vulnerable until I am dead.

    Thanks a bunch, criminal psychiatry.

    All about the money. Power. Ego. If you can kill the bitch, go ahead (what Sid Salkow said in film school). An extreme but true story. Still have not read anything like it even on these pages.

    Freep ignored my story–until they stole it. And left me to rot.

    There is no doubt success in this country is based on whoredom, no doubt in my mind. Bob Dylan said you gotta serve someone. Yeah, your own interests.

    For ten years I have been telling the Freep about the lack of oversight of patients rights in Michigan.

    I only found this story because MAD linked to a related podcast.

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  • “And modern psychiatry is certainly mainstream. Thus, we need to recognize what we are dealing with: It’s a religion.”

    And its most like Catholicism: sexist, tied to the body, patriarchal, corrupt, duplicitous, with a man written bible.

    I have been saying the same on these comment pages for a while.

    But who listens to an old woman deemed crazy?

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  • Who are you? I am a victim of criminal psychiatry in Michigan. Please consider contacting me through Mad in America.

    I know too well the uselessness of the patients rights system in Michigan.

    Jennifer Gorman covered up for the Catholics at St Mary Merciless Livonia when I was human trafficked.

    She was awarded by the Republicans as top patients rights person in the state a few years later.

    She served as the state chair person for the committee on patients rights for the state dhhs under Democrats. The current female governor appointed the dhs head who protects Jennifer Gorman, not me.

    I asked her to reopen her empty investigation as law allowed. I asked at a meeting of the committee of patients rights people. She ignored me and the committee protected her, of course.

    She resigned her position on the committee and was given a job as a patients rights person at Saline.

    Years ago, during retaliation from the powers at be, before I was jailed on bogus charges, I was ordered to report to Saline. This was after I had been locked up illegally by suicide swatting from Oakland Community College and taken by the clueless apes of the local police to St Mary Merciless and held without need in violation of the law. I was not evaluated by two psychiatrists or a social worker, but I was kept for week of coloring and decoupage. So there was no way I was going to walk into a state psychiatric facility.

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  • Great song support. However, I see things as a bit more complicated.

    The center does not hold still.

    I hold extreme views about the Catholic Church, like people who believe in virgin birth and symbolic spiritual cannibalism (eating flesh, drinking blood) should be seen as quite possibly disturbed or at least unthinking in modern times. But most of the world’s press seems to think that the Pope deserves coverage as a world leader, even as he practices extreme duplicity (saying he wants to root out sex abuse the same month he denies new sex abuse claims in Canada).

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  • Oh.

    And I think it is fair at this point, though likely controversial and what some call inflammatory: staff who earn paychecks where illegal and involuntary detentions take place should rightfully be compared to Nazi concentration camp guards.

    Staff who repeatedly described me as “disheveled” as reason for detaining me and stripping my human rights after I was abducted from home without a shower, no toothbrush, no care products, no clothes, deserve to be held fully accountable. This is one slight example.

    The end result is not the same, the means aren’t as bad, but they exist comparably on a continuum of history.

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  • Thank you!

    When, ever, will the sexism in psychiatry be addressed and debunked? The differences noted between men and women and so called bi polar especially overtime are pure bias. Based in religion, politics, history.

    As psychiatry has known bi polar is bs over the course of the 2000s, popular purveyors of bunk have claimed the incidence of bipolar is roughly equally between the sexes (based on made up wishful thinking data that I’m sure exists nowhere) though allegedly bi polar looks different in men and women, which is bs on top of bs on top of bs. The larger problem is sexism is the society that affects psychiatric bias, society, people and families, not any behavioral disease in the female.

    So depressing. We are still living in bible stories.

    I need to prove that some crazy retaliation I endured in 2019 from the Catholic hospital and local police for speaking out about criminal psychiatry that occurred in 2013 (actual violations of the weak legal code) violated my state protected civil rights as a female.

    Sexism is everywhere like air but its difficult to prove that the retaliation happened because I am big mouth female who won’t shut up about what was done to me (who can’t and shouldn’t shut up).

    I hope finally that someone will agree there is no argument that the Catholic Church is sexist. That seems to me a good basis for an argument of sexist psychiatric mistreatment and sexist retaliation from people who elevate men over women and cops whose union supported proud pussy grabbing Trump.

    I need this to work and it probably won’t.

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  • Hey! Anybody got links to studies about the incidence of bipolar diagnosis in women versus men? Sexism in bipolar diagnoses? Needed for Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Last chance to legally save my life from criminal psychiatry in Michigan in 2013.

    This study could use review, I’m sure, and largely assumes sexist assumptions:

    Has Bipolar Disorder become a predominantly female gender related condition? Analysis of recently published large sample studies
    Bernardo Dell’Osso, Rita Cafaro & Terence A. Ketter
    International Journal of Bipolar Disorders volume 9, Article number: 3 (2021)

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  • Needed: guidelines for journalists and newsrooms.

    The media loves repeating the suicide hotline numbers at the bottom of mental health articles. The critical mental health pros here could come up with a similar word stamp.

    Topics to include:

    The labels should come with a disclaimer: something like there is no scientific test for bipolar.
    All medical professionals named should undergo rigorous sunshine law disclosure and review.
    All medical journals and universities should be treated in the same way.
    Something must be said about “chemical imbalance” and drugs which are most likely to work only as a placebo.

    Example draft (that no one would publish at the end of any article at this point):

    “There is not consensus among mental health professionals or patients regarding bio medical and socially centered approaches to mental health care. DSM labels are based on bias not scientific test. Chemical imbalance does not describe mental health. The major drugs are tranquillizers. There are no drugs that affect depression. Present psychiatric drugs are known to work by placebo effect. This field is still developing. Sunshine laws require that all doctors, medical journals and universities reveal all payments from pharmaceutical companies.”

    And there is an additional problem (many likely) not addressed here. The people who take the drugs and wear the labels do make life directly worse for those who don’t. There is great tension there. And it should be up to the profession to address it, since the profession created this rift.

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  • Well written. I wonder if your memoir will break out in the mainstream, as this story is still not being told and accepted. Your attitude of no blame will help, though I see plenty of blame.

    I checked out your website. I noted your Wash Post editorial and its response and also your publisher for your upcoming book. Good luck.

    I have no hope for change that will help me, victim of criminal of psychiatry who did not seek pscyhaitry (psychiatry was used as a weapon against me). My life is ruined. I am old not young. As a result, in my pain, I want all Americans to suffer deeply criminal psychiatry, especially journalists and psychiatrists who are keeping the lid on the full story of psychiatry. I don’t see any other way to change. Empathy is dead.

    I don’t see change coming.

    I hate the word psychiatry. Of course psychiatry did not turn the corner from lobotomy and suddenly become legit. People who sought psychiatry made things worse for me and it is not okay.

    Nothing is okay and nothing ever will be okay. My rage could implode this universe. I wish it would.

    Nothing is worth criminal psychiatry in this failing democracy.

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  • Another front? Action against NPR.

    NPR should not be allowed to misue tax dollars of any amount to mislead the public and contribute to public health problems. Presently, NPR gaslights the American public by broadcasting a Big Lie: that no Americans suffer psychiatric harm under the current biomedical model.

    NPR should be forced through public and congressional pressure to tell the full story of psychiatry. All labels are based in bias without scientific test. And the rest. No “chemical imbalance” etc. Sunshine laws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Generations of so called care givers mistrained.

    Use a media campaign aganst NPR as a spring board for class action suit.

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  • things will never get better

    we are a few and the other side is millions of times stronger

    try adding someone’s fucked idea of god to the fuckage

    there is no cure for the rage

    Dem Us Sen Debbie Stabenow from my state Michigan (stay away hellhole) public enemy and public danger who spreads “chemical imbalance” has been working on so called mental health care and drug prices for a long time and doesn’t feel it convenient for her political career to recant “chemical imbalance.”

    I monitor the media some. there has been very little positive coverage of the old news of “chemical imbalance.”

    Cheerleading is nice, support is nice, but the reality is things won’t get better and the rage and criminal psychiatry will kill me slowly.

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  • Thank you for this interview, which is so depressing.

    This woman may have dedicated her life, but things have not changed, not improved and few know her. More people may be harmed by psychiatry now than ever before. Sounds her quality of life is poor, certainly not enviable.

    Older women who protest psychiatry even on the pages of Mad in America are obscured by society. Not obscured by Mad in America but not prized by society. All the leaders of pyschiatry are white men in this country. The only female leaders of psychiatry recognized by even Mad in America are white women from other countries like England.

    Thanks for the heads up. This interview reinforces that there was never any hope for me regaining my life. The terror of living my criminal psychiatry destroyed life with declining health and mental torture is nightmare that never ends and won’t end until I am dead. The terror.

    Nothing is worth living life with the destruction of criminal psychiatry.

    Losers stories aren’t told in the mainstream.

    Buried alive. The United States is hell, not a great country, not for me.

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  • I went through hell, I live in hell, I will remain in hell without acknowledgement that I was not evaluated by Dr Andrew Muzychka on February 22, 2013, or at any time I was held illegally until February 28, 2013, by what I consider the scum of earth, the sexist Catholics who raised me, who built St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward in Livonia, Michigan. Nuns nuns nuns, Felician nuns, supposed women of an alleged god, are activley seeking to silence me and my story. Nuns are keeping me in pain to protect their godless brand. Irish laundries and Native America boarding schools ARE NOT OVER FOR ME!

    Jesus was the first historic DSM psychotic. Jesus would be shackled and drugged even by the Catholics of my hometown if the human were alive today with his same alleged story that he’s the only son (no daughter) of god.

    The Jesus story is one birth of sexism. People do not rise from the dead and float to heaven 33 years after virgin birth. Men wrote the Christian bible and the pscyhiatric bible, and both their both of full of shit.

    Warner Salman painted the very Caucasian head of christ as a blond haired blued eyed Jesus in 1940. Too many people in this country act like Jesus is a priviledged white man.

    The cult of jesus is a group of people safely allowed by society to believe in delusions while psychiatry locks up people like me who tell the truth of man’s abuse of women.

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  • “I also want us to create an appeal process. There are a lot of women out there with psychiatric diagnoses on their file that is still harming them 20, 30, 40 years down the line—and they’re not even taking any medication anymore. They’re not even in any services, but the actual diagnosis is still on the file. I really want to see that taken off. You should have the right to have things removed. I want to build something around that, too.”

    Skipping a few links. The cult of jesus as god is the source of the problem of sexism in psychiatry. Christians have not appealed literal belief in the bible, or virgin birth. Society is eons away from freeing women, like me, from the madwoman in the attic view.

    I want my attackers to suffer, too, like they make me suffer. Seems fair.

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  • Testimony. Victim of criminal psychiatry. Suffering, suffering, suffering.

    Much retaliation for speaking out about my one of a kind story, yes.

    Depressed, yes.

    The only treatment I need is justice.

    But I’ve been asking and not getting justice for ten years. I’m almost 59 years old and my health is negatively affected.

    I am suffering so much.

    I have achalasia. Disorder of the esophagus. I think my story and pain are stuck in my throat.

    I have been seeking treatment for nearly a year without results.

    No care in my area. In line for care three hours away in Detroit. I have lost almost 50 lbs. I am so hungry. I can’t swallow without vomiting. I went to the emergency room last week. I was sent home to puke. I don’t know how I am supposed to live.

    Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing is worth criminal psychiatry. It would be better to never be.

    I don’t deserve all this suffering.

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  • Why don’t more Americans accept forced care’s violation of freedom for what it is?

    Shallow, selfish concepts of freedom, not for all, but for me more than you!

    (As well as disastrous mainstream media coverage of psychiatry. And drug company influence. And the mess of the profession.)

    One main reason I need justice for actual violations of the state mental health code, what I call criminal psychiatry, is the fact that unprosecuted brain rape causes inequality that plays perniciously in the marketplace. I can’t fairly compete for jobs, etc., if others haven’t been mentally violated and tortured, too, and expected to forget about it. The negative effects of criminal psychiatry are just too overwhelming.

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  • “Thus, similar to the medieval Catholic Church with respect to selling indulgences to expunge sins from one’s “heaven-hell record,” psychiatrists can declare an individual with DSM symptoms of pathology as not evidencing pathology.”

    Psychiatry and Catholicism have much in common: beliefs that non believers like me may consider delusional and a basis in sexism with historic predominance practiced my white male leaders. Both even tote a bible.

    Combine the two, Catholicism and psychiatry? Could there be worse mental torture? What the god’s phallus did I do to deserve this hell life?

    If your god is a man, your religion is sexist.

    When your “bible” is clearly written by men, it is not written by any god and is fallible.

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  • Little is ethical in a country with the motto, In God We Trust, and one polluted with the notion that the first historical DSM psychotic is the son of an all-male god squad (one many see as an all white male god squad, thanks to Warner Sallman’s 1940 painting, “Head of Christ.”).

    Thanks for your story. Pscyhiatry is a devil. Sounds like you, too, were screwed.

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  • “I had just begun my meditation practice and it would take years to successfully cultivate the superpower of equanimity, so I found myself in a panic.”

    I want to support Sean in his incredible achievements (equanimity and release).

    But I need to testify even if it does no good. I work through hell daily, since Feb 22-28, 2013, not helped by the retaliation I’ve incurred since retaliatory, illegal and involuntary detainment (including jail time, bad health and a hard time supporting myself, all while existing in imposed isolation.) I think age matters when it comes to recovery and healing. I’m 58 now. In addition, I think it would not make sense to laud and forgive a country that criminally tortures and discards people to exist in hell. My battle continues. With little hope. Thank you.

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  • “In this scenario we will learn of what is quite possibly the most important tool that we will use throughout our journey toward freedom. This tool must be cultivated at the pace of life, not at the pace of how we would like life to move from our modern western perspective. That is, expect this process to take many years to come to fruition. However, trust me—it is the most worthwhile venture that we can undertake while in a zone of active hegemonic conflict.

    This tool is so powerful that it can transform your life both within the detention center (DC) and beyond its walls in The World. Simultaneously this tool is one of the simplest tools that we could possibly imagine. This tool is the mental state of equanimity.”

    I wake up in hell every day from criminal psychiatry and my inescapable story, a moving cage. I don’t have equanimity and likely never will. That is not my fault. Fuck this country and its sexism, western religion duplicity, criminal psychiatric motherfucking and endless corruption in hell without mercy, like me.

    But I am glad to hear you do.

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  • If the scientific narrative that is to be found in the research literature were told to the public, of drugs that don’t fix chemical imbalances but rather induce them, and that researchers have pointed to that drug effect as a likely reason that that the medications increase the risk that a person will become chronically ill and functionally impaired over the long-term, then psychiatry would have to completely reorganize its care.

    This is the bridge that psychiatry, as a guild, cannot cross. The prescribing of drugs is psychiatry’s primary therapeutic act, and if its drugs cause long-term harm, then what would the profession do? The profession needs to keep this history out of sight, even to itself, and so it is not presented in psychiatric textbooks, or in continuing medical education seminars. By keeping this history hidden, the field is not just breaking its compact with the public, but with itself—with every prescriber and all those who enter the field.”

    I finished reading Adam Stern’s memoir Committed about becoming a Harvard trained psychiatrist. Like Insel in Robert Whitaker’s review, Stern sticks with his guild. Stern is forthright in some regards. He admits that interns screw up generally, though he never admits interns screw up involuntary admissions. He wonders if the whole profession isn’t a sham, but he ends up supporting psychiatry, his ego and his profession. He never takes on the efficacy of drugs. He mentions the harms they cause in one sentence without reflection. In too many places he sounds like he’s trying to land a job writing a television show about the care shown by his field.

    Psychiatry won’t be torn down, just like Christianity does not realize that if a character named Jesus showed up with a god story, he would risk being involuntarily detained.

    (Psychiatry and Christianity are disastrously related for me, in my story.)

    Psych drugs induce chemical imbalance and people do not rise from the dead 33 years after virgin birth. But the truth is outdated, inconvenient. Too many moving parts. Too many people make money and find acclaim.

    But those dominant and corrupted will protect their own, even if it means lying and worse. Psychiatry and western religion are likely with us permanently, flawed as they are.

    (As a victim of criminal Catholic psychiatry, I’m also finally reading Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.)

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  • “White women were more likely to be diagnosed with depression and prescribed an antidepressant.”

    This is due to pervasive sexism and ultimately the outdated and sexist habit of ascrbing god to be male, by extension with a phallus.

    Futhermore, many likenesses of god represent a white male as god, so god has become a white male overlord in society. White women in short internalize and experience all the fallout from society’s white male god.

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  • Related note.

    I’m reading the memoir Committed Dispatches from a Psychiatrist in Training by Adam Stern MD.

    So far the author is far more forthcoming than I expected. He repeats his discomfort with involuntary commitment while sharing his lack of experience and training. He admits that he and his fellow interns screw up regularly. And says that interns were solely responsible for admissions on the overnight in Massachusetts, in a hospital associated with Harvard.

    But so far he doesn’t evaluate the possibility of mistakes in involuntary admission and otherwise supports the status quo.

    An intern completely destroyed my life with a series of screw ups and criminal violations in an emergency room where I was not evaluated by the intern’s alleged supervisor, a doctor, who was not present. I was denied phone calls proscribed in law, and never evaluated. I was drugged, knocked out and admitted unnecessarily to the mental ward.

    That was 2013. The real fallout continues and negatively affects all in my destroyed life. In my anger, due to lack of equal protection and mistreatment by the hospital still unacknowledged, I still want the intern tortured like I was tortured and continue to be tortured by lack of justice and retaliation. She lied for the doctor. She made a critical series of errors. She was a first year intern and the Catholic hospital, part of Trinity Health, the largest group of Catholic hospitals in the country, covered up and later even retaliated when I continued to ask for review and justice.

    I can’t heal without some measure of justice.

    Psychiatry should care a hell of a lot more than it does. About its screw ups!

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  • Great comment.

    I appreciate your comment about Sarah Fey’s response. I don’t know why anyone would be proud of a so-called mental illness. Perhaps the idea is lost in translation for me. I do understand why a publisher would like the view, in a litigious society, considering the power of Big Pharma and Big Medicine.

    Also appreciate: “Now that it is mainstream to call psychiatry’s DSM invalid and to report how psychiatry’s most highly touted drugs can result in horrors, perhaps one day some mainstream publisher will take on what continues to be a taboo issue — one that for me is the core issue: examining whether the very idea of ‘mental illness’ is a counterproductive idea in terms of people truly healing.”

    Why not “emotional preservation” as a concept instead of “mental illness”? Something is wrong in the person’s world and responses called mental illness are reasonable, and attempts at emotional preservation.

    I was conversing with someone in my reimagine mental health care memoir writing group, which has been instrumental for me. I was set up for psychiatry but most in the group sought psychiatry. One participant was groomed by multiple adults for sexual abuse as a child. The number of incidents of abuse and the trauma in her story are overwhelming. This person says psychiatry has both hurt and helped. So I better see the need to reimagine rather than abolish so-called mental health care, but like one of the interviewees in Johann Hari’s book on depression suggests, I think “emotional” health is a much better term. The difference between “emotion” and ‘mentality’ is critical in so many ways. The change points in a much better more humane direction.

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  • What did I miss?

    Whitaker: That the funny thing about the television ads. It’s never about someone in a hospital bed. It’s like you take the drug and pretty soon you’ll be walking on a beach with a beautiful person. Life’s going to be good.
    Horwitz: Better than normal.

    Whitaker: Of course, we also get the chemical imbalance to market these drugs. How does this fit into this diagnostic expansion?

    Horwitz: The chemical imbalance theory was initially developed in the 1960s before DSM-III. Interestingly, depression was initially linked to epinephrine and not serotonin. It was very popular for a relatively short period of time with researchers. Now virtually nobody accepts that except for the drug companies, which find it a convenient way to link what their products do to the brain, even though there’s really no evidence that a chemical imbalance is the cause of the problems that people are suffering from.

    I don’t hear Horwitz saying anything objectionable as charged.

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  • “Typically justified as a kind of “protection” for “patients,” the literature review revealed that rarely, if ever, does the general population question involuntary and coercive treatment.”

    Which makes telling my story dangerous. Which explains in part why I am still trying to tell my story and correct the record.

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  • Appreciate: “Whitaker: If I accept your understanding that you have a mental illness, there would still be a need for a manual that separates these illnesses.”


    Otherwise, the damage from the DSM, a nothing bible, in my case, on top of the original nothing bible, is too great and there is no relief or escape once the wrecking ball starts swinging.

    I post like I touched the cold hard cement walls in retaliatory jail after criminal looney bin lock up. To hold something solid. To reinforce that I am.

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  • “The authors suggest that there is no way to measure the quality of psychiatric care—and, therefore, that psychiatrists should not be judged for failing to provide good care to their patients.”

    But its ok to judge humans sometimes for mere minutes or sometimes not all and nevertheless ejudicate biased DSM labels and force Big Pharma drugs.

    Pscyhiatry is the worst religion of all.

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  • Thank you greatly to Mad in America for posting my story and my comments.

    Catholics have been involved in my life against my will for decades, including K-12 lousy quality Catholic schools, but I was abused for a week psychiatrically in a Livonia, Michigan hospital, due to suicide swatting by my employer, a community college. I draw on the book and film The Exorcist to describe that experience, like Sean uses his military-like acronyms to describe his experience.

    The same nuns who built the hospital sold it to Trinity Health, a national group of Catholic Hospitals. Trinity Health’s main office sits across the street from the hospital in which I was held illegally, on campus with defunct Ladywood High School and the Felician nunnery. The nuns refuse to advocate my claims to Trinity Health, in order to protect their brand.

    I did not ask for psychiatry, was not accused of a crime, but criminal psychiatry still ruined my life.

    I find Sean’s story extremely compelling and am so glad he has the abilty to tell it and that Mad America exists to post it. No one has a read a story like his, I’d imagined, because most people would have been driven mad and not maintain the ability.

    But I’ve read no other full story like mine anywhere either.

    My story has been drawn out by state sanctioned retaliation for asking for equal protection against violations of the state mental health code. Retaliation came from the highest level of government, which sounds nuts, but I have documentation. (Not that it helps.) Retaliation has included jail time, which has negatively affected my abilty to shelter myself.

    I wake up every day with panic attacks (of varying degress, depending on the amount of triggers I’ve absorbed). I am prone to panic over the real fear that unlike Sean I will be (finanacially and) psychologically broken, and therefore locked up again, which is why I am so impressed with Sean.

    Thank you again.

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  • I need state sanctioned euthanasia to end mental torture in Michigan. Now. The pain of retaliatory criminal psychiatry is too great for too long with no end insight. This society will never do right for Feb 22-28, 2013 and the state sanctioned retaliation I have endured in the years since. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this pain? I am being too slowly ripped to shreds. Screaming in pain. Sorry Sean. My body has to tell this shithole society what its doing to me. There is no cavalry or relief. Ever.
    Isolated in hell on earth. Why hasn’t the pain killed me already? They, the powers at be, will finally break me and lock me up again because I was locked up unnecessarily and illegally once. My panic is justified.

    rest of story on medium

    I feel like every god damn American is taking a shit on me while Catholic Jesus rapes me with a crucifix on display at the White House for nine years.

    Equal protection my ass.

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  • “Sure, well oppression is such a rich and multi-layered topic, and I think there are so many different forms of it. I was just having a conversation earlier with someone today about how even the most critical – the people most invested in anti-oppression work– still don’t get psychiatric oppression. They still, somehow think that “Oh, but for that particular group of people we need to figure out how to control them because we want them to be safe.” They’ve been fed these lines that not only will controlling that group of people keep you safe, but also then if you want to be a good person – and everybody wants to be a good person – then you need to make sure that they get the care that they need, and anything less is just not okay.

    People have bought into that line, even people who are on the front lines of anti-racism and other anti-oppression work. And so, there’s that challenge. But then there’s also the reality that the psychiatric system has been used as a tool of oppression to reinforce all these other forms of oppression.”

    Critical point. Still looking for solutions. Your contribution as example is good therapy.

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  • It’s not easy to tell our stories of psychiatric mishandling. This is one of the most well written personal stories I’ve seen on these pages. I would have liked more of a timeline, but I understand space constraints.

    I especially appreciated the end:

    Psychiatry is the only industry that has the authority to create forced consumerism (i.e., involuntary treatment) without following such best practices. The U.S. District Court’s 1971 decision in Wyatt v. Stickney determined that patients have a “constitutional right to receive such individual treatment as will give each of them a realistic opportunity to be cured or to improve his or her mental condition.” In light of this, I believe all healthcare consumers are entitled to be educated on their options and to choose the type of treatment they receive for what appears to be “mental illness,” whether it is medical-model psychiatry, functional medicine, or other modalities.

    I was not aware of the federal precedent. Thank you.

    Glad you were able to sue!

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    People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly from Criminal Psychiatry (Actual Violations of the State Mental Health Code): Fallout (Part I).

    People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly from Criminal Psychiatry was published on the Mad in America website. It summarizes the first part of my story: setup and suicide swatting by my employer, police abduction from home and the week I was held illegally by the Catholics of my youth, in a criminal mental ward, at a Catholic hospital, in Livonia, Michigan. The hospital was built by the old-world nuns who ran St. Michael’s grade school and defunct Ladywood High School, which I attended. People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly from Criminal Psychiatry (Actual Violations of the Mental Health Code): Fallout (Parts I-VII) cover the retaliation and negative fallout I have been forced to endure in lieu of equal protection for criminal psychiatry, including jail time. Thank you for reading.

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  • “Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office released a preliminary “forensic medical study” Saturday following the death of Foo Fighters’ drummer Taylor Hawkins.

    The report said a urine toxicology test was carried out on Hawkins and 10 substances were found, including THC, tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids.”

    Will any mainstream media cover the risks and inefficacy of Big Pharma drug cocktails?

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  • For me? sandgroper?

    The above including the following:

    “Now just remember, if you are in a vulnerable position, this could result in a tragic outcome for you, including drug overdoses resulting in permanent severe disability or death. Choose your battles carefully, but if an opportunity arises to complain, then the above is the complaint you need to make.”

    Please note: this mansplaining well after the fact is not helpful or wanted. Don’t direct your lecture at me to feed your ego. Be reproached. Feel free to instruct others, but not me, not in this way.

    You think I need stranger not using its real name to tell me this shit in this way now? You’re wrong.

    Ever hear of the scold’s bridle? I just read about it, again. How I wish it could be still used, on psychiatrists and others.

    Redirect your energies, please.

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  • Why do we lock people up? To ruin their lives and torture them because better her than me, says mother, brother, former friend, neighbor, cop, doctor, teacher, academia, AG, governor, nun, pope, medical establishment, mainstream press, state and federal government, even god damn god.

    daily reasonable panic attack since February 22-28, 2013

    things only get worse due to state sanctioned retaliation and real terrors caused by unacknowledged criminal psychiatry (health failing, inability to support myself, isolation, inadequate support, resulting mental torture and reasonable depression, imposed terror in advancing age)

    death from criminal psychiatry by God in America would be more merciful than the mental torture I endure

    too much, too long, body please have mercy

    hoping against reason I break through and someone publishes my memoir just prolongs pain and even that acknowledgement wouldn’t be enough to heal what criminal psychiatry by God in America and retaliation have done to me

    no hope for me isn’t a paranoid view

    no one can live a life worth living without hope

    death penalty instead of this mental torture

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  • Reading Women of the Asylum by Jefffrey Geller and Maxine Harris, a collection of voices, first person lived experience accounts, from across US history until 1945. The complaints are the same complaints I have from 2013, and have heard from other contemporaries. The wardens are looney (Warner Bros cartoon spelling), the place makes people insane, there is no treatment, just brutality.

    Adeline T. P. Lunt in the late 1800s: “INSANE ASYLYUM. A place where insanity is made.”

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  • “I am beginning to question if alleged mental illnesses may not really be demonic possessions of the individua”

    I think the evidence is clear that there is no God in any one traditional sense. And certainly no demonic possession. We need to lose all the fairy tales, witches and goblins, as well as the nonsense of psychiatry. The belief in God, demons and psychiatry are connected in the childish part of out collective thinking. There is spirituality, there is sexism, and there is human suffering. There is human evil. There is great power in the existence of the universe, but explaining suffering as demonic possession? Backward motion, in my view. Trying to DSM “God”? Same misguided impulse as the DSM.

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  • “Most lived experience people do not even know what worked for them.”

    Grandiosity Disorder. What hubris. Perhaps I misunderstand. But my writers group aimed at improving mental health care would disagree with this statement, too, I’m guessing.

    Cutting the commenter some slack: It is challenging to write cogently about this field and lived experience.

    I have pretty great idea of what worked and didn’t work in my lived experience with criminal psychiatry.

    Long lists.

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  • Article: In 2018, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research—a government-funded body—released a report, Hacking the Knowledge Gap, that explored the divide between research and practice. As the authors stated, “It takes approximately 17 years for research evidence to be fully adopted by practitioners and the public. This gap between research and practice means the public may not benefit from health research until nearly a generation after discoveries are made.”

    Wedlake’s not surprised. As she sees it, “We’re working, like, 20 years behind in mental health in Canada.”

    Same in the U.S.

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  • People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly From Criminal Psychiatry. Part III.
    By Gina Fournier

    Part I of People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly From Criminal Psychiatry covers the first part of my story, psychological abuse, setup and suicide swatting by my employer, police abduction and my time held illegally by the Catholics of my youth, in a criminal mental ward, at a hospital in Livonia, Michigan, built by the old world Felician nuns who ran St. Michael’s grade school and defunct Ladywood High School. Part II and Part III cover the retaliation and negative fallout I have been forced to endure in lieu of equal protection for criminal psychiatry.

    It was clear the locals wanted me gone, and they were willing to try a variety of measures to get rid of me.

    Despite widespread particularly rural poverty in the area, the county health department, District #10, came down hard on me. They condemned the cabin, concurrent with the ppo granted against me. The sanitation officer accompanied by county police taped a yellow sign on the door which pronounced, “condemned.” I could be arrested for living on the property.

    After they left, I immediately removed the sign. I did not need a visual reminder. Risking jail time, of course I stayed in the cabin because I had nowhere else to go.
    To flush the toilet, minus working plumbing, I used what I called the gravity flush. A neighbor gave me a bunch of industrial white buckets, which I filled with another neighbor’s winterized well-water. It was in my own interest to stay on top of circumstances and sanitation best I could.

    I fought the order to condemn the cabin. At a hearing in the Mecosta County Building, where I also fought the taxwoman each year, I was told my pictures of clean plumbing could have been taken at another house, despite the fact that the home in my pictures matched the picture taken by the sanitation officer. The sanitation officer had taken one picture of feces inside the toilet before I poured water down the toilet to flush it. He did not take any pictures of the many buckets of water waiting ready.

    The sanitation officer, last name Earnest, was married to the county taxwoman, last name Earnest, who ran for office as a Republican.
    In August 2017, a week or so before I was arrested for violating the ppo against the Land of Motown Community College cop I had not stalked, the dirty cop and his wife taunted me from their driveway while I painted my civil rights protest signs. Of course, they were never really afraid of me at all.

    You killed your husband, you poisoned him! The husband shouted, as the wife filmed. I didn’t have my camera on me. I had not poisoned my husband.

    The pictures taken by the wife of me clearly standing in front of my own home, not in the couple’s driveway, turned up in my arrest report, which said I violated the ppo. I had not contacted the couple and had stayed away from their property, just as I was ordered.
    Nevertheless, on a beautiful late August afternoon, less than two weeks later, after I cut the lawn of the half acre lot with a borrowed lawn mower, I was arrested. For the second time in my story, I was handcuffed, but this time as an alleged criminal perpetrator.

    Michigan State Police took me to the Osceola County jail. I was put in a holding cell, booked and then transferred to the woman’s dorm. The woman’s dorm was sealed with a metal door and reinforced with cement block walls painted white/beige. Multiple bunk beds were aligned along the walls, and in the middle of the rectangular room, metal tables with attached metal stools were bolted to the floor. The cell featured an open-air bathroom and shower. My nightmare created by criminal psychiatry had sunk to another depth of hell.
    By seven thirty pm, the other jailbirds were already in their bunks watching TV as I arrived. Dazed and despondent, I headed for the back of the room, away from the television, but I could not escape the jail walls or its glaring fluorescent lights. With my back up against the wall, I sunk to the floor distraught.

    I was soon pulled from the women’s dormitory and put in solitary confinement for crying. Another depth of hell, so soon? A female jail guard opened the door to the small private cell and threw in one of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander novels. Another depth of hell. It was additionally upsetting to think I’d kept in solitary confinement long enough to read that very fat fiction book.

    I was let out of solitary confinement that night and returned to the women’s dorm, where I stayed for a month, because I could not make bail, as the locals well knew.

    As I made myself settle into life in jail, I sought a routine. I got up early to do the cleaning duties jailbirds were supposed to share, so I could control the tv for a few minutes a day and catch the news. Otherwise, the jailbird who ran the place preferred reality tv cop shops and zombies. I watched the state AG who initiated retaliation up north, Bill Schuette, announce his run for governor while incarcerated.


    There is much I can say about being housed in a rural county jail for a month. The most salient point for this narration is that jail as a detention center made more sense than the Catholic mental ward, though I belonged in neither. At the Osceola County jail, at least we got some fresh air and a view of the sky, during exercise jaunts in a human animal pen. Fresh air was withheld at St. Mary Merciless.

    Two law firms served indigents. The other jailed birds, including repeat offenders, indicated that I had been assigned the weaker law firm of the two available.

    The same judge who declined to view evidence for the ppo hearing was assigned to my felony stalking case.

    My court appointed lawyer was a talker with an occasional nervous twitch in his eye, who at first said he’d get me out soon and have the charges dropped, no problem.


    A few weeks into my time, my court appointed lawyer stopped talking my calls and changed his story. I needed to take a plea deal, he said.

    I truly thought a plea deal meant a plea of “I’m not guilty, but I can’t afford actual defense.”
    I said I wanted to risk a court trial, but my court appointed lawyer effectively coerced me into a plea deal by not preparing for a court trial.

    Though I had not talked to my estranged Catholic mother since 2012, I asked mother for bail. I wrote her. I called her using the jail pay phone. My silent benefactor had put some funds in my jail account so I could buy a phone card.

    Now an old woman in her 80s, my mother said she’d ask my brother, her only son, if she could give me bail money. I wish I had never asked. Asking my mom to bail me out of jail reinvigorated our separate stands.

    While wearing orange jail garb, holding the jail pay phone receiver to my ear, instead of “Yes, I will bail you out,” I heard my mother nag: “The family is Catholic!”

    When I explained what had happened to land me in jail, admittedly a long and difficult story to hear, in return mother admitted she had talked to the HR lawyer at Land of Motown Community College, back in 2012. She said he told her I was messing with the lives of my co-workers. Apparently, she chose to believe him. My mom did not recognize the inappropriateness of her treating Land of Motown Community College as if I were an enrolled K-12 student and she were a parent of minor at a parent/teacher conference.
    After offering my mother co-ownership of the cabin, she responded by talking about her separation and divorce from my father, when I was thirteen. Like people talk about pets, and young girls naively pledge their lasting love, my mother protested. She thought my dad was her “forever” husband.

    My brief and desperate hopes of a reunion in order to save my ass from jail were dashed. Earlier, when I needed him, my husband had freaked out and died, and now my mother was disturbed by Catholicism, toxic and no help. Talking to her again, from jail, added hurt to hurt.

    The people deigned closest to me had actually gone mad, while I had been slapped with a false rap of insanity that had been allow to snowball.


    Ironically, in jail, I attended bible study sessions centered around reading Rick Warren book’s The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For? (The irony.) I did so just to leave the women’s dormitory. The room where Bible studies convened once weekly for an hour featured a window that slid open a crack. Seeing a glimpse of end of summer tree leaves, green and reassuring, made the objectionable Christian content worthwhile.
    As well, in somewhat refreshed surroundings, I could feed my mind by condemning the nonsense of Jesus as god believers calling me crazy, though I kept my complete thoughts and my metaphor to myself. The Bible ladies had given me a composition notebook and pencil on my birthday, which occurred in jail, unbeknownst to them. I greatly appreciated their gift. Paper and pencil are not free in jail. Nothing is.

    To their discredit, the Bible ladies did not seem to know that one could be detained in jail only because one can’t afford bail before a trial or plea deal. The Bible ladies assumed we jailbirds had all done something very wrong and needed Jesus, guilty without need of proof.
    Unfortunately, only Baptists showed up to preach to inmates. If Muslim, Buddhists, Quakers, Jews, Sikhs and devil worshipers had volunteered to preach at the Osceola County jail, I would have welcomed all religions and anti-religions. I would have played along like the omnist narrator in The Life of Pi, just to move my body from one room to another.
    A friend loaned me a copy of the The Life of Pi to read while I was held prisoner at St. Mary Merciless.

    While in jail, I received word that I lost my appeal with the District #10 health department over my toilet. Rubbing my nose in my loss, the unkind second MDDHS representative showed up to visit me in jail to report that she could not help me with my plumbing, if I remained incarcerated. But she hadn’t been helping me with my plumbing at all.
    After about three weeks, my court appointed lawyer talked up the plea deal and release with a leg monitor, as if they were positive things.

    I was adamant there should be no leg monitor attached to my body. My body had endured too much trauma and violence: hand cuffed by police twice, shackled hand and foot by the first-year intern in emergency room, committed, incarcerated, thrown in solitary confinement, body searched. In front of jail video surveillance camera, I flashed hand-written signs, No leg monitor or I will crack! I was sure wearing a tether would break me.
    As I was about to be released on a personal recognizance (PR) bond, I reaffirmed there should be no leg monitor, but my sleazy court appointed lawyer waffled. After he split, I was informed that a leg monitor had been ordered, which is standard.

    Somehow, I played on a jailer’s fatigue on a Friday afternoon (certainly not his sympathy) and got out of jail without a leg monitor, which I could not afford.

    Tethered enough as it was, psychologically, I returned to the cabin where I could be jailed again for simply trying to be.


    Between my release from jail, September 28, 2017, and final sentencing, January 25, 2019, court proceedings were drawn out to keep me under the thumb of the state as long as possible. I was dog whipped first on a PR bail, then on probation.

    In October and November 2017, after I was released from jail, allegedly for harassing and threatening behavior, I became the recipient of rape and death threats sent to my email by a character using the name Jeff Morgan, a random name, I assumed, that I did not recognize. The Michigan State Police refused to file a police report. The Michigan State Police were only willing to prosecute me, based on lies and lack of investigation, not pursue actual harassing and threatening behavior aimed at me.

    Yes, I know. If I tried to pass this story as fiction, it would be called a soap opera.

    October 31 2017. “YOU ARE A LOSER!! get a job. so you can support yourself instead of tax dollars and expecting everyone to give you a hand out. what happened to you is your fault. no one else. YOUR NOT A VICTIM TO ANYONE BUT YOURSELF!!!! you got in trouble for a reason just end it now if you cant grow up thanks for ruining my college career”

    October 31 2017. “if your ridiculous posts do not stop i will show up to your cabin again tonight for more then just your signs.”

    November 2 2017. “while you were at the library, hunter ate some rat poison. might wanna check on him”


    November 10, 2017. “fuck jesus im going to rape you until you squeel and scream for death. more then your normally do with your whining ass”

    No one cared about the threats aimed at me, not the authorities or my court appointed lawyer.


    In January 2018, by mail without warning from my court appointed lawyer, the judge ordered me to submit to a forensic psychiatric exam at the state forensic hospital at Saline.
    I knew I could not risk another psychiatric exam or psychiatrist. I called my lawyer. I could not get past his gatekeeper secretary. After a few calls, she told me my court appointed lawyer got the judge to rescind the order. The office gatekeeper bullshitted me. The next time I appeared in court, I could have been arrested, jailed or sent to Saline for defying the order. Somehow the judge let it slip.

    To commemorate the fifth anniversary, February 22, 2013, of my illegal looney bin lock up, on February 22, 2018, the local branch of the department of health of human services tried to lock me up again, on another ruse, about the civil rights protest signs I had erected up north, including “Catholics F*ck Female,” “Lake Miramichi Lying Cop works for Land of Motown Community College,” and “I was not seen by . . . “ (insert the name of the doctor who did not evaluate me). My civil rights protest up north was more expansive than the one downstate. Chris had a lot of wooden boards laying around, and I had brought with me up north paint.

    No, I told the posse of three, two MDHHS representatives and one county cop, I had not called the police to report additional stolen signs. The cop then switched fake gears and started asking me welfare check type questions, which I shut down swiftly and assuredly. I held my ground. With camera aimed at their faces, I named the MDHHS representative standing before me and asked for the name of the police officer, at which point the group turned around silently and left. I have video proof (add video link). Proof means nothing once your impoverished and labeled crazy. The county police did not document the visit, I learned through FOIA, but 911 dispatch did. 911 dispatch records state that the Mecosta County prosecutor, another Republican, ordered the hit. In writing, the Mecosta Country prosecutor denied involvement.

    After delay, in June 2018, the judge accepted a delayed sentence plea deal, which meant my crime would be determined after a year’s probation. While I read a long statement about my innocence and poverty, the judge interrupted me and said she did not take plea deals from accused who claim innocence, but she did.

    Acting like a used car salesman, my lawyer had promised me the entire thing could be reduced in a year to disturbing the peace, a misdemeanor. I knew I couldn’t trust his spiel, but my options were limited.

    In ill-defined straits, I moved from the confines of bail to the restrictions of probation, which included internet restrictions. At first, I was supposed to find a job but not use the internet, which was unreasonable, and showed how ignorant the judge was about the centrality and function of the internet. Her ignorance about the internet became another one of my problems.

    I had asked my attorney what I terms I could use to discuss online the Land of Motown Community College sexist gaslight witchhunt, Lying Cop #1 and Lying Cop #2.
    The guy had never taken my story seriously. “Minions,” he suggested quickly and dismissively.

    No clear agreement was made about what I could and could not say online about Land of Motown Community College when my internet privileges were returned. The judge had already conservatively interpreted the undefined meaning of “contact” in the relevant statutes. I had never contacted the cop, before or after the ppo.

    Meanwhile, a local with means loaned me the money to pay my back property taxes, as long as I signed an agreement to put the “lakehouse,” as Chris called it, up for sale. I spent my last summer at Lake Miramichi with a “for sale” sign on the front lawn. While I was in jail, neighbors had removed my civil rights protest signs.

    Chris had been correct. Both houses were lost.

    I was run out of town, again.


    Somehow, after telling my story in the application, I got a job as an adjunct, teaching English, at another community college, Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College (another pseudonym), and moved to Bay City, Michigan.

    Two weeks into the semester, on September 13, 2018, another, a third, community college cop, targeted me. He followed me in his police cruiser as I walked out of the building to my car in the parking lot after my last class of the week late, Thursday afternoon. I was required to report all police contact, so I purposely texted in detail to my probation officer what had happened.

    With proceeds from the sale of the lakehouse, I had purchased a vehicle, another Ford Explorer, this one a 2002, made before 9/11, with over 200K. (The odometer works intermittently.)

    The cop waited until I got inside my vehicle and rolled down the driver’s window, then he pulled alongside me so our open driver’s windows aligned. The cop from Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College smiled and joked, but nevertheless gave me the silent message that I had been IDed and should not get too comfortable. It is not usual procedure for community college campus police officers to ask adjuncts where they are going after class in this manner.

    Had cops from Land of Motown Community College contacted the cop from Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College? I obtained the Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College cop’s name through FOIA. On Facebook, he self-identified as a Republican, in support of Bill Schuette for governor. He also self-revealed as a conservative white male sexist and a racist through his reposted memes.

    In early November 2018, after the administration at Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College had asked me to take on another class, a section that another teacher had started but abandoned, I was pulled from classroom at Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College. I was removed from the classroom on the anniversary of being removed from the classroom at Land of Motown Community College six years earlier. I was not given a clear reason for my termination.

    The day before, on election day, the former state AG lost his bid to become governor.
    I’m glad Bill Schuette lost his bid for governor. Coincidentally, the candidate who did win, a democratic female, Gretchen Whitmer, after inauguration—unlike Bill Schuette’s retaliatory accusations against me delivered by the Michigan State police in 2015—became the target of an actual plot, by a posse of white male militia, with weapons and intent to do harm, now under federal investigation. (need link?) To illustrate just how intellectually corrupt and sexist the state of Michigan is, from Lansing to Livonia, over budget disputes, the state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey called Whitmer “bat shit crazy” at a Christian college while meeting with young Republicans, and got away with it (add source).


    My access to the internet moved around while I was probation, with access increased in steps over time. But my access was fully restricted once again when I was de-classroomed at Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College. The judge had allowed full social media access when I began teaching for the Fall 2018 semester, then the same week I was fired at Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College, she revoked my access after I talked about Land of Motown Community College on social media. I was not barred from talking about Land of Motown Community College on social media, but the judge allowed things to become very murky.

    By the first week of November 2018, according to a report by my probation officer, a few strange things had happened simultaneously. Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College contacted the court about my probation and suggested I be jailed for alleged probation violations. (What did they know about the terms of my probation?) Also, an internet troll, using the name Christine Heikkenen–who “liked” The Oakland County Sherriff’s office and politician Adolf Hitler–contacted either the Osceola County prosecutor or the 49th District Court to report that I had allegedly violated my probation by responding to the troll’s Facebook Messenger message. I was not restricted from messaging; I had text messaged with my probation officer. Earlier, in the fall of 2017, the troll Christine Heikkenen had contacted me about the threatening emails I had received from the troll Jeff Morgan, which the Michigan State Police chose ignore. Due to mishandling and opaque but questionable actions by my probation officer, the Osceola County prosecutor and the court, Jeff Morgan’s name ended up in my probation report, which recommended additional jail time for the alleged probation violation.

    How did an internet troll contact the Osceola County prosecutor or the 49th District Court to report an alleged violation? Did the troll make a phone call? Send an email? Show up in person? What name did they give? What exactly had I said on social media to anger the court and supposedly violate probation? The judge made sure this information did not get out, and my lawyer helped.

    With proceeds from the sale of the cabin, I had hired a Bay City lawyer to take over for the court appointed lawyer in Osceola County. My second criminal lawyer was significantly late for the first court date, which made for a very poor start. After he finally arrived in Osceola County, the judge talked to my new criminal lawyer privately in her chambers and kept all discussion off the record. No probation hearing ever took place. At one point, while sitting in the empty corrupt room, surrounded by the portraits of former judges, only dead white men, I heard the judge making jokes and my Bay City lawyer laughing in response. I thought, “You idiot!”

    After exiting the judge’s chambers, my new criminal lawyer approached me with a court order that restricted my internet access for the alleged probation violation minus testimony or the presentation of evidence. Going forward, I could not discuss the Land of Motown Community College sexist gaslight witchhunt or anything online. Once again, I was silenced. My Bay City lawyer said I had no real choice: sign or go back to jail. And he informed me my delayed sentencing plea deal had been negated.

    However, because my new criminal attorney and his wife were expecting a child, court proceedings for final sentencing were delayed until January 25, 2019. I spent most of the winter, alone with my animals, in isolation and terror, with the threat of jail time hanging before me.

    On January 25, 2019, I was given a stalking misdemeanor and the case was closed, with no additional jail time imposed. My Bay City lawyer said I was lucky not to return to jail and credited his own efforts. I was not impressed. I had taken the time to inform him in writing of the back story and strange recent actions with internet trolls, but he had ignored me.

    Patronized me, as if doing me a favor, he relayed, “Somebody is after you.”

    I thought to myself sarcastically, “Why are white men still allowed to be?” I needed this guy to create a clear court record, which he failed to do.

    I had been trying to tell him my story all along, that someone was after me, but he had not listened to me and had not adequately prepared himself on my behalf. His publicly shared profile says he attended area Catholic schools.


    So-called welfare checks continued in Bay City (count). I was still crying inside my home. There was no longer a lake to amplify and bounce sound, but now neighbors were living much closer by. At first, my landlady and a neighbor called the cops. Then, again following the pattern set at Lake Miramichi, eventually Michigan State police reports named no instigator.

    After the last welfare check, a black female cop, the only black cop among dozens I’ve dealt with, and only the second female cop amid a sea of white male cops, noted in the police report that my body did smell.

    Uncharacteristically, Hunter growled at her. I don’t think he’s seen many black faces. Or maybe he realized this woman was on the scene only to insult my humanity.


    That spring, I launched my website and began to combine my story with the mountains of documentation I have gathered to support my claims.

    Meanwhile, my necessary job hunt was not going well. Now, box stores did not want to hire me because of my criminal record.

    I was running out of money from the sale of the lakehouse.


    I guessed, if requested, that St. Mary Merciless would not send an exact duplicate copy of my medical records in 2019 to match what it had sent in 2013. And I as right. When I finally received the records, they were scrubbed, changed slightly and greatly reduced to hide violations of the state mental health code.

    On April 1, 2019, I called the hospital to follow up on my recent records request. Later that day, St. Mary Merciless sent the police to my home. I was accused of threatening to burn down the hospital, which I had not done. Casually, and sarcastically, I had told the two young woman I had talked to in records that the Felician nuns should have been raped by Jesus too. I was not arrested, but was provided with grounds for further action against the hospital.

    In the fall of 2019, I filed with the Michigan Civil Rights Commission numerous complaints, which were accepted, against Land of Motown Community College, Livonia Police, St. Mary Merciless, the state AG’s office, the MDHHS, various police agencies and Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College. Because of COVID, those claims are still under investigation. If one of those claims is decided in my favor, I may be able to get a second civil rights lawyer and sue somebody, finally, over the fallout from unchecked criminal psychiatry.

    A Facebook follower had told me about an obscure community college police officer state law aimed at reviewing police behavior. Both Land of Motown Community College and Inside the Thumb Mid Mitten Community College refused to review the conduct of their police officers, which provided timely grounds for action. Similarly, the MDHHS harassed me surrounding FOIA requests, which was enough basis for a complaint. Too many police welfare checks had transpired in cover up. Filing of civil rights claims finally stopped the so-called welfare checks.

    I still cry in my home.


    Haven’t I proved that I was never suicidal by now?

    In November 2019, the state tax collector emptied my back account of my last dollars because of unpaid back income taxes. I negotiated, hounded, and got my money back, with the help of a state presentative, contingent upon a repayment agreement.
    In December 2019, I finally got a job working customer service for a phone bank, servicing customers of major automobile manufacturer. When COVID hit three months later, work moved from the office to home. I coworker moved into the second bedroom in my apartment to help pay bills. I can’t imagine any other stranger would put up with my crying. He’s a discarded senior citizen with a shell-shocked life, too.

    In March 2021, I appealed to the governor and the director of the MDDHS to remove from her position the committee chairperson of the state committee of patients rights advisors. Patients rights advisors are mandated by state to work inside psychiatric wards, paid by the psychiatric ward, to ensure state law is upheld and that patients know their limited rights.
    The same patients rights advisor who had covered up violations of the state mental health code at St. Mary Merciless, in 2013, was awarded top patients rights advisor in the state, in 2018, under Republicans. At some point, she became the chairperson of the state committee of patients rights advisors of the MDHHS.

    I appeared via zoom at the March 2021 patients rights advisor committee and named the woman as the person who covered up the psychiatric crimes committed against me in 2013 at St. Mary Merciless. Her name was not included in subsequent meeting minutes, despite my request. Subsequently, she resigned her chairperson appointment and was given the job as the patients rights advisor at the state forensic psychiatric hospital in Saline, Michigan.

    Given my story, and all the nefarious actors involved, I fear I will be forced to be a recipient of her criminal so-called patients rights services again in the future.
    In September 2021, I was fired from my customer service job for asking management to admit they had sped up the assembly line of calls and associated computer work due to staff shortages, which they refused to do. Currently, I have two tentative job offers, but my background checks have been held up, for seven weeks. One potential employer said the counites involved were holding things up, which concerns me. My unemployment runs out in March 2022. I have no safety net, family or friends left.

    58 years old now, my health is poor. I have arthritis and need a hip replacement. I was recently diagnosed with heart problems, mitral value regurgitation, and a permanently injured esophagus, a condition called achalasia. My heart is broken and my story is stuck in my throat. I endure ongoing mental torture best I can.


    I have gathered evidence to support all my claims. However, without greater regard for psychiatric survivors, evidence documenting criminal psychiatry is useless, especially in this post-fact world.

    All these years, I have regularly and repeatedly written letters to my political representatives, Republican and Democrat. I have asked state representatives to sponsor a simple bill mandating that all hostile psychiatric evaluations be video recorded. No one has ever responded to my claims.

    What has happened since criminal psychiatry in retaliation is just as damaging if not more damaging than illegal looney bin lock up.

    Double gaslit in America.

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  • People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly From Criminal Psychiatry. Part II.
    By Gina Fournier

    Part I of People Don’t Recover So Spectacularly From Criminal Psychiatry covers the first part of my story, psychological abuse, setup and suicide swatting by my employer, police abduction and my time held illegally by the Catholics of my youth, in a criminal mental ward, at a hospital in Livonia, Michigan, built by the old world Felician nuns who ran St. Michael’s grade school and defunct Ladywood High School. Part II and Part III cover the retaliation and negative fallout I have been forced to endure in lieu of equal protection for criminal psychiatry.

    The federal government has no idea how many Americans are involuntarily committed each year because no statistics are gathered (add source). This means that the United States also does not track the number of Americans who feel they were abused at a psychiatric hospital, which have the power of jailing citizens, with no set release date.

    Recognition for psychiatric mind rape is still decades behind existing support for sexual rape. I’ve come to the belief that mind rape is worse than sexual rape (short of murder), for one thing, because recognition of psychiatric crime is decades behind recognition for sexual crime.

    Criminal psychiatry needs brand name familiarity and its victims, including me, deserve the recognition and justice we lack. Criminal psychiatry is not “forensic psychiatry,” like the name of the state hospital in Saline, Michigan, for those deemed criminally insane by psychiatrists. The term I’ve been using, “criminal psychiatry,” refers to doctors and hospitals committing violations of the state mental health code—in my case, violations protected by state government, under Republicans and Democrats, since 2013.

    I’ve yet to read a story like my own. I did not seek psychiatry, but it still destroyed my life.


    Maliciously, on February 22, 2013, I was suicide swatted by my former employer, Land of Motown Community College (a pseudonym), on a day I said on Facebook I was trying to “save my life” from the school’s ongoing psychological attack.

    Had I been allowed phone calls, as required by state law, in the St. Mary Merciless emergency room, where I was taken unnecessarily by poorly trained all white male police, I could have called my lawyer to corroborate my story. That’s criminal psychiatry.

    I never met and was not ever evaluated by the white male doctor who away signed away my life. That’s criminal psychiatry.

    Unlike some victim of sexual abuse and rape, I have been telling my story as a psychiatric survivor since Day One, but have not been acknowledged, or released from my cage. That’s criminal psychiatry by God in the United States of America, allowed by government to grow into mental torture. And it’s not ok.

    In your God I do not trust. People do not rise from the dead and ascend to heaven, thirty-three years after virgin birth. The state of Michigan has no right to let Catholics acting criminally call this female crazy.


    Like most Americans, my liberal-leaning, Ann Arbor lawyer did not understand the terrain of psychiatry. In 2012, almost a year prior to suicide swatting, he counselled me to attend hack shrinks, as the school requested, based on its empty claims that I was suddenly severely mentally ill and dangerous. Yes, my sick husband needed the health insurance provided by my job, but walking into trap was still a huge mistake. My lawyer did not realize that no matter what I said, the school’s mercenary doctors, The Wolf and The Terminator, would tear me apart and use the DSM against me, as they were hired to do. The plan may have been ad hoc, but Land of Motown Community College wore me down, then set me up for a life sentence with psychiatric stain and stigma, and my lawyer helped. Then my husband died.

    In 2013 and 2014, I sought new legal counsel. Repeatedly, I was told my first civil rights lawyer screwed up the case. When Land of Motown Community College launched its attack, he should have countered the empty accusations hurled against me more strongly, and I never should have been counselled to attend hack shrinks. I found out that medical malpractice, in effect, does not exist for average people in Michigan, due to financial disincentives for lawyers.

    Calling it a useless gesture, my lawyer had filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claim three months before suicide swatting. My claim explained that I did not have a mental illness. Instead, the school was retaliating, which is not the usual means of invoking the Americans with Disability Act. The EEOC did not take action on my behalf (it usually doesn’t). The EEOC did open the door for a court case, but I could not find replacement legal representation. Recently, I was informed by the EEOC that Land of Motown Community College never shared any documentation to support its defamatory claims against me.


    Unlike many survivors of sexual abuse, I began telling my story immediately. However, without acknowledgement for criminal psychiatry and justice for violations of the mental health code, things have only gotten worse for me.

    As planned, a month after I talked my way out of St. Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, I was forced to quit my tenured 100K a year teaching job at Land of Motown Community College. I wasn’t being paid and due process was being strung out. I handed them what they wanted, my resignation (it’s difficult to fire a union teacher), but one can’t remain employed with an employer willing to psychologically abuse and resort to crime in order to silence.

    I needed to stay in the area and settle my newly deceased husband’s estate, which was a huge job. Meanwhile, I could find no other work. Box store manager did not want to hire a former college English teacher with more education who mysteriously left a well-paying lifetime position. My finances drained. I lost much needed transportation. Eventually all people in my former life left my side, as I was forced to continue fighting to “save my life.” Onlookers seemed to want me to simply forget about criminal psychiatry.


    My full story does not fit comfortably into any short form. It’s reasonable to worry that people can’t handle my truth because telling my true story makes me sound crazy.
    In September 2015, two and half years after illegal and retaliatory psychiatric detainment, I could see I was losing my battle to “save my life.” But what had happened to me mattered. To remain vocal and promote my story, to continue fighting peacefully, I installed a civil rights protest.

    In desperation, I spray-painted the metaphor “Jesus raped me” on my Garden City, Michigan home, which was in foreclosure due the poverty that accompanied criminal psychiatry. The phrase grew out of my life experience raised and violated by Livonia Catholics, with inspiration from crucifix scene in The Exorcist, in which the devil in Linda Blair rapes the 12 year old with the most sacred image in Christianity. My installation was covered by local, state and local affiliates of national news, but not in a positive fashion.

    No press interested in covering the salacious angle–not the Hometown newspapers, The Detroit Free Press, the CBC local affiliate, MLive or Fox News Detroit–was willing to report outright my claim that I never met the white male doctor, who did not supervise the first-year intern, who nevertheless signed the clinical certificate to lock me up at St. Mary Merciless.

    To further explain my metaphor and expand my message, I removed the doors from the house’s interior and created more signs, which I displayed on the front lawn. “Got civil rights?” “This Could Happen to You!” “Bill Shuette, bust Pope?” Pope Francis had left Vatican City and was visiting the United States. “Investigate Livonia Catholics,” I pleaded.

    When the camera crew for Fox News Detroit showed up, I told them I did not want to appear on camera. I wasn’t wearing make-up or professional clothing, I wasn’t prepared for an interview, and I was ill-composed. I was caught up in mirth which escapes me now and laughing strenuously at the next-door neighbors having a fit. The family feud with the neighbors pre-dated my dead husband’s birth, almost 60 years prior.

    Purposely filing a sexist hatchet job, Fox News Detroit filmed me despite my wishes not be filmed and aired the footage (add link). Their newscasts reputed that I was mentally ill and that the local Garden City Police were helping me find mental health resources, neither of which were correct. For years, gawkers followed me on Facebook because of this new coverage, which was apparently broadcast beyond the metro Detroit area. Some still do (

    When I lost my home downstate, I escaped from one job desert, Garden City, to another: my dead husband’s cabin in Mid-Michigan. The cabin lacked running water because our lives had imploded before we could properly close the place down for winter. While I was locked up at St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, the pipes burst. I didn’t have the money to fix them.

    Around this time, I received at the cabin, via mail delivery delayed by my move (for which I had not registered a forwarding address), a written a response from the state AG, printed on official state letterhead. He denied my request for equal protection for the long list of state criminal mental health code violations I endured: primarily, that I did not meet the requirements for involuntary detainment.

    Generally, a state AG would simply ignore a private citizen’s request, so the letter is unusual and revealing. To ground its denial, the state referenced news reports of “Jesus raped me” instead of the state mental health code. The state did not investigate where the St. Mary Merciless white male emergency room doctor was when he was not evaluating me or supervising the first-year intern who locked me up. The state did not check his phone records for his whereabouts.

    Soon after I moved to the cabin, on November 19, 2015, the Michigan State Police descended one night, after dark, during off season when few residents were around my stretch of Lake Miramichi. Two cops accused me of plotting to kill the Republican AG who denied equal protection based on the Fox News Detroit sexist hatchet job. (Add link to video) The incident with the state police was a ruse used to mark me seriously mentally ill in the area police 911 dispatch system. Six weeks before, in a one-line Facebook post, I had joked sarcastically, “Looking for a contract killer,” I meant for me. The post received two likes. No one else took the post seriously. In their report, the state police lied and said they showed me the post, which I had completely forgotten about. Even without the seeing the post that night, or recalling it, I knew the state police were up to no good.
    Another set up was in the works.

    The state AG was planning a run for governor in 2018, said to be a life-long dream. My higher education former employer, Land of Motown Community College, sits in the state’s richest county, Oakland County, formerly a Republican enclave. Notorious L. Brooks Patterson, now deceased, longtime Oakland County Executive, was one of the most influential Republican party players in the state. Protecting one of the county’s biggest name brands, the largest community college in the state, with multiple campuses, would behoove Bill Schuette.

    My story was becoming too long and too absurd.


    Between 2016 and 2018, while I lived on charity with no bank account, income, or transportation, eventually every single county and state agency that could target me at Lake Miramichi did so. I was a target who could not move, with no friendly witnesses except my dog, Hunter, and cockatiel, Louie, my dead husband’s bird, who has also since died. Louie was the last witness to watch the Livonia Police Fuck the Bitch Squad ignore my words, escalate a false police report and unnecessarily abduct me from home, in order to handle me quickly and dump my body like fenced goods, rather than appropriately clean up the mess of suicide swatting.

    In April 2016, a representative from local office of the state department of health and human services suddenly appeared, as if magically, bearing McDonald’s like a bribe, but he would not listen to my claims about criminal psychiatry. He would not reveal who alerted the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services either. That first MDHHS representative, who was generally kind but mistreated me with his devilish details, was replaced by a woman who was not kind, and who became psychologically abusive. Her cover was the false promise that she was going to help me replace my plumbing, which she never did.

    In July 2016, as I was returning from a food pantry, Osceola County police pulled me over for a loud muffler. In the previous fourteen years of going up north, since 2002, I had never seen any police patrol on Route 66 or the country roads between Lake Miramichi and Evart, none in the surrounding area, but that changed after “Jesus raped me” and the involvement of the state police. Osceola County took my vehicle, my husband’s old Ford Explorer that some strangers had gotten running for me, and I was forced to walk a few miles home, until a farmer gave me a ride (and later dropped off groceries in my driveway). I lacked car insurance, so Osceola County threatened to jail me. I lost my vehicle, which was impounded. The food donations were left inside the vehicle, the dry goods with preservatives, the eggs abandoned to rot and smell. I was not jailed but given a misdemeanor.

    Power began creating a criminal record in association with my name, instead of the criminals at the school, among police and at the hospital who compromised my life.
    The cabin was not centrally heated. My full-time job became wood collection, by any means available. I was thankful for donations, especially of hard oak, but still needed to gather heating supplies to feed the Franklin stove fireplace for the long winter that lasted into April. After my car was taken, I hauled wood. I made like an ox using a wheel barrow when the road was dry, and a sled when the road was snow-covered. I identified down wood, sawed it into piles, hauled it, and then stacked it on the porch or under plastic tarps on the ground around the saw horse.

    It was the best of times and the worst of times. I existed in nature 24-7, and I was afraid of nature 24-7.

    I am not a chain saw person, though we had one. I used a 24-inch bow pruning saw to cut branches from tinder to log. Daily outdoor exercise kept me going through three winters, which blows even my mind. However, I now need a hip replacement I can’t afford.


    The pressure from criminal psychiatry has never let up.

    In February 2017, the country taxwoman wanted to take the cabin due to unpaid property back taxes. A judge appointed by Democrats gave me extra time. In February 2018, a judge appointed by Republicans said no. It’s easier to lock up, either in a looney bin or jail, a homeless person.

    Suicide swatting followed me up north. (count number of times)

    DO NOT call them police welfare checks, not when people are more likely to be harmed or murdered than helped. I learned to have my camera cell phone charged and ready to document the interludes. Repeatedly, on camera, recorded, which makes police visibly uncomfortable, I said I was not suicidal but needed justice from the crimes committed February 22-28, 2013, by the school, Livonia Police and the Catholics who raised me. Police routinely ignored my claims and called me crazy in their reports.

    The problem was complex. At a private lake community, because of unchecked and unacknowledged criminal psychiatry, I cried inside my home, next to a lake, where sound carries. The cabin sat on a county line, so police from two counties, Mecosta and Osceola County, plus the state police were dispatched, alternatively and in pairs.

    Worst of all, a white male police officer employed under my Land of Motown Community College’s two-time chief of campus police suicide swatter (the second time occurred a year after I was forced to quit my job, when the cover up had begun) lived across the street, it turned out. There are 10,000 lakes in Michigan. What are the chances? I’m guessing he did not appreciate my second civil rights protest signs, installed up north, especially the one which called for his boss, by name, to be jailed for making false police reports.

    Strangers have caused me great headache by misreading my Facebook posts, in which I have consistently asked for justice. Incredibly, one time, Freedom of Information Access records show that Facebook itself instigated a police welfare check through a lawyer from Ireland. By that point, I was sensing I would never be allowed justice or allowed to heal from the effects of criminal psychiatry. Things were never going to improve for me and only grow worse until I was crushed, and possibly locked up again. In isolation, I was trapped in a dangerous hell on earth no one would acknowledge, ironically not suicidal but perhaps needing to change my position, intellectually speaking, to end dangerous and debilitating mental torture.


    I have tried everything I can think of stop this hell. Using a welfare phone with unreliable signal (and intermittent internet access borrowed from neighbors around the lake), I called the National Suicide Lifeline Hotline, not because I was suicidal, but because I needed ultrahazardous mental torture to end. Did Lifeline have any resources for people who have been suicide swatting? The person who answered had no idea what I was talking about, assumed I was passing word salad, and wanted to call the police for another potentially life-threatening welfare check. Quickly, I hung up.


    Eventually, FOIA reports show that state police stopped documenting the name of an instigator for so-called welfare checks. Criminal Catholic God must have sent them. I had asked the Felician Nuns to advocate on my behalf to Trinity Health, who now owns St. Mary Merciless. Over the phone, a nun told me her superior said no. And that she would pray for me. Maybe it was the state Republican AG running for governor initiating the police hits. Or maybe it was a local county prosecutor. Clearly, a party with ill-intent had become involved.
    There is no doubt I was being watched. The police accosted me at home at first but so-called welfare checks starting happening in town, too.

    Outside the Evart Library, on the day Trump was inaugurated, police reports say I was harassed because they had confused me with another local, which I believe to be absolute bullshit. I had never before seen the city police harassing citizens on either of the two main streets that constitute the city of Evart. Six months later, at the sole grocery store, Foster’s, I was accosted in the parking lot by one of the state police officers, a diminutive female, who had harassed me on behalf of the state AG. She was backed up by Evart City police.
    Talking about the imposed pain of suicide swatting on Facebook does not mean a person is suicidal, but just using the “s” word forced upon me in order to try and remove its stigma and stain has been misused to cause me serious trouble.

    As a result of my experiences, I have been taught to distrust all police organizations and police officers.

    Humbled, I utilized the Mecosta Osceola Transit Authority to get around. Mostly, the service provided rides for adults with mental and physical disabilities. What is normally a twenty-minute ride to town took a couple of hours each way on bumpy unpaved roads due to all the stops at private homes, except for mine, because of the lake’s status as private property. I was picked up and dropped off on the main road, outside Lake Miramichi property, at least a half mile from home.

    Under such circumstances, a person buying groceries with charity is not planning suicide. For real, not the old joke of walking miles just to go to school, I had to carry what food I bought home uphill.

    One good outcome of Facebook? I was sent cash and some goods by strangers through the mail.

    A local who took pity on me, who does not wish to be named, became my benefactor, otherwise I never would have survived.


    A Lake Miramichi summertime neighbor had told me that a cop from Oakland County lived across the street. My intuition was perked. Did the neighbor mean a cop from Land of Motown Community College or Oakland University, two similar school names routinely confused?

    In early May 2017, a process server aggressively opened the screen door and threw in some paperwork, then let the door swing shut on its own as he ran off. I was to appear in court in one week’s time regarding a request for a personal protection order by a man I had never met.

    The cop says he bought his house years earlier but we never saw anyone at the property. Before his death, my husband and I came up weekends. Maybe the cop and his wide came up week days.

    No one stalks a cop. I didn’t stalk a cop, especially one I had never met and could not pick out of a police lineup. I did cry inside my home on the lake. My cries do include anti-Catholic curses. But I was accused of standing in the man’s driveway every weekend and yelling for hours, even threatening the lives of his grown children, which I did not do. I have never met his adult children.

    My ordeal with criminal psychiatry was encouraged to grown and morph into another no-win ordeal as a poor person set up in the unequal legal system.


    I had not me the cop who accused me of stalking him, but I had met the cop’s wife, in the spring of 2016, it must have been.

    A regular dog walker, I was in the habit of walking near my dogs, Dalva, and after her death, Hunter, on leash but allowing my dogs the freedom to sniff without me holding the leash, which had not been a problem in the preceding years.

    One day, after escaping up north, as we walked by the cop’s property, the police couple’s retired police dog, a German Shepperd, which I had never before seen, ran off their property to chase my dog, Hunter, also a German Shepperd, but one without the training to attack. The cop’s dog chased Hunter onto my property, where Hunter was bitten around the neck, leaving puncture wounds. Stupidly, I did not call the cops because at that point I have never seen cops at tranquil Lake Miramichi. The cop’s wife felt the need to jump on an ATV to save my dog from hers.


    No surprise, the dirty cop’s wife was also dirty. Through sleuthing I discovered she was responsible for suicide swatting at least once, Labor Day Weekend in 2016, about which she lied to police dispatch, by giving a nonexistent home address. Later in court regarding the ppo, she lied under oath to the judge about her behavior.

    Timing is everything. After court, when I had means, I obtained FOIA records which listed the bogus address and the wife’s actual phone number, which matched Michigan State Police records, with her name not redacted.

    Under oath, the cop for Land of Motown Community College named the school, the HR lawyer who executed the school’s attack and my two-time suicide swatter, campus chief of police, the cop’s boss, as the source of information that I was crazy dangerous. What was actually psychological abuse and suicide swatting were pointed to as the basis, the cop argued disingenuously, that he and his family needed court protection from me.
    To malign me further, somehow the cop even brought up the ppo a judge downstate had granted against my deceased husband, five years earlier, in 2012, four months before illegal looney bin lock up.

    The court transcripts, and other documents, are posted in full on my website


    With encouragement from Land of Motown Community College, my husband’s world had detonated more quickly than mine.

    During the early fall of 2012, Chris verbally abused me and hounded me to move out, all of sudden, to separate from the firestorm in my professional life and to try and salvage what was left of his own life. By October, I was forced to leave, in the middle of the night, I hoped temporarily.

    My name was not on either house. Chris was always afraid his name was not on either house due to the way things went down after his parents died. Chris was afraid both the Garden City and Lake Miramichi homes would be lost due to the school’s psychological attack, so Chris filed for divorce. Simultaneously, Chris thought he was dying, which his doctor discredited, but Chris was right. Two years prior, a kidney had been removed due to an undiagnosed blood disorder.

    I requested and was granted a ppo against my husband in October. In November, Chris requested a retaliatory ppo, but the judge did not buy his story that I was a danger to my six-foot four husband. Family court was the last time I saw Chris alive and conscious.
    In December 2012, hours after Christmas, he died, after five days in the hospital. A third string intern called me just in time. Doctors did not know how to treat simultaneous bleeding and blood clotting. Chris had not called me while he was conscious due to the ppo.
    Wanting to hold my own in divorce and needing to keep Chris from talking to Land of Motown Community College cost too way much.


    There is one main road around Lake Miramichi, on which people drove cars and ATVs and walked their dogs, in season. No other witnesses corroborated the lying cops’ story as witnesses. Their adult children did not show up or testify. It was too early in the season for me to ask neighbors to testify on my behalf. Plus, no one liked my civil rights protest signs: “Trying to save my life” “Ride to town? (no offers), or version two of “Jesus raped me.” In both cases, downstate in Garden City and up north at Lake Miramichi, I repainted” Jesus raped me” with “Act Peace,” which attracted zero press coverage.

    In the 49th District Court, in May 2017, the judge did not wait to see the supposed video evidence of me standing in the cop’s driveway, allegedly taunting and threatening the couple hour after hour, weekend after weekend. The Republican judge granted the ppo based on the couple’s testimony only. The only other person in the courtroom was the court reporter.

    I felt the set up encircling me, but couldn’t fully recognize it yet: no matter what transpired, I would have been locked up in jail for violating the ppo, whether or I did or not.

    For me, retaliatory jail following set up for illegal looney bin lock up is all part of criminal psychiatry, inextricably.

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  • Article: “Grisi sikins, instead, makes these Afro-indigenous Latina women the object of desire and amplifies their worth. Canonically, the men who conjure the demons do so because they feel rejected by the women, and therefore, they are desired not only by the men but also by the demon.

    In addition, the existence of the demon possessing women exposes that sorcery is being practiced, which then hurts the men—as they are exiled once found out.

    “Here, desire is a pivotal role, but it is not conceived as an undergirding sexual drive. Here, desire is experienced as a societal drive for power, which demands social treatments and a socially attuned understanding, instead of an individualizing, pathologizing gaze.”

    Response: But the roots are still sexist? Even though psychiatry misreads the nature of the sexism?

    Ironically, I just watched the film and read William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist, said to be based on a real life case of exorcism in the states. However, when the author crafted his novel, published in 1971, he changed the main character from male to female.

    The popular title sold well especially as a film, but the sexism inherent in a fictional account of the most popular deity in Christianity ostensibly sexually violating a female with the main object of faith, a crucifix, thanks to demonic possession, didn’t register with fans as sexist or stop sales in the US. The movie was the most successful horror film for decades and won the Academy award for best picture. Americans liked watching a 12 year old girl possessed and violated.

    When I used a metaphor based on The Exorcism to describe my own criminal violation in the mental ward of a Catholic hospital, people were outraged. Not at the crimes committed against me, but at my audacious though fair description.

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  • Here’s a psychiatrist speaking her mind (just discovered on Drop the Disorder Facebook page)

    Sexy But Psycho: How the Patriarchy Uses Women’s Trauma Against Them Hardcover – 10 Mar. 2022
    by Dr Jessica Taylor (Author)

    From back cover (according to Amazon):

    “Psychiatry is the patriarchy with a prescription pad. Read this book and start a revolution.”

    Jesus the first DSM psychotic, YES!

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  • Interview: “The other thing I’m thinking of is a seminar Janet Helms gave within the APA trust—“We hold these truths” with people within the ethnic minority psychology groups that are also somewhat marginalized by APA. In this series, they were put front and center after the murder of George Floyd. She opened her lecture by saying she would talk about white male heterosexual privilege, which she pronounced as “WIMP.” She said, “all of our symptoms derive from WIMP, and that includes white men’s symptoms too.” That’s what I’m hoping clinicians can be more conscious of in their work.”

    I think this concept of WIMP is critical and likely why psychaitry is so screwed up. I know many of my own problems with criminal psychaitry, actual violations of the state mental health code, plus retaliation, stem from WIMP dominate culture.

    Glad to know older feminists are still at work and vibrant and being interviewed, to remember the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s, in the work of the present.

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  • Thanks for all comments analyzing this interview.

    I just finished reading Gary Greensberg’s Book of Woe about the DSM, not the first critique of the “bible” of psychiatry I’ve read. I must boast: no one needed to tell me as an adult that the DSM is nonsense, but I have sought professional critiques.

    As a victim of criminal psychiatry, violations of the state mental health code (violations in addition to nonsense psychiatric moves), I can’t get over my bad luck. I was violated at a religious hospital, built by the nuns who raised me and of course believed in the Christian bible. Meanwhile, seems pretty clear to me that if Jesus were born now, he’d be locked up (not crucified) based on the DSM. Seems the faithfuls’ deity is the first historical schizophrenic with god delusions, to this non believer, bible to bible.

    Meanwhile, a doctor who never met me, never evaluated me in the emergency room, labeled me suicidal and bipolar, a condition that does not exist, based on nonsense bias and counting games, based on non-evaluation, and transferred me to the mental ward involuntarily unconscious. I had said I was trying to “save my life” that day on Facebook. I had been set up by my EEOC documented psychologically hostile employer, but my true story was disbelieved by a first year intern who was not supervised.

    And there has been zero protection for me. Only fallout which continues nine years later.

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  • Article: “More important, as I wrote in my MIA essay “Can TMS Hurt You?,” TMS is neither non-invasive nor free of side effects. And far from inducing remission of depression symptoms in from 30% to 80% of patients (depending on whose marketing materials you read), for thousands of people like me, it wasn’t effective. Instead, it produced a host of unlisted side effects and debilitating new symptoms, bringing lasting damage to our health and lives.

    Common side effects reported among the 1,800 members of the “Victims of TMS Action Group” I started on Facebook include: long-lasting or permanent cognitive impairment and memory recall, extreme irritability, intense and long-lasting anxiety and depression, panic attacks, new suicidal ideation, chronic headaches and migraines, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, tinnitus, depersonalization and derealization, and environmental sensitivities. People also report a host of less-common problems that are no less distressing and significant.”

    Thank you, author, and thank you, Mad in America, for publishing author.

    My personal opinion is only strengthened. The nonsense of religion, especially this country’s denominate religion, accepted by so many for so long, makes the nonsense of psychiatry so palatable to the masses, who don’t want to and feel they don’t have the time or need to read and research, who can’t find this website, who want a quick fix, who believe marketing too readily.

    I wonder how often an article like this one, this exact article, comes up in searches when people do conduct some research?

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  • Still reading. Without a table of contents, I don’t know how much mental torture and physical restraint you endure. How much more of this crap treatment? I know you get out, which is the best news.

    What I am tempted to do is give you feedback on the series as if you were a participant in the writers workers shop in which I am a participant, devoted to reimaging mental health care, to let you know what I think would make your story more accessible to the public and sellable to publishers. But you haven’t asked for such feedback.

    But I do want to say, I’m still reading.

    I do hope your series for Mad in America will cover your own assessment of the mental health struggles/behaviors that got you caught up in the forensic psychiatric system.

    If you had a do-over, would you go the criminal route or the forensic psychiatric route?


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  • “I now recognise that I was experiencing a ‘mixed affective state’ as a direct result of the antidepressants, where I was suffering from depressed and manic features at the same time!

    It was at this juncture where I believe my bipolar disorder was first created, yet all of these obvious symptoms went undiagnosed, because the extent of the care I received was so cursory, lacking, and, quite frankly, grossly negligent and substandard.”

    If I read and understand correctly, the narrator feels that psychiatric care caused him problems and one doctor used drugs and other therapies to solve those problems. And that the narrator feels better now, which is great.

    Breath. Exhalation. What a quandary.

    It muddies the terrain so much when some critics of psychiatry accept and others reject the DSM labels, especially when those who accept the labels also reject some of the drug therapies.

    So many jaggedy edges.

    We all want to be heard and believed, but if sympathetic ears have also read that no drug therapy has proven itself more effective than a placebo, even sympathetic ears may be inclined to doubt praise for a new drug therapy. I hope the narrator can understand.

    May your recover and remission hold.

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  • Therapists who play god have a disordered personality. Rapists and child abusers have a disordered personality. Political monsters have a disordered personality. Greedy capitalists have a disordered personality. Labelling patients stressed out by life with this monstrous biased title?

    Psychiatry has a personality disorder.

    Can’t Mad do something in regards to celebrities, I’m thinking the SNL guy, who spout this nonsense? Some kind of campaign, empathetic and humorous?

    Pete, don’t trust any doctor who will tell you your millions-making personality is disordered! Others will believe the nonsense! Be kind to the world!

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  • “Health misinformation,” such as the kind that challenges psychiatric orthodoxy, “is a serious threat to public health,” proclaims the US Surgeon General.

    Yes it is, but somehow damaging status quo psychiatry is still getting away with slow but sure murder.

    Wow. I just got out of the hospital after hip replacement surgery. Criminal psychiatry unchecked mentally tortures me and impoverished me, so I found myself playing ox to keep warm three winters I lived pretty much off the grid. Collecting and dragging wood kept me in tune with nature, which was very healthy, but destroyed my hip. Lack of dental care hastened some strong arthritis. Add it all up? Hip replacement on government assistance, Medicaid. Simultaneously, crying while stuck in mental torture, minus justice or public acknowledgement for my hell story, my hell story stuck in my throat has contributed to achalasia, which destroys needed muscles in the esophagus. Yesterday, I was in the hospital unable to have anybody listen to me or help me when a swallowing episode cropped up post surgery, after my concrete job offer with a power company made moves to rescind the much needed offer. The hospital staff took away morphine at the same time, so I was slammed. How much more trauma before my body permanently fails? My life has become so beyond scary.

    I am an experiment in criminal mental health care, actual violations of the existing mental health care code in Michigan, and the negative effects of stress on physical well being. Not sure how I am supposed to recover or survive if I can’t even swallow water. I called the gastrointestinal medical office from the hospital and a someone called me back while I was still in the hospital, my esophagus spasming, to say, they could not help me with the intense not-swallowing, upper sphincter esophagus episode I was having. I know trauma brought on the episode.

    Add homelessness? It’s too much. The job offer may be rescinded due to my background check, which includes a bogus stalking misdemeanor, as retaliation for asking for justice for criminal psychiatry. (All claims documented. Not even on these pages have I read a story like mine.) I had already cleared the back ground check hurdle months ago, but it came back around again, after a formal job offer had been made and a start date set after surgery, April 11.

    Cut off from morphine the day after major surgery, not being able to swallow, esophagus choking, being kicked out of a chaotic orthopedic ward (standard procedure to send people home the next day), and facing further economic devastation, all because of criminal psychiatry?

    I am still hoping this magazine will publish part II and part III of my story. Fallout from criminal psychiatry is still psychiatry at work, ruining lives. Things only become more grim in my life.

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  • From the White House (part of plan to increase funding for existing mental health care approaches) “Expand early childhood and school-based intervention services and supports. Half of all mental disorders begin before the age of 14. And when systems act to promote well-being at early developmental stages, youth reap the mental and emotional benefits for years to come. The American Rescue Plan dedicated millions of dollars to youth mental health. The President’s FY23 budget builds on this investment and proposes to make historic investments in youth mental health services, including more than $70 million in infant and early childhood mental health programs. For example, Project LAUNCH works to ensure that the systems that serve young children have the resources and knowledge to foster their social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development. The FY23 budget will also continue funding for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program of the Department of Health and Human Services, which supports new families by teaching positive parenting skills, conducting developmental and mental health screenings, promoting school readiness, and linking to community resources and supports. Additionally, the President’s FY23 budget will propose to dramatically expand funding for community schools by increasing funding for the Full-Service Community School program by over $400 million dollars relative to current levels – a more than ten-fold increase. Community schools provide a range of wraparound supports to students and their families, including mental health services and other integrated student supports.”

    Scary sounding stuff, adding support to current damaging practices.

    I directed the White House to this article.

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  • “One day this man told me that he knew a woman who had had the same mystical experience as me, and because of this, her own parents called her crazy.”

    I find it meaningful that all alterered states I’ve read about concern either the all-consuming powers of religion or govenment, both external concerns, not neurotransmitters. Why are some people more suspectible? It would be much better if psychiatry admitted it does not know.

    While I don’t share your belief or practices (or that of any religion), I appreciate anyone who shares their story.

    I think the power people tap into when having a mystical experience is a universal power that does exist (just not in the ways any religion describes).

    I assume that psychiatry never saw your mystical experiences as you do.

    Well wishes.

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    One former trainee of Lieberman told THE CITY that no one was “surprised” by his remarks. Although Columbia and New York Presbyterian focused on the tweet, the trainee said, “it’s about so much more.”

    “He’s really powerful,” the woman said. “Everyone had a very low opinion of him but no one says or does anything about it.”

    “If you write a grant, he has to write the letter of support,” she added.

    Others who worked with Lieberman described him as dismissive of women and people of color and prone to making misogynistic comments.

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  • Recently, I read Liberman’s horrible book, Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry. He provides no footnotes, the first book I’ve read on psychiatry to fail to do so. I couldn’t help but add disparaging names for him in my notes. I thought, this guy is so arrogant, he does not realize his book reads as an advertisement to not see him for care or trust his words, despite his titles.

    In the book, he relates an interlude with Tom Insel over the DSM 5. Insel as head of the NIMH said the government would be moving away from the DSM, according to Lieberman. Wonder what happened to Insel’s position? I’m guessing based on what I’ve read that Insel does not disparage the DSM or APA is his new book.

    So sick of psychiatrist playing god.

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  • February 22, 2013, the day my life ended except for the torture, apparently life long until death, of criminal pscyhiatry (actual violations of the state mental health code), in my case followed by state retaliation. All claims documented.

    According to these unenforceable codes of ethics, ALL support staff at St Mary Merciless emergency room and human trafficking mental ward in Livonia, Michigan, failed to uphold acceptable ethics, as they particpated while the mental health code was violated and helped the hospital violate my rights. They were partner as the hospital bilked my Cadillac teacher’s insurance, and I was subject to psychiatric torture, not care.

    ALL should have had their licenses revoked, ALL belong in jail and ALL should be equally tortured. They each made money off my torture, and it is not okay.

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  • Please know at least consider that it is not always better to live. Criminal psychiatry ten years no end in sight, ro relief, no mercy, no justice. Criminal psychiatry, actual violations of the state mental heatlh code, coupled with state retaliation. Sounds crazy but true, documented. I have never found a story anything like mine, and I read these pages. The retailiation has made it impossible for me to earn a living. The mental torture and other damages has devastated all areas in my life. At 58 losing my ability to walk. Isolated. Terririfed. Suffering too much, too long.

    Why should I be terrorzied with homelessness and the possiblity of another retaliatory lock up on top of isolation and extreme mental and physcial pain?

    There should be euthanasia for victims of psychiatry like me. Forcing me to endure mental torture and endure annihilation slowly is not okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • “The third explanation combines the two: people who perceive negative experiences as problematic focus on controlling these feelings, which makes it worse.”

    Meditation to self help through the hell of criminal psychiatry’s fallout, which permeates all forever, does not help. I had to quit subscribing to free meditations from a couple of life style gurus. It was pissing me off too much.

    The only thought I can came up with spiritually is that I am suppose to take any one good moment and let it erase all the pain and damage that continue to flow unabated from the snowball of negative effects of criminal psychiatry in my true story. Which is too much to ask. So rarely am I in the mindset to let it all go and meditate. The best I can do is consciously breathe in and out and few times letting things go for seconds at at a time. Before reality strikes.

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  • Did the author of the JAMA editorial state whether or not she received money from big Pharma?

    I wonder, given my experience working with adults in community college, in terms of reading readiness and reading willingness (as well as the ability to find this article by Robert Whitaker on the Mad in America website) what percentage of parents of toddlers would or could read and digest this article?

    The terrain just keeps getting scarier.

    Reminds me of recent coverage that looked at preschool care and outcomes, which suggests playing may be better for poor preschool children than academics. Academic preschool programs for poor kids in Tennessee may be encouraging an anti-school attitude (like I believe old school one size fits all reading instruction turns many off from reading).

    This isn’t the coverage I read, but NPR covered the study’s release.

    NPR: “But after third grade, they were doing worse than the control group. And at the end of sixth grade, they were doing even worse. They had lower test scores, were more likely to be in special education, and were more likely to get into trouble in school, including serious trouble like suspensions.”

    How many preschoolers studied for preschool effectiveness in the study I referenced were diagnosed and drugged? Maybe not many, given class dynamics, but still, for any academic discipline alone, especially psychiatry, to assume they have the right answers and willingly misrepresent? It’s heartbreaking for sure.

    The wave of problems caused by psychiatry rolling back and aimed at American society is only getting bigger.

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  • It extra sucks that you don’t feel comfortable sharing your name. The reach of psychiatry is too long and strong. It never ends once they get their hands on you.

    I’m in a writers group about mental health care. Even with real life in the flesh examples from the oldest members, that I would hope send the message to not take the drugs, the younger people who don’t fully trust psychiatry and are critical of it are still taking the drugs.

    So many reasons, I’m sure. Young people don’t think an old age besotted by drug cocktails will happen to them.

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  • Good luck. This court as dominated is so conservartive and seems to prefer cases that appeal to its politics, so I feel the case will likely be denied, as you seem to be prepared to hear, but hope I am wrong.

    I am not sure I followed all the twists and turns in the legal story. But fighting for justice after harm is certainly part of psychiatry. You are asking SCOTUS to make Arizona listen, I understand. Though I am not sure what would be next. A civil case regarding harm caused?

    Meanwhile, I wonder about the person behind this mess. Hope she has found better forms of healing.

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  • So I read Allen Frances 2013 book Saving Normal, in which he admits that the DSM series has created an epidemic of bipolar over-diagnosis.

    While Frances says some comforting things, ultimately he rests in my negative column as I read similar tomes. For one thing, he still says old school things like “real psychiatric orders . . . don’t get better by themselves.” While those professionals in my plus column say that naturally things like depression can pass.

    But (and I’m sure others have posed a similar question): Why doesn’t the DSM list the criteria for normal?

    Despite the title of his book, Frances doesn’t define what he’s trying to save, not like the DSM defines biploar (allegedly not normal). He waxes poetic about normal but gives no criteria, which I find undermines his entire endeavor.

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  • “I am not saying there is no such thing as bipolar. When you take a position like this, people always criticize; it is not as extreme as people assume. As a therapist, you have to delve deeply enough to understand the context of what the client is bringing.”

    “Bipolar” is as problematic for me as “Jesus.” The culture is polluted with both. And for me there is a connection. Victim of criminal psychiatry at a Catholic hospital built by the nasty nuns of my youth that I rejected. Part of a larger psychiatry-as-weapon, as if I lived under Putin or China, attack. Yes. True. I’ve not read any other story like it, and I look.

    Some grasp and others abuse with the label. But everyone has heard it and assumes it’s as real as air. I was never evaluated but got the label in the emergency room by a man I never met.

    I need professionals to tear down the word. Bipolar by Jesus is way too much to bear, meets the definition of torture and why should I be held in torture? Jesus was the original psychotic, maybe the original bipolar!!!

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  • Article: Note that Dr. Aftab concedes that some psychiatric “patients” have been harmed by psychiatric care, but doesn’t offer any estimates of the numbers involved.

    Filling this lack seems like a possible inroad to change.

    States and the feds should track involuntary detainment and patient views of treatment, both hospitalized and otherwise, so mental health codes can be updated, and biggie, some federal laws can be established to protect patients.

    Big fight I know. Like Catholics don’t want laws to protect victims of church sexual abuse, APA and Big Pharma don’t want their victims to be able to sue.

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  • MADEA: Once again, I am surprised that a smart man such as yourself did not realize that mental illness is the result of a brain disease.

    ME: I did not disagree with you, I simply asked for evidence to support it. Please find it for me so that I can develop even better insight into my mental illness.

    Ms. Madea never provided me with evidence showing that so-called mental illness is a brain disease.

    Still reading your pieces. Are you looking for a publisher? I relate to your pieces best with in the scene detail like this dialogue above.

    I do appreciate your sarcastic analysis, too.

    Even after reading your pieces, I can’t imagine how you coped for all those years inside detention or how you cope (with anger? etc) now outside in The World after detention.

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  • “I don’t want to denigrate the scientific knowledge of doctors, but most of their training is about practice and not about science. So they rely on what their supervisors tell them or the people who present lectures or medical education events and the visits from pharmaceutical sales representatives which mostly deliver marketing messages.”

    Please SOMEONE denigrate the so called scientists and teachers proffering worse than religion psychaitry! PLEASE!

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  • “This is a very important topic because early on one of the most frequent responses that I received when I submitted critical articles about the questionable evidence base supporting drug efficacy was that the whole discussion is unnecessary because the drug regulators would not have approved the drugs if they were not clearly working and if the effects were not practically or clinically meaningful.

    I heard this argument even from very well-known psychiatry professors and that obviously reveals that those people apparently are not really aware of how the drug agencies license drugs.”

    Psychiatry is worse than religion.

    What kind of lousy higher ed supposedly science profs don’t read up widely?

    What was the Sunshine Act all about? The need for sunshine!!!!!!!

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  • Hengartner: Yes, I also had this prevailing view, because that’s how we were taught and what we were taught.

    Taught nonsense, greedy, corrupt nonsense, in an age we’re people fight to defend or mistrust “science” over COVID, things only get worse.

    I am the victim of criminal psychaitry by an unsupervised first year emergency room intern, at a hinterlands old world Catholic hospital, shilling for the Vatican, who had likely no training, not even misleading training, in psychiatry.

    And its not ok.

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  • From library, just picked up Allen Frances’ book, Saving Normal An Insiders Revolt Against Out-of-Control psychiatrics diagnoses, DSM 5, Big Pharma, and the Medicalization of Normal Life, from 2013.

    It was too late then, he’d already contributed to the ruin of what, millions? Plus I saw the guy waffle on PBS, in 2021.

    2013 was too late for me. Worse-than-religion-psychiatry already ended my life except for the torture.

    Groundhogs Day. Life after psychiatrics crime is never ending hell. Nothing is worth this hell. Not another minute, day, or Feb 2. Oh god the horror please no more.

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  • In about 2016 or 2017, in remote mid Michigan, I called the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline out of desperation–NOT because I was suicidal, just the opposite. I wanted to know if they offered any help to people who had been suicide swatted (maliciously false reports of suicide called into police). I had been suicide swatted in 2013 and was still fighting to save my life from the devastation of unnecessary police abduction and illegal psychiatric ward detainment (I was not evaluated before lock up). I was truly suffering inflicted mental torture (still am, minus justice and acknowledgement), though not suicidal.

    The person who answered was clueless, and, I soon realized, a danger to me, about to contact the police, so I hung up.

    This is so scary. Any silver lining? Potentially more people abused by the system will push reform? What great cost.

    Nothing is getting better anytime soon.

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  • I am so afraid. Not paranoid. Reasonably afraid. Due to my story. With no way out of the mental torture caused by unchecked criminal psychiatry, already ten years in, with no mercy or justice in sight, that the powerful will silence me to stop me from crying in pain, looney bin lock me up again, crack me, then shock me.

    I know. The world has dumped me and passed me by, and people will just say I am crazy. I would rather be raped dead then live in this mental torture. I live in a Russian nesting doll of set of mental torture caused by criminals allowed to live free and it is far from okay.

    I was not evaluated by Dr. Andrew Muzychka at St Mary Merciless in Livonia Michigan. I was set up by my employer Oakland Community College. Twice. No story like mine. Documented. Not that facts help.

    Nothing is worth the hell I’ve endured since February 22-28, 2013. How the fuck do I get out of this cage?

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  • [NOTE FROM THE MODERATOR: Discussion with the author of this comment and with Bob Whitaker clarified for me that she is using “Catholic Jesus” as a metaphor for her mistreatment by those people claiming to be Catholic and yet abusing her. It is not intended as a generalized slur against either Catholics or Jesus. The author wrote and earlier blog using this metaphor for MIA, and this appears to be building on that metaphor. She fully understands that these comments apply to a description of her experience, and is not generalizable to others of the Catholic or Christian faith.]

    Rattling the bars of my cage . . .

    The same Catholics who locked me up illegally three decades earlier gave me a copy of the Constitution, the one which promises equal protection from criminal psychiatry I have been denied.

    No justice ever for me?
    So what about equal suffering for all then? The inverse of the 14th Amendment?

    Since replicating what I’ve gone through would be impossible, equal suffering might be, metaphorically speaking, since Catholic Jesus metaphorically mind raped me, if Catholic Jesus were allowed to slowly rape and torture dead your children, and then you were thrown in jail for complaining and asking for justice.

    Followed by poverty, isolation and a lonely slow terrifying death as your body breaks down.

    If Brett Kavanaugh can show his anger and get a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, my expression of anger should be okay, too. If video games can portray slaughter, my figurative anger should be okay, too. If people flock to horror films, my creative display of pain riffing on a horror film should be okay, too. If people only go out to the movies, now, in the new millennium, to see superheros save the world, my wish to take down criminal psychiatry with my words alone should be okay, too.

    I’m trying to heal. I’m still trying to save my life.

    But I’m not allowed to explain, not even through metaphor, the pain of forced retaliatory criminal psychiatry. That’s torture on top of torture.

    People want funny, but there isn’t anything funny about ten years of mental torture with no hope I will ever be free until death do us part.

    How the fuck do I get out of this cage?

    It doesn’t matter. It was too late years ago. No, you don’t understand. I will never be able to look at other Americans and not think, you should have been Jesus raped, too!

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  • The same Catholics who locked me up illegally gave me a copy of the constitution, the one which promises the equal protection from criminal psychiatry I have been denied.
    So what about equal suffering for all then? The inverse of the 14th Amendment?

    Since replicating what I’ve gone through would be impossible, equal suffering might be, metaphorically speaking, since Catholic Jesus metaphorically mind raped me, if Catholic Jesus were allowed to slowly rape and torture dead your children, and then you were thrown in jail for complaining and asking for justice.

    Followed by poverty, isolation and a lonely slow terrifying death as your body breaks down.

    How the fuck do I get out of this cage?

    If Brett Kavanaugh can show his anger and get a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, my expression of anger should be okay, too. If video games can portray slaughter, my figurative anger should be okay, too. If people flock to horror films, my creative display of pain riffing on a horror film should be okay, too. If people only go out to the movies, now, in the new millennium, to see superheros save the world, my wish to take down criminal psychiatry with my words alone should be okay, too.

    I’m trying to heal. I’m still trying to save my life.

    But I’m not allowed to explain, not even through metaphor, the pain of forced retaliatory criminal psychiatry.

    People want funny, but there isn’t anything funny about ten years of mental torture with no hope I will ever be free until death do us part.

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  • Gina: you are worthwhile, too.

    If Brett Kavanaugh can show his anger and get a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, my anger should be okay, too. If video games can portray slaughter, my figurative anger should be okay, too. If people flock to horror films, my creative display of pain should be okay, too. If people only go to the movies to see superheros save the world, my wish to take down psychiatry should be okay, too.

    article: “People see how I am reacting emotionally and maybe even physically. . . .

    I don’t feel a part of this world anymore.”

    Me too!

    I wasn’t ignorant enough to ask for psychiatry (my world view said “bogus” well before I found Mad in America) and it still ruined my life:

    Nothing is worth this hell!

    Best wishes.

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  • author: “It took the explosive ending of the five-year relationship I had with that therapist for me to realize that the reason it wasn’t a good fit anymore is because therapy isn’t a good fit.”

    YES!!! Why in the world subject yourself to another human and invite a power imbalance????????!!!!!!!!! And pay for it!!!!

    Read books, keep a journal, walk, whatever, do things and reflect.

    A therapist is not a a savior; there is no savior.

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  • This higher association with “psychotic disorders” was found in both surveys, with the 2001-2002 survey showing a 2.55% association for those diagnosed with cannabis use disorder, compared to 0.27% for nonusers.

    The authors reflect that the comparatively higher association in the 2012-2013 survey may be due to the availability of higher potency cannabis products, which they state “have been associated with higher prevalence of psychosis.”

    The authors noted several limitations to the study, such as the reliance on self-report questionnaires for both cannabis use and the diagnosis of “psychotic disorders.”

    “Significant”? Way too wishy washy and biased. All sources are biased, even our host.

    H.R.2588 – Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act

    Opinions of U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans regarding medical marijuana in 2020

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  • nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing is worth this hell

    there is no outlet for my pain, no end, no justice

    one can’t even say a sexist religion is sexist!

    (I still haven’t forgotten or forgiven the astonishly offensive “old hag” visual game, metpahor–whatever that was–in Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic book. I stopped reading at that point.)

    removed from commenting on my own story

    nothing is worth this hell!

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  • Date pollution clouds research and horrible media coverge encourages people to say things like this commentator’s thoughts in reaction to another piece of crap barely one sided piece on psychiatry, this one found in the Seattle Times:

    Ghost of Hitler speaks: “This is why we need a robust involuntary commitment program where parents, teachers, and the medical community can have a person put into a treatment center. A good indication of mental illness is someone living on the street.”

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  • Reading your series reminds me of my very good decision to skip a court ordered evaluation at the forensic hospital in Michigan.

    How did I get away with such a move?

    Lucky enough, I guess.

    I had been set up once, suicide swatted, by Oakland Community College, my EEOC documented psychologically abusive employer, and locked up unnecessarily for week.

    When I asked the state AG for justice, he retaliated, to please the college and county as he sought the governnor’s office.

    As part of the second set up, which put me in jail for a month, a Republican judge ordered the evaluation. My court appointed lawyer was useless. His secretary said he had the appointment canceled which was not true, but I thought I was relatively safe in ignoring the court order until I returned to court.

    I figured after the real word craziness I had endured, I think rightly, that there was too good a chance I would be kept and the keys to my freedom thrown into Lake Michigan.

    The Republican judge in Trumpland had already shown her corruption by this point, after I skipped the state’s hack, and I guess decided to get me through other means, which she did (on bail and probation).

    All heavily documented.

    Michigan, America, my mind and life rapist, that allows criminal psychiatry and thereby endorses actual mental torture, I know most would dismiss my words and call me crazy. Still angry, damaged and in danger (health impacted by actual mental torture, ability to make a living and stay off the streets also screwed), I can only wish end-your-life psychiatry on those who stand against me.

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  • I just found a nutcase psychiatrist’s essay on line in my google feed.

    “These days, the whole world feels like the psych ward. Everyone is discouraged by past harms and present fears. The people who need meds the most are the most reluctant to take them. Most everyone wants out, but many worry they will never leave, and everyone wonders how things will be on the other side.” Abraham Nussbaum

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  • Thank you for space to scream into the void. My physical health is very poor due to ten years psychiatric abuse and I really think I could drop dead any time, so I appreciate this place to testify.

    Now 58, this week I was diagnosed with mital heart value issues and the need for a replacement hip, which I can’t afford. I have been slammed this fall/winter with gastrointestinal issues. Can’t swallow, keep food down, eat much. I may be having side effects from new asthma medication that may be worsening the heart situation.

    I have been here in my body with my mind in tact though in a state of mental torture since April 13, 2012 and especially February 22-28, 2013. I have fought to win and save my life but have not been allowed to correct the record and do so. Instead, for speaking out, I have endured serious and widespread retaliation.

    My heart is literally broken.

    I have said I am being ripped apart slowly, and I meant it.

    But the system, government, Oakland Community College, St Mary Merciless human trafficking ward, the criminal Catholics who raised and violated me, my estranged Catholic family, and the state of Michigan do not care.

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  • “No one offers any brain test, or presents you with a proof of disease, it is all based on words of usually one single psychiatrist, who might not be a bad person, but operates from a certain belief system. Not many psychiatrists are aware that they are conduits of a certain ideology, where psychiatry is an institution of power, hiding behind the profit machine of pharmaceutical companies, operating within medical capitalism.”

    So many worthwhile quotes to highlight.

    Many psychiatrists don’t acknowledge/recognize the evil they perpertrate, so it’s even worse when emergency room doctors and first year interns commit crimes knowingly and have the power to cover their own tracks.

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  • human in pain caused by psychiatry could find no relief or mercy in life, and psychiatry will of course take no responsiblity

    the horror!

    one wants there to be an afterlife for this person

    “I hate the psych hospitals and emergency rooms because they come up with their own narrative to make themselves look good.”

    This article is so upsetting but thank you, author, for writing it. And thank you, Mad in America, for publishing it.

    What awful shape the world is in. I don’t understand except for the usual suspects (greed, corruption, etc) why the mainstream media continues to ignore the full story of psychiatry.

    Psychiatry is a death sentence used for torture and profit, and to feed egos. It’s worse than religion.

    nothing nothing nothing is worth the hell of america

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  • please keep working to tear down pyschiatry as it currently tortures me . . .

    Author: “Biomedical and neurobiological approaches, on the other hand, emphasize pharmacological treatment for mental suffering based on the assumption that mental disorders are brain diseases. This approach has been criticized for its narrow focus on the individual divorced from the sociopolitical context. Moreover, it has been linked to stigma and discrimination against the neurodivergent when other explanations of difference are ignored.”

    Nothing is worth psychological mental torture from unchecked criminal psychiatry based in the biolmedical model and human greed and corruption, not art or dogs or gardens or woods or water or the sky above.

    victim being murdered too slowly to homelessness breakdown and death by criminal not forensic psychiatry protected by the state of Michigan

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    Please someone here respond to this article and supposed test for something that does not exist. Does this article fail to rule out the external factors causing stress and mislabel them bipolar?

    Article: “The study, as noted by Al Jazeera, delves into the biological basis of mental health concerns by developing a blood test using ribonucleic acid (RNA) markers that help distinguish the type of condition a person has. Drawing on 15 years of previous research into how psychiatry relates to blood gene expression biomarkers, the team—led by Doctor Alexander Niculescu—has proved that it’s possible to diagnose depression and bipolar disorder with a blood test. The blood test has clinical utility, is able to distinguish between the two conditions and can eventually match people to the right medications.”

    I am suffering so much 100% imposed panic and terror, and financial devastation, in America My Criminal Psychiatric Fuck in Hell Without End.

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  • Before I was declassroomed, I taught community college. Students who had dropped the ADHD label did better than students who still clung to it, was my experience.

    Article: And she announced on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram show “Bright Minded” in April that she has bipolar disorder.

    “I went to one of the best mental hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar,” Gomez said. “And so when I got to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it.”

    Her mother revealed being misdiagnosed for over 20 years with bipolar disorder that later turned out to be attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, with trauma, according to the Wondermind website’s welcome video. (end article)

    Please, some pros write an open letter to pop star/actor Selena Gomez who buys into labels and psychiatry, and who is about to add to psychiatric misinformation. Tell her what she might not have been told at Mclean hospital and by the people she is talking to.

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  • “On one of the first pages in my most recent book about psychiatry, I warn the patients: “If you have a mental health issue, don’t see a psychiatrist. It is too dangerous and might turn out to be the biggest error you made in your entire life.” The current network meta-analysis provides support to my warning.” Peter C. Gøtzsche, MD

    Excellent! Thanks!

    I doubt my library has your books, but I’ll check.

    Why not write an open public letter to Selena Gomez about what she should realize about psychiatry, that she may NOT have been told at McLean, read about or realize, as she launches her media platform about mental health?

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  • Thank you all. Please all keep working and writing to tear down the beast of psychiatry.

    I can’t risk therapy to help me deal with mental torture because of my story, ironically involving criminal violations of the mental health code. Plus I don’t have the resources to look for a therapist I could relate to.

    Meanwhile a pop star/actress announced plans to further confuse:

    Selena Gomez: “I went to one of the best mental hospitals in America, McLean Hospital, and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things, I realized that I was bipolar,” Gomez said. “And so when I got to know more information, it actually helps me. It doesn’t scare me once I know it.”

    Bi polar is an awful thing to call a person, especially one’s self.

    Sounds like the result of a magician sawing a woman in half.

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    My story is similar. Similar enough. Daily terror attack.

    I was set up by Oakland Community College between April 13, 2012 and February 21, 2013. Before that I was bullied by coworkers Ray Mort, Eric Abbey and Suzanne Labadie, mostly over the creation of the annual teaching schedule.

    February 22, 2013, at St Mary Merciless in Livonia, Michigan, after suicide swatting by the school and police mishandling, I told first year intern Nicole Shattuck, who had no training and no legal standing, who was not supervised by Dr. Andrew Muzychka, my actual story, in short form, and the dumb broad wrote I was “dellusional” spelled incorrectly. She denied phone calls, drugged me up, knocked me out and transferred me from the emergency room to the looney bin while unconscious.

    Nothing in this world of corruption and cruelty is worth this life of mental torture.

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  • Defense attorney: “He did not start this.” He did start this with an assault weapon. Insane. Dangerous to others. Lock him up, at least in a psych ward, not me. “Factors” ignored for a white boy: “issues” such as an illegal loaded weapon which he intended to use on other people.

    Kyle Rittenhouse was able to actually commit murder and receive financial help and help from the judge for getting off free.

    Comparatively, based on nothing, no gun, no violence, no death, no threats, I was accused of being potential school shooter material, subject to psychological torture under the false guise of keeping my teaching job, forced to meet with two hack shrinks who ripped me to shreds as they were paid to do (upon horrendously erroneous legal advice that drained my bank account), suicided swatted, set up for psychiatric calamity and crime, as part of a premeditated plan, then locked up for being suicidal to silence me, on a day I said I was trying to “save my life” on Facebook from employer’s attack.

    Pervasive misogyny, eventually criminal psychiatry, pushed by my higher ed employer, to cover employer misdeeds, not mine, has ended my life except for the mental torture.

    White boy Rittenhouse, murderer, is free with support and celebrated.

    February 22, 2013, white male Dr. Andrew Muzychka was not on site and did not evaluate me, or supervise first year intern Nicole Shattuck, who did not have the authority to evaluate me or illegally deny phone calls, or transfer me unconscious to the looney bin from the emergency room, but she did, based largely in societal sexism as well as a total lack of training and over-sight.

    And there was never ever moneyed group offering legal help for me.

    This country is getting much worse, not better. Michigan USA became hell on earth for me nearly a decade ago, without relief, no end in sight, not until I am dead. Things only get worse for me as I age and run out of options.

    Psychiatry is part of the problem of Our Dying America. It ended my life.

    I looked quickly but could not find whether they made the white boy Rittenhouse, gun holder, gun shooter, conservative star, murderer, subject to psychiatry after he actually murdered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Article:

    Notably, in this diagnosis and others, the DSM lists temperament, genetics, and physiology as “factors,” but culture and gender as “issues.” The DSM is not kind enough to tell us the difference between a factor and an issue, not even in its glossary. But, again, they are implied. Back to generalized anxiety disorder: “There is considerable cultural variation in the expression of generalized anxiety disorder,” and “generalized anxiety disorder is diagnosed somewhat more frequently in females.” Presumably, then, a “factor” is causal or etiological, and an “issue” is a matter of expression or frequency of diagnosis.

    The author’s “factor” versus “issue” discussion is very helpful.

    Diagnosis all comes down to bias which is social, cultural and external.

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  • Troll farm Kiwi Farms has found this posting.

    Are posters there responsible for recent hacking of this site?

    Today I was able to join the Kiwi Farms website solely for the purpose of posting a demand to take down all mentions of me. For what it’s worth, I also sent screen shots to the current state of Michigan AG. I don’t think the site is allowed to operate out of physical location in the U.S.

    For almost ten years, I have asked for justice and an end to criminal mental torture, but criminal mental continues unchecked and my imposed suffering only grows.

    It is not ok for this world to mentally torture me. But it does.

    Nothing is worth criminal psychiatry. No life would be better than the torture imposed upon me.

    No justice? Euthanasia now.

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  • I was not allowed to EDIT due to site hacking (which felt very personal):

    ” . . . the NUNS (not nones) who purport their own holiness . . .”

    “Facebook hacks laid the groundwork for the day (not die) I was murdered by psychiatry.” (Posts documenting Oakland Community College’s attack were removed.)

    Please body have mercy on me and end this hell. I don’t deserve this hell. No life would be better than this endless torture in sexist corrupt Jesus-polluted Michigan USA.

    The hell of criminal psychiatry never ends and certainly death would be better than mental torture without end.

    You would shoot your own daughter out of mercy like an injured horse if you witnessed her suffering like I am.

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  • I am doing so poorly since being kicked off Twitter during a terror attack.

    That day, a rogue state of Michigan unemployment worker over the phone told me to get a job because, she told me, I probably wouldn’t get unemployment and that my former employer was fighting it, which was not true. She might have said instead, with the same effect, become homeless, retaliatory locked-up again and increase your already unmanageable suffering. The next day I was able to clear up the hold up in person, at a state office, but it was too late. Still, I am ticking time bomb. I have no future except for pain. You can’t imagine. I still have not seen a story like mine.

    I said PANIC and HELP in my post and something Twitter considered hateful conduct about the nasty nuns of my youth who raised and raped me in their criminal Catholic hospital, the none who purport their own holiness and good works. All my externally inflicted pain is too much. I am not the one who initiated the hateful sexist and criminal conduct of the Catholics. The nuns refuse to advocate for me. The Catholic hospital under state law could re-open my claims that I was set up, psychologically abused by my employer, not suicidal and not evaluated before looney bin lock up. It’s too much. There is no god, yet god was allowed to criminal mind rape me. How could this be my life? I escaped the Catholics but they recaptured me. For human trafficking psychiatric torture. To make money.

    I used Twitter to state daily what happened to me. It was not good therapy but the only public therapy I can risk with my story. Now, I can’t post and I can’t testify daily, and the pain and terror are growing. Reality: my hell will never end and only grow until I am dead. That is mental torture on top of mental torture.

    I have a right to not be mentally tortured in Michigan, USA!!!
    I could go back to Facebook but Facebook is full of trolls and hacks for me. Facebook hacks laid the groundwork for the die I was murdered by psychiatry. Plus, I don’t like Facebook. And bottom line it looks like no one is going to help me anywhere anytime end unchecked criminal psychiatry by flying Jesus Catholics.

    I know mostly trolls likely from Kiwi Farms read my posts on Twitter. Twitter did not help me save my life, but I could hope maybe it would. Maybe the right journalist or someone in authority or power would finally hear me and help me. No more. No hope, no hope, no hope. I am in so much imposed pain.
    How do accept mental torture and slow isolated death from mental torture in this country I’ve come to hate?

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  • Hey thanks debkasdan! Maybe the worse part of ALL THIS? Constantly spelling and misspelling “psychiatry” (like above). I hate the word! I hate typing the word! I hate the letter combination needed to spell it!

    From Meriam Webster online:
    History and Etymology for “psych”

    Greek, from psychē breath, principle of life, life, soul, from psychein to breathe; akin to Sanskrit babhasti he blows

    Well, how far the field has fallen from its lofty beginnings.

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  • External or internal causes?

    Premediated psychiatric misinformation has spread everywhere.

    Actress Andie McDowell was interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR regarding her role playing a woman with mental health issues in Netflix’s very popular The Maid.

    Review of Andie McDowell’s character in The Maid: the character’s narcissism seems over-written with a little delusion thrown in to push the mental health angle over simply poor parenting. Paula, mother to The Maid, gets locked up in a psychiatric ward but is released more easily than would happen in real life, at least in Michigan.

    In the interview with Terri Gross, Andie McDowell weaved between internal and external causes for her own mother’s mental health issues, but without acknowledgement she was weaving. The actress, to my ears, appeared confused, like the general public, by popular terms like “misfire” and “chemical imbalance.” McDowell primarily shared that her mother drank and raged, so was treated aggressively by psychiatry against her will, using the tools of the day. Only as an afterthought did McDowell add that her mother was physically abused by her husband in the 1950s, prior to psychaitry, then after 1950s pscyhaitry, the abusive husband left her mother (if I understood correctly). From the actress, I heard a story of a woman, her mother, possibly taken down by external sexism and bad medical care. To her credit, McDowell says the terms schizophrenic and bipolar did not fit the mother she knew. Also to her credit, she was not able to commit her mother to a state insane asylum. The mother cut back her drinking and died of a heart attack soon after not in old age.

    I think people must want to hear more about external causes of mental health problems, but how to rebuild something, psychiatry, that is as strongly insulated as religion?

    How to deal with all the human carnage and greed along the way?

    Knowingly being one of the trampled and discarded is too much to ask.

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  • The New York Times just reprinted two articles yesterday under “mental health” from 2019 siding with Big Psychiatry and biogenetic causes of psychosis.

    It’s even worse when your employer sets you up, Putin-style. There is no framework for me to tell my story, be heard, believed or helped withstand inflicted criminal violations of the mental health code and the total destruction criminal psychiatry causes.

    Gina: you are believed by no one who can help you, and it is killing you.

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  • Thank you, truly. But I need people with real names and job titles saying they believe me, too. I am suffering way too much, for way too long. Negative effects of criminal psychiatry are growing, overwhelming, but no one who can will do anything to stop my destruction. Mercy at this point is not to be. For me to die from the negative effects of psychiatry unchecked, not suicide, but maybe a heart attack in my sleep or something. So I don’t have to face me being destroyed even more and run the risks of what might be done to me. But thank you.

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  • No one, no stranger, in media, press, state government or politics has ever said: Gina, I believe you. That’s mental torture.

    I have spent nearly a decade sleuthing my own murder, gathering evidence, trying but failing to stop my own destruction from my attackers, Oakland Community College, Livonia, Michigan Police, and the state of Michigan (lack of equal protection and retaliation by Michigan State Police though former AG Bill Schuette, protected so far by current AG Dana Nessel, current Michigan Department of Civil Rights claims under investigation since 2019 no better than toilet paper).

    For sure as the Catholics sexually abused children around the world and covered up, until they were laid bare by the Boston Globe Spotlight team (and then still covered up), and psychiatry is an evil mess as corrupt as Catholicism, in terms of at least sexism and duplicity, no life would be better than this of life torture.

    It’s been almost ten years. I have told my story daily from the start and it has not helped. That’s mental torture. I am having so much trouble going forward mentally tortured as I sink/am pushed down/ripped apart in all ways, 58 years old, losing my ability to walk, facing a cliff of unemployment and homelessness, in actual danger, that no one recognizes.

    Trapped and rightfully terrified in a bullshit world that sells a bullshit message: just ask for help.

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  • edit (I need more time): “as I am being worn down”

    (and a delete button, if not justice)

    What do I do? I testify pretty clear of the risks.

    I don’t think it wise, may change my mind, to try and claim disability caused by suicide swatting and illegal looney bin lock up, not acknowledged, causing mental torture. Too convoluted.

    I have been made unbelievable, by my actual story. That’s mental torture.

    I took the drugs (list available) only when forced, while locked up, due to premediated action and suicide swatting. I was not suicidal, I need to rebutt. I said “save my life” on social media, the opposite.

    I took the drugs after I heard from other locked up patients about promised release denied by medication levels too low, apparent in blood testing. I did not know about blood testing for Big Pharma drug levels.

    Got records. Before and after they were purged and slightly altered by hinterlands Catholic hospital. I did not swallow the drugs at first. I took the drugs only about three or four days when I worried I needed to in order to get out. That’s mental abuse, not aid.

    And when I was released and I ran out, after a week, but still forever and ever-more branded, I did not fill the prescriptions, paper copies which I retain, from about February 27, 2013.

    No one needed to tell me the drugs were bust. That fact has not helped me. I am screwed up like I was gaslit (I was/am gaslit) and I took the drugs to screw me up further, medicating normal and messed up.

    I should be studied for psychiatric damaged caused by psychiatry, like a child raised by wolves. Anything to safely put my story on the right track.

    There is no safe rhetoric for my story. Not for me. My mountains of documentation need explication. I got no one else to defend me but me, which is not allowed.

    I need help out of this hell, safe help.

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  • How do you live and fight on without any reasonable sane hope that torture from criminal (not forensic) psychiatry will end?
    How do I protect myself as I know I am being torn to pieces (it’s been almost a decade, now 58 years old)?
    I can’t stop the pain applied from without and its destruction, though I’ve tried every day, so what I am supposed to do next every day when nothing works and there is no hope and I know I am being worn down, as I being worn down, on unemployment and medical welfare, losing my ability to walk and feeling the torture more than ever in my mind?
    How do you move forward alone alone alone with no answers to these questions?
    How do I survive criminal psychiatric impoverishment and total mind, body, wallet, social annihilation?
    I can’t risk and do not believe in psychiatry or psychology, or religion or family or government, who have not been on my side.

    Thank you for the space to shout into the void as I sink/get pushed down/can’t fight back right enough to win.

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  • Your sister’s poem shows a mind that could still think and comment obliquely. Others must have asked: are you sure she was delusional? Your piece mentions the FBI investigating your parents about politics. And that your sister came back from a trip to Israel and said two men were following her. Has it be done, is it possible, to look for evidence that she was not delusional? Can you do, have you done a records search and see if you can get your hands on any files?

    I was falsely accused of being delusional almost ten years ago. Now 58, the last ten years have destroyed me and I am sure lessened my life expectancy. My maternal grandmother lived to 102; I doubt I will, but would not want to endure that much more torture because I would be locked up again at this rate of destruction. Certainly the alleviation of growing long term torture is the best thing for a person. You seem to indicate your sister could live best on her own terms, with her own agency. Of course!

    What I endure is torture that grows without justice and acknowledgement that I have been greatly wronged. 300 teachers of Oakland Community College and the in-house faculty union in Oakland County, Michigan, own/owe me greatly for pretending I never existed on campus, for seven years, a tenured teacher, then suddenly disappeared–because I talked about teacher-first ways and a reading crisis. Many own/owe me greatly: Oakland Community College, Livonia Michigan Police, St. Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, and the state of Michigan.

    Mental torture for sure causes problems. I have been made ill by unnecessary mental health care and especially by all these years not being heard and even the object of retaliation. I am being too slowly ripped apart and tortured to death, but I have no one else who will write my story.

    And like your sister, I can’t defend myself. Trying to do so has not helped.

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  • “In particular, the research argues that testimonial injustice is present in cases in which providers assume certain claims are delusional, which turn out to be factual. Harcourt accepts that testimonial injustice might be found in such scenarios, but only if it’s proved that the credibility deficit results from a pre-existing diagnostic label of the service user as prone to delusions.”

    The full of crap diagnosis has to start earlier with another full of crap doctor? To protect the second full of crap doctor?

    All this god-dog psychiatrist chasing it tail to prove its dominance over the patient and meanwhile I am being slowly crushed to death. Meanwhile, I am in too much pain and too full of crap psychiatry is too slowly killing me. Torture.

    I was an academic, and English teacher, but at a community college because I can’t stand insider language and academic discourse.

    I was disbelieved and called delusional by an unsupervised first year intern who spelled “dellusional” incorrectly. I had been psychologically abused my employer for ten months aggressively before suicide swatting (and bullied for seven years prior by co-workers, union teachers). There was and is proof of my claims, but my words were disbelieved after my higher ed employer suicide swatted and the local all white all male police abducted me from home as ordered in less than six minutes (FOIA documentation). None of the supposedly helpful humans, the unsupervised first year intern or police, helped me because they did not listen to me or believe me but assumed incorrectly I was delusional when I said my employer set me up and that I was not suicidal. The first year intern did not have the reports from the mercenary hack shrinks, neither of which called me suicidal or bi-polar, as she did. She only had me in front of her. I was terrified, traumatized by police abduction and horrified by the knowledge that I was in serious life-threatening danger, not being helped.

    There is evidence I was set up and not delusional or suicidal, I had said I was trying to save my life on Facebook, but psychiatry is cruel criminal god, much lower than a dog. The lawyer for the school who planned and orchestrated this attack against me with the top school cop who suicide swatted me knew neither the cops or the emergency room staff would listen to me or believe me. This is key. I was set up and of course I was disbelieved, as premeditated by the school’s HR lawyer, a federally documented teacher crusher.

    A lawyer for the school planned my takedown using the most diabolical combination, psychiatry and the nasty conservative Catholics of my youth, but after involuntary and unnecessary detention, no one will listen to me despite mounds of evidence.

    My story is not an elaborate delusion. It is the truth. I am tortured by the truth and full of itself psychiatry. Which is why I demand either justice or euthanasia, like an injured race horse.

    Four months earlier, my lawyer had filed an EEOC complaint about perceived disability. I was not disabled, but gaslit–my lawyer even referred to the 1940s movie in the EEOC complaint which predated suicide swatting and psychiatric ward lock up by months. Prior to suicide swatting, I was worn down step by step including mandatory hack shrinks (my lawyer’s fatal mistake), but still not suicidal.

    But at the Catholic hospital in the ER, the first year intern did not listen, was not supervised, and I did not have a copy of the EEOC complaint with me. I was not allowed phone calls, in violation of the law, and as a result of criminal (not forensic) psychiatry, no one has listened to me since, nearly ten years later, which has destroyed me, wallet, mind, body and soul.

    I don’t have time for psychiatry to figure out and admit it is is not god and certainly not as reliable as dog. I’m 58 years old but feel 68.

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  • I ran out of time editing above.

    Correction: February 22-28, 2013 (not 2021) I was suicide swatted by my higher ed employer after nearly a year of EEOC documented gaslighting and psychological abuse. I was police abducted by all white males who escalated without trying to calmly talk and listen to me. I was removed me from my home in handcuffs, not accused of a crime, in less than 6 minutes, according to FOIA’ed police records. I had just written on Facebook that I was literally “trying to save my life.” The school was following my Facebook page, as their paperwork admits, but the school did try to stir up and mislead the police. I was taken to St Mary Merciless human trafficking emergency room and mental ward, where I was locked up without evaluation, just as I have said. When I asked for justice from the state of Michigan, I got retaliation instead, just like I said. No delusions.

    Wow. Further isolation. It seems I will need to stop coming to this place. When I found Mad in America, in the spring of 2019, soon after starting, I stopped posting immediately for the same reason. Someone who said they have had delusions assumed incorrectly I did too.

    Is there a term on these boards for people who incorrectly and inappropriately project? Truth is that someone saying they were locked up against need who later says they have had delusions that a parent was trying to kill them makes things harder for me in my fight to clear my name.

    (My own mother, estranged before looney bin lock up, has refused to advocate for me to the Catholics she forced on me, which is unacceptable to me.)

    This world of humans is a mess. The horror of criminal (not forensic) retaliatory psychiatry ever ends.

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  • Joanna, you are very kind to listen and speak with me.

    My illegal unnecessary retaliatory psych ward detention is not all that mentally tortures me. There is too much more documented kickback, yes, retaliation.

    I was set up again after the initial looney bin set up and sent to jail jail jail, in a rural county, for stalking a cop from the school, at private Lake Miramichi, which I did not do. No one stalks a cop. I did not stalk a cop. A cop lied. Another day in America where no one believes the crazy woman. Lots more details.

    A least three or four or five major chapters to my story: the the slow snaking take down, the looney bin, the many stages of aftermath, poverty, jail, removed from the classroom AGAIN by another community college cop, serious real stuff, with serious consequences for my bank account.

    What woman without any credentials power or money get away with saying what I am claiming? Not me. No one.

    The documented details of my story after looney bin lock up are outlandish, even more than the school’s Putin-like set up. My own true story sounds way too crazy. And that knowledge is killer on top of killer on top of killer.

    (Already dead three times plus for me the knowledge that the dreaded Catholics of my youth have been allowed to criminally violate me: I escaped the Catholics at age 18 but at age 48 THEY WERE ALLOWED TO RECAPUTRE ME AND CRIMINALLY CRIMINALLY CRIMINALLY HURT ME EVEN WORSE THAN THEY DID AS CATHOLIC EDUCATORS (an oxymoronic phrase, certainly for this non believer, especially considering the poor quality of instruction).

    FACT: I am being slowly mentally tortured and life flattened to death.

    Even if magically the Land of Motown Community Collège sexist gaslight witchhunt stops tomorrow with justice and acknowledgement, I still have endured nearly a decade of premeditated, snowball from hell, societally-endorsed psychological destruction aimed at my name and me alone.

    I am down to much less than what I started with as a person. Wore down like stone.

    The terror of my now and future on this trajectory I have tried so hard to change is real and overwhelming, and of course critics will point to me as the sole crazy problem, which I know every second.

    The knowledge of my own futility is my jailers’ cage, and there are so many layers of cages placed around me.

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  • I am not a psychiatric survivor. I am a victim of premediated crime. Health care by doctors after criminal psychiatry by doctors means, in short, doctors don’t want to treat me because of my severe depression and story. Of course I know to keep making phone calls!!!!!!!! It looks like my current doctors office is trying to get rid of me (having just switched to welfare on top of all) and I will need to look for another, which takes time and resources in very short supply. But moreover, I don’t want any advice about what I should do from strangers on a message board, please understand! I want what is made unavailable to me by my attackers (employer, police, Catholic looney bin, state of Michigan): justice. If not justice, I want euthanasia. I deserve to not be mentally tortured and slowly tortured to death. This hell, this pain, no one can know (still no proof of a story like mine), caused 100% by violation of the law by GOD, supported by my idiot-cruel Catholic mother and brother. Everyone in my life except my discarded senior citizen roommate has abandoned me. And so many people know, and no one who can will help. It’s too much imposed pain, real damage, real terror and real reasonable hopelessness for justice and the chance to heal.

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  • Maybe younger people have better a chance of recovering from the devastation of criminal psychiatry and still dangerous and societally accepted allegedly non-criminal psychiatry (see the next personal story, a beautiful one, but hopelessness makes more sense (the only sane sense) as I leave middle age (58 now). When I was fired from my customer service job, really for complaining that they sped up the assembly line (though that was not the reason given), I lost my health insurance. I had just gotten referrals for four specialists. Ironically, when I was working I could not afford the visits or the time off. Now for some reason the state reinstated my welfare health care (before they gave me unemployment, after much effort on my part). But I just discovered the most important referral, regarding my serious difficulty walking (just injury, bone spur and arthritis?), will not take my welfare benefit card. Terror attack number 4 billion and one since retaliatory criminal unnecessary psychiatric detention with the nasty discarded Catholics of my youth due to suicide swatting by my hostile higher ed employer. Where is the euthanasia for old lady victims of criminal psychiatry? Is there a heap of discarded old Americans that I am supposed to throw myself on? What am I suppose to do with my body as it continues to break down, especially amid all this dangerous imposed psychological, emotional and intellectual pain?

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  • The only thing I want is justice. I don’t want any advice, really, not in this way, because my story is likely way beyond a stranger’s advice. It is impossible for me to have faith having been mind/life raped by god, who has been given by humans better protection than humans have given me, even when god commits crime. My point is there is no assurance of anything, not another day, not of getting a job. Even worse things may happen to me while I am pushed down, until I am completely taken out. That’s reality. I am not recovered and your advice is not what I want from sharing my story. I hope you understand. I shared my story in hopes it will help me get a publishing credit and win my life back. I do appreciate encouragement and community, in theory, in part, because I know I am supposed to say that, and kindness should be acknowledged. But positive thinking from strangers feels like another set up for failure pointing at me, instead of the finger of blame pointing at my criminal attackers. I hope that makes sense. Of course I want to survive and win.

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  • The regular and regularly misleading coverage of mental health issues in the NYT, Washing Post and on NPR–everywhere mainstream–is the most depressing thing to me, even more than the corruption of the medical profession and lack of equal protection I’ve received under laws that do exist to supposedly protect patients from psychiatric crime. Thanks for your piece. I hope the NYTimes read it. When it was published, I read in the NYT this piece you critique, so I am so glad to see your rebuttal at least here. Anyone could see that the piece did not take an objective look at the issue, did not talk to any critics, but your word as a pro counts, and should count to the NYT, too. Did you try to publish a rebuttal with the NYT, I wonder?

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  • I would laugh except it’s not funny (the comment about the Onion is funny). I was given PTSD by criminal psychiatry (clear violation of state law), after child rearing years. Without justice, I experience terror attacks due to imposed realities (ex. poverty, hopelessness), years after my menstrual period stopped. The connection between psychiatry and oppressive patriarchy is too strong. And too painful.

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  • I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I have interviewed. People don’t leave 100K jobs with lifetime security to become customer service agents because they prefer menial jobs with lower pay and people yelling at them. I know the chances of memoir publishing are close to non existent. I have a huge gap in my work history. Social security disability is not guaranteed or a secure living money-wise. Plus I have been told that my work gap will prohibit social security disability for some time. Mostly, I don’t need anyone to tell me I need to survive constant mental torture, please understand. I live this horrible life. I have been fighting so god damn hard to survive and to win but have been losing losing losing for almost a decade. Nothing nothing nothing is worth retaliatory criminal psychiatry and my story. Especially with god the god damn holding me down.

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  • If needed, 20 weeks of unemployment will end the week of February 22-28, 2022, the nine year anniversary of my doom/death due to criminal psychiatry at St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, solely due to psychological abuse and planned attack by my former employer, Land of Motown Community College, with help from my hometown sexist police. I am looking for work (I can’t stand or walk for work, can’t drive, can’t explain my work history and not mention my story somehow) and editing my website, so I can best seek a publishing contract for a memoir. And painting. Spending time with my old dog. Worrying and somehow managing mental torture, as I am forced to do until I die.

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  • Well, thank you to all who read my piece and for supportive comments. This week, I have used this place as a daily check in, instead of my suspended social media account, but I know my exposure here is fading away. Thank you again to Mad in America.

    I have all sorts of imposed problems induced by criminal psychiatry that begin the second I wake up. I am reasonably terrified that without a daily connection to this world online, I will be forgotten, and my fight and dim hope for justice and healing will be lost. Since 2012, I have not been able to heal, just manage. Overtime, I’ve fought to stay afloat but have sunk lower toward homelessness. Criminal psychiatry negatively effects resources. Nearly 60 years old now, I can’t expect much bounce or chance left. I can barely walk due to arthritis and injuries and I don’t know what.

    My attackers are certainly happy I’ve been silenced, which has been their documented wish all along. So many people I can name stand against me.

    It’s just not right that I can’t safely bring up euthanasia or imposed psychological pain too slowly killing me without hostile ears suspecting the problem is all me. The problem is all without and applied by retaliatory criminal psychiatry. Psychiatry’s undeserved power today is worse than the Catholic Church’s influence.

    The nasty old world Felician nuns 1) raised me in crappy Livonia, Michigan Catholic schools, 2) built the hospital that violated me and effectively ended my life except for the pain, 3) later built a $2 million dollar chapel for the hospital using my torture (part of their ‘holy’ work) as grounds for raising money to buy a crucifix from Germany (if you read my article you know what I think should be done with that crucifix, in the nun’s Halloween nightmares) and 4) refuse to advocate for me because protecting their own names and the Catholic brand is so much more important. This level of cruelty from so-called Brides of Christ is too much to handle on top of 300 union teachers pretending I never existed and not saying a word publicly about what the school did to me. On top of Catholic family that turned away. On top of the loss of all friends. On top of the lack of equal protection.

    My story is too much for one person, which I should be able to say safely, but I can’t.

    Coincidences like people in power circling me but not helping will likely continue.

    Now that I can’t be found easily online chronicling daily, will those who have taken advantage of me going public with my story in the past do so again? Will others take action against me? What will happen to me?

    Good connections? Through social media, I found a group writing mad memoirs and joined. I see how challenging it is for all of us to put our psychiatric survivor experiences into words.

    Best wishes to all.

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  • “Considering my life since looney bin lock up (I only tolerate the Warner Bros spelling of “looney bin”) I didn’t take a picture because I was too depressed, and my welfare cellphone has a lousy camera.”

    Oh crap. I wish I could edit that mash-up sentence, which I forgot to come back to. I edit a lot and need a lot of editing. In fact, editing is the best therapy Twitter offered. I worked through and past panic/terror attacks online (few followers except for mostly trolls). I recovered from blows, deleted and rejuvenated regularly.

    There have been many acts of retaliation and trolling that have occurred since 2012, which can be very difficult to document. I don’t know why the drone was there or who flew it, but I did not appreciate its presence.

    “Considering my life since looney bin lock, I SHOULD have taken a picture of the large drone, despite my excuses, because, as I realized then, reporting the story later, I would be, I am now, even more vulnerable to my attackers and other hostile ears (not news to me).”

    Not delusional. I understand it would not be shameful to hallucinate, but I don’t. There was a drone. The second one in my story (the first in 2017).

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  • My dad was born in Canada. I grew up near the tunnel and Ambassador Bridge between Detroit to Windsor. I’m hoping the US President when he meets with the pope soon brings up First Peoples in Canada, and the US, victimized in residential schools, some run by Catholics. I will check out your reference regarding psychiatry and Catholics in Canada, and will prepare myself in advance. (Checked it out. Psychiatric patients brought in more revenue than orphans per body, so children were re-classified, babies sold by the nuns for profit, denial.) Thank you so much. What a club, psych survivors, reminding me of The Island of Misfit Toys, a group of characters in a old American Christmas time TV show, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, who could use saving (please no one take offense). Ah. Personal connection. I don’t know how old you are, but I watched the tv show, Mr. Dress-up, from Canada, and loved it! In short, Canada and Canadians are special to me, so thanks again.

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  • Joanna, thank you so much for your comment and encouragement. Your kind supportive words are well taken and greatly appreciated. I am sorry to hear that you and I are in the same club. I hope your recovery is better than mine, and that you were able to heal, at least to some degree. For me, Day Two without Twitter (just three emails from Twitter Business). Of course, there are other social media platforms I have not used. And I can I still used Facebook, Youtbue, etc, though Twitter fits me best and meanwhile I can track Mad in America and others easily. I did feel obligated to let the Mad in America crowd know that my induced depression and panic/terror attack, to some likely seemingly bi-polar (one of my most hated terms, only applied to me by doctor I never met), caused 100% by unchecked criminal psychiatry and the state of Michigan’s screwy unemployment insurance system, has passed, without the police knocking on my door about me crying. Real blows to my life, my life put on the edge by criminal (not forensic) psychiatry, real fallout from same, like poverty, poor physical health and isolation, cause my depression. Psychiatry, hear me!! Look at the evidence, please! So, Joanna, thank you thank up thank you again, and I will.

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  • Another reason I am terrified of not having Twitter: safety or the shattered of semblance of safety. No one will believe me. Read my account and look at my documentation online. I have been the object of serious retaliation since 2015, after I tagged my home in foreclosure to try and get positive media attention but only got a Fox news sexist hatchet job, when the former Republican AG who wanted to become governor (but didn’t) denied equal protection in writing (an unusual move) and then sent the Michigan State Police to harass me and mislabel me crazy dangerous in remote mid Michigan. Another set up and lock up followed, this time in jail, in 2017, for stalking a cop from the school. No one stalks a cop. I did not stalk a cop. The cop. from the school, lied. No one will believe me. I have documentation but it takes a lot of reading. The pain is unbearable. I see no evidence of a story like mine.

    I went to the unemployment office today in Saginaw to try and clear up the hold up regarding my identity verification, as I was reporting on Twitter. I stepped out of my car and immediately saw a very large drone over the building, yes, watching me, it seemed me. Largely empty municipal building and parking lot, just workers, COVID, appts only, only one other claimant in the parking lot arrived same time. I asked the security guard who came out of the building to meet claimants, have you seen that drone before? She had not. It was large one too. I could see the camera lense and the direction it was pointing. Considering my life since looney bin lock up (I only tolerate the Warner Bros spelling of “looney bin”) I didn’t take a picture because I was too depressed, and my welfare cellphone has a lousy camera. I was able to clear up my unemployment delay in minutes, I think. That’s what I was told. A customer service phone operator yesterday who contributed so greatly to my Twitter ending all day and night panic/terror attack, flat out made up crap, apparently. Said not to bother waiting, my employer was fighting against me and that I should just get a job (really). The guy today verified my identity and said I should see the money in my account in two days. None of the phone operators I have been calling all month suggested going in person to the unemployment office but instead said to wait and to keep using the computer system. But what about the drone? I waved it an unfriendly middle finger until it flew off, after the security guard looked at it (I don’t know if she stepped into the parking lot enough to see it over the roof of the maybe five story building). Inside the unemployment office the place was grey and empty except for workers. Apparently, the security guard had told the other workers about the drone and they wanted to know more as I left. When I went back to my 20 year old car, it wouldn’t start in park, an issue that was supposedly fixed with some of my last money, last week. It started in neutral, and I left, crying again.

    I won’t seek to use this place as a replacement for Twitter anymore. I am almost completely disconnected from the world except for the pain it has imposed on me. Trolls know how vulnerable I am. Ever hear of Kiwi Farms? They run a message board from somewhere outside of the US, psychologically abuse people, and have been credited with at least one suicide. Check out the dedicated thread with my name on it, which comes up when you Google my name. I am being crushed too slowly and erased. Please keep this record. I tried. I tried. I tried to save my life, but I was not allowed to win. I don’t know how to manage all this imposed pain, terror and devastation. I don’t understand why this level of imposed pain does not kill more swiftly on its own.

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  • The month-long problems I am having with Michigan Unemployment agency that precipitated today’s above average terror/panic attack? Another killer coincidence. Today’s panic attack snowballed into me being kicked off Twitter by the nasty old world Felician nuns who 1) raised me, 2) built the hospital that violated me and effectively ended my life except for the pain, 3) built a $2 million dollar chapel for the hospital using my torture (part of their ‘holy’ work) as grounds for raising money to buy a crucifix from Germany and 4) refuse to advocate for me because protecting their own names and the Catholic brand is so much more important.

    It’s 8 pm. I have been crying since 9:45 am. I just read that the Michigan governor, a Democrat, who said she was vaginally raped (which I contend must be safer than criminal psychiatric mind rape for life), the same governor who blew off my request to review the state appointment of the patient rights advocate who began the cover up at St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward when I told her I never met the emergency doctor who signed the first clinical certificate, THAT governor, today, it was announced AFTER my panic attack started, AFTER I was denied my popular public outlet for redress, by nuns whose cruelty is UNACCEPTABLE, replaced the head of Michigan Unemployment due to wait times and other dysfunction. There should be euthanasia if there will never be justice. I have a human right to not be tortured.

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  • Please let me say this too: FLOTUS yesterday flew into MBS airport, five miles from my house. According to one source, she was invited by US Sen Debbie Stabenow to speak to a Native tribe about mental health care, then was invited to speak to a Jewish group–while her husband, POTUS, has plans to validate the pope soon, on behalf of Americans, which adds yet another dagger to my heart, mind and soul. This American does not approve of the US President validating the Catholic Church, especially above all other religions. POTUS already elevated the Catholic hospital that violated me during the January 2021 memorial for Americans who died of COVID. The singing nurse was from St Mary Merciless human trafficking mental ward, in my crappy Michigan hometown. I checked: there were other singing nurses. Debbie Stabenow still believes the biochemical model of chemical imbalance causing so-called disorders. She has sponsored mental health care legislation, but she has ignored my requests for acknowledgement. At the Jewish dinner, FLOTUS was honored along with Mary Barra, of GM. A month ago, after nearly two years, I was fired from a subcontractor as a customer service agent, for GM. I have talked to more customers of GM than Barra ever will. If I had her billions, I might not be having an all day panic attack today, as I am, because I am reasonably concerned about homelessness, another snowball from hell lock up, or the real permanent end of hope pushing me to the cliff, ironically, to save myself from future torture. And I might not have gotten kicked off Twitter. Also at the same Jewish fundraiser was state of Michigan AG Dana Nessel. Her office is the target of two of my many Michigan Department of Civil Rights complaints essentially for lack of equal protection. Sarcasm (and the sometimes criminal mess of psychiatry) locked up the English teacher in the looney bin. These coincidences that add to my overwhelming pain are killing me along with unchecked criminal (not forensic) psychiatry but way too slowly. I have been suffering imposed actual mental torture for about 1/6 of my life, with no end in sight. Certainly, because of unchecked criminal mental health care and the actual mental torture I am forced to endure, with no end in sight, I would opt to not be born at all and wish my account in this life was never opened. No end in sight, no end in sight, no end in sight: of course I have panic attacks, terror attacks, after so many years fighting to save my life but losing.

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  • I was just kicked off Twitter permanently by the Felicians nuns during a panic attack. I appealed but expect nothing but pain until the day I die, no doubt early, due to bogus mental health care. Knowing my society takes better care of injured race horses than me imposes an unlivable amount of pain daily, so I feel the need to take action, daily, telling the world my story, even if it doesn’t help. I have used Facebook and Twitter as diary, therapy and advocacy since 2012 but stopped using Facebook largely because trolls kept getting me kicked off. Social media is certainly not good therapy, but I didn’t believe in mental health talk therapy care before retaliatory looney bin lock up (the chances of finding someone you connect with and can trust are so poor), and I certainly don’t now. Too dangerous and potentially harmful. I don’t what what will happen to me without this outlet.

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  • Thank you for your kind reply. I am sorry you are forced to be a psychiatric survivor, too. I am interested in all stories of psychiatric crime at Catholic hospitals and also the rise of HR department’s using the blunt weapon of hack shrinks to silence and destroy employees, as well as other issues in the Big Mess of Psychiatry. However, despite the too superficial and terribly painful false truisms, “You are not alone and people care,” day to day people like me and maybe you, too, victims of criminal psychiatry, are absolutely alone, and people in positions of power who could save and improve lives do not care one bit. They only care to cover up their crimes.

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    Language barrier? Person, you read or understood incorrectly. I was locked up illegally. Doctors broke the law. I do not hallucinate. I will assume a language barrier came between us.

    God, I wish I had never responded. Wow. This place isn’t even safe for me. This is not a safe place for me as a victim of criminal mental abuse. I am not psychotic. I do not hallucinate. I have taken incredible measures to document my claims.

    Bad day worse. My life is unlivable. I’m trapped in hell.

    Oh god the horror never ends only grows. I’m too delicate for this mental and full life nonstop pain and trauma.

    For seven years.

    Body, please have mercy on me.

    Oh god the horror. I will not post here any more, to avoid what just transpired.

    Oh my god. Please let me out of this nightmare.

    I don’t blame the Mad in America organization, of course. I am reasonable. I am not crazy.

    I was set up.

    Gina Fournier

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  • Thank you so much for your honesty, generosity and positive loving spirit.

    You have helped me make it through another hour of ongoing fallout from criminal mental abuse. This reaction of mine is especially astounding to me since I was violated at a Catholic psychiatric hospital and usually turn away from Christians.

    I have not experienced hallucinations but have been accused falsely of hallucinating, which has literally dismantled my life and made living unnecessarily extremely difficult.

    I too was a former college teacher. Your bravery in coming forward with your story is remarkable, incredible, a great credit to you. Thank you.

    You are teaching still, still serving education and students. Thank you.

    My real life is a horror, with documentation, that no one wants to acknowledge. For real. Which may sound delusional. Which is the irony of criminal mental health care!

    FYI. My story with documentation is way too long but true (still under construction): “Coloring with the Catholics: My Story of Criminal Mental Abuse in Modern America”

    Thank you again. My support all comes from strangers, who may not intend it, so thank you again.

    Gina Fournier

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  • Hi Jackie Ireland,

    Apology accepted but not needed. Online communication pitfalls happen. Plus I am very tender after all this time with no resolution. But please. What experience, knowledge and information do you have to share? What state are you in? I would like to hear more and others probably would as well. My own situation is severe critical dangerous. I’ve learned the hard way that the word “suicide” applied as a weapon can murder your life. Thank you, Gina Fournier

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  • Thank you for being so forthcoming. I enjoyed reading both your articles. I’m new; it seems common for people to respond with their own stories. As someone falsely accused of being delusional and hallucinatory, I am so thankful to read an engaging and compelling voice, yours, sharing your experience as one who has experienced psychosis, and best of all, recovered, survived and thrived (not without challenges, as you include). As you know, there is such a stigma preventing talk about one’s mental health. For one thing, because it can be dangerous to do so, so thank you again. Gina Fournier

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  • I am so concerned about the numbers of people in America who may feel victim of a criminal mental health system (my words), as do others here in (their own words), as do I (because I am a victim of crime beginning with suicide swatting). Are there statistics? I’m new. I’ll keep reading. I’m glad to find this forum and organization, but also dismayed about the scope of this largely unrecognized problem. Bogus criminal mental health care is torture. Thank you for this discussion. And peace to all people suffering mental abuse by caregivers and the system. Gina Fournier

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  • Hello,

    This is my first post on this forum. Perhaps I read poorly, but I would have liked to hear more about “that fateful psych appointment” in your two part article. I was gaslit, witch hunted, sent to hack shrinks then suicide swatted by my established hostile employer, which started a snowball of calamity that included an illegal detainment in a Catholic mental ward, plus nightmare-level retaliation by the state attorney general, because of my quest for justice. I have been trying and failing to save my life for nearly seven years. Thank you for your advice and example. This stuff is tough to write about; tough to read. Thanks again. Gina Fournier

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