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‘It Was a Joint Effort’: Deborah Kasdan on Bringing Her Late...

Author Deborah Kasdan discusses her memoir of her late sister, "Roll Back The World."

Grief, Bereavement, Public Health, and Me

In public health, we talk about death. But we don’t talk about grief or bereavement. We don’t study the hole left behind in the family system or social sphere.

My Sister Lucy’s Death and Life: Picturing an Alternate Timeline of...

I’ll never forget standing beside my sister Lucy as she was strapped to a gurney during a midnight admission to an E.R. in Cambridge, Mass.

A New-Old Way of Coping with Grief

"How to Grieve" is a Renaissance recreation of a lost text from ancient Rome by Cicero, and it’s meant for a wide audience. It's packed with talk-therapy strategies for coping with grief.

The Grief Pill is Coming!

If you yearn or pine too long for your dead child, partner, spouse, or friend, you may be addicted to grief, according to the new revision of the DSM.

Grief: A Shamanic Perspective

From a shamanic perspective, the biggest mechanism for soul retrieval is not anything mystical at all. It is something with which any adult is familiar. It is grief.

Pets More Effective for Grief Support than Humans, Study Finds

A new study explores effective forms of grief support, finding that animals are more effective than humans in providing support.

Grief and Its Potential Lessons

Within the current mental health paradigm, profound grief is often shoved into the universal category of depression and treated as a malfunction according to the biomedical model.

Decontextualized Depression and PTSD Diagnoses Fail Indigenous Communities

A case analysis of an American Indian woman illustrates how the DSM diagnostic criteria misrepresent the lives of indigenous people.

What’s New in the International Classification of Diseases?

From Psychology Today: "Most of the initial news coverage of the ICD-11's release focused on its inclusion of a new mental disorder called gaming disorder...However, while gaming disorder...

Sifting Through Life After Suicide

From The New York Times: A new documentary film entitled "32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide" tells the story of one woman's efforts to recover from...

Why You Should Never Tell Someone Who’s Grieving to Move On

In this interview for Thrive Global, psychoanalyst Robert Stolorow explains why we should not seek to heal or fix the grief we experience from trauma...

“How Should You Grieve?”

Andrea Volpe, for Mosaic Science, explores the condition of complicated grief and how new approaches to therapy are treating it. Article →

Prayer and Hope, Part II.

Since I accepted the Project Management gig where I work most of the time in the DFW Metroplex in Texas, I've gone through rough...