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Break Down. Wake Up. podcast – 009 – Integrating an Epiphany...

How a ski accident gave a practical philosopher the insight to liberate his own self worth from the judgments of others and to discover his own career path.

Psychiatrist Offers Ecological Model for Psychotherapy

Insights from phenomenological philosophy can assist in understanding psychotherapy and psychopathology as ecological rather than individualistic.

Founding Member Looks Back on 20 Years of the Critical Psychiatry...

Founding member of the Critical Psychiatry Network (CPN), psychiatrist Duncan B. Double, reviews the past 20 years of the Critical Psychiatry Network in an editorial published in the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Philosophers Challenge Psychiatry and its Search for Mechanisms of Disorder

Attempting to locate the mechanisms of psychiatric disorder is a step in the wrong direction and fails to challenge potentially unjust social practices.

What Does Social Justice Really Mean for Psychologists?

Without clarity and consensus around what social justice means, psychologists risk perpetuating injustices that undermine their stated mission.

Teaching Philosophy Helps Safeguard Society

From Aeon: "Teaching philosophy to children has been shown to sharpen reasoning and communication skills. Moreover, students who engage in philosophical thinking are better able...

Philosophers Question the Separation of Medicine and Culture

Radically questioning the distinction between the objectivity of science and the subjectivity of culture can give way to powerful biocultural methods of healing.

Three Philosophers Win Guggenheim Fellowships

From Daily Nous: The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation announced this week the winners of its 2018 Guggenheim Fellowships. Three fellowships were awarded to philosophers, including...

The Entire Archives of Radical Philosophy Go Online

From Open Culture: The intellectual culture of the academic humanities has increasingly come under attack by those claiming that leftist academic work is solely focused on...

What William James Got Right About Consciousness

In this piece for Nautilus, Michael S. Gazzaniga explores William James' conceptualization of consciousness as an instinct, emphasizing the compatibility of this paradim with James' belief in free...

We Need to Broaden the Philosophical Landscape of Social Work

In this piece for Community Care, Anjum Shah argues that social work academics need to pay more attention to the work of the philosopher Frantz...


In this piece for Aeon, Serife Tekin argues that contrary to antirealist perspectives emphasizing the illusion of selfhood, there is such a thing as the...

The Other Foucault

From The Nation: In two new books, Foucault: The Birth of Power and Foucault's Last Decade, Stuart Elden investigates some of the unexplored aspects of Michel Foucault's...

Badiou, the Event, and Psychiatry, Part 2

In the second part of a two-part series on philosophy and psychiatry, Vincenzo Di Nicola describes an alternative model of psychiatry that rejects some of...

Badiou, the Event, and Psychiatry, Part 1: Trauma and Event

In this piece for the Blog of the APA, Vincenzo Di Nicola critiques the scientism and methodolatry of contemporary psychiatry, and emphasizes the need for psychiatry...

Is Philosophy Therapy, or is it Simply a Search for Truth?

In this interview for Aeon, Nigel Warburton and Jules Evans explore the potential therapeutic value and shortcomings of using ancient philosophy to overcome emotional suffering. "Personally, I’m not...

Dualism and the Mind-Body ‘Problem’

The proposal that there are differences in the way we understand the human body and human activity seems to make people particularly uneasy. It is often misunderstood as illustrating the ‘mind-body problem,’ and held up as an example of the great crime of ‘dualism.’

How Stoicism can Help us Deal With Depression

From Medical Xpress: Stoicism, an ancient philosophy based on the idea that the goal of life is to live in agreement with nature, can be...

Existential Psychologist Rollo May on Freedom

From Brain Pickings: In his 1981 book Freedom and Destiny, existential psychologist Rollo May explores how to attain self-liberation, a process that requires that we learn...

It’s Easy to Get Caught Up in Constructing Our Selves

In this video for Aeon, clinical psychologist Daniel Brown discusses the ways that the construction of a fixed selfhood can limit the possibilities of our...

I Am Not a Brain: Philosophy of Mind

From Times Higher Education: A new book by Marcus Gabriel, I Am Not a Brain: Philosophy of Mind for the 21st Century, critiques the idea prevalent...

Psychiatry’s Necessary Shadow: The Philosophy of Mental Illness

In this piece for Medium, Andrés Ruiz explores the reasons that psychiatry is the only medical speciality with an anti-movement and a history of sustained criticism....

Freud the Philosopher

From Aeon: In addition to creating the discipline of psychoanalysis and developing psychological theories, Freud played a major role in challenging the common philosophical assumptions...

Forgetting Fanon, Remembering Fanon

In this piece for Verso Books, David Macey discusses the legacy of Frantz Fanon, a Martinican psychiatrist, philosopher, and revolutionary, in honor of his 92nd birthday.

Can Science Ever Tell us Whether Free Will Exists?

From The Irish Times: In recent experiments, scientists have identified "unconscious determinants" in the brain that help predict the decisions of research subjects. However, philosophers argue...