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Don’t Ostracize Drugs Users – Empathize With Them | Gabor Maté, MD

From The Globe and Mail: "From Abraham to the Aztecs, ancient cultures exacted human sacrifices to appease the gods – that is, to soothe...

‘Evidence-Based Medicine’ and the Expulsion of Peter Gøtzsche

From Undark: Gøtzsche’s expulsion has crystalized debates about the pharmaceutical industry’s influence on medicine, the research community’s tolerance of dissent, and the proper role of data in the practice of medicine.

How Complex Trauma Changes a Person

From Although not currently listed in the DSM, the diagnosis of complex post-traumatic stress (C-PTSD) has gained widespread acceptance in the mental health community. The...

“Research Shows Sexual Abuse May Cause Schizophrenia”

“Groundbreaking research in New Zealand shows sexual abuse may cause schizophrenia.” "The biggest myth about schizophrenia is that it's a solely biological disorder," co-author...

The Art of Stimming: ABA Has Left a Legacy of Traumatized Kids

From Pacific Standard: Children in ABA programs learn that body is not their own, the way they move is wrong, and there is no neutral way for them to naturally exist in the world.

Oprah & Dr. Bruce Perry Examine Childhood Trauma in New Book ‘What Happened to...

From CBS This Morning: "Each of us creates a unique worldview shaped by our life’s experiences, and most of that worldview is shaped when you are a child," said Oprah.

Bringing Together Young and Old to Ease Isolation of Rural Life

From NPR: Communities in northeastern MN are trying to reconnect a fragmented social fabric through a program called AGE to age, which connects about 4,000 youths with almost 2,500 older adults annually.

ECT Could Cause Permanent Brain Damage, ‘Should Be Stopped’, Leading Expert Warns

From the Daily Mail: U.K. Health watchdog NICE has announced a review of treatments for depression, which may include an update on guidelines for use of ECT.

Renowned Psychiatrist Warns That Trump is a Danger to Us All

From Alternet: A new book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, written by 27 psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health experts to warn the public of President Trump's...

The Wisdom of Trauma: Film Premiere June 8–14

From Science & Nonduality: Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives, and the root of our deepest wounds. Renowned physician Dr. Gabor Maté gives us a new vision of a trauma-informed society and points us to the path of individual and collective healing.

Critiques of a New Research Study on Antidepressants

A new meta-analysis claiming to prove once and for all that antidepressants are an effective treatment for moderate to severe depression was published just a few days...

The Truth About Long-Term Antidepressant Use

From The Guardian: As antidepressant prescriptions rise and have doubled in the past decade, mental health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about adverse effects and...

‘Cannot Be Trusted…Causing Harm’: Top Medical Journal Takes on Big Pharma

From The Age: The BMJ says doctors are being unduly influenced by industry-sponsored education events and industry-funded trials for major drugs.

Integrating Academic Inquiry and Reformist Activism in Psychiatry

From Psychiatric Times: Dr. Awais Aftab of Conversations in Critical Psychiatry interviews husband-and-wife psychiatrists Dr. Sandra Steingard and Dr. Scott Waterman.

Professionals and ECT Recipients Request Suspension of ECT in NHS

From The University of East London: They hope that by this time next year, the UK will be the first country to finally put an end to this well-intentioned but calamitous error.

The Myth of the 30 IQ Point “Communication Range”

From Neuroskeptic: The idea that two people who have an IQ difference of more than 30 points cannot communicate with one another is not based...

The Psychiatric “Prescribing Cascade”: A Patient Story

From Lown Institute: It wasn’t until Steve was admitted to the hospital for multi-organ failure that a gastroenterologist set him on a path to deprescribe his psychiatric medications.

‘Mental Illness’ is a Harmfully Misleading Phrase

From The Good Men Project: "Mental illness" is a misleading phrase that often exacerbates the pain of people in emotional distress. Article →­  

Psychiatric Hospitals With Safety Violations Still Get Accreditation

From The Wall Street Journal: Psychiatric hospitals kept their accreditation after patients said they were raped or assaulted; died by suicide; slept on chairs due to crowding; and more.

Low-Carbohydrate Diet Superior to Antipsychotic Medications

From Psychology Today: Research and case studies show that the ketogenic diet may be a promising treatment for psychosis and other mental health challenges. The ketogenic...

Hi, I’m David. I’m a Drug Addict

From Los Angeles Times: "Most people aren’t prepared for the changes these drugs can cause to the body," says Adam Bisaga, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center.

Look to the Medicine Wheel for Mental Health, First Nations Elders Advise

From Medical Xpress: "Traditional teachings have to come back [for us] to know who we are and how to balance ourselves...the mind, the body and the soul [have to] reconnect."

Half of Millennials, 75% of Gen Zers Have Left a Job for Mental Health...

From CNBC: The statistic highlights several issues plaguing millennials, like a rise in depression and 'deaths of despair' (death from drugs, alcohol and suicide), unaffordable living costs and burnout.

The FDA’s Latest Black Box Warning: Don’t Mix Opioids, Benzos

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration yesterday mandated updated labels for nearly 400 opioids and benzodiazepines, following a review of scientific evidence and a citizen...

Revisiting Szasz: Myth, Metaphor, and Misconception

From Psychology Today: "Szasz's ideas on psychiatry and mental illness can roughly be summarized as follows. First, mental illness is a metaphor for human problems...

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