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Eating Disorder Helpline Disables Chatbot for ‘Harmful’ Responses After Firing Human Staff

From VICE: “Every single thing Tessa suggested were things that led to the development of my eating disorder," said an activist who posted screenshots of her interaction with the chat bot.

Authenticity Can Heal Trauma | Gabor Maté, MD

From How To Academy: What happens if, for the sake of fitting in with the family or culture, we have to give up our connection to ourselves, our authenticity, for the sake of attachment?

The Hypersane Are Among Us, if Only We Are Prepared to Look

From Aeon: If there is such a thing as hypersanity, the implication is that mere sanity is not all it’s cracked up to be, a state of dormancy and dullness with less vital potential even than madness.

Toxic Schools Worsening Toxic Stress: The Destructive Reign of Standardized Education, Pathology, Medication and...

From HERE This NOW: Advances in science in the last thirty years help us realize the fallacy of "mind over matter," yet we still hold an entrenched belief that children and adults possess 100% conscious control over their behavior.

Depression and Serotonin: It Was All a F*cking Lie | Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand offers a humorous take on the recent news that depression has not been found to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.

The Disorder That Affects Us All: What You Need to Know About Developmental Trauma

From the Institute for Attachment and Child Development: Two articles discuss the primary cause of many mental, physical, and behavioral health problems, which often goes unaddressed in mainstream approaches.

Big Pharma and AMA Respond to John Oliver

WSJ Pharmalot links to comedian John Oliver's satirical criticism of marketing in medicine, and provides responses from the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America and the American Medical Association.

Antidepressants Can Cause ‘Chemical Castration’

From Maryanne Demasi Reports: Patients are not being warned of a persistent, irreversible type of genital mutilation that can be caused by SSRIs.

A Therapist Grapples With Diagnosis Culture

From Mental Hellth: When seemingly everyone has a DSM disorder, how do we find out what's actually going on?

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Stopped Taking Antidepressants, and Before I...

From the Washington Examiner: I learned the hard way that doctors can be remarkably casual about things patients can’t afford to be when it comes to putting people on, and taking them off, antidepressants.

Hospitalizing People for Mental Illness Can Be Worse Than Putting Them in Prison

-Chandra Bozelko has been involuntarily committed and imprisoned, and has strong opinions on which is more therapeutic.

Improving Outcomes for Psychosis: Psychiatric Survivor and Critical Psychiatry Perspectives

"If I and the people around me could have been helped to see that there was some significance in what I was proclaiming, that I could actually do something meaningful in the world, something with impact, something with power to affect change -- was that so crazy? Or did it come true?" ~ Dina Tyler

How CBT Harmed Me: The Interview That the New York Times Erased

From Disability Visibility Project: CBT as a modality is based around gaslighting. It's about telling a patient that the world is safe, bad feelings are temporary, and that pain is a 'faulty or unhelpful' distortion of thinking.

Psychiatrists Sound Alarm Over “the New Valium”: Lyrica/Pregabalin

FromThe Daily Mail: If lessons about pregabalin aren't quickly learned, "it might push prescriptions up even more. We could be facing a nightmare," said the director of the online drug information service Drugwise.

Federal Judge Finds Texas Use of Psychotropic Drugs on Foster Children ‘Appalling’

From KERA News: "These children are being repeatedly raped in [DFPS's] care," said Judge Janis Jack. "They’re being drugged in your care if they complain. If their behavior is not up to snuff, they’re getting psychotropic drugs. And that is not safe."

Reconsidering Forced ‘Psychiatric Care’: A Conversation with Rob Wipond

From Psychiatry at the Margins/Awais Aftab: "I don’t hear nearly enough psychiatrists speaking out and showing genuine understanding and concern about how harmful and unhelpful involuntary 'treatment' can be," says journalist Rob Wipond.

Antidepressants and the Tangle of Treatment-Related Suicidality

From Psychiatry at the Margins: What can be said with quite some certainty, says clinical psychologist Martin Plöderl, is that antidepressants overall do not decrease suicidal behavior.

Marijuana and Suicide

A new three-part series from Parents Opposed to Pot explores the link between marijuana and suicide. Part 1: Marijuana and Suicide, a Growing Risk for Our...

DeJarnette Sanitarium

From Atlas Obscura: In the 1930s, hundreds of people with mental disabilities committed to the now abandoned DeJarnette Sanitarium were forcibly sterilized and experimented on by the hospital's eugenicist namesake.

New Antidepressant Shows Little Benefit, Significant Risks

Patient Drug News advises avoiding use of the antidepressant Vortioxetine (also called Brintellix or Trintellix), because the most recent evidence from the FDA shows...

Attitudes Towards and Patterns of Medication Use Among Persons With ‘SMI’

From Mifrasim Institute for Psychotherapy Research and Teaching: A recent conference in Israel explored how attitudes and patterns of medication use are related to different aspects of the identity and domains of recovery.

Psychiatric Incarceration Isn’t Treatment — It’s Violence, Survivors Say

From Truthout: Sixty years after deinstitutionalization began, politicians and pundits across the political spectrum falsely declare it to be a failure — when in reality, the vision has yet to be funded or realized.

We Need to Treat BPD for What It Really Is – a Response to...

From The Conversation: Thinking about BPD in terms of its underlying cause would lead to better treatment and reinforce the importance of preventing child abuse and neglect in the first place.

We Still Buy the Lie That Chemical Imbalances Cause Depression

From Quartz: Despite its inaccuracy, the chemical imbalance theory of mental illness continues to persist in public consciousness. The prevalence of this myth may be...

Mikhaila Peterson Podcast: The Dangers of Psychiatric Medication

From Mikhaila Peterson: Mikhaila interviews Drs. Jim Wright and David Cohen on the reality behind psychiatric medications like the ones that nearly destroyed her and her father's lives.