Thursday, February 25, 2021

Veterans Often Being Given Risky Combinations of Opioids and Psychotropics

The vast majority of veterans who are taking opioids for pain are also being prescribed one or more psychiatric medications.

NY Times: A.D.H.D. Experts Re-Evaluate Zeal for Drugs

Authors of a 1999 paper that promoted medication over behavioral therapy for A.D.H.D.,  in fact dismissing behavioral therapy as unnecessary in light of the apparent...

Reading the RIAT Act: A Call to Publish Unpublished Data

The Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials (RIAT) proposal, backed by the British Medical Journal and PLoS ONE last week, calls for the "responsible publication and...

Violence, Depression in Parents Linked to Kids’ ADHD, Depression

A prospective study of 2,422 children from 2004 to 2012 found that children whose parents reported Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and depressive symptoms were...

Mental Well-Being and Engagement in the Arts

Public health researchers at the University of Western Australia examined the relationship between recreational arts engagement and mental well-being in the general population. The results, which have implications for policy makers as well as health practitioners, indicate that those who engage with the arts for two or more hours per week have significantly better mental well-being.

ADHD Drugs Linked to Psychotic Symptoms in Children

Stimulant medications like Ritalin and Adderall, often prescribed to treat children diagnosed with ADHD, are known to cause hallucinations and psychotic symptoms. Until recently these adverse effects were considered to be rare. A new study to be published in the January issue of Pediatrics challenges this belief, however, and finds that many more children may be experiencing psychotic symptoms as a result of these drugs than previously acknowledged.

High-profile Psychiatrist Criticized for Remote, Politicized Diagnosing

The Associated Press reports on Fox television and Tufts University psychiatrist Keith Ablow, who routinely diagnoses President Barack Obama without ever having met him,...

Maternal Skin-to Skin Contact Affects Long-Term Development

Israeli researchers find that maternal skin-to-skin contact with pre-term infants are related to "dynamic cascades of child physiological regulation and parental provisions in shaping...

Neuroscientists Consider the Effect of the Gut on the Brain

A review article published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology summarizes the latest research on the role that microbiota in the gut play in...

UK NHS Adopts Lifestyle Program for Antipsychotic Users

Britain's National Health Service is adopting a "lifestyle medicine program" that was developed in Australia for young people taking antipsychotics, according to The Guardian....

Epidemiologists Decry Major Problems in US Psychiatric Practice

In an exchange published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, researchers take turns highlighting major problems in the way psychiatry is currently practiced in the United States. In response to an article by Vinay Prasad calling for an insistence on randomized control trials in “evidence-based” medicine, Jose de Leon, from the Mental Health Research Center at the University of Kentucky begins the back-and-forth by pointing out that this type of evidence has been detrimental to the field of mental health.

Major Canadian Health Institute Calls For More Psychotherapy Instead of Drugs

An independent health research organization created to advise the Quebec government on best-evidence guidelines has called for psychotherapy to become the "front-line treatment choice in the mental-health system."

Antidepressants Do Work Well — We’ve Simply Been Evaluating Them Incorrectly

Not an Onion Study: SSRI antidepressants did consistently outperform placebo in clinical trials, researchers discovered, so long as 16 of the 17 questions about patients' feelings are ignored.

Psychotropics Drive Record 4.02 Billion U.S. Prescriptions in 2011

With drugs for ADHD increasing 17%, and an "unprecedented increase in patients taking antidepressants and antipsychotics," overall prescription drug sales in the United States...

2nd-Generation Antipsychotics Cause Extrapyramidal Side Effects as Much as 1st-Generation

According to researchers from Yale and the U.K., the improvements in extrapyramidal side effects expected from 2nd-generation antipsychotics has not been realized, while the...

NIMH Info for Parents on “ADHD” Misleading, Researchers Say

A new analysis of the information that the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) publishes for parents about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) concludes that the children’s experiences and contexts are ignored and that medication is presented, misleadingly, as the only solution supported by research evidence.

Psychiatrists Overestimate Antidepressants, Underestimate Placebo

Recent meta-analyses of antidepressant clinical trials have revealed that up to 82% of the effects associated with the drugs may be attributed to placebo and non-medication factors. A new study examined the attitudes of psychiatrists toward these non-pharmacologic factors and found a large discrepancy between their beliefs and the empirical evidence.

Stimulants, But Not Cannabis, Predict Readmission for Psychosis

Prior admissions with stimulant disorder, but not a prior cannabis disorder diagnosis, are a negative prognostic sign in first-episode psychosis according to new research...

NE Journal of Medicine Backs Congressional Call for Research Transparency

Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced the Trial and Experimental Studies Transparency (TEST) Act into congress on August 2, 2012; a bill aimed at closing...

Substantial Spin Found in Leading Psychology and Psychiatry Journals

: A new review finds evidence of spin and the misrepresentation of clinical trials with non-significant results.

Drug Regulator Destroys Licensing Data After 15 Years

The Sunday Times of London reports on Peter Gotzsche's efforts to obtain pharmaceutical licensing data before the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)...

Effects of Exercise on Depression Underestimated, Review Finds

A new meta-analysis finds that the large antidepressant effects of exercise may have been underestimated in previous reviews. This latest report, published this month...

Psychology is Not What You Think: An Interview with Critical Psychologist Ian Parker

MIA’s Ayurdhi Dhar interviews Ian Parker about critical psychology, discourse and political action, and whether psychology has anything left to offer.

Psychotherapy Effectiveness for Depression Inflated by Publication Bias

While publication bias has been known to overestimate the efficacy of antidepressant treatments, a new study suggests that research on the use of psychotherapy in depression suffers from a similar bias.

“Sluggish Cognitive Tempo” is the New ADHD

"Some powerful figures in mental health," according to today's New York Times, "are claiming to have identified a new disorder that could vastly expand the...

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