To Live and (Almost) Die in L.A.: A Survivor’s Tale

After 25 years of chronic emergency, 22 mental hospitalizations, a stint at a ā€œcommunity mental health center,ā€ 13 years in a "board & care," repeated withdrawals from addictions to legal drugs, and a 12-year marriage, I plan to live every last breath out as a survivor, an advocate, and an artist.

Psychotropic Medications Serve as Powerful Tools for U.S. Military, Imperialism

Ethnographic research sheds light on extensive psychopharmaceutical use by soldiers in post 9/11 U.S. wars.

Teacher Wellbeing Matters for Student Mental Health

Teacherā€™s personal wellbeing plays a role in studentsā€™ mental health outcomes, suggests a new study.

More Physical Activity-Based Mental Health Interventions Needed in Schools

What physical activity-based programs are being implemented in schools, how are they being researched, and what kind of impact have they made?
factory of mental health

A Clinical Social Workerā€™s Bane

We have all become assembly line workers in the factory of mental health. At the facility, I put in at least 50 hours and live with a constant dread of not having clicked a button, of not having made another phone call, of overlooking the sadness in someoneā€™s eyes. The risk of burnout or empathy fatigue is high, yet the machine hums along.

Increasing Physical Activity in Schools May Improve Mental Health

A new article suggests integrating physical activity throughout the day may help to address the mental health of students.

Outcomes of Childhood Bullying on Young Adultsā€™ Wellbeing

A qualitative study explores young adultsā€™ childhood bullying experiences.

Does Psychotherapy Reproduce or Disrupt Neoliberal Capitalism?

Researchers explore neoliberal influences on interactions in psychotherapy and question whether the radical potential of psychotherapy can counter prevailing social systems.

What Stops People From Using Exercise to Treat Depression?

New research examines important factors of adherence when prescribing exercise to treat depression.

The Effect of Psychiatric Diagnosis on Young Peopleā€™s Sense of Self and Social Identity

A new review highlights the effects that psychiatric diagnosis has on children and adolescentsā€™ social relationships and views of self.

High Job Strain Increases Risk of Mental Health Challenges

High job demands, low job control, and high job strain are associated with the development of a mental health issue at age 50.

Is Your Job Bullshit? David Graeber on Capitalism’s Busy Work

FromĀ In These Times: Over a third of British workers believe their job makes no meaningful contribution to the world. TheĀ risingĀ number of people who have...

Minority Groups Found Less Likely to Get Mental Health Care

FromĀ California Healthline: Although people of color are much more likely to suffer from severe psychological distress, they are less likely to receive mental health...

Compelled Disclosure of Campus Sexual Assault May Be Harmful for Survivors

The majority of universities require most or all employees to report disclosures of sexual assault, but these policies may be ineffective at addressing campus sexual violence and disempowering for survivors

A Text Therapy App Plans to Start Prescribing Drugs to Users

FromĀ Business Insider: Talkspace, a text message-based therapy platform, is bringing on a team of psychiatrists to prescribe medications to patients. The app is also...

The Industrial Revolution Left Scars That Can Still Be Seen Today

From theĀ Harvard Business Review: While the Industrial Revolution brought about unprecedented technological and economic progress, it has also left a negative psychological impact.Ā Research shows...

Mindfulness Intervention Can Prevent Depression, Study Finds

A combined mindfulness and behavioral activation intervention is shown to reduce depressive symptoms and serve as a preventative factor for major depressive disorder.

The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death

In this piece forĀ The New Yorker, Jia Tolentino discusses how the gig economy driven by apps such asĀ Uber and Lyft leads employees to overwork...

Academe Should Accommodate Those With Mental Health Issues

In this piece forĀ The Chronicle of Higher Education, Patrick Flynn describes how universities can lead the way in providing an accommodating, inclusive environment for...

#MeToo in Medicine: Women Harassed in Hospitals

FromĀ NBC: Although sexual harassment is widespread in the field of medicine, women face significant barriers to speaking out and reporting abuse. In light of...

The Epidemic of Sadness Cannot Be Solved With Antidepressants

From theĀ International Business Times: While people are living longer, healthier lives in more affluent circumstances than ever before, the rate of depression is skyrocketing.Ā Potential...

Johann Hari Continues to Speak Out

Johann Hari, British journalist and author of the new bookĀ Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depressionā€”and the Unexpected Solutions, continues to speak out...

The Doctors Encouraging People of Color to Join Their Ranks

FromĀ STAT: A group of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals have started a traveling program called Tour for Diversity that goes all over the...

How Neoliberalism is Damaging Your Mental Health

FromĀ The Conversation: Neoliberal policies and conditions may be at least partly responsible for the growing mental health crisis and decline in collective well-being in...

Why I See a Black Queer Therapist

In this essay forĀ them, Steven W. Thrasher describesĀ howĀ seeking treatment from a black queer therapist has helped him heal from the emotional distress and trauma...