1. “The treatment from ED staff and the use of restraints had a range of effects on patients, including skepticism and distrust of the medical system, the worsening of existing psychiatric conditions, or healthcare avoidance.”

    Yes, some of us don’t even want health insurance because we know that having good health insurance makes one a target of the criminals in the hospitals, like this now FBI convicted doctor.


    And this criminal doctor was committing these same, greed inspired, crimes against patients at other non-for-profit hospitals, like the ELCA owned Advocate Good Samaritan hospital, too.

    “Instead of providing care, we may inadvertently cause more harm to these individuals.”

    Absolutely, medically unnecessarily having lots of patients shipped long distances to you, “snowing” them, in the hopes of making them unable to breathe, so you may perform unneeded tracheotomies on healthy people for profit. Which is what Kuchipudi did to God knows how many patients, does result in harm, distrust of the medical system, and healthcare avoidance.

    But his un-arrested psychiatric “snowing” partner in crime, Humaira Saiyed, spent years after this illegally listing me as her “outpatient” at a hospital I’d never been to. When I learned of this from a health insurance company, and told her to stop doing that. She started illegally listing me as her “outpatient” at Advocate Good Samaritan, after I’d moved out of state. Our society does need to start arresting the criminal psychiatrists, too.

    The right to force neurotoxic poison people needs to be taken away from all doctors, including the psychiatrists, since it is being used to medically unnecessarily harm patients for profit. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    The absolute power, to force treat anyone for any reason (in my case it was a sleep walking/talking issue, not a “chronic airway obstruction” or any of the so called “mental illnesses,” plus the desire of that psychiatrist to cover up prior malpractice, as well as the medical evidence of the abuse of my child for the ELCA religion) has corrupted psychiatry absolutely.

    We need a return to the rule of law, a return to the understanding that separation of powers is wise, which can’t happen until the right to force treat people is taken away from the criminal and scientific fraud based psychiatrists.

    And, given the reality that the primary actual societal function of the psychiatrists and psychologists, historically and today, is covering up child abuse, which is illegal. Most psychiatrists and psychologists likely are child abuse covering up criminals.


    And it is absolutely appalling that the psychiatrists are murdering 8 million people a year, every year, via their scientific fraud based DSM disorders, and with their psychiatric neurotoxins. That’s more than the 6 million Jews that the Nazi psychiatrists murdered … every year.


    That would be approximately 400,000,000 psychiatric murders in the past 50 years. It’s time to end the modern day, ongoing, American and all Western civilization, psychiatric holocaust!

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    • One cannot learn empathy in a course. Just as one can’t learn to be nasty to humans in a course.
      They do in fact have courses on “empathy”, what it looks like, but it is a short burst to validate that their other courses are good for the patient.
      Indeed, the blurbs on empathy are taught alongside of manipulation. So most docs always have the defensive in their heads (which of course were there before the decision to become a shrink) They defend against the possibility that their client is busy manipulating them, and the other thought lingering around in their serotonin, neonephrine, dopamine, receptors and synapses and neurons…short for paranoia, is the medical malpractice possibility.
      One has to be concerned about this first and foremost when doling out shit theories and meds.
      Although I’m not sure why, because someone gave them licence to use humans as guinea pigs.
      I still feel sorry for all the damage done to animals, just to continue to damage the human animal.

      The most useless occupation for a child to aspire to. Sitting in a chair, on their ass, branding people.
      They feel disrespected 🙂 Yes, they felt that way early on.

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  2. “These results are contrasted to a similar study done in an Australian hospital, where researchers found positive sentiments of respect, dignity, and trusting relationships with staff members.”



    Is that second article written by THE Phil Hickey?

    Ah yes but Australian Hospitals have the right to “edit” any documents to provide false and misleading information to anyone they wish. I have that from good authority, the Minister for Mental Health no less. Cover ups to misrepresent data here is common place. And I note they didn’t ask the people who have had their necks broken and died as a result of restraints here in Australia. It’s also the case that we do not have any “National Standard” as to what constitutes a “chemical restraint” here either. Consider that fact carefully. A little bit of dribble therapy never hurt anyone did it? Well, maybe just a few.

    “Footage has emerged of a mentally ill woman stumbling around a NSW hospital, covered in faeces and falling over at least 25 times before she died of a brain injury the next day.

    The horrific video from Lismore Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit, situated at Lismore Base Hospital, was released on Friday following a coronial inquest”

    Respect, dignity and trusting relationships? I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like elsewhere if we have such respect dignity and trusting relationships.

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  3. Woohoo, we need a study?
    Perhaps the best way to do a study is for researchers to do crystal meth, then their friends can call the cops, the cops can slam or taser the user, bring them to ER, there the researchers can deal with perverts who DO get an adrenaline rush from the assaults.
    I would like scans done on the assaulters, during these disturbed encounters. I would like to know if pleasure zones light up?
    We need to know the truth about the treaters. We need to know, which parts get stimulated and why. If pleasure is derived, then we need to see that as a danger.

    Now most NORMAL people would shy away from holding people down. Most normal people would not reach for brain frying drugs to deal with an upset person.
    It is nothing more than anger diverted to others.

    Hopefully most learn to never allow it to happen again.

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  4. Once my medical files stated I had a mental illness, I was never treated the same. I admit, I struggled with eating and meeting my body’s needs(child sexual abuse not being taken seriously can teach one that they don’t deserve to have their needs met). But when I had gotten myself in a medically fragile state requiring emergency services to correct a life threatening electrolyte imbalance and presented myself to the ER, I was put in 4 point restraints since the eating disorder was “self harm”, left with the curtains wide open for all patients and their families to see and refused a phone call to my psychologist who would tell them I was safe, as I took myself there. This was done at 2 other hospitals in a 2year span, all because instead of seeing a hurting human who was scared to die and trying to get help, they saw a label, SMI, and treated me accordingly. Their abuse has hindered my life in so many ways. How do you trust humans when those from childhood up to the “helpers” as an adult all proved that everyone is a potential threat? That’s not paranoia, that’s reality based on life experiences for me….

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  5. In other news, hitting people on the head is associated with bleeding and broken skulls. Though not everyone suffers from broken skull. Perhaps we should study “weak skull disorders” to figure out why certain people’s heads are too weak to withstand being hit by a big hunk of wood?

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