Trump Appoints Leader who Campaigned for Involuntary Outpatient Drugging


The White House announced this past Friday, April 21st, 2017, that President Donald Trump has, for a pivotal mental health position, appointed a psychiatrist who openly speaks out for involuntary psychiatric drugging of people living outside of institutions, even in their own homes. This appointee criticizes our social change movement, especially our dedication to empowering peer support and our concerns about psychiatric drugs and labeling. It is important for everyone who supports human rights, especially in the social change movements for disability rights and those critical of mass incarceration, to speak up and oppose this approach.

Please phone your US Senators to block this confirmation. This is a chance to raise these issues, now!

This “Assisted Outpatient Treatment” (as supporters call it) or “Involuntary Outpatient Commitment” (as it is known by many) has been quietly growing on the State level for decades, but is now being funded on the federal level, such as through the enormous 21st Century Cures Act that was passed by Congress at the end of last year. Whatever it is called — AOT or IOC — under these laws judges may order folks to have mental health care, which could be a range of approaches. In my experience staffing a human rights phone and getting hundreds of contacts for decades, “mental healthcare” for the “seriously mentally ill” almost always includes psychiatric drugging, often with neuroleptics, or “antipsychotic medications” as prescribers often call this family of pharmaceuticals.

Neuroleptic drugs began in the 1950’s with such brands as Thorazine, Stelazine, Haldol, Mellaril, etc., all of which I have had. I personally experienced involuntary neuroleptic injections more than 40 years ago as a college student at Harvard. About five times I was placed in a psychiatric institution for emotional difficulties, and twice I experienced the sharp end of a needle, when in solitary confinement I was held down on the bare mattress and got forced drugging in my butt. I graduated anyway, in 1977, and our class is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Now neuroleptics have dozens more brands, but many of the hazards and risks are the same. For instance, in the long run there is the danger that many people can experience involuntary twitching that can apparently often be permanent. There is also the long term risk of brain damage and even death. Some folks choose these medications, but others do not. I choose to not take them, and I have not for these past four decades.

Takes One to Know One

President Trump has appointed Dr. Ellie McCance-Katz for a high-level position created by the 21st Century Cures Act. Dr. McCance-Katz would become the first Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Abuse (SAMHSA) inside the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

In an essay published last year by the Psychiatric Times, Dr. McCance-Katz was highly critical of SAMHSA, especially its sub-agency Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS), headed by Paolo Delvecchio, who has long identified himself as an individual who has used psychiatric treatment. Many mental health consumers and psychiatric survivors know Paolo because of his work in this field for decades.

In her essay in Psychiatric Times, Dr. McCance-Katz:

  • Endorses federal funding of AOT (or IOC).
  • Criticizes SAMHSA for allegedly being critical of psychiatric drugs.
  • Challenges the support for “recovery” in mental health, a term used by many consumer/survivors as a rallying point for hope and empowerment.
  • Calls for mental health care, which appears to be led by psychiatric drugs, for more than three million Americans.

Are You One of the Many Targeted? 

Dr. McCance-Katz wrote in the essay: “It is estimated that 10 million Americans (4.2%) are living with serious mental illness. However, only 68.5% of the most severely mentally ill will receive any type of mental health services.”

I wonder how many of these three million Americans would refuse psychiatric drugs? Of those who would refuse, I wonder how many this psychiatrist would like to see drugged against their will?

This professor challenges the great interest in using peer support as a humane, empowering alternative priority. She writes, “Workforce issues focus in large part on the development of a ‘peer workforce.’ This ideology purports that one can become a mental health professional by virtue of having a mental illness. Peer support can be an important resource for some, but it is not the answer to the treatment needs of the seriously mentally ill.”

There are only a few small groups, such as the Treatment Advocacy Center, that focus on involuntary psychiatric drugging. The topic actually divides a lot of folks, since the average American in my experience does not like the idea of the government forcing citizens to have involuntary psychiatric drugs, once the value of empowering alternatives are explained. IOC can even for a small group include involuntary outpatient court-ordered electroshock, or electro-convulsive therapy (ECT). For example, search the web for the names Ray Sandford and Elizabeth Ellis, along with the word electroshock. These two Minnesotans received such horrible involuntary procedures, but MindFreedom put out human rights alerts that stopped the series of electroshocks.

In my decades of work in the field of human rights and mental health, I have been impressed with the way concern about this issue crosses political lines. Yes, support for this field has often been among those who would be seen as on the left. However, some of the most effective organizing about psychiatric over-drugging of children has been done by activists that would be seen as on the right.

I have seen both the Libertarian Party and the Green Party pass planks in their platform, years ago, expressing support for some of our goals. Today we are often seeing critics question the sanity of the President of the United States because of his support of untrue beliefs, such as his denial of climate crisis and his many years of championing the odd belief that President Obama was born in Africa.

Well, it takes one to know one, and I am also a White Aging Crazy Citizen (WACC). Actually, what I have found in my work is that 100% of all people struggle with their mental wellness — it is a universal challenge. The distinction is between negative, bigoted craziness and positive, constructive, creative craziness. In fact, I would argue that the new PC is Positively Crazy.

Perhaps at this time we need a Positively Crazy dedication to the First Amendment, which not only includes free speech, but according to the US Supreme Court, the right to think unusual thoughts, even irrationally. There are more compassionate, effective, sustainable ways to help troubled people. Let us all break the silence about human rights violations in mental healthcare, including IOC. Centuries of abuse in this industry have helped silence the population on many outrages, including the threat of climate chaos.

We need a nonviolent revolution throughout our society: in mental healthcare, in energy, in so many ways. There is no guarantee of results, but at least we can speak up about freedom!


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  1. EXPOSURE TO PSYCHIATRY 1980 to 1984

    My Experience is that these drugs can make people more Dangerous. That they can cause Suicidal Reaction and ‘Acting Out Behaviour’ – and that the scale of these reactions is being suppressed by the Professional Academics conducting neuroleptic Drug Research.

    1980 – Western Ireland Diagnosis Acute Schizophrenic Episode + Prognosis must be guarded due to the severity and duration of symptoms.

    1982 – Chronic Schizophrenia (Suicide Attempt) + Prognosis guarded

    1983 – Schizophrenia + Prognosis guarded

    1983 – Schizophrenia (Suicidal) + Prognosis of Further intervention expected

    1984 – February Schizo Affective Disorder (Suicide Attempt) + Prognosis guarded

    1984 – April Schizo Affective Disorder (Suicidal) “prepsychotic episode”… claiming medication reaction to first time injection of depixol at 40mg “..but this is highly unlikely..”

    Prognosis ..”expected back in the near future” –

    Stopped the offending medication (- and was never back)

    @ €9.6 million (Bristol Myers Squibb)

    1980 – Admitting Doctor at Western Ireland Dr F#del :- “..The patient was co operative well orientated with intact memory and no evidence of any psychotic features..”

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      When I moved to the UK in 1986 I wrote to “doctors” in Western Ireland asking for Adverse Drug Reaction Warning to be sent to the UK.

      “Doctors” in response, sent over an account of me in the negative – with Adverse Drug Reaction Warning Intentionally Ommitted.

      The November 8 1986 Adverse Drug Reaction Warning Request Letter was at the very back of my (FOI requested Irish Notes) and the November 24 1986 “negative account” of me was in my English notes.

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  2. Thanks for drawing attention to this appointment, David. People need to contact their representatives, and block the confirmation of Dr. Ellie McCance-Katz. According to D.J. Jaffe, she agrees with him in saying that people who have been through the psychiatric ringer aren’t equipped to become experts in that field. I’d say this is just another reason why we have to fight all the harder against these violations of our human and citizenship rights. Epidemics in tardive dyskinesia and early mortality are the result of drugging. Forced drugging means there will be more of it. Rather than becoming discouraged and disheartened, now is the time to renew efforts to bring about change, and to do our best to salvage more and more people from this tyrannical and oppressive system. It is my firm belief that if we keep fighting for the better things in life, eventually we will win them.

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  3. I think the Right Wing approach is about personal responsibility. I support this but with a charitable understanding.

    A lot of so called insurmountable personal problems have now been proven to be within the scope of personal initiative – The approach of the HVN is one and the approach of The AA is another.

    In my own case I found I was able to deal with chronic drug withdrawal emotional dysregulation – but I needed help to get to this position.

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  4. Steve is right, this is not a right/left thing as both sides are antagonistic to our cause, the fake left even more so.

    This appointment provides us with an Allinsky-like “target” on whom to focus our outrage, and we should take advantage of the opportunity.

    However let’s not forget that the Obama administration was responsible for the 20th Century Cures Act, and that appointments such as these are largely the result of people on “our side” advocating one “Murphy” bill over the other as a lesser of the two evils. Now we have the worst aspects of both.

    Our only rational strategy is to oppose ALL psychiatry based on its inherent oppressiveness, fraudulence and lack of scientific/medical validity, and to recognize as stated in the 1982 Toronto principles that “the psychiatric system cannot be reformed, it must be abolished.”

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  5. Did you hear Dwayne the Rock Johnson might run in 2020 ? It would be really great if he asked Jesse Ventura to be VP. I get a good deal of my news from Jesse Ventura. Ayyyhhhhhh Yeah it’s true. You can look it up if you want to.

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  6. I really thought Trump knew the truth about psychiatry after he made those comments about Vaccines causing autism. He must know about the anatomy of the epidemic how psychiatry’s mass drugging is creating more disability and chronic so called MI , it is proven and not nearly as controversial as the vaccine autism thing or controversial at all really.

    We just have to keep at it wrecking psychiatry’s credibility with the public, psycho-pharma may have billions for marketing lobbying but truth is on our side.

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    • I am afraid Trump is not a deep thinker. It seems he is more easily swayed than I would have guessed, and he travels in very rich, elite business circles. In such circles, profits matter more than whether something works or not. IMHO, anyway.

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      • I agree. He doesn’t seem to think deeply about much of anything. He also refuses to read and one article stated that the only way his aides can get him to pay attention to material in briefings is to cut the written part into snippets and then have pictures or photos next to the writing. This doesn’t surprise me considering that his favorite means of communication seems to be by 144 characters or less. His education seems to be lacking in many areas and he doesn’t pay a damned bit of attention to anything unless it somehow concerns him.

        I suspect that Trump knows nothing more about this epidemic of “mental Illness” than what he sees in drug commercials on television. I’m not being cynical or negative here, just stating what I’ve learned about him over the past months by my own personal observation and that of news articles. He will be more of a liability than a help in our struggle, even if he is interested, which I don’t think he really is.

        I don’t think that we can look to the government at all for help since all sides seem to believe that the best thing to do is drug us to the gills and make us compliant and quiet. And you know that Big Pharma is pumping money like mad into Congress to influence the attitudes there. We only have ourselves to rely on in this struggle.

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        • I do think we can help ourselves by getting rid of anyone who is taking money from big business as their main source of campaign funding. We can also support an amendment/court decision/whatever to get corporate funding completely out of politics. Anything that will reduce our congresspersons’ dependence on corporate donations will help our cause immensely!

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          • There’s a slogan that goes, “Get the money out of politics!” There’s a lot of truth in it, especially now that the Congressional millionaires club is becoming a billionaires club. Most of us are not members of the 1 %. How can that have anything to do with ‘representation’? Corporate interests have corrupted politics, and we’ve reached a pass where, sooner or later, we have to do something about the situation, or everybody, even your oligarchs, are going to be hurt by it. Oligarchy, after all, is only so good as the wool that it uses to cover your eyelids.

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        • “Oligarchy is only as good as the wool that it pulls over your eyes.”
          Thank-you, Frank Blankenship, for the May 1, 2017 Quote of the Day!….
          Almost 1/2 of ALL people are below-average intelligence…..
          I sure hope Trump’s Better Half moves with her son Barron into the White House soon!….

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  7. Today we are often seeing critics question the sanity of the President of the United States because of his support of untrue beliefs

    I hope David doesn’t tout this as a good thing, no one should be psychiatrically labeled because of their beliefs. Trump and others should be judged on and held responsible for their actions. This includes those who openly advocate psychiatric assault.

    the average American in my experience does not like the idea of the government forcing citizens to have involuntary psychiatric drugs, once the value of empowering alternatives are explained

    This argument is a trap — the “alternative” to forced drugging with neurotoxins is NO such drugging. Period.

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    • Actually, OldHead, some people think of psych-drugs as medicine, and they want them. Consensual drugging is an “alternative” to forced drugging, just as is no drugging. Consensual sex, in this sense, is an “alternative” to rape, just as is abstaining or refraining from sex.

      I have issues with the “alternatives” perspective for another reason. Were forced treatment outlawed, just as forced sex is outlawed, non-force would no longer be an “alternative” to standard practice because non-force would be standard practice. Focusing on the creation of “alternatives” rather than on protecting human rights makes human rights violations an adjunct of “alternatives” campaigns. The idea of creating “alternatives” rationalizes forced treatment, in this sense, and goes along with it. End forced treatment entirely, and the creation of “alternatives” to it, ceases to become necessary.

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      • Consensual drugging is an “alternative” to forced drugging, just as is no drugging.

        If people think psych drugs are medicine they have been lied to, so I wouldn’t consider such drug use as consensual in any real sense.

        I think we’re pretty much in agreement, but I would add again that this talk of “alternatives” implies that psychiatry addresses a need, albeit poorly, and that an “alternative” way of addressing that need would be preferable. But when something fulfills no real need and is essentially and inherently oppressive and destructive, such as forced drugging, there is no need for an “alternative” form of oppression, it just needs to be eliminated period.

        I concur that talk of “alternatives” rationalizes forced “treatment,” especially when the “lack of an alternative” is often used as a supposed argument against anti-psychiatry.

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        • Some idiots are proud of the fact that they refuse to read Anatomy of an Epidemic and swallow whatever their shrink produces. I read one psychiatrist who claimed that for every resistant consumer he saw there were dozens if not hundreds eager for drugs and diagnoses. If this is true I don’t know why they’re desperate to keep dissidents.
          However if Natasha Tracey and other dummies want to rot their brains and brand themselves with stigmatizing labels I guess they deserve to be allowed to do so.

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          • Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a means of social control. The DSM-5 is a catalog of billing codes. All of the diagnostic allegations in it were invented as excuses to sell neuro-toxic drugs.
            So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as real as presents from
            Santa Claus.

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  8. Well pleased to see that Mad in America let me make a few comments last week without blocking my account. I think now I’ll tone it down a few notches. It just makes me frustrated when left wing people on here talk down to me when I can see they usually have a purpose behind what they are saying. As the wise old Spinoza dude once said “no matter how thin you slice it there are always two sides.”

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    • The_cat and I are far from left-wing. We are anti-psychiatry though. I’m not against capitalism. Keeping 7,000,000 or 10,000,000 otherwise productive citizens disabled and addicted to costly drugs at the expense of tax-payers may be a product of crony-capitalism but it is anti-capitalism since it’s unsustainable and will cause our economy to collapse. I’m surprised Murphy and all those other GOP members are too stupid and short-sighted to see. But as long as they’re getting their $$$$, none of them really care about the peons that elected them. The peons are (mostly) a bunch of ignorant sheeple who might as well be illiterate for all the reading/thinking they do. Though they should be concerned as well, seeing their taxes pay for all this crap.

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  9. You’re right, David Oaks. And the injustice has already begun. The mainstream “media” is pushing HARD for McCance Katz’s appointment to the new Assistant Secretary position. Mad people have written comments to those articles, which oppose it. All of those comments were deleted within 18 hours of being posted on those webpages. Censorship antics are a pro-force psychiatry mainstay. We defied those antics during the long fight to stop the “Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act”. Now, we need to defy them again. Our freedom still depends on our voice. TGMIA. It’s, literally, a lifesaver to have at least one forum that won’t delete the victims of pro-force psychiatry.

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  10. Well, some Trump voters here at MIA, got: “TRUMPED”?
    (not saying Hillary was better)

    And that DDT decision is funny (to choose that woman), since DDT himself is pround of not using drugs (tobaco, weed). You can read it here:

    Quote: “He’s the first president since 1992 who says he never tried marijuana.
    Asked in an interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters “Have you ever smoked weed?” Trump replied:

    “I have not. I would tell you 100 percent because everyone else seems to admit it. Almost like, it’s almost like, hey, it’s a sign. No. I have never smoked a cigarette either.”

    So, the good news are this:
    Trump wont help.

    (that shoul had beeing obvious from the start)

    And forget about republican/ democrat hair pickings. Most of both parts are the same under their pins: Greedy, fake, lowlifes.

    See? DDT takes no drugs, but orderin to inject WORSE DRUGS at OTHER PEOPLE..
    oh yeh, that is fine.

    Vote (again) for Trump, he will make Pharma great (again).

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  11. In France, it already exists: it is called the “care program”. When you are discharged from a forced hospitalization, you are put into “care program”, which means you are obliged to go regularly to make you inject a delayed neuroleptic. If you do not do it, the psychiatrist can convert your “care program” into forced hospitalization, and the police come to you to embark you, if necessary by kicking down the door (because it is an “emergency”).

    This is French psychiatry.

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    • “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (liberty, equality, fraternity).

      Quote: “The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789 defined liberty in Article 4 as follows:

      Liberty consists of being able to do anything that does not harm others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of every man or woman has no bounds other than those that guarantee other members of society the enjoyment of these same rights.”



      So despite some MIA posters… with tender ears… and tender eyes, dont like to: SEE/ EAR about:

      …DO the slaves lack liberty? Are the slaves abused? Can the master kill a slave and say: “slaves die early, was natural, is their genes/ diaseases”?

      If the doctors/ nurses using force and against your will inject Haldol into your body… and that same haldol harms you… and chemically lobotomizes you… are free?


      You are a slave of the state.
      Meat for cannon.
      Or a pharma/ psychiatrists paying slave for life (AKA: consumer).

      By the way Sylvain, i am also from Europe (dont ask where).
      Is there any worthy “resistence” at France?

      And they used to teach at the school the “French revolution” (very violent), changed the world. But today…

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  12. If this woman doesn’t believe that it’s possible for people to recover from “mental illness” how does she explain the tens of thousands of us who are recovered; with no revolving door admissions to “hospitals” or drugging? This is one dangerous woman and she has no business holding any position in the government, no matter who appointed her.

    It’s time to do away with psychiatry, period. Many doctors in other medical specialties are bad enough to deal with these days, what with their arrogance and superior attitude and lacking any real concern for their individual patients. But psychiatry is the worst of the worst for its doctors having such know-it-all attitudes and their thinking that they’re the experts on everything. It’s time for us to rise up and begin the dismantling of this quackery.

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        Excerpt from UK Information Commissioners Office
        Email July 1 2016

        On Fri, 1 Jul 2016 at 14:52, [email protected]

        “…..You have also raised concerns about the retention of information that you were previously advised had been removed….”

        “…. I understand from Ms H. that this matter has been discussed with the Practice Manager who has advised that the medical professionals feel that it forms part of your ongoing care and therefore that it is still relevant to your medical records and must not be removed. ….”

        Email 16 October 2014
        GP Surgery Offers Cast Iron Guarantee of Removal of Historical Record and Diagnosis:-

        On Thu, 16 Oct 2014 at 11:21, Medical X


        Dear Mr (Me)

        Thank you for your e-mail below.

        1. As per your conversation with Dr S. in October 2012 (see attached entry from your medical record) and your written request dated 08th July 2013 (see attached) the Irish Record Summary was removed from your electronic medical record.
        2. Your second issue was addressed by Ombudsman’s report. If you are not satisfied with our previous explanation and their conclusion on this matter you can appeal to Ombudsman directly.
        3. Same as 1.

        I spoke to X Medical Centre Partners at the clinical meeting yesterday and we all feel that this is now taking too much of everybody’s time. We did our best to address all your concerns over and over again. You had access to all your records whenever you requested it and from 10th January 2014 Dr G. even agreed to write all your future appointment notes jointly with you.

        We responded numerous times to your complaints and we sincerely feel that no more can be done from our side.

        Please note that this e-mail will be forwarded to Ombudsman for their record.

        For any further complaints related to the issues you raised in the past and we previously already addressed please contact Parliamentary Service Ombudsman.

        Kind regards,

        S. R.
        Practice Manager

        From: Me []
        Sent: 15 October 2014 16:38
        To: Medical X (NHS CENTRAL LONDON)
        Subject: Re: For The Attention of the Partners: The Unsafe 1986 Irish Record Summary (Me)

        Dear Partners

        I have asked before to be kept informed on anything that affects me and my personal information.

        Can you tell me whats happened to the 1986 Irish Record Summary – the justification for putting my name on a Severe Mental Illness Register, the letter from Dr D. K.?

        Can you please explain things clearly to me in such a way that I can fully understand, so that I know exactly where I am.

        And can you please state your name on the email.

        Yours Sincerely


        On Wednesday, 15 October 2014, 15:44, Medical X (NHS CENTRAL LONDON) wrote:

        Dear Mr (Me),

        Thanks you for your e-mail.

        This is to confirm that no ‘Irish Record Summary’ is kept on your medical record.

        Please find attached our response in regards to your complaint to Ombudsman. As per my e-mail dated 03rd October please do let me know how would you like me to forward £250.00 payment as per Ombudsman decision.

        Kind regard

        X Medical Centre

        From: [email protected] [[email protected]]
        Sent: 15 October 2014 13:24
        To: Medical X (NHS CENTRAL LONDON)
        Subject: For The Attention of the Partners: The Unsafe 1986 Irish Record Summary (Me)

        Dear Partners
        Below is the July 1, 2014 Commentary to the Ombudsman. Please read through and please focus on the 1986 Irish Record Summary, and the background to it.
        I have spent over an hour discussing this Record Summary with Dr S. in October /November 2012. In these interviews I demonstrated with evidence the ‘inaccuracy’ of this Irish Record Summary. I did show Dr S. the attached copy of the 1986 Adverse Reaction Warning Request Letter, along with other documents.
        I have written about this Irish Record Summary in my 29 August 2013 Email to the Practice. You have this Email on your system and you can see how I describe it.
        Can you please tell me what you are doing about this Irish Record Summary. Is this Record Summary still on your system unprotected?
        Would you please acknowledge this email.
        Yours Sincerely
        Me (DOB xxxx)
        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

        Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android



        ATTACHMENT 1.
        Consultation Information Sheet
        Specific Consultations

        Mr Me
        (Address Removed)

        30 Oct 2012 Surgery: S. Entered: 29 Apr 2014

        Discussion (Ua04o) – , patient is upset that we have a diagnosis of schizophrenia in our computer . He brings a letter from G. hospital showing several admissions for psychiatric problems in the 80’s . He says that he was misdiagnosed and that he suffered from side effects from medications prescribed. HE ahs been working ever since and leads a normal life in the community without psychiatric support He wishes that we delete this from our notes since he feels that this is detrimental Agreed to delete entries (Other Episode)
        to Unknown – Medical Report to L. S. , saying that patient wishes all his hospital notes to be sent here and then transferred to him
        docx: 00A7F00E.docx

        ATTACHMENT 2.

        From: Me
        To: Medical X
        Sent: Monday, 8 July 2013, 22:07
        Subject: For The Attention of Dr G. Re Record Amendment (Me)

        Dear Doctor G.

        I hope you are well.

        Re: Amendment of G. 1986 Record

        I would like to amend the 1986 Irish Psychiatric Record held on your system on the grounds of it being Incomplete, Inaccurate, Misleading and
        Altered: Would you be prepared to do this?

        I have spent over an hour in discussion with Dr S.(Oct/Nov 2012) where I demonstrated with documentary evidence what was wrong (as above) with this record. I was given the impression that the matter had been resolved.

        This 1986 Record is not suitable to remain on the system as it is.

        A GP might instinctively notice – that ‘Chronic illness’ ends (April 1984) with an end to treatment.

        Would you please acknowledge receipt of this email with an answer.

        Yours Sincerely



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  13. Thanks for the comments, please keep up the feedback, I try to read the main idea of every post. Yes, let us USA folks contact our US Senators. Win or lose, here is a chance to communicate on these issues. I am also calling my congressperson, Rep. Peter DeFazio, to ask their help in reaching our US Senators. And yes, Peter is a Democrat and he helped the Murphy Bill through, as one of the many co-sponsors, so both Democrats and Republicans need information about this industry. Note that one of Oregon’s US Senators, Ron Wyden, lost his only sibling a number of years ago, Jeff Wyden, who experienced involuntary shock and psych drugs. Let us all speak up, because this repression impacts everyone. If society had more free thought, perhaps it would produce alternatives to carbon pollution more quickly: Nonviolent revolution! Now!

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    • I think you seriously err in thinking that the problem is simply misinformation. It is not in the interest of the ruling class, dems or repugs, to support us, and more information to them is simply a nuisance.

      Again, your consistent use of the term “nonviolent revolution” clearly implies that revolution is by definition violent, which endangers others who use the term in its correct sense. Revolution means sweeping change, it does not imply anything whatsoever about violence OR nonviolence.

      Thanks for the info though, hopefully everyone will call their two senators. Not that a different appointee would make much difference, but it will at least demonstrate that we have a voice.

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    • You’re going to have difficulties, because you’re dealing with characters born in the era of the Double Blind (or is it the Doubly Blind?) where experience is considered an impediment to knowledge, which can only be found through statistical analysis by someone totally ignorant of the actual issue- having first-hand experience makes you ignorant of what’s really happening and thereby suspect. Therefore, you have knowledge of forced drugging only if you’re distanced by ignorance of its outcome, except through some kind of statistical analysis. Otherwise, nothing you say can possibly have any validity.

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    • I found very little on Sen. Ron Wyden’s brother Jeff. A single article popped up on, and it briefly used “struggle” with “schizophrenia” twice, and gave a financial plug to N.A.M.I. It told of Jeff’s use of olanzapine (“Zyprexa”), late in life, and that the DRUG did not “have the desired effects”. Being grandchildren to the Holocaust says far more about the supposed “schizophrenia”, so-called “mental-illness”, and Wyden’s pimping of the anti-person group NAMI.
      “Carbon pollution” and a lack of “non-violent revolution”, are hardly our most pressing needs. We need to debunk the LIES of the pseudoscience drug racket known as psychiatry, and it’s social control mechanisms.
      Any government is not the venue for that.
      To the extent that Dr. McCance-Katz supports forced treatment or drugging, she has proven unworthy of any governmental position. At least in America. She’d be right at home in any Socialist, or Fascist country….
      Sadly, that’s what’s happening to the America I wqas born into….

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  14. Quote from Frank:”Most of us are not members of the 1 %”.

    Well, some are 🙂 Quote: “About 1.1% of adults have schizophrenia in the United States”.


    Now if you were tallking about the top 1% with more money at the USA (like Trump), lets give some “ball in the park numbers”…

    Quote: “Our clients largely fall into the top 1%, have a net worth of $5,000,000 or above, and — if working — make over $300,000 per year. My observations on the sources of their wealth and concerns come from my professional and social activities within this group.

    Work by various economists and tax experts make it indisputable that the top 1% controls a widely disproportionate share of the income and wealth in the United States. When does one enter that top 1%? (I’ll use “k” for 1,000 and “M” for 1,000,000 as we usually do when communicating with clients or discussing money; thousands and millions take too much time to say.) Available data isn’t exact, but a family enters the top 1% or so today with somewhere around $300k to $400k in pre-tax annual income and over $1.2M in net worth. Compared to the average American family with a pre-tax income in the mid-$50k range and net worth around $120k, this probably seems like a lot of money. But, there are big differences even within that top 1%, with the wealth distribution highly skewed towards the top 0.1%”.


    Now lets use some maths converting USA dollars to Euros…

    The USA working 1%… make over 300.000 USA Dollars per year.
    That is more than 275 thousand euros per year.

    You want to bet that 1% feels has the rigth to impose his will over the life of “normal” others? Are even step over teh rigths of the “mad” (so to say)?

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  15. By the way, David Oaks, I respectfully disagree with the idea that most Americans are against forced druggings. If they were, the abominable Cures Act would never have been passed.

    The average American might as well have a head of cabbage between his shoulders for all the mental activity that goes on in his meat head. Furthermore, people are more selfish and apathetic than ever. I grow more misanthropic every day.

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    • I agree. Life has changed tremendously since I was a kid many years ago. It makes me upset to wonder where it’s all going to end up. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have the Koch brothers actually in charge of everything. They’re in charge of a lot right now; one of my dear senators is one of their flunkies and the second one might as well be. He probably is at this point.

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