Trials Comparing Treatments for Depression Favor Pharmacotherapy when Statisticians Involved

A meta-analysis looks at the effects of researcher background on study findings for trials comparing pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy for depression.


In August 2010, my friend and fellow ā€˜suicide mumā€™ Deb Williams and I established CASPER ā€“ Community Action on Suicide Prevention Education & Research. CASPERā€™s goals are to provide peer support to families bereaved by suicide, to educate politicians and opinion leaders on suicide and its prevention and to support families and communities to reclaim suicide prevention from medical professionals and governments.

ā€œAntidepressants Cost NHS Ā£5.5m A Weekā€

The Times Katie Gibbons reports that the UK ā€œNHS is spending a record Ā£780,000 a day on antidepressants as failing mental health services struggle...

Germanwings Pilot Reportedly Had Antidepressants — Many Banned By US FAA

The German pilot who apparently deliberately crashed a passenger plane reportedly had antidepressant drugs in his home, use of which is restricted or disallowed by many aviation regulators.
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Is There a Small Group for Whom Antidepressants Are Effective?

In a new study, researchers found no evidence of antidepressant group variance, which means that there's no particular group of patients who improve more than others on the drug.

Very Slow Tapering Best For Antidepressant Withdrawal

A new article in Lancet Psychiatry finds that slower tapering of SSRIs is better for preventing antidepressant withdrawal effects.

Researching the Link Between SSRIs and Violence

In 2010, my 25-year old son was prescribed Prozac for depression. After a psychiatrist doubled his dose, my son became acutely psychotic and had to be admitted to the hospital. Over the next twelve months, during which time he was treated with antidepressants and neuroleptics, my son had five further psychotic experiences. I thought it might be that my son was having difficulty metabolising the drugs.

Researchers Investigate Antidepressant-Induced Suicidal Ideation

An increase in suicidal thoughts is a known and serious side-effect for various types of antidepressants. Recent studies suggest that there may be some...

Study of Online Antidepressant Forums Reveals Long Lasting Withdrawal Effects

Effects of discontinuing SSRIs and SNRIs reported on an online forum indicate significant and long-lasting withdrawal symptoms.

What Do Antidepressants in Drinking Water Do to Birds?

Ever higher levels of pharmaceutical drugs are turning up in drinking water supplies, and an op-ed in the UK Mirror discusses a study that...

5,012 Englishwomen Poisoned Last Year by Benzos, 8,501 by SSRIs

Addiction Today reports "Attention on illicit drugs has deflected focus from the gigantic scale of harms by legal, prescribed drugs. We give you the...

Are DNA Changes the Link Between Poverty and Mental Illness?

Researchers at Duke University who studiedĀ 183 adolescents forĀ three years found that increased depression associated with poverty may be mediated by epigeneticĀ changes in DNA. The...

The SSRIs and Ten Years of Misleading Advertising: Who is Responsible?

In the BMJ this week there is a debate about the antidepressants. On the ā€œYes, The antidepressants are overprescribedā€ side is Des Spence. This is hardly a new debate and Des Spence makes a good case for the overuse of the antidepressants, but what caught our eye was the response by Adrian Preda, and his discussion about the findings of Irving Kirsch.

New Study Concludes that Antidepressants are “Largely Ineffective and Potentially Harmfulā€

A new study published in Frontiers in Psychiatry concludes that ā€œantidepressants are largely ineffective and potentially harmful.ā€

Scientists Call for Increased Transparency in Research

Scientists at the Yale Collaboration for Research Integrity and Transparency (CRIT) published a new policy paper this month criticizing the current state of biomedical research and calling for improved transparency in research methods.

Antidepressant is Toxic to Fungus

Zoloft isn't just for depression any more; it also kills fungal meningitis. Researchers from Texas A&M find that "The problem for many current antifungal...

Brand Fascism

The norm in science is that there is free access to the data underpinning experiments. If free access is denied; itā€™s not science. In the case of branded pharmaceuticals, we do not even know what trials have been done. What is put in the public domain is not data. The selected highlights of a football game and the comments of the pundits afterwards don't change the score. The selected highlights of pharma studies and the comments of pundits routinely change the score.

Psychotropics Significantly Increase Falls in the Elderly

Psychotropic medications, including short-acting benzodiazepines, strongly increase the frequency of falls in the elderly, according to research from the Netherlands published in Maturitas: The...

Older Patients Being Prescribed Risky Anticholinergic Drugs

FromĀ MinnPost: A new University of Minnesota study has found that anticholinergic drugs, including antidepressants, continue to be prescribed to millions of older Americans despite...

Systematic Review Finds Antidepressants Double the Risk for Agitation and Violence in Healthy Volunteers

The Nordic Cochrane Center conducted a systematic review of existing research trials on antidepressants and found that the drugs doubled the risk of feelings...

Challenging the Status Quo

In 2009, my friend Leonieā€™s 22-year-old son Shane killed himself and another young man after taking Citalopram for 17 days. Eighteen days after Shaneā€™s death, Psychiatrist Dr Michael Corry publicly stated his view that he could not have done what he did had he not been on Citalopram. Initially Leonie admits to thinking he was mad. How could medicine prescribed by a doctor have anything to do with what had happened to her son?

“Lives ‘Left in Ruinā€™ by Rising Tide of Depression Drugs”

Julia Llewellyn Smith reports in theĀ Telegraph that "Last year, 53ā€‰million prescriptions were issued for antidepressants in England alone, nearly double the number prescribed a...

NY Supreme Court Awards $1.5 M in Antidepressant-Related Suicide

The New York State Supreme Court found in favor of Janice Mazella, widow of Ā basketball coach and teacher Joe Mazella, in a malpractice suit...

ā€œMore Patients in Scotland Given Antidepressantsā€

The BBC reports that the number of people in Scotland taking antidepressants has increased by 5% in the past year with most of the patients being women and those in the poorest parts of the country. ā€œWe are now looking at the flabbergasting statistic of more than one in seven people in Scotland being prescribed antidepressants this year,ā€ Conservative health spokesman Jackson Carlaw said. ā€œWe urgently have to look at better alternatives than simply parking people on medication in the hope things don't get any worse, with no aspiration for complete recovery."