ADHD Prescribing Differs Substantially in UK vs. US

An article in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry finds that the UK's new guidelines for treating attention and depression problems in children recommend a...

Drug Treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder Not Supported By Evidence

New research published in the August issue of Psychiatric Annals evaluates the results of randomized control trials on the use of various psychotropic drugs for patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). Despite the “American Psychiatric Association’s practice guidelines endorsement of SSRIs as first-line therapies for BPD,” the results of the meta-analysis reveal that pharmacotherapy in BPD is “not supported by the current literature,” and “should be avoided whenever possible.”

Withdrawal Symptoms Routinely Confound Findings of Psychiatric Drug Studies

Researchers examine how rapid discontinuation can mimic the relapse of mental health symptoms and confound psychiatric drug studies.

Reading the RIAT Act: A Call to Publish Unpublished Data

The Restoring Invisible and Abandoned Trials (RIAT) proposal, backed by the British Medical Journal and PLoS ONE last week, calls for the "responsible publication and...

Perspectives on Neuroimaging

A study in BMC Psychiatry explores a range of perspectives on the value of neuroimaging studies for disorders of mental health. The study concludes...

“5 Ways Drug Makers and the Health Care Industry Are Shaping Campaigns”

For STAT, Sheila Kaplan reports how the pharmaceutical industry is lobbying presidential candidates and making major contributions, even to candidates who have criticized the...

New Book Deconstructs Ideology of Cognitive Therapy

CBT forwards a hyper-rational perspective of human suffering that complements a managerialist culture of efficiency and institutionalization in the Western world.

Lieberman Calls Whitaker “A Menace to Society”

On Canada's popular national CBC radio program The Sunday Edition, psychiatrist Jeffrey Lieberman today described Robert Whitaker as "a menace to society."

Psychosis as a Basic “Disturbance of Self”

Researchers in Australia and the U.K. found that a basic disruption of the sense of ownership of one's experience and a lack of self-agency...

“Many Clinical Trials’ Findings Never Get Published. Here’s Why That’s Bad”

STAT’s watchdogs, Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus, explain why unpublished studies for drug makers and researchers “put young patients at risk, particularly if those...

APA President-Elect Responds to DSM Criticism on Fox News

Dr. Keith Ablow, a former APA member who resigned "in protest," criticized the DSM on last week. Dr. Joseph Lieberman, president-elect of the...

“Nature and Nurture: Human Brains Evolved to be More Responsive to Environmental Influences”

"We found that the anatomy of the chimpanzee brain is more strongly controlled by genes than that of human brains, suggesting that the human brain is extensively shaped by its environment no matter its genetics," said Aida Gómez-Robles, postdoctoral scientist at the GW Center for the Advanced Study of Human Paleobiology and lead author on the paper. "So while genetics determined human and chimpanzee brain size, it isn't as much of a factor for human cerebral organization as it is for chimpanzees."

Teacher Perspectives on Student ADHD Medication Use

Qualitative study examines patterns in teacher attitudes and knowledge related to medication of students for ADHD-type behaviors.

Exploring Psychiatry’s “Black Hole”: The International Institute on Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal

When Carina Håkansson sent out an invitation for a symposium on "Pharmaceuticals: Risks and Alternatives," some of the world's top scientists, along with experts-by-experience, came from 13 countries to explore better ways to respond to people in crisis.

Polypharmacy and Excessive Dosing

Researchers in Japan investigated 139 patients with schizophrenia diagnoses due to be discharged from 19 acute psychiatric units in Japanese hospitals. Polypharmacy and excessive...

Most Media Health Stories Pump Positives, Minimize Harms

A "Special Communication" by publisher Gary Schwitzer published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reports that most news media present very...

Internal Eli Lilly Documents Added to Online Archive

Internal Eli Lilly records about the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa have been added to the University of California's online, publicly accessible Drug Industry Documents Archive...

The Empire Dreamt Back: Britain’s Use of Psychoanalysis

From Aeon: In the early 20th-century Age of Empire, officials in the British Empire sought to better understand their colonial subjects through the use of...

Researchers Investigate Antidepressant-Induced Suicidal Ideation

An increase in suicidal thoughts is a known and serious side-effect for various types of antidepressants. Recent studies suggest that there may be some...

Stimulants Double Adverse Cardiovascular Events in Children

In what they describe as the first large-scale, long-term, nation-wide study of its kind, Danish researchers have confirmed that ADHD stimulants double the risk...

The FBI and Defense Department are Investigating UHS Hospitals

From BuzzFeed News: America's largest chain of psychiatric hospitals, United Health Services, is currently under investigation by at least three federal agencies including the FBI...

“Will 20th Century Patient Safeguards Be Reversed in the 21st Century?”

-The US government has been "chipping away" at the FDA's powers in order to speed up drug approvals.

Psychiatric Medications Heighten Risk for Major Bone Fractures

Important assessment tool found to underestimate the risk for fracture in patients on psychiatric medication.

Study Finds Hearing Voices Groups Improve Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Hearing Voices Network self-help groups are an important resource for coping with voice hearing, study finds.

The First Count of Fentanyl Deaths in 2016

From The New York Times: According to the first governmental account of nationwide drug deaths to cover all of 2016, drug overdose deaths increased by...