“Psychiatrist Gets 9 Months for Accepting Kickbacks from Drug Firm”


Chicago Psychiatrist Michael Reinstein received a sentence of nine months in prison for taking an estimated $600,000 in kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies in exchange for prescribing their drugs to patients. Reinstein dangerously prescribed the antipsychotic Clozapine to thousands of elderly patients in area nursing homes and hospitals. “At one point in the early 2000s, he was the largest prescriber of Clozapine to Medicaid recipients in the county,” the Chicago Sun Times reports.

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  1. This is what should be happening with all the psychiatrists in academia who are accepting money from drug companies while running studies and publishing results that do not hold up to scrutiny. Really, if they were just so incompetent that peer review and independent researchers could keep finding so many flaws in their studies, then why would they keep getting paid so much and be considered experts? The proof of corruption should be easy to prove to any reasonable jury. I’ve said this many of times, that this is where the efforts of all “anti-psychiatry” “movements” should be. It’s time to stop arguing with them and start going after them. We need to find a way to maneuver the legal system to bring justice to the Joseph Beiderman’s, Stan Kutcher’s and Charles Nemeroff’s.

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      • “The first challenge is raising public awareness”

        I would disagree, sounds like a sister form of protesting, which has already been done extensively for generations and has never accomplished anything.

        Besides, the best public awareness would be thousands of journalists across the country having to cover a story as profound as high-level psychiatry experts being charged with crimes related to their scientific research the fraudulent disinformation it produced and the subsequent harms that millions of people — including children — had suffered and even been irreparable harmed from.

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      • “The first challenge is raising public awareness– ”

        I feel I have to come back to this. In terms of getting the right lawyers to take interest in finding the right avenues for seeking justice, exactly what is public awareness going to do?

        Is there a belief that if enough people know about it, AND agree with us, that judges and politicians will just start taking matters into their own hands, regardless of the law and how the government works? Really, places like MFI have been protesting for decades, and not only haven’t accomplished a single thing, but have made many things worse (like turning Chris Busche’s 2-3 week psych unit incarceration into an 18 month state hospital one by “advocating” for him) and regardless of their activities one way or another, psychiatry and big pharma soared to new heights as if all the protests and “public awareness” weren’t even as much as a fly in the room.

        Besides that, even if you do manage to get the public’s awareness, it wont be for long. Even the most horrific mass shootings like Adam Lanza’s are mostly forgotten by everybody in just a few weeks. People are busy living their lives. They’re not going to be able to help us. They’re certainly not going to form a mob to go and arrest people like Joseph Beiderman.

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        • Here’s some food for thought regarding the impact of public awareness campaigns. This is a comment posted on 1boringoldman responding to the same link I posted here.:

          >>James O’Brien, M.D. March 13, 2016 | 2:16 PM

          The elite institutional KOLs are the best unwitting allies that CCHR ever had. If they keep it (overpathologizing everything) up, CCHR will be amassing major political victories over psychiatry in the next twenty years.
          CCHR is not just a broken clock here, they are winning the debate with the public slowly but surely.
          Institutional psychiatry would be well advised at this juncture to knock it off and focus on the 15-20 major illnesses instead of trying to be everything (or do anything) to everyone. <<

          The focus on *treatment* for a maladjusted individual , while dismissing the social, economic and political environment as relevant to the health and well being of each individual reflects the preferences of the wealthiest members of our society a hundred years ago. There was nothing democratic about the process that lead to the establishment of psychiatry as an institution. Cloaked in the rhetoric of altruism and compassionate intention, psychiatry has pursued their own guild interests in concert with the self serving interests of wealthy philanthropists who viewed social control as fundamental to (their?) peace and prosperity. This has been perpetuated for the past 5 generations. How many readers here know where and how the most threatening institution , in terms of the well being, health and safety of our children , was created?

          I am working on documenting the key historical events that transpired in the early 1900's here in Boston that set the stage for the medical kidnapping of Justina Pelletier. ( and countless other kids in our country, who have not yet been reunited with their families). I think there are a few key issues in this unexplored, yet critical piece of our history that could very well galvanize a formidable anti-psychiatry movement. I am referring to a platform for political activism by an engaged, educated *public*.

          The parens patriae doctrines (late 1800's) that were implemented by a group, misnamed, "The child savers" are the foundation for juvenile court, and were the basis for mandated public education and closed adoptions. The *discretionary* powers of juvenile court judges were informed by psychiatry for 50 years–even before *child* psychiatry was created as a subspecialty. Child welfare was established by psychiatry, beginning in Boston, at the Judge Baker Child Guidance Center" in 1917, which became the *model*, and training center for juvenile/family courts throughout the country. This enterprise was funded by the private sector. The forerunners became known as the Boston Brahmins, who expanded their *movement* in myriad ways, eventually securing government funding to perpetuate their *social experiment*.

          This is a very brief overview that I am sharing here to explain the absolute necessity of ongoing public awareness efforts. Ultimately the foundation of this corrupt institution, Psychiatry, must be viewed in terms of its being a direct adversary of our constitution. The fact that we all belong to *the state* until we reach age 18, is not generally known, nor is the *state as our parent*, correctly defined, as psychiatry, which it absolutely is. By the same token, judgment of *incompetency* which also evokes parens patriae , is the product of psychiatry's power to essentially become our *parent*. If a poll were conducted today, I am certain that very few Americans would be able to explain how and why their individual rights and freedoms can be revoked by a psychiatrist's testimony in a uniquely mysterious court of *law*. However, it also stands to reason that when a good many of us become well versed in this taboo aspect of American history, the implications will become clear.

          We cannot approach the reality of a democratic society until we have addressed the unconstitutional roots of this one corrupt institution, psychiatry. All manners of harm, damage , including *crimes against humanity* will likewise need to be addressed— which speaks directly to the crucial nature of every effort we make to raise the awareness of the public to all matters that pertain to psychiatry.

          Throughout the past 100 years, our culture has become embedded with the notion that all problems of adjustment and functioning within *society* are inherently linked to the *fitness* of the individual. The pathologizing and medicalizing of social functioning problems began in 1917 with the acceptance of one study by one psychiatrist who wrote, "The Individual Delinquent"– from that point in history, the financial resources that were needed to perpetuate Dr. William Healy's theories were secured from those who required little in the way of scientific evidence or even successful treatment outcomes–; the perpetual investment of financial resources was predicated on *medical expertise*-, the self proclaimed status of psychiatry.

          Joseph Biederman's infamous documented proclamation that only, God outranks him (at Harvard Medical School), is an accurate reflection of the predicament we find ourselves in whenever we attempt to challenge psychiatry or hold *it* accountable. Crazy making paradoxical trap– that can ensnare any of us– from the cradle to the grave.

          Biederman resides at the epicenter of this scourge, where the Pelletier's have returned to wage their battle against Harvard affiliated Boston Children's Hospital for the crimes of humanity committed against their daughter, Justina. Though Biederman is not directly involved in this case, the success of the next wave of public awareness campaigning will definitely reach him, and his consorts in their Ivory Tower.

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          • Well one thing is for sure, in the decade or so that psychiatry quickly rose to prosperity, they had little if any credibility with the public. They did it through gaming the system; having allies like Big Pharma, and the best lawyers money could buy.

            I’m saying the way to reverse this, is to do exactly what they did for themselves, except against them. Game the legal system is such a way as to find any and every loophole there is that could crush them one by one and piece by piece, and fight THAT battle, because the public doesn’t have any real power in this, only authority does.

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          • “Well one thing is for sure, in the decade or so that psychiatry quickly rose to prosperity, they had little if any credibility with the public. They did it through gaming the system;”

            I want to add that my experiences with psychiatry as a child were a perfect example of what I mean. In all my years of being tormented and permanently damaged by them in that time, I don’t recall ever coming across another kid who wasn’t in a situation like mine or very similar. Psychiatrists hooked up with the schools, teachers began reporting “problem child’s”, parents were referred to psychiatrists, child protective services were on-board to get involved if they didn’t cooperate.

            Take away psychiatry’s partnership with the government school system and their coercive powers through CPS and B.S. like “child abuse by medical neglect”, and I bet there would had been very few children in the 1980’s and early 90’s whose parents would have ever taken them to a drug pushing psychiatrists, or consented to putting them on those drugs.

            In the new millennium, propaganda forces have changed things quite a bit. There is definitely much more public approval for psychiatry today and many more parents not only willing but who are the agents-in-control forcing the torment of forced drugging on their children. But it all began with gaming the system. Psychiatry never bothered wasting its time trying to raise “public awareness” for their propaganda until after they had already established their power.

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          • And for the sake of fun, I thought maybe a visual presentation of my point might be worth yet another comment post.

            In this scene, “lord baelish” — a backhanded man with a lot of “dirt” of a lot of people — is trying to coerce Cersei shortly after she had come to power by implying that he his aware of her secretive incestuous love affair with her brother; https://youtu.be/ifaRhL95HUM?t=1m43s

            The time stamp should begin the video at 1:43.

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  2. If I’m not mistaken isn’t can’t Clozapine become highly toxic to a person if it isn’t regulated really well? The toxic poison shouldn’t be given to anyone, let alone the elderly. This guy should get more than nine months in prison. He’s probably going to spend those months in some nice white collar prison where he’ll get to sit and watch soap operas all day long. At least it’s a beginning in the battle to bring psychiatry to hell and bow down.

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    • Clozapine can cause a very serious blood disorder, agranulocytosis, occurring in less than 1% of patents, but possibly deadly. Other blood problems are observed in up to 10% of the population, according to Drugs.com, a very mainstream source. They identify tachycardia (racing heart) as “very common” at 25% of cases, and weight gain is also very common. More info is readily available on line. It’s generally not something that’s prescribed until you’ve tried everything else, because the side effects can be deadly.

      This guy got off VERY easy for all the hundreds of lives he put in danger just so he could make more money. Still, it’s good to know someone got busted.

      —- Steve

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