“Page Not Found” Ends Up “Telling All” About Psychiatry


Just for fun, let’s take a look at how far psychiatry will go when a bit of truth escapes from one of its own publications and must be deleted in clumsy desperation. This is not a blog—it is a special event. Something to lighten your day and deepen your cynicism about psychiatry.

By now, most people are aware that psychiatry and drug companies cannot be trusted to tell the truth and that they will, at every chance, suppress and censor information that throws a bad light on them and their treatments.

Anyone who has not yet learned this can quickly catch up by reading books such as Peter Gøtzsche’s Deadly Psychiatry, Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic, or my book Medication Madness.

Now for this tidbit of disillusioning entertainment. My wife Ginger Breggin kindly helps me keep up with the universe in part by tracking psychiatric publications on the internet. We are not looking for new scientific information—psychiatry does not publish scientific information. Psychiatry has turned even the “gold standard of science” of randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials into a “gold standard for the big fix” by manipulating them so fraudulently that they cannot be taken seriously.

As a part of keeping abreast of psychiatric shenanigans, she receives “Google Alerts—Psychiatry.” Here’s what it looks like:

google alert psychiatry advisor

One of the Alerts that came from Psychiatry Advisor had a tantalizing lead, indicating that a lawyer was about to let the cat out of the bag that psychiatric meds can increase the risk of suicide:

psychiatry advisor censorship

Eagerly Ginger hit the link, waiting to find this all-important warning on a psychiatric site. It would be a first! But this is what she found:

psychiatry advisor censure of anti psych comment

Ginger was dismayed at what she found… or didn’t find. The page now read: “Page Not Found.” The link to what the attorney might have been warning psychiatrists about was gone. I would like to make “Page Not Found” into a song, into a book title, into a movie. Page Not Found! But I’ll limit myself to a few more comments.

This, my dear friends on MIA, is the essence of psychiatry. When it comes to all the myriad and often tragic harms that psychiatric drugs can cause, my colleagues answer: “Page Not Found.”

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE TO IT. So far I had been speculating that they were hiding something. Maybe it was a technical error.

I asked Ginger if she could send me a link to the “Page Not Found” webpage so I could put it in this report. When she pasted the link into her email to me, like internet magic, up popped the metatag which displayed the lawyer’s complete summary statement.


Ann W. Latner, JD, Author at Psychiatry Advisor

When managing patients with depression, clinicians must always be cognizant that suicide is a possibility, and that sometimes the medications prescribed can actually exacerbate the situation.


Really, who knew that many psychiatrists still have no idea that antidepressants can exacerbate and even cause suicide? How could that be? It’s kept from them at every opportunity.

Apparently, Psychiatry Advisor believes that its audience of psychiatrists has no idea that antidepressants are a menace to patients and even to normal volunteers who develop precursor to suicide symptoms like over-stimulation (activation). Psychiatry Advisor certainly wanted to keep the dreadful news from them!

They must have been in a mad rush to obliterate attorney Latner’s warning about psychiatric drugs on the first day of its publication. They did the quickest thing, removing the article, but forgot the meta tag. The link revealed the hidden meta tag warning, “and that sometimes the medications prescribed can actually exacerbate the situation.”

In addition to calling this censorship bumbling, what shall we say about it? It is the epitome of the constant psychiatric censorship that tries to hide the damaging effects of psychiatric drugs from everyone, including psychiatrists who happen to look for useful information on www.psychiatryadvisor.com, a “community for psychiatric clinicians.” So this is how the psychiatric community is kept ignorant? By censoring? Yes, and by a heavy-handed underlying threat never to blow the whistle on the fact that biological psychiatry is doing far more harm than good.

Psychiatry’s suppression of negative information about their drugs is a self-serving evil. It shows how the wellbeing of their patients plays a very, very minor role in the profession’s considerations. For them, it’s all about the drugs. Drugs are all they know, prescribing makes them look and feel like real medical doctors, and it pays very well.

Hey, what about the patients? Patients?… They are barely worth talking to. The modern psychiatric approach is “Give them ten minutes. The more of them I cram in, the more money I make.” It’s the “sardines in a can” approach to helping people.

* * *

Editor’s note: Upon further investigation, it seems that all articles by the author Ann W. Latner, JD have been removed from the Psychiatry Advisor site. She has offered an explanation for why they were removed:

“The reason that article was taken down from Psychiatry Advisor is that I do not write for them. I write for two other Haymarket publications: Clinical Advisor (for NPs and PAs) and eMPR (for MDs). Occasionally the company tries to cross post my articles on their other sites, but they are not supposed to. (How is a freelancer supposed to make a living?) So that is why those articles are not there — there is no big conspiracy. The article IS located here: https://www.empr.com/home/features/can-a-physician-be-held-liable-when-a-patient-commits-suicide.”


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  1. It’s an interesting article but I do find myself differing with Mr. B about psychiatry as practiced today. It isn’t biological psychiatry, but pharmaceutical psychiatry. This “medical” approach we see pays little attention to biology, but exerts great effort promoting the latest pharmaceutical “treatments” with new and improved drugs to inflict neurological punishment on psychiatric patients, giving them dyskinesia, akathisia and other amazing side effects generated by companies ignorant of the biological consequences of these supposed treatments.

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    • I don’t know that the pharmaceutical corporations are “ignorant of the biological consequences of these supposed treatments.” For goodness sakes, they intentionally named drugs known to cause suicides “antidepressants,” and drugs known to cause psychosis “antipsychotics.” Coincidence? Not likely given the legal mandate of those corporations to make a profit for their share holders. And the character of the banking families who largely financed and miseducated our medical/pharmaceutical industrial complex.

      But excellent point, bcharris, “It isn’t biological psychiatry, but pharmaceutical psychiatry.”

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    • Yes, I saw on the news last night where a psychiatrists was promoting a new drug for post-partum depression in new mothers. They’ve got to get their hands in everything. And she was even promoting “antidepressants” along with the new “treatment”. Of course, perhaps a lot of women will be saved from this trap because the cost is so horrendous that none but the most wealthy will be able to pay for it. The psychiatrists was saying that they hope that insurance will pay for it. Also, you must spend 60 hr. in treatment. Who can afford that kind of time in a hospital at the rates that they charge.

      Also, last week there was a psychiatrist promoting the new esketamine nose spray for depression. They’re bombarding us from all sides with their new “treatments” for our supposed problems.

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      • Btw, my parents roll their eyes at news about “antidepressants” now. Mom said she was surprised how much better I am off of them.

        And the horse tranquilizers creep many out. More skepticism is occurring even though there are few true “anti psych” people are around. Dr. Phil yelled at a mom for putting her kids on ten drugs apiece through three different doctors.

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      • Stephen Gilbert – yes, they have their grimy fingers in all of it. ‘Sage will charge $34,000 for a single treatment course of Zulresso, before any discounts or rebates. There will also be the added expense of a short hospital stay. Jonas, Sage’s CEO, expects wide reimbursement for Zulresso, based on talks the company has already had with insurance companies. The most significant commercial challenge, Jonas adds, will be helping hospitals prepare and train staff to administer the drug.’

        ZULRESSO can cause serious side effects, including:
        • Excessive sedation and sudden loss of consciousness.
        • Increased risk of suicidal thoughts or actions. ZULRESSO and other antidepressant medicines may increase suicidal thoughts and actions in some people 24 years of age and younger. (Miraculously this new drug is going to be able to tell how old you are. That’s pretty amazing.) Zulresso insert: All patients with loss of or altered state of consciousness recovered with dose interruption. (Altered states of consciousness!!) Concomitant use of opioids,antidepressants, or other CNS depressants such as benzodiazepines or alcohol may increase the likelihood or severity of adverse reactions related to sedation[see Warnings and Precautions (7.1, 7.2)]. (How likely is it that patients are only going to be prescribed this ONE drug when we’re typically given FIVE psychiatric drugs simultaneously.)

        • 9.3DependenceIn the PPD clinical studies conducted with ZULRESSO, end of treatment occurred through tapering. Thus, in these studies it was not possible to assess whether abrupt discontinuation of ZULRESSO produced withdrawal symptoms indicative of physical dependence. It is recommended that ZULRESSO be tapered according to the dosage recommendations, unless symptoms warrant immediate discontinuation[see Dosage and Administration (2.2), Warnings and Precautions (5.1)]. (They deliberately did not study for abrupt withdrawal syndrome. That was pretty handy. And it works through the GABBA receptor so that’s going to be a lovely withdrawal. How many Dr’s taper patients off drugs? I don’t personally know of any. My Mental Healthcare workers said it was ‘just fine’ to cold turkey off Klonopin, and my psychiatrists & hospitals repeatedly abruptly stopped my SSRI and antipsychotic’s. So how realist is it really to think your doctor is going to taper you down?)

        It’s a home-run for Sage pharmaceuticals, a disaster waiting to happen for patients.

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        • Thank you for this information. It just proves that this is going to be another disaster for “patients”. And isn’t it interesting that a drug that supposedly helps with “depression” can actually cause suicidal problems for the women taking it?!!

          I so hope that women stop and think very hard before they fall into this trap. I wonder if it will end up causing problems so that women end up being diagnosed as schizophrenic or bi-polar. If it does the psychiatrists will say that it “unmasked their underlying illness”.

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  2. I believe the transcript of a keynote speech at the American Psychiatric Assn. convention around 1942 by a shrink who advocated the murder (“euthanasia”) of mental patients has also been excised from the archives. Stephen Gilbert might know more about this.

    Also as I’ve mentioned elsewhere be prepared for anti-psychiatry info to start getting pulled from social media search engines, etc., as they just did across the board with non-laudatory info about vaccines.

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  3. page not found. LOL. kind of like…

    biological basis for any dsm/icd label not found. real help in improving lives, families, communities, society not found. justification for crazy insane cost of ‘treatment’ not found. compassion not found. honesty not found. transparency not found. proper monitoring not found.

    given the psych industry’s role as a pseudoscientific, religious form of control…this (in the United States, at least) in the context of a crumbling, alienated and alienating, increasingly oppressive society in which even what remains of real, transcendent religions has declined…maybe they just have so much power and influence that they don’t need to find any of the things mentioned above?

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  4. Many years ago I had an original “admission”; and maybe 5 following hospitalizations, all of which were suicidal, until I stopped taking “medication” to recover.

    When I explained the dangers of the “medication” to my psychiatrist – he left the continent.

    In my case he might have been worried about being sued – but in reality he should have been worried about being prosecuted.

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    • It’s perfectly legal for shrinks to kill patients in the US if they do it by “standard treatment.” Lost two friends to that. Not suicides. Not mistakes. “Standard treatment side effects.” 🙁

      (By mistakes I mean bungling the dosage or forgetting allergic reactions. Karen’s shrink knew she was seizing on her drug and thought that was acceptable for her. By her I mean the shrink. Plenty more where Karen came from.)

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      • There are no such things as “side effects”. Anything that a drug does to people is an effect. When doctors and drug companies refer to something as a “side effect” they’re trying to minimize everything to convince people that their drug is safe to take. So, I refuse to call things “side effects”.

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      • Rachel777,

        What happens if they cover up the side effects, and deliberately keep Requested Adverse Drug Reaction Warnings off the records, while at the same time reassuring the patient that the Warnings have been entered, and that the patient is protected.

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          • i do wonder…what gives with the sadism, at all levels of mental health, inc.? it isn’t one or two ‘bad apples,’ and it isn’t even limited to, say, the lobotomy years or the shock- and drug-heavy ‘treatment’ of the 60s state hospitals…

            i think it was Breggin who pointed out: even the most seemingly compassionate, warm, “caring” psychiatrist has victims. their latest victim could be booked on the same day as you, the well-treated person/’patient.’ in fact, it is entirely possible…

            the Dr.Nice Dude (or Dr.Kind Lady) mask will come off for you, too, once: the insurance runs dry, you lose your job, you’re trapped, you’re poor, your brain is scrambled, they get sufficient leverage.

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          • Or once you have the audacity to complain about a drug causing seizures, heart arrhythmia, your weight doubling over a few months, uncontrollable vomiting, hallucinations you didn’t experience before, horrible depression, etc.

            I never knew to what to complain about in the “side effect” department since most would deny it or shrug it off as no big deal even if it was listed on the thing the pills came with saying you should report. I learned early on reporting problems was futile and kept my mouth shut about anything negative. Shrinks only hear what they want and dismiss anything negative as delusions/poor insight/agosognosia/personality disorder/fill in the BS. Or they think your premature death by multiple strokes, seizures, or heart attacks is a risk they’re willing to take for Big Pharma kickbacks.

            How dare you pill shame! Shame on YOU!

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        • MD/DOs in the US make 2x as much as their peers in many nations w/ universal coverage. this is done thru limiting the # of MD/DOs produced by US medical schools, and then restricting the immigrant medical pros to keep compensation crazy high. this is imporant, in my view, because…

          the medical guild has a vested interest in the status quo. the current status quo is xenobiotic ‘treatment.’ no cures, no healing, no breakthroughs…

          survival, maintenance, ‘adjunct medication’ for adverse effects, etc. its a high dollar highway to hell, my friend. 🙁

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  5. Of course in any discussion of psychiatrists we should remember that a huge percentage of the prescriptions written are by primary care physicians. And, as I just learned in the case of a family member, they will write without even an appointment, on the basis of a phone message.

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  6. I would like to put wires on the parties involved in research, the DSM making and on DSM practitioners.
    Follow the noise for a year and I bet we could demand something.
    Do they ever check for ‘wires’? or cameras?
    Soon they might have to.

    There are obviously many false papers that are shredded and don’t make it farther than a plan.
    It is getting more difficult for them to make believable studies. The DSM should now have a comic on each page.
    I wish some people on MIA got together to write the new version of the DSM….perhaps call it the MSD? just so no one gets sued lol. MSD…..”Mental System Disorder?

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