My Hospital Discharge Summary: An Intriguing Work of Fiction


I want to share some thoughts on the contents of my latest discharge summary from hospital and some implications that have become apparent. The first paragraph of the letter starts: “Anthony Murray, 37-year-old male, resident of Woy Woy, et cetera” followed by a short rundown of admittedly indispensable vital statistics, yet it’s followed by two of the most inventive pages of literature possibly ever penned.

The remainder of the first page is devoted to my hysterical paranoia about Scientology. Now, at this stage, it’s important to make clear that my views on the Church of Scientology have never been particularly strong. Nevertheless, this account holds that I am outrageously aggrieved by some perceived slight committed against me by the Church, and therefore warrants considerable concern.

It was only upon reading the copy of my discharge summary that I began learning of this particular problem, of which I was previously completely unaware. However, my disorientated mind quickly began to recover and realised that, while admittedly I am aware of the existence of the Church of Scientology, a misunderstanding had occurred that preceded an immediate mandatory detention and also resulted in the documentation of a deep-seated and long-standing outrage at the Church.

I recalled a brief intercourse with a lady two months earlier that went something like this: “Why don’t you want to take medication?” to which I replied, “Because I think psychiatry is a sham.” I believe that was the extent of the very brief conversation between myself and the lady, who I later found out was, in fact, a psychiatrist. Needless to say, it hastily resulted in a temporary though adequately lengthy loss of my autonomy. What I find barely fathomable about this simple question and answer is that it resulted in nearly a whole printed page of details about a pathological loathing for and an unwarranted prejudice towards the followers of L. Ron Hubbard. A marvel indeed, but undeniably there it was.

The next page I found just as difficult to believe existed, devoted as it was entirely to some unhealthy obsession of mine with matters pertaining to the spirit: again around 500 words of detail about a confused mind with an insatiable religious bent. I read on, deciphering the text, and again I came to realise how this particular critical flaw in my degenerate character was unearthed. You see, after four weeks of mind-bending boredom within confinement, I requested a family member furnish me with something to help pass the time: the book I was halfway through reading before beginning my involuntary incarceration. Now, of critical consequence, this was a book about Buddhism. Again though, for such an innocuous pastime of mine to morph into an entire printed page of detailed and damning critique of a deep and tortured psyche was nothing short of an astounding feat of doubtlessly a very studious and determined clerk. The output of this unassuming but talented worker truly was, in my mind, nothing short of a creative masterpiece.

I understand that such records are important to document disturbing thoughts and behaviours, which are a danger to individuals as well as the wider community. But I can’t help but muse about the implications of such content if it were to materialise in a slightly less paranoid setting. Imagine, for a second, that this account had originated within the intelligence department of the Khmer Rouge. Six weeks of interrogation, forced detention, and therefore hundreds of man-hours and considerable public expense …. I ask myself what, exactly, was the importance of the report, the personal information gleaned?  Or the necessity, with such problems as those documented, to exclude me from free society for a time? Excuse me for grandiosity, but I can’t see the significance to public safety or the personal relevance of those two tidbits of information. What is their damning significance and how could such findings ever be of any importance to anyone?

If we change some parameters within this context, we can construct a scenario that contains a different perspective entirely. What if the discharge summary were not information regarding 37-year-old mental patient Anthony Murray but was instead recorded about his elderly next-door neighbour, average citizen Joe? (Not his real name; it’s Max.)

Now it comes to light that Joe has always had slight reservations about Scientology and is also an avid enthusiast for the Buddhist religion. These sentiments don’t cause him any undue inconvenience and they’re not particularly remarkable facts about Joe; he has many more interesting views and he’s met other people also interested in meditation. But those two facts have taken on particular significance, as they have become a matter of record to the Australian Government.

It’s now been determined by an expert that these traits are aberrations and, in fact, problems for Joe. Joe’s tempted to dismiss this as a hoax until he learns that his liberty can be taken from him indefinitely at any time, because he doesn’t see a problem with these peculiarities. The advice of the expert is that Joe must no longer hold these preferences, and despite thinking the expert’s explanations are insensible, Joe is an honest and law-abiding man and so, in good faith, will endeavour to fulfill his new obligation. Especially considering that dismissing the expert as a crank and refusing his help will likely be a cause of trouble and possibly detainment. As a matter of course, the expert is highly trained and well-paid, and Joe’s assured said expert has only his best interests at heart.

Indeed, Joe doesn’t understand the absurdity of the concern about his opinion regarding Scientology and begins to conclude that perhaps his sharing of opinions is the problem that’s caused this trouble. So, during his morning walk, when his habit is to speak with his neighbour Anthony, he discovers he has very little to say and starts to feel a bit withdrawn. Anthony is surprised in the change that develops quickly in Joe’s behaviour; he’s usually so opinionated! So Joe mopes around at home most days and after not too long, he doesn’t feel like seeing anyone, as he is a bit worried that he’ll say something incriminating. By mid-afternoons Joe usually perks up, as it’s the time for his daily meditation practice… until he remembers it’s actually causing him problems and that his enjoyment of meditative pursuits is unwholesome.

Joe still sneaks in a little reflection as he sits vacantly in his chair at home from time to time, even though it’s strongly discouraged. He got so good at not voicing an opinion that he rarely says anything at all. He threw away his meditation cushion, it was just too tempting. He just wants his old life back. No matter which way he thinks about it, he can’t ever reconcile the expert’s logic. How could Joe have ever benefited by losing two things he held so dear and had not yet failed him: his passionate scepticism of Scientology, and his joyful daily prayer and reflection? How could he ever have become more fulfilled or live a better quality of life, he bemusedly wonders, by changing two things so insignificantly human about him and so undeniably integral to the man that was Joe?


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  1. Psychiatry=police state.

    Anthony, if possible, I advise you to leave Australia. From what I have read it’s psycho-state is far worse than ours.

    The fact that our health care is still partially privatized comes in handy since you can relocate to another state if ordered to be drugged or shocked without consent and they can’t legally kidnap you there. Or–if not state ordered–relocate to another community where no one knows your past and provide scant details for the hospital/doctors you see there.

    When you have to see a doctor he won’t automatically have access to the records of another system. You’ll also receive better care for kidney damage, IBD and other cruelties the shrinks have inflicted on you. It’s like they don’t care if you die if you have an SMI label.

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    • The psychiatric profession does like to drug people up for their religious beliefs. They seemingly believe that if you’re not a DSM “bible” worshipper, you need to be neurotoxic poisoned. My medical records, too, are filled with a bunch of lies and gossip, gotten from an ELCA Lutheran pastor who I’d just met, and his pedophile buddy’s wife. My former religion utilizes the psychologists and psychiatrists to cover up their, and their friends’, child abuse crimes.

      As a matter of fact, covering up child abuse is apparently the number one actual function of both the psychologists and psychiatrists.

      And all this child abuse covering up is by DSM design, which I guess makes the DSM “bible” a child sacrificing “bible.” And thus the DSM “bible” believers are people who believe in a child and human sacrificing religion.

      My medical records also contain other misinformation from sources other than me. It strikes me that my psychiatrists, who judge people they do not know or bother to listen to, thus fill their medical records with lies, are the “delusions of grandeur” filled people.

      When I confronted my psychiatrist with all of his delusions about who I am, written in his medical records (some of his medical records had been handed over to me by decent and disgusted nurses in my former PCP’s office). That psychiatrist basically had no choice but to declare my entire life a “credible fictional story,” that’s how misinformed he was.

      And, of course, you have to walk away from a lunatic psychiatrist who declares your entire life to be “fictional;” and thinks the best way to help a healing child, who had been abused four years prior according to medical records, is to neurotoxic poison that child.

      Thanks for sharing your story, Anthony. Oh, just an FYI, the antipsychotics and antidepressants can create “voices,” via anticholinergic toxidrome.

      But weaning off of them can also create a drug withdrawal induced manic psychosis. But if you can get through that, the voices may likely go away. I’m not certain, if you had “voices” prior to being psychiatrically drugged. But if you got the “voices” after being psych drugged, they’ll likely go away by weaning from the psych drugs.

      Your psychiatrist will likely get pissed if you point this out, however, he/she can’t deny this truth. I’d recommend finding a new doctor, and taking Rachel’s advice to move, is not bad advice. I hope you escape. God bless.

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      • From what I have read it’s psycho-state is far worse than ours.

        There’s swings and roundabouts.

        On one hand we don’t have insurance plan driven hospitalisation that provides incentives to keep someone locked up until their coverage expires, so by and large, forced hospital stays tend to be shorter if you haven’t been accused of a criminal offence.

        On the other hand, here in NSW (where Woy Woy is) the usual mantra for tossing you into a loony bin – “danger to oneself or others” – is deliberately left undefined in legislation, with guidelines suggesting it includes danger to your finances, reputation or relationships.

        For a colleague with a bipolar diagnosis what this meant is that when he was feeling energetic, buoyant and chatty and wanted to go out and talk to people, but his mother was afraid he’d embarrass himself and the family unless he stayed home until he was mordant, fatigued and almost mute again, she called his former psychiatrist. As a result he was handcuffed and bundled into the back of a police wagon on the main street of his small town right out front of the store where he bought his groceries in full view of friends, neighbours and acquaintances. He spent the following weeks in a locked ward many miles from home without his closest friends knowing where he was.

        That’s how the NSW Mental Health Act protects the reputation and relationships of those with a mental illness label.

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        • “danger to oneself or others” – is deliberately left undefined in legislation, with guidelines suggesting it includes danger to your finances, reputation or relationships.

          Yes, by writing such things as “damage to expensive photography equipment” on the statutory declaration under the section for “communicated matters” makes it sound important. I actually took the three mental health workers and two police back into my home and showed them the 20 cents worth of damage to the photograph, so writing it down as a communicated matter seemed wrong. It was actually an “observed matter” but I guess there wasn’t much room left in the observed matters sections as a result of the Community Nurse travelling back through time and space to make observations three weeks before he met me. Still, frauds are people that cause mischief for many people and those who conceal truths for them are no better. They are in fact also criminals.

          “That’s how the NSW Mental Health Act protects the reputation and relationships of those with a mental illness label.”

          In WA you don’t even need a “mental illness label”, just a couple of people prepared to lie, conspire to kidnap and torture, and a couple of stupid police who don’t give a damn who they snatch from their homes. Plant the evidence they require to detain and refer and hey presto you can have anyone you like locked up and dribbling in a cell within three hours should you wish. Not too dissimilar to the methods being used to execute Afghani citizens and then using ‘throw downs’ to conceal the war crimes. The same AK 47 turning up on various bodies in different situations.

          Is it any wonder the Federal Police needed to raid the offices of the ABC and identify the whistleblowers. I know the hospital did the same in my instance where they found out who knew the truth and then began threatening and intimidating them, which is fairly easy when your murdering people in hospital Emergency dept and calling them unintentional negative outcomes. Tough job and some people have the stomach for it.

          And it will take the victim years to have it sorted out as a result of a State that prefers refoulment of victims of human rights abuses as opposed to the ‘map’ set out in the Conventions.

          I do see the opportunity for ‘torture tourism’ though with the right team of corrupt public officials. Imagine what could be done to unsuspecting tourists whose own governments found their hands tied by human rights. Fact is in Australia there is only an illusion of human rights. And thus torturing other Nations citizens is more than possible. Try and find out where you make complaint regarding being tortured by the State and you soon realise there is no avenue as required under the Convention. Hardly any need to ‘rendition’ people, have them come here of their own volition and we can pick them up at the airport and send them back ‘treated’. And you’d be surprised how many people respond to any complaint with “they wouldn’t do that” and engage in slandering the victim.

          Absolutely beautiful, and you just need the ‘bottle’ to go through with it. I think back to the Community Nurse who knew what he was doing was torture and kidnapping, and was doing it right under the noses of two police officers lol. Well done mate, if it wasn’t for the fact I haven’t seen my grandkids for 9 years as a result of your criminality i’d smile with you. You must be destroying peoples lives on a daily basis and have good people assisting you in that process. You ever ask your boss “you want me to drop this c&^%t?” before shooting an unarmed citizen in the face at point blank range? Because your use of ‘throw downs’ is a well known fact by those in authority who are protecting you from prosecution for your human rights abuses. Thus they are encouraging your vile conduct.

          Is it any wonder that our ‘allies’ (like Canada) keep a close watch on their citizens when they fall prey to Australian mental health services? I think their reputation is preceding them these days.

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  2. ANTHONY! WELCOME! I was going to get “first comment” honors here, but Rachel’s comment posted WHILE I WAS LOGGING IN! LOL….
    Anyway, your writing here is probably in the Top Ten for MiA….
    Rachel is correct. America is the 3rd most screwed up country in the world for so-called “mental health”, and the pseudoscience drugs racket and mechanism of social control known as “psychiatry”.
    England and Australia are fighting, and swap places regularly for 2nd & 1st….
    But that’s enough of this Buddhist bullshit….
    Scientology is the only thing worse than anti-psychiatry to the quack shrink pill-pushers!….

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  3. Anthony,

    First off, we know those summaries are garbage. Write a similar one and destroy it. Symbolic.
    What a ridiculous question to ask you
    “why don’t you want to take “medication”?
    There is no answer to that, you realize? They are not looking for a right answer.
    If you said, “I’d love to take your drugs, I have gained SO much insight”
    They would write a one page negative summary.

    There are no summaries that say you are free and clear. NEVER, not unless someone got lucky.

    Canada is bad, so don’t come here, but if you can, move. Move to a hip, low crime country or area.

    Insulting to have to move I know. But they destroy people in more ways than one.

    One day, it will come crashing down on them. Crap like this does NOT go on indefinitely. Gods and cults die.

    Look after your whole body, you only ever need to prove yourself to yourself.

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      • Lol, I know right?

        I would be SO embarrassed to treat clients in such belittling ways.
        I think some shrinks are bright enough to not ask such dumbass questions,
        questions they were taught to ask, and taught as to how no answer will suffice.
        The brighter shrinks hate to look that stupid, so they simply bypass that which insults themselves, but the end result is the same.
        I bet there are many shrinks that want to disappear when thinking about the whole paradigm, the way they themselves were manipulated.

        The most difficult thing is to “come out”, amid the sect, the cult. To call it as one sees it. I mean, my god, they cannot stand it, because they know the absolute anger that psychiatry would unleash on them.
        They might feel mostly that they might lose their identity, their family, their way of life.
        Not for a minute do I believe that they all believe their own crap. Not even remotely possible.

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  4. Psychiatry often double speaks completely normal behaviour and I notice other official people have a tendency to back this up.

    I was raised a Catholic in Ireland in the 1960s and I don’t have strong opinions on Catholicism but if someone in Irish society today had strong opinions (usually “anti”) – It would be considered very normal.

    Lots of people seem to have strong opinions on Scientology – which which is also usually considered to be normal.

    Generally speaking Buddhist spokespeople like Richard Gere are considered normal – even though they might be very “preoccupied” with Buddhism.

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    • As far as I can see Buddhism has a lot of merit attached to it and can definitely increase happiness in life. Rufus May Doctor of Psychology in the UK (and ‘recovered person’) uses Buddhist techniques with success in his “schizophrenic curing” Work.

      I don’t have opinions on Scientology because I don’t know what it is.

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        • “somehow when I said Psychiatry it was taken down as Scientology”

          ‘somehow when I said Socialism, it was taken down as Communism’ (which was of no use explaining to Joe McCarthy when he questioned me).

          I’m just reading your latest comment Anthony, about being incarcerated again. Is there anything which might be of assistance to you?

          I can’t help but wonder if it is sometimes best to run with the Scientology ‘myth’ given that the ‘staff’ would be aware of the consequences of detaining and force drugging someone for their religious beliefs (and the Scientologists seem quite prepared to take care of their own, unlike the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre here, who are prepared to forge letters purporting to be from the Chief Psychiatrist to conceal acts of State sanctioned torture and kidnappings. The proof is in. Careful who you trust in that regard). In as much as being an anti psychiatrist is a political belief and NOT justification for brain damage. They obviously can’t be believers as the consequences of such actions would be obvious, whereas the infidel care not about their afterlife. (Funny how many of them wear the torture implement of the Romans around their necks and claim to be Christians really).

          On a brighter note, I said to my psychiatrist that I had been hearing voices, and he said “You don’t have a psychiatrist” 🙂

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  5. As you are probably aware Anthony they have difficulty locking people up for ‘exclusions’ such as religious beliefs. So how do they do that and not make it look like they do that? Simply don’t mention it in the critical documents (ie the statutory declarations) and slander the individual in the ‘personal opinion’ pieces of paper. So for example I would write of your “diagnostic category” in the legally biding documents and then write of your Scientology beliefs in other documents like “Outpatient Case Notes” which have no real legal standing. They will however influence other mental health workers in their treatment of you. And if they happen to dislike Scientologists then …….. you in for some ‘treatment’. It’s important to be able to ‘decode’ some of this stuff, for example “acute stress reaction” can be used for ‘torture this guy or he won’t talk’ etc.

    I often wonder why my religious beliefs were not included in my documents, my praying 5 times a day and my constant reading of the Qur’an etc. Of course slander and fraud in Islam are serious offences and these people make a living from it so…. there’s a bit of a conflict going on there. Along with the prohibition against the use of intoxicating/stupefying drugs (eg 4:43 do not approach prayers with a mind befogged).

    ‘Why don’t you want to take your medication?’

    Because I have been instructed by Allah (aw) not to. You got an issue with that?

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  6. Anthony. Try not to let the words of others define you.

    You are 37 and I’m thinking there is more good stuff ahead for you.

    Psychiatry is in denial about the current ineffective standards of treatments, etc..

    You are correct to see past psychiatry’s own disillusion! I wouldn’t call it a sham but would say it’s a damn shame!

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  7. Hi Anthony.

    Like you I’m a voice hearer from Woy Woy (are you related to my WWH class of ’79 classmate Neil Murray?).
    Like you I’m interested in Buddhism and am very skeptical of Scientology.
    I’m also a member of a Sydney based social justice activist group that specialises in trying to address the human rights abuses perpetrated under the Australian mental health system.

    If you want to contact me to open a dialogue leave a comment on my blog (about anything you like – ‘Hi’ will do). That will give me your email address and I’ll be in touch.

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  8. thank you Anthony
    Sorry to hear your story. That is Australia all right. The lies and twistingof truth in these documents. Short hand and sub text. When I was still trying to work it all out (just a phase trying to understand it now I don’t bother) I did some analysis on various inpatient summaries and discharge docs just like this. Phrases repeated over and over labelling and value judgements. Such as “well known to services”..guarded (why would u not be guarded with these people when ur locked up and have 4security guards on you ????) it’s lovely of everyone advising you to move in reality no one will give u papers to move there once they see your label so u are trapped. I wish u the best of luck and all good thoughts

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  9. Anthony, so sorry to hear of your circumstances. This is another very dark element of psychiatry that is unknown by the general public – that psychiatrists can write and publish to your records whatever false narrative they choose. I was sent a psychiatrist during cancer treatments for “help” with chemo drug-induced insomnia. I was stunned when I later read the multiple false statements and labels she had published in my electronic records. Anything I had explained to her about my challenging situation with cancer treatments (including falling and sustaining a serious head injury) she twisted into something very different in order to use against me. People need to be aware of how easily a psychiatrist twists the truth, lies and defames someone’s character with impunity. Thank you for helping to expose this egregious element of psychiatry.

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  10. Anthony,
    Psychiatry made you believe that your “reflections” are a disease.
    Reflections is what psychiatry participates in non-stop.

    Don’t let them shit on your parade. To talk to them is like throwing pearls before swine.
    So of course if you don’t speak to them, it will be pathologized.
    So what.
    I bought the “trauma” stuff for many years, but am now very willing to not
    use any words made up by any “mental health” care.
    Innocent words like “post partum” are turned against people.

    I was not aware how culted I was and to finally realize that even my “bad experiences”
    were “bad” because I pathologized them. The cult told me they were “bad”.

    No one ever told me that “experiences” are part of life.

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    • Were you ever given a booklet of rights? In the time you were in the facility? Commitment hearings, the hearing as recorded by the court reporter? Congratulations, now the day at a time, wondering and wandering, while creating your path! Best Wishes.

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      • G’day Bill,
        Thanks for the encouragement.
        There is a printout sheet in every room when we check into hospital but it’s very vague, nothing in it that’s useful.
        After reading up on the Act when I left hospital I saw that several provisions in the law are routinely circumvented by staff and It’s done with impunity. Even now being aware of some rights I don’t think it would change how I’d be treated in there.
        Even the tribunal acted outside the time frame of two weeks once an order lapses to make another order. If I had of refused drugging then, on the grounds of legality, I’m certain I’d have been recommitted straight away, regardless of any ‘rights’.
        As for the commitment hearing itself it truly was a farce. At one point I rolled my eyes at an argument the doctor was making to which the head of proceedings remarked “oh your looking around, I can see his engaging with voices”. I was sober as a judge at the time but I think she needed a convenient way to end the hearing.

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        • “After reading up on the Act when I left hospital I saw that several provisions in the law are routinely circumvented by staff and It’s done with impunity”

          I know I saw a number of ways used to get around the problem of patients rights. Having the nurse call whoever the doctor couldn’t approach and then putting the call through to them meant that the direction of the call made what would be considered unethical appear fine.

          One of the greatest exploits used is to not inform people of certain things and then use that as a justification for any actions taken. For example the doctor who assaulted me didn’t inform me that he wasn’t a psychiatrist and therefore had no right to be forcing me to remove my clothes and then insert objects into my mouth or anus without consent (I was after all a ‘referred person’ and not a ‘patient’ and still had my right to consent [though not my right to liberty] until that may be removed by a psychiatrist). By not informing me of his role and designated authority he could claim that he had ‘implied consent’ as I had gone along with his request when he asked me to go to a little room with him while he assaulted me. The problem was that I had been informed by a “patient” that this man was NOT a psychiatrist (he is however a priest) but simply a Senior Medical Officer. Thus I stated clearly to him that he did not have any right to be touching me and that any such conduct would constitute an assault. He started shaking, and then under threat of restraint he continued with the examination. The documents prove the assault [my complaint form that was thrown into the bin my proof I refused to consent along with the witnessing nurses notes], though there is the issue of intent and purpose regarding the sexual nature of it, ie the insertion of objects into my person when I had expressly denied that right. So the sexual assault proving he is a rapist difficult, the physical assault easy. (awww that’s right police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code so…… I guess he gets away with it too)

          It’s an exploit that is used all the time, and of course your at a distinct disadvantage when they have people who will stomp on your head to have you ‘comply’ with their desires. Get your gear off, I’d like to have a little touch.

          I guess like other institutions where abuses run rampant for many years with no one ever really being held to account, these places attract abusers like a magnet. They tend to shuffle them around here rather than dealing directly with the issue. Staff, even poor ones, difficult to come by I suppose. Mental patient molestation sabbaticals and a Minister who says “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” lol

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          • Now keep in mind this is the same Senior Medical Officer who has written a prescription for the date rape drugs he knew I had been ‘spiked’ with hours before he even met me. His concealment of criminal conduct by doing this fairly obvious (how aware of the method used to kidnap me is unclear). This and his three minute interview which resulted in me obtaining a ‘provisional diagnosis’ of three major metal illness’ (later found to have been cured once the real psychiatrist examined me properly). He was clearly aware I was not a “patient” as he needed to obtain a file from “archives” before demonstrating his confusion in his notes.

            This is not looking good.

            Luckily he spends most of his time in the Adolescent Unit so at least he prefers his drugged with date rape clients younger than me.

            And really fortunate that no one seems to care about his conduct, or is it that his ability to dispose of any formal complaints made about his conduct is ensuring that he gets to do whatever he likes, and the Operations Manager will ‘fuking destroy’ anyone who dares even raise the issue?

            Thanks for your help guys. You keep right on slandering me. It saves you having to look and see what the Operations Manager saw before destroying my family using her position as a representative of the State. “go along to get along” huh?

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          • That’s terrible! I’m really sorry that happened to you.
            It’s too easy for predators to operate within such an environment because it’s an echo chamber. Sometimes the women go crazy saying a nurse has been innappropriate towards them. Even though the female nurses ignore them I think that’s their best defence to bring it to everyone’s attention at the slightest hint of ill intent. It’s terrible that if something does occur or if an allegation is made it is not automatically taken very seriously.
            The last time I was in there was a male nurse who kept waiting till I was showering and would then come in to have a conversation with me. When I pointed out how inappropriate his timing was he acted very innocently as if he hadn’t noticed I was showering. In that case it was enough for him to stop doing it.

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          • Their tactics are known about, and are precisely what I was subjected to as well. “We’ll fuking destroy you” I was told by the operations Manager who did a ‘formal investigation” of my complaint about being kidnapped (I was unaware for 6 weeks aftet the kidnapping that I had been ‘spiked’ as well, so that part of my complaint had not been fully formulated at that time). Interesting that an FOI application identified 1 document relating to the investigation, and they must inform you of any other documents that exist even if they do not provide them to you. It was as a result of this ‘formal investigation’ that they knew which documents needed to be retrieved before sending the fraudulent set to the Mental Health Law Center. And well, I won’t even begin to talk about what happened in the ED, even police are of the opinion that “it might be best we don’t know about that”.


            Not that anyone is providing any protection or help for those who dare even mention there might be something amiss at these places. I wonder how many victims of church abusers were dealt with by this guy who was acting as Senior Medical Officer, because he was well positioned to target anyone who dared talk about his ‘colleagues’ misbehavior towards children. Ensuring they were labelled and drugged to conceal any inconvenient truth would be an ideal way of ensuring they were silenced. Like who is going to look anyway. Collateral damage.

            Still, he has an Order of Australia medal and is in good company with the likes of Rolf Harris (the octopus) and I wonder about other ‘clubs’ he may be involved with.

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      • And in a country with arbitrary detentions it could all start again at any time. Might be safer in China, at least they have to watch what they’re doing in regard human rights abuses, not a soul prepared to stand up and say anything regarding abuses in this country. They’d end up being unintentionally negatively outcomed.

        I laughed when I heard that 2 journalists had left China fearing that they could be arbitrarily detained for their political beliefs. Take a look at what was done to me for mine. No not my preference for a political party but my beliefs about Electric Shock Therapy being ‘medicine’. These journalists realise they could be ‘medicated’ without their knowledge and then have items ‘planted’ on them to obtain a police referral and render moot the protections against the use of torture? If not they should come and speak …. oh wait, they have families that can be threatened by police, should they dare to speak the truth regarding the uses the Mental Health Act is being put to by the State.

        You will answerer the question, maybe not for police, but they have given you to us, and your refusal will require an injection of the burning flesh until you do answer their questions, and they can stand and wait until you do. All done in the station before delivery to the ‘clean up service’ where they authorise the ‘spikings’ post hoc and distribute the fraudulent documents. No need for a psychiatrist, you have demonstrated a need for a ‘chemical restraint’ by your aggressive looks, and your thoughts of harming others which we noticed when we read your mind. And of course what choice does this leave a psychiatrist when he/she does finally get to ‘assess’ you? Your illness should be obvious to them by this point after you have been subjected to hours of torture at the hands of the preparation team.

        You didn’t realise you were a “patient”? That’s fine, we just said that to get police to attack you and ‘soften you up’ for the interrogation. And well, we can’t have anyone noticing that you weren’t so here’s a set of documents we “edited” to make it look like you have been a “patient” for ten years, try getting any help from your former friends now traumatised mental patient? What friends? Here, let us just wipe a bit more of the stink of mental health services to you before they call us and we explain your ‘issues’.

        It was all a terrible accident, after an accident, after an accident, after an accident, …… and well, the public is aware of how incompetent mental health services are. They simply need more money and they promise the ‘accidents’ will stop.

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  11. Boans, this last run in with the ‘services’ has left me in no doubt. Nobody has any rights within psychiatry whatsoever. Even checks and balances mandated under the Act are summarily ignored if requested.
    They do as they please, even using ‘treatment’ as punishment. There is also literally nowhere to turn once under the Act, their authority is paramount, and any interference is justified.
    I no longer have any illusions about the ‘system’; it messes people up. I count myself as very fortunate to be one of the few who ever escapes.

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    • It is because psychiatry exists through brainwashing and power. The fake science is to keep the gullable interested. It is so identical to a system long ago, which was weakened. And so it stands to reason that psychiatry will be weakened.
      Or at minimum, discredited. Even regular medicine is starting to smell bad and so are the “nursing homes”.
      Day cares and schools are full of mini shrinks.
      Everyone wants an easy day.
      Psychiatry has no legs to stand on and they are getting more desperate with critical psychiatry trying to save a bit of it.
      So do think carefully on what the function of critical psychiatry is. Is it about trying to save itself or saving people?

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      • You’re absolutely right Sam,

        At the moment mental health has become a major issue in the media. In this country at least, it’s gotten to the point that there is constant exposure. Every other day the government is announcing another pile of money to tackle the ‘mental health epidemic in the country’ and commentators are always acknowledging the ‘crisis in mental health at the moment’. People are putting their faith in this fairytale and no-one seems to define or know anything about what the mental health system really is. The ultimate heresy would seem to be to ask ‘do we even need a mental health system?’. Seems to me we would be better off without one but I usually see people wonder if I’m on my way back to the funny farm myself if I try to explain how I’ve come to that position.
        For anyone who’s read Anatomy of an Epidemic it’s obvious that to continue down the road were on things are only going get a lot worse. It would be so refreshing if a tv personality would read that book and maybe for once we could hear someone who has an idea of what they’re talking about.
        I don’t think the narrative in the media is accidental by the way. There’s a constant background noise of misinformation that breaks down anybody’s disinterest or resistance and their views about ‘mental health’ arrive fully formed and generally intractable. Psychiatrist’s couldn’t be happier at this development if it is coincidental and not an orchestrated gambit to expand their reach and influence, and to keep expanding their market until their final solution of complete relevance to every person in society is realised and unassailable.
        Of course this will never happen and will ultimately be their undoing. As more and more people turn to them and become disillusioned by the confusing load of garbage they have to offer the tide will turn against them and they will end up again being the running joke of the medical profession.

        Fingers crossed eh

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    • Hi again Bill

      “Nobody has any rights within psychiatry whatsoever.”

      This is of course not such a bad thing. I get it that you and I might feel bad about it from our perspective but … consider that it really is a means to stop any whistleblowers from speaking up against our Great Leaders who provide us with protection from the bogey man waiting to kill us at every turn. Imagine what would happen if people were allowed to leave the police and tell us what sort of activities are being concealed from the public? Better they are ‘treated’ before speaking up, and we can ensure that their delusional beliefs are silenced at every turn. Also very important this is done to ensure that it is seen by others to ensure they get the message.

      I just read over a couple of articles relating to the ‘mental health’ of police after a number of self inflicted gun shot wounds, and notice the lack of the use of any reference to ‘mental health’, though they do seem to use the term ‘services’ a lot. I note when they stomp on “patients” heads and run them down with cars to get them the ‘services’ they need there is always mention of the ‘mental illness’ of the “patient”.

      From the Union

      “We are satisfied that the services are available for members out there when they require them, but what we want to do is encourage members and their colleagues, if they see any signs, if they think that there is a problem or they do need help, to actually put up their hand and ask for that assistance”

      See “signs” of what? Mental ill health? And of course police are ideally positioned to see what happens to people who “access services” lol It’d be like saying “Can I spend my long service leave in a SuperMax? The food looks delicious.”

      I find the way these matters are presented to be more than interesting. They can’t quite remove the stigma but do try to make it appear that the trauma suffered by these officers results in a different type of ….. need for services, where the MH and MI words are not uttered.

      “Even checks and balances mandated under the Act are summarily ignored if requested.”

      Isn’t it great to hear ScoMo talking about how Australians value a Rule of Law and then being subject to a system where the law is totally ignored? The ‘protections’ afforded the public by the law totally ignored by those charged with ensuring those protections? A Chief Psychiatrist putting in writing that he doesn’t understand a simple burden of proof in the Act, and yet he boasts that he provides “expert legal advice to the Minister”? A first year law student would know better, and would cost us significantly less. In fact the Community Nurse who tortured and kidnapped me is certainly aware of the protections afforded by the Act, because he knows how to commit serious offences to get around them. It is fortunate for him that the levels of negligence ensure his criminal conduct goes unpunished, and that the large numbers of his victims end up being ‘fuking destroyed’ should they dare complain about his misconduct. The boldness of these organised criminals really does show how far the State has regressed in their duty to protect the public from abusers. They are prepared to engage in acts to pervert the course of justice to ensure that these criminals are enabled, and now seek to be excused judicial oversight lest their complicity ion these offences results in them being imprisoned should a moral and ethical leader ever turn up.

      Covering up for criminals when it can be shown you knew of the offences obviously a worry for those doing the concealment of the crimes. So rather than do their statutory duty, they instead attempt to be derelict in their duty with plausible deniability. Unintended negative outcomes being one good example. The proverbial blind eye. This of course requires a level of trust among the co conspirators which may include senior police and other ‘pillars pf protections’. And trust is not a resource these people have a lot of, given that they are regular exploiters of the trust of others. Et tu Brute?

      “They do as they please, even using ‘treatment’ as punishment.”

      I actually completed a Complaint Form alleging serious misconduct and a breach of the Convention against the use of Torture whilst in the locked ward, when I had the status of “referred person” (note the significance of the status). I fortunately have a copy of the Complaint because the doctor who I made the complaint about ‘reviewed’ my complaint and then disposed of it in the rubbish bin. The importance of this should not escape the reader. Not only is is a serious criminal offence under the Corruption and Crime Commission Act (dispose of document that may be required by the Commission) but it is also one I would find very easy to prove. Bad news is that the respect for the Rule of Law is a little sub standard despite the claim by our Prime Minister, and our police would arrest someone for having proof they were the victims of crime, or refer them to mental health services for the ‘punishment’ you speak of. Not unlike the children returned to institutions for complaining to police about being raped, only to be locked in very small cages and repeatedly assaulted by the very rapists they complained about. Good news is the truth did eventually come out, an that is what these people are afraid of. It’s not the present that worries them, they feel secure in their abusing as a result of the protection of their colleagues via negligence. Untouchables, but not forever.

      So I ask you to keep documenting your history with ‘services’ given your ability to do so, and that you know of so many who do not. Those who are being left in agonizing pain while the nurse who set them up sits in the safety of the station smiling about the pain they have caused the ‘patient’.

      It’s not all doom and gloom, there were some “Happy Nazis”.

      Important we study the psychology of perpetrators? It would seem they beat us to it, and they find themselves once again being led astray. It was always bound to happen. Only in a great country could an unemployed house painter and draft dodger become leader lol. There is hope yet.

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  12. To provide ‘Psych education’ was one of my CTOs objectives. During the past two years they kept repeating a new one ‘there’s no stigma in having a mental illness’. Good luck getting that one through to the keeper. No stigma? There certainly is in the world I’ve been living in.
    I think the point you made about the student understanding the basic principles of law and costing less sums up the entire ‘system’. It’s become more and more clever at treating its own creation; mental health, that it now misses the point entirely. The more sophisticated it becomes the less it can accommodate for common sense, and the more common sense begins to complicate it.
    And as for tattooing people, I think they might have already tried that one sometime in the forties.

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    • Anthony.
      The stigma is the creation of psychiatry.
      It used to be created by the general public, for instance
      placing someone on a hill and calling them a witch or blasphemer.
      So Psychiatry is simply that ignorant spinoff, except they make money
      off it.
      Of course everyone has a tat. It is your medical and intake number.
      Under that number are the descriptions of WHO you are, and
      the ignorant public believes that you are that which was said or written.
      And psychiatry started understanding that THEY are the cause
      and tried to disguise and smokescreen it by saying it is the public,
      that is responsible for the “stigma”.
      Well when the witch was called out, was it the public at fault or the ones
      who pointed out her many faults.

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    • “During the past two years they kept repeating a new one ‘there’s no stigma in having a mental illness’. Good luck getting that one through to the keeper.”

      How delusional do people have to be to think that if they say something then it’s true? Oh wait, were talking about psychiatry not cricket lol These are people who have manufactured a reality for the public that is resulting in significant damage to the health of a large number of people. The similarity to the “Torches of Freedom” campaign by Eddie Bernays is striking (pun intended lol).

      Old Iron Gloves Marsh would have been out of a job if he were waiting for that one to come through.

      Yes the tattoos have been replaced with modern technology. I think people would be shocked if they knew how much their privacy is actually being violated, and they will be slandered with labels if they even speak about it. The Surveillance Devices Act got more holes than TPC Malaysia lol

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    They won, and it’s because they found out I’m off their drugs, no other reason.
    So from studying full time, working part time and living independently off drugs for 18 months, I’ll shortly be back in Hades, once these drugs kick in, relying on shadows for sustenance…
    In the famous words of Kevin bloody Wilson
    “Someone f…in’ shoot me please”

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    • Hi Anthony, How did they find out?

      I know that since discovering that the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre have been acting as representatives of the State and NOT their clients (forging letters from the Chief psychiatrist after making flawed complaints based on “edited” legal narratives, and then handing the forged letters on to unsuspecting victims of psych services to conceal criminal misconduct) I am reluctant to trust any of the people who make claims to be acting in my interest (you would understand about the use of Nicola Gobbo as an informant? The reason it can’t happen again is because it is now lawful for lawyers to provide information to public officers which is detrimental to their clients).

      It is of course disgraceful that these people are ‘taking their oaths’ and then breaching the trust of the people who they represent, but it does explain why none of them are EVER held to account. A simple act of negligence on the part of the person meant to represent your interests in such matters can see people do long periods of incarceration (and suffer brain damage disguised as ‘health care’, unintentionally of course) which they neither want nor deserve. And the ability of the State to deny access to effective legal representation is no doubt a violation of human rights under the Declaration. But minus an effective mechanism to make complaint…. what ya gunna do huh? Democracy? Yeah right.

      I guess it’s a bit like the people who are selling weapons to Ukraine, and who have stockpiles of oil which has tripled in value as a result of the war (you know, the Chinese right?), that are encouraging them to fight a battle they can not win. We will pretend to be their friends until the place is wrecked, and then I guess tutt tutt about Sadda…. I mean Vladimir bin Laden being a war criminal.

      The hypocrisy would no doubt elude our American friends who would not be hearing about the defamation trial of R-S, and the way Australians conduct themselves in ‘theatre’. A culture of cover ups, and a government “totally obsessed with secrecy” has destroyed this place. And where oh where would such a government turn to do such covering up? ‘Stick a needle in that for me would ya Doc, consider it an issue of National Security’.

      This will no doubt allow us to identify who will blow the whistle, and who will keep their mouths shut when push comes to shove. The whistleblowers no doubt in need of ‘treatment’ for their ‘illness’ and ‘stress disorder’ (which can be caused with a little spiking with benzos and a couple of cops eager to get at their ‘referral’ [“Outpatient” lie told by Community Nurse to get the ball rolling, and provide a ‘good faith defense’ for the torture and kidnapping] who has had an ‘offensive weapon’ planted on them). “If you should go skating on the thin ice of modern life…….”

      Trust in haste, regret at leisure.

      Take care, and feel free to contact me if I can help.

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