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Creative Maladjustment: An Interview with Donzaleigh Abernathy

Donzaleigh Abernathy—goddaughter of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—shares her thoughts on the civil rights movement and the legacy of racism in the United States.

Racism and Radical Psychiatry

A radical caucus within the American Psychiatric Association tried to combat systemic racism in the 1960s. So why is the APA still behind the times?

Defunding the Police: Replacing Guns With Prescription Pads Is Not the...

Mental health workers responding to emergency calls and crises results in coercion, labelling and othering, paternalism, force, and, yes, even violence, all under the guise of “for your own good.”

We Must Not Be Silent On George Floyd & Systemic Racism.

Dear Mad in America community: How much have we grown? Can we join together in working toward our liberation, bound together as activists?

When Psychology Speaks for You, Without You: Sunil Bhatia on Decolonizing...

MIA’s Ayurdhi Dhar interviews Sunil Bhatia about decolonizing psychology, confronting the field’s racist past, colonial foundations, and neoliberal present.

How Race and Class Impact Schizophrenia and Substance-Use Diagnoses

A new article explores how psychiatric diagnoses are differentially applied to people of different racial and class backgrounds.

Addressing the Roots of Racial Trauma: An Interview with Psychologist Lillian...

MIA’s Hannah Emerson interviews Comas-Díaz on the need for culturally competent care in a medicalized and individualistic society.

End Kendra’s Law Now: Racist, Classist Practices in Involuntary Psychiatry Persist

In addition to involuntary outpatient commitment being an assault on and targeting people who are living in or near poverty, the statistics demonstrate racial disparities in the application of involuntary outpatient commitment.

The Role of Acculturation in Racial Trauma

In the American Psychologist, researchers argue that the process of acculturation often involves racist ideologies, leading to racial trauma.

Systemic Violence and the Mental Health Industrial Complex

A recent paper, by Dr. Eric Greene, builds upon critiques of the biomedical model and illustrates how the mental health industrial complex overmedicates, stigmatizes,...

Police Killings Vicariously Impact Mental Health of Black Americans

New research provides evidence that police killings of unarmed Black Americans impact the mental health of Black Americans.

Psychological Research Suggests Systemic Interventions to Tackle Racism

A new special edition positions psychological science as offering valuable contributions to the study of contemporary racism.

Dear Roseanne, The Blood is At Your Doorstep

Chatter about Roseanne Barr's racist tweet is taking up far more space in our collective culture than, say, the murder of any one black or brown person by police in our country. If we want to shine light on the relationship between psychiatry and racism, let’s turn our attention to the people getting overlooked. People like Dontre Hamilton, whose death was the focus of the documentary ‘The Blood is at The Doorstep.’

Black Students Are Right to Want to See Black Therapists

From The Guardian: At Cambridge University, black and ethnic minority students can now specifically request to see therapists of color. "At Cambridge, we’re now guaranteed to...

When Therapists Face Discrimination

From Monitor on Psychology: Although psychologists from minority backgrounds often face discrimination and prejudice from clients, they receive very little training on how to address it....

Justifiably Maladjusted

From Unbound: In 1967, Martin Luther King, Jr. preached that he was proud to be psychologically maladjusted to racism, slavery, segregation, religious bigotry, and economic...

Majority of Counselors Lack Training to Treat Racial Trauma, Study Finds

The percentage of clients who have experienced racial trauma far exceeds the percentage of counselors who are trained to identify and treat it.

The Doctors Encouraging People of Color to Join Their Ranks

From STAT: A group of doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals have started a traveling program called Tour for Diversity that goes all over the...

How Therapists Can Grow Beyond Cultural Competence

From GoodTherapy.org: Cultural competence is the standard set by the mental health profession that deems therapists capable of providing services to clients from diverse backgrounds. However,...

Racism is Wreaking Havoc on Our Mental Health

In this interview for HuffPost Canada, Uppala Chandraesekera, the director of public policy at the Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto and the first mental health expert...

‘Father of Black Psychology’ Joseph L. White Dies at 84

From Times Union: Joseph L. White, a psychologist, social activist, and teacher who helped pioneer the field of black psychology, has died at age 84. "In the...

Effects of Racism on Depression in Black College Women

Black college women endorse more perceived stress and depressive symptoms than White college women, highlighting the impacts of racism.

Racism is Literally Bad for Your Health

From WBUR: Racially motivated discrimination and abuse have tangible, measurable negative effects on health. Not only do daily acts of prejudice and discrimination lead to...

The Paradox of White Americans’ Mental Health

Are White Americans’ poor mental health outcomes caused by Whiteness?

Love: At the Intersection of Anti-Racism and Anti-Stigma

In this piece for Beyond Meds, Chris Cole examines the intersection of racism and oppression against people labeled "mentally ill." "This is where social justice becomes...