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Isolated by the Coronavirus? Welcome to My World

There is such shame and social punishment around experiencing extreme states of mind and being given a psychiatric label that is itself profoundly isolating. This is a kind of isolation that people who are merely practicing social distancing will probably never know.

To Live and (Almost) Die in L.A.: A Survivor’s Tale

After 25 years of chronic emergency, 22 mental hospitalizations, a stint at a “community mental health center,” 13 years in a "board & care," repeated withdrawals from addictions to legal drugs, and a 12-year marriage, I plan to live every last breath out as a survivor, an advocate, and an artist.

How Race and Class Impact Schizophrenia and Substance-Use Diagnoses

A new article explores how psychiatric diagnoses are differentially applied to people of different racial and class backgrounds.

Neuroscientists Suggest That Social Inequalities Can Permanently Alter Our Brains

A recently published article illustrates how the concept of neuroplasticity has been used to explain social inequalities, like poverty, by linking them to biomarkers in the brain.

Poverty, Pathology and Pills: An Interview with Dr. Felicity Thomas and...

MIA’s Tim Beck interviews Dr. Felicity Thomas and Dr. Richard Byng about their report, Poverty, Pathology, and Pills, which situates increasing rates of mental health diagnosis and psychiatric prescriptions within socioeconomic and policy trends across the UK.

Psychological Effects of Austerity Policies and Poverty Over-Medicalized, Report Finds

Recent report underscores troubling trends cutting across poverty, austerity reform, and mental health narratives in health care settings.

Social Injustice and Inequality in the Care System

From Psychologists for Social Change: "Professionals tend to talk about families’ problems in terms of the chances of something bad happening to them. We,...

Researcher Critically Examines Movements for Global Mental Health

China Mills raises concerns that global mental health movements obscure social determinants of health and naturalize Western mental health concepts.

Period Poverty Affects Women’s Mental Health

From The Independent: "A survey of 1,000 women, 500 of whom had suffered from period poverty, revealed that a lack of access to sanitary products can have a far-reaching...

Psychologists Argue for Decolonial Approach to Global Poverty

Individualist psychological models of poverty pathologize poor communities, decolonial approaches that emphasize context and interdependence may be more sustainable.

Poor and Foster Care Children More Likely to be Diagnosed and...

Study details Medicaid-insured birth cohort’s exposure to psychiatric medications and mental health services.

Psychotherapy is Less Effective and Less Accessible for Those in Poverty

A special issue explores the connection between poverty, mental health, and psychotherapy.

How Income Affects the Brain

From The Atlantic: A new study suggests that lower socioeconomic status may cause detrimental changes to the brain. "...this line of research suggests that being poor...

How Poverty Changes Your Mind-Set

From Chicago Booth Review: Several recent research studies have provided insight into both the positive and negative effects of poverty on decision-making. While people in...

Privacy for Whom?

From The New Inquiry: Civil libertarians and liberal privacy advocates often frame government surveillance as a universal threat. But two new books show that surveillance...

The Psychology of Inequality

From The New Yorker: A number of studies show that much of the damage done by being poor comes not from the conditions of poverty itself,...

Study Finds Increasing Minimum Wage can Decrease Child Maltreatment

Increasing the minimum wage - even modestly - can lead to less cases of child abuse in the home.

Sometimes Giving a Person a Choice is an Act of Terrible...

From Aeon: We tend to believe that giving people more choices is inherently positive. However, forcing people to choose between two morally wrong options can be...

Your ZIP Code Might Impact Your Health as Much as Your...

From NPR: Doctors and healthcare professionals are increasingly recognizing the importance of social factors to patients' health. Some hospitals and providers are now asking patients for information...

Marshmallows Aren’t Likely to Fix Low-Income Kids’ Problems

From BOLD Blog: Starting in the late 1960s, researchers conducted an experiment offering young children a choice between one marshmallow at the present or two...

How Severe, Ongoing Stress Can Affect a Child’s Brain

From AP News: In response to research showing the long-term health impact of adverse childhood experiences, pediatricians, mental health specialists, educators and community leaders are...

The White-Mortality Crisis Shows the Impact of Distress

From Science of Us: A recent study found that working-class white Americans are dying in middle age at a faster rate than minority groups, and...

Study Shows Link Between Food Insecurity and Mental Health

From Medical Xpress: A recent study conducted in the northwestern region of Ghana, Africa shows elevated levels of mental distress among heads of households in...

Transition into Poverty May Worsen Child and Maternal Mental Health

Transitioning into poverty linked to behavioral issues in children, but may be mitigated by mother’s mental health.

High University Debts Cause Students Mental Health Problems

From The Independent: Debts accumulated during university years are so high that students are suffering from mental health problems. A recent survey found that three-quarters...