Psychiatry and the Stupidification of America


There are three steps to modern psychiatry’s successful business formula: 1. Get people to think that they’re stupid even though they’re smart. 2. Train them to actually think stupidly. 3. Directly stupidify them with chemicals.

Step one: Get people to think that they’re too stupid to help themselves, so that they won’t try to.

For over 200,000 years, until the 1980s, humans tapped into their massive brainpower to resourcefully figure out ways to address their troubles. They learned to solve or flexibly adapt to problems they found to be upsetting them. But no longer, thanks to psychiatry’s medicalization of emotions having been imbedded into our culture: Many now instead wrongly think that if they get upset, they’re powerless to intelligently address it, since it’s due to a permanent, debilitating brain defect (“depression,” ”bipolar disorder,” etc.). In other words, they have been duped into believing that they’re stupid and thus unable to manage their own difficulties. So they won’t try to.

Similarly, parents used to help their kids utilize their limitlessly-developing brains to learn skills needed to thrive independently, such as sitting still, controlling impulses, and focusing attention. They knew that such raising enables children to fulfill their potential. But no longer, thanks to psychiatry’s medicalization of childhood: Many parents now instead wrongly think that kids’ genes pre-fate how they turn out as adults. They’ve been fooled into believing that kids who don’t quickly/spontaneously mature have genetically defective brain hardwiring (ADHD), and are thus incapable of ever learning to master their challenges. So less will be taught to or expected of them.

Step two: Train people to actually think stupidly, so that they forget how to think rationally, and are thus easily taken in by scams.

People used to understand cause-and-effect, which is vital for effective reasoning. But no longer, thanks to stupidifying propaganda from psychiatry, government agencies, patient advocacy groups, and drug companies. The National Institutes of Health, for example, by saying “Attention Deficit Disorder makes it difficult for a person to pay attention,”1 is teaching that things can magically cause themselves to occur. Thus, parents now illogically exclaim: “Now I know why my son can’t pay attention; it’s because he has ADD.”

Similarly, the American Psychiatric Association nonsensically says that depression causes one to have depressed mood.2 And we’re constantly told that depression is of chemical origin; one’s brain chemistry supposedly causes it. But this again teaches that things can magically cause themselves to occur, as follows: Every thought, feeling, or behavior is just a series of chemical processes. So, of course, every thought/feeling/behavior must have its own, unique chemical correlate. But this chemical correlate isn’t the cause—It is the feeling/thought/behavior as viewed at the chemical level. They’re one and the same thing. Thus,the chemical imbalance theory makes no sense; it’s stupid thinking.

Those who adopt these irrational ideas may be prone to letting more irrationality infiltrate their thinking. And kids who were raised/educated insufficiently due to their parents/schools adopting these ideas may thus never learn how to think rationally in the first place. Just as children can be easily led to believe anything since they can’t yet think rationally, so too can adults who’ve lost that ability. Hence psychiatry, by training millions to think stupidly, has cultivated an ideal client-base of gullible, helpless people. But their capacity to reason and therefore think for themselves, though dormant, is still intact. So it could potentially return or develop, unless…

Step three: Now that the targets have been softened, move in for the easy kill: Directly stupidify them.

People who perceive themselves (or their kids) to be stupid, helpless disease victims and have forgotten how to think logically, will understandably trust that only doctors can manage their lives. They’ll thus likely seek them out to resolve all their complaints, and blindly follow whatever they say, no matter how ridiculous. For example, they’ll agree to give their kids dangerous, addictive amphetamines for a “serious illness” that was never verified by lab, x-ray, or exam findings, and that sounds like a normal, not-yet-raised kid. They’ll make perfect suckers who willingly/eagerly try psychiatry’s heavily-pushed miracle pills. These are either the same direct chemical stupidifiers that it has always used to sedate away brain activity, or placebos (antidepressants3). Cha-ching!

Biological suppression of independent, intelligent thought wasn’t always psychiatry’s main role: During a brief interim in the mid-1900s, it embraced psychoanalytic theory. This was an attempt to explore logical, cause and effect explanations for why we think/feel/behave as we do. Its goal was thus to encourage thinking—the exact opposite of what psychiatry does now.

Biological psychiatry’s clients used to mainly be involuntary. That’s because before the ‘80s, people were not yet being indirectly stupidifed, and thus were wise enough to steer clear of its fearsome services. But thanks to its new 3-step business formula, over a fifth of Americans have been completely stupidified (accepted all 3 steps4). And most Americans have by now been at least partially stupidified (accepted Steps 1 and 25). Psychiatry has thus expanded from a field that only disables society’s outliers, into a disabler of the masses. In the process, it has probably made Americans more vulnerable than ever to manipulative scams and authorities of any type, while making us more vulnerable as a nation overall.

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  1. Thank you for speaking the truth, Lawrence. Psychiatry and psychology are destroying America from within. The primary actual function of both the psychological and psychiatric “professions” is profiteering off of covering up child abuse and rape, which is illegal.

    But this is by DSM design. Since the “mental health” workers can’t bill to help any child abuse or rape survivors, they have been misdiagnosing them, en mass.

    And all this systemic child abuse and rape covering up by the DSM “bible” believers does also aid, abet, and empower the child molesters, rapists, and child sex traffickers. Cause and effect, so America now has huge pedophilia and child sex trafficking problems.

    Definitely, the DSM “bible” thumpers are destroying America from within. And they are killing millions of innocent people every year, based upon their “invalid” DSM disorders, and with their “wonder drugs”/neurotoxins. As a matter of fact, “8 million people die each year due to mental illness.”

    8,000,000 people a year killed, you’d think that might make the news. How many have died from corona virus?

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  2. While there is some truth to your original thesis, it is severely lacking. Please allow me to clarify.

    Your first claim is that psychiatry’s business model depends upon making people think that they are stupid even though they are smart. If only it were that simple. You know as well as anyone that this is not true. Psychiatry does not get people to think that they are stupid. Psychiatry labors to convince people that they are sick. The problem with your formulation is that it is not unusual for people to feel many emotions or to experience a wide variety of problems in living, particularly in the day and age in which we live. Even the most brilliant minds, the most competent leaders, and the most promising youth have been duped into believing the myth of mental illness. In fact, I’m not sure that even you, as brilliant as you are, have completely abandoned the myth of mental illness or other psychiatric deceptions.

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  3. You then claim that psychiatry trains people to think stupidly. Wrong again. Psychiatry deceives people, including innocent children, the homeless, and the elderly, because there is an element of truth to psychiatric claims. If it were merely a silly ruse, no one would be duped by it. But as you can clearly see, the myth of mental illness and the attendant chemical imbalance hoax have been effective enough to bamboozle even the brightest among us.

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    • It’s a great shell and nuts game. Pretend the mind altering drugs are medicine. When the mark goes insane, blame them for having an inferior brain and DNA.

      The mark is spell bound and isn’t sure what’s real. They know they’re screwed up mentally and trust the doctor. Normally a logical decision.

      If they stay on the “meds” they act crazy. If they go off–almost always cold turkey–they act crazy from withdrawals. The family doesn’t know what to think. The shrink tells them, “The family member you loved is gone forever. Lol. Make sure she takes her medicine. They never do. Remember if she acts weird she’s lying.”

      My family was never fully deceived since they knew I was obedient–wanting to “get well” and quit being a burden and bother. They knew I took those things dutifully–though they bought me a pill chest since the doctor said “Okay. Maybe she’s not lying. They forget all the time too. That illness makes them lazy and irresponsible.”

      The whole time my conservative, teetotaler, anti-marijuana, “just say know” family, college, church were urging me to become a drug addict and then yelling at me for acting like one. I was the only person willing to do any research or read articles in the APA journal. None of my loved ones read anything I show them.

      But they never disowned me and accepted my decision to come off once I revealed how I had done it nearly two years after the fact. Most families are NOT that supportive. So I’ll always owe them for that. And they’ve suffered too from having an unwitting junkie for a daughter all these years. 🙁

      Idea for a meme.
      “Just remember Batman. If the citizens of Gotham weren’t mentally ill to begin with they never would have had that reaction to my toxic nerve gas.” Dr. Arkham aka Scarecrow

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  4. Psychiatry doesn’t simply train its victims to think stupidly. It trains its practitioners to ensnare others. Even many of those who have a sincere desire to assist their fellow man and relieve suffering, perhaps even someone like yourself, have been hoodwinked by medical schools and the mental health industry. Thus a very smart person with a desire to help others, a person such as yourself, may spend countless hours and a fortune in tuition and other expenses, studying in a field that is inherently corrupt and which offers relief to no one, except perhaps the relief that comes to the coffers of pharmaceutical companies and the bank accounts of psychiatrists themselves. As Upton Sinclair once observed, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”

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  5. Psychiatry doesn’t train people to think stupidly. It imbibes its own adherents and practitioners with misleading ideas, or “lying facts” as Thomas Szasz once put it. In turn, these psychiatric overlords – often without realizing it – labor to convince their innocent victims that they are “mentally ill.” The myth of mental illness has yet to be sufficiently debunked, even though Szasz and others spent decades in the attempt. The innocent victims of psychiatry are not stupid. They are real people with real hopes and dreams who have sought for solutions to their problems in the places that make the most sense for people to look. It is true that psychiatry labors to convince people that their problems in living (feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, etc.) are the result of so-called “mental illness” and “chemical imbalances” in the brain. But the success of these psychiatric myths and hoaxes has more to do with the evil and the fraud inherent in psychiatry than it does with the stupidity or gullibility of the victims of psychiatry.

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  6. As to your last point, psychiatry wages war against the innocent in every way, shape, and form. The chemical weapons that it deploys in the guise of “medicine” doesn’t render the victims stupid. It causes severe brain damage and even death, even to the brightest and most capable individuals. Whether by fraud and deception indirectly applied through the myth of mental illness or through the direct onslaught of chemical warfare, psychiatry is culpable, not its victims. While it is true that we could all afford to better understand the true nature of psychiatry, namely, that it is a pseudo-scientific system of slavery that masquerades as a medical profession, that is not the fault of the victim but the fault of psychiatry itself. How else could psychiatry thrive unless there were an ingenious method to the madness? Thomas Szasz demonstrated that psychiatry works by the medicalization of everyday life with the support of the therapeutic state.

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  7. But the most egregious errors are found at the end of your article. It is simply untrue that “biological suppression of independent, intelligent thought wasn’t always psychiatry’s main role.” The attempt to separate biological psychiatry from some other kind of psychiatry, whether it be psychoanalytic theory or psychotherapy, is doomed to failure because the two are inextricably intertwined. Freud and other fathers of psychiatry may have been evil, but they were not stupid. In fact, they were smart enough to convince many people, including yourself, that psychoanalysis is “an attempt to explore logical, cause and effect explanations for why we think/feel/behave as we do.”

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    • “Freud and other fathers of psychiatry may have been evil, but they were not stupid.”

      Freud was one perv who loved to “project.” Especially on the young wives he saw. He would explain to these vulnerable, trusting women what their dreams “really” meant.

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  8. No. The myth of psychotherapy is every bit as deceptive as the myth of mental illness, and a good place to begin to understand this myth is Szasz’s book “The Myth of Psychotherapy.” The reason why the myth of mental illness and the myth of psychotherapy are so effective is because they depend upon an element of truth, namely the reality of our mortal condition. Psychiatry is effective because people are naturally inclined to look for solutions to their problems, or even to find problems that aren’t there, with the help of those that they perceive as authority figures. If you are suggesting that it is irrational to trust doctors, I only wish it were that simple. If such were the case, the medical profession would have died out during Hippocrates’ lifetime.

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  9. In conclusion, your thesis is not just false, it is potentially damaging to the very victims of psychiatry that we should all be striving to help. I encourage you to think a bit harder and to do a little more research into the real reasons for psychiatry’s successful business formula. Even if psychiatry has trained you to think along these lines, I know that you are smarter than that.

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  10. Why do medical students pursue becoming a “psychiatrist?” Eight years of presumably rigorous rational/humanistic education (including cause and effect), yet the eventual day to day task is to interview people–compare complaints against wholly manufactured unscientific checklist, then prescribe pill. As opposed to say an “internest,” who is required to apply knowledge over a variety of maladies, and at least once in while flex his/or cause and effect muscle. What exactly goes on during a “psychiatric residency?” What do they do all day? I mean, how does one even take seriously a “professor of psychiatry?” The whole enterprise lacks cause and effect.

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    • Edward, these are some of my wonderings also. We can get a glimpse of what they learn, by what we see in their practice. And since we are on the topic of stupidity, although I prefer the word “ignorant”, psychiatry lends itself to certain types of kids as their students.
      If parental influences count, if one’s social upbringing count in decision making as to what jobs we want to do, or are pressured to do, well, we can wind up with some pretty ignorant folks. If one is exposed to only one possibility, that I am okay, but the other guy is not, if one is raised to think that others are beneath us, or damaged folk, and if one perhaps did not have a chill, inclusive environment, it stands to reason that these kids go into crazy school. To cure, to manage those others.
      I doubt many shrinks come from homes where there was broadminded thinking and chatting. So in ignorance they simply seek out those who fit into their thinking, so as not to be lonely.
      I think shrinks are a lonely bunch because their thinking is simply too narrow to be able to make peace with the differences in society.
      To be locked in psych school, being fed the garbage you already subscribe to, without ever having the thought that perhaps there is more?
      Because obviously they do all of a sudden wake up to the chaos, (at least some thinkers do) the realization that perhaps the problem is in all of us, not those others who are “MI”, but too late by then.

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  11. Hi Lawrence, awesome.

    “Psychiatry has thus expanded from a field that only disables society’s outliers, into a disabler of the masses. In the process, it has probably made Americans more vulnerable than ever to manipulative scams and authorities of any type, while making us more vulnerable as a nation overall.”

    I can see that you thought this through, and are watching what is happening.
    I believe politicians thought psychiatry would fix everything, thereby being brainwashed themselves.
    Now they reap their stupidity. It makes them vulnerable and weak on many levels.
    If they were bright enough, they might realize that it is basically “magical thinking” that they are participating in.

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  12. Complicit in this stupidification endeavour is the whole CBT movement in psychology who treat people like morons by 1) providing them “psycho-education” on the obvious and things which you can read online, for example, expect to react after a horrible experience, there is a fight/flight response, how you make sense of things determine to a large extent how you will feel and act , 2) teaching them life changing “skills” like breathing deeply when feeling anxious and 3) making groundbreaking suggestions like taking a bath or talk to a friend when you are stressed. And when these magical solutions don’t work they blame their clients for being emotionally unintelligent, resistant, difficult/personality disordered (whatever that means) or just not that psychologically minded

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  13. Dr. K, Dr. K., you just make TOO much sense. Nobody’s gonna believe you, except maybe here at MiA….
    As you might expect, I’ve got Whan China-originated coronavirus Covid-19 on my mind. And it seems like ALL the “authorities”, from Fauci at CDC, to the local health Dept., are simply repeating the same short, not very informative paragraph over and over and over and over…. Gee, seems I recall once reading about hypnosis and brainwashing techniques, and how BOTH these forms of social manipulation worked by repeating the same simple phrases over and over and over and over…. And the same FedGov and Global Corporate Masters that control the media also control the banks and Wall St., and pretty much all us masses of little people, too. I agree completely with what Dr. Kelmenson is saying here, and I’ve seen it proven in my own life. Psychiatry and PhRMA seek only to increase their WEALTH, POWER, and CONTROL over the masses, and do it all under the guise of benevolence and good healthcare. Whatever psychiatry is, it’s neither good, nor is it good healthcare. Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drugs racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. And now you don’t only have to take my word for it. Each in our own words, Dr. K. and I are basically saying the SAME THING….

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  14. It’s true, that a chemical imbalance doesn’t cause “mental illness”. Psychiatrists today claim they never made that assertion. Which is of-course, false. For the more “severe” psychotic illnesses, many now claim it’s due to excessive synaptic pruning in the frontal lobes in late adolescence, early adulthood. A kind of early-onset dementia. I don’t buy that either. Whether or not it has any validity, further deterioration of the connections in the frontal lobe through antipsychotics makes no sense, whichever way you look at it. It does explain the 7-fold increase in chronicity since the advent of neuroleptics in the 50’s. It only makes sense from a monetary perspective, which is in no way beneficial to the “patient”.

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  15. Slaying the dragon of psychiatry.

    Everything as usual, well said.
    I agree with you that I never was stupid to suffer, nor was I stupid to ask someone why that might be.
    In fact, I think back of it as an intelligent move, but as Lawrence points out, “Similarly, the American Psychiatric Association nonsensically says…”

    I can hear a lot of frustration in his blog. I hope he takes it out on the sheisters, like one would not blame a victim of molestation, or a crooked mechanic, or the medical doctors who won’t admit their shortcomings.

    I do not want to be ashamed for having wanted advice. I was lucky in a way that I never believed in psychiatry, much the same as I did not believe a lot of other gobblygook.
    Psychiatry has no advice except to tell people they are sick for thinking. You think the “wrong thoughts”.
    In this world we are supposed to think certain thoughts, or none at all, and everything that causes a veering away from the linear, or if it causes suffering is either stupidity or illness.

    There is a HUGE problem in humans defining normal, or genius or intelligence. We seem to not have anything above us, ourselves to make these judgments and must be why people are forever looking for a second or fourth coming of a kingdom.
    I don’t think psychiatry is our second coming,

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  16. I would say psychiatry, or better said psychiatrism, is a natural (spontaneous) social-cultural phenomenon that was born and is feeding from the stupidity of the masses but is true that involves lot of lying at individual (psychiatrist) level, both by misleading interpretations in written works in scientific publications, as well as in respect of what patients, or their tutors are being told by psychiatrists.

    Also, is very important to mention (as part of their manipulation) that the psychiatrists, though they learn in medical school that the psychiatric medicines, specifically the antipsychotics, are not having a healing but rather controlling (tranquillising) purpose, they intentionally leave confusion over this aspect even when are involved together with other state authorities in the work for production of mental health legislation.

    Most psychiatrists, the morally corrupted ones, are stupid people. This is why they are corrupted in first stance. If they were smart, they were honest. I don’t see them capable of sophisticated conspiration. They too are victims of the phenomenon they created. Some of them sincerely believe the lies this pseudoscience is made up from.

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  17. Thank you for this article Dr. K. You left out how television–also a great tool of stupidification was utilized by psychiatry to sell themselves. Nearly all the drug commercials you see on TV now are psychiatric. The police and hospital dramas on the idiot box push the narrative of “mental illness” as well.

    Few non-professionals read journal articles or books by Torrey/Jaffe, Lieberman, Pies or the rest. Otherwise they might see through the charade and discover how inhumane their treatments are.

    Torrey actually boasted in his underground work Shrinks about how he drove a number of “asymptomatic schizophrenics” crazy by drugging them without knowledge or consent. When reprimanded he joked about how causing “schizophrenics” to go out of their minds was no big deal.

    It’s actually lucky for these guys that their books are not widely read. I think they want their articles and books to remain an inside job–read and reviewed by approving peers–and never see the light of day. Those who practice evil love darkness.

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    • “Those who practice evil love darkness.”

      Exactly, Rachel. Anyone who could inflict such demoralizing, punitive and damaging “help” on people who are suffering is not due to stupidity – it’s dark and evil. Would anyone with supposedly good intentions proceed to kick the **** out of someone when they are down. No, it’s evil.

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      • One of these days I’m writing a book that cites works by characters like Torrey, Pies, etc.–making them accessible to mainstream public who actually want to help people and restore them to health and sanity.

        Trying to reason with those who benefit from afflicting us and driving us crazy is a waste of time. No more discussions. Like trying to “work something out” with an abusive spouse.

        If we go back or remain the beatings will continue.

        “Mental illness” is not a social construct. It’s an iatrogenic one. Created by psychiatrists. Sometimes knowingly.

        Over 95% of all SMI cases were perfectly sane until they got put on a drug for being sad because the family dog died or were nervous over exams. Then they went bonkers and got branded by their shrink.

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        • Rachel,
          You have the gift to write.
          We definitely cannot reason with abusers and liers. In fact, it is for the victims, the tearing open of an old wound. And not many psychiatrists would ever want a discussion. The only discussion they feel safe in, is the one on one of people who thought psychiatry could help them, the vulnerable at the moment is where they shine. In dingy private rooms, with no news cameras on them to see the interviews, or the “summary” after.
          No one to watch the results, to follow day by day, no one to record the deaths.

          We seem to be stuck once again, an age where no greats have appeared to shift our thoughts to new possibilities, and people like to believe in something, no matter how vile or damaging it is. Psychiatry for now, became the go to in our insecure feelings that we are just a floundering mess.
          It is perfect for the neighbours or family of flounders and floppers.

          We need deprogramming for the masses once again. The problem with deprogramming is, most don’t know they are programmed lol.
          And so we do need books, to show people just how easy it is for a paradigm to arise, amidst confusion, when looking for answers to stuff that makes no sense and how we always do this.

          But people have to be made aware of the thing they believe in, should not be the thing that dehumanizes, maims, discredits and belittles their neighbour, or else they become guilty by default.
          Many people want to agree that “oh yes, “stigma” is not nice”, yet have absolutely NO CLUE, that psych itself invented that word, perhaps unwittingly, but me no think so.
          Psychiatry wants NO ONE to find out, no one to start thinking about the things they believe in, except of course their “mental patients”.

          If someone truly starts thinking about the sham psychiatry, they cannot help but reach a conclusion of it’s sham.
          The place people get stuck in, after deconstructing, is, “well what about suffering”, what about those crazy weird behaviours. And so, since they have been programmed by legit “doctors”, they sigh and give up.
          Because in blindness, in their pretense that we should all be “normal”, like themselves of course, lies the issue of belief.

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        • For your book:

          Quote from Pies: “It may seem odd to attribute “immorality” to a narrative concerning the earth’s climate, but if befouling the planet’s ecosystems and polluting our air and oceans is not immoral, I am not sure what is.”

          Who has promoted the widespread use of plastic products in order to increase profits? Yes of-course, it must be the mentally ill. I can’t find anything in the article where Pies berates the oil industry.

          If you were to substitute the earth’s climate, in his quote, with the human brain, the same thing could be said for psychotropics. He’s basically admitting to his own immorality.

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        • Rachel777

          “Over 95% of all SMI cases were perfectly sane until ….”

          “Judges” have a tendency to ‘believe’ doctors, even though psychiatric ‘medications’ have been proven to cause – even homicidal and familicidal lunacy.

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    • Yes Rosalee, the exploitation of people. I do think he should have used the word stupidity more directed
      at psychiatry.
      Although they are COMPLETELY aware of the damage they have power to exert.
      I do however believe their original interest or go-to occupation was born out of stupidity, the result of
      narrowminded living, the result that if the behaviour of their friend’s mom is different from their mom,
      she is sick. Psychiatry is a “privileged” upbringing.
      I remember as a child, looking at the jonses and how they were to be looked down on, I could feel it in the air, the
      energy of others that looked down on the jonses.
      And I distinctly can recall the feeling I had.
      They were not feelings of knowledge, or fear of the jonses. They were feelings of wanting to know “why”.
      Feelings that were peculiar, confusion.

      It was the “air”, the air of feelings that adults had about the jonses that were the problem for me.

      The youth that went into shrinkhood, never questioned that perhaps the jonses are not the actual problem, and even if they have problems, I doubt ascribing WHAT their problem is, what we observe says anything at all about the jonses. Yet the Jonses remain isolated from community.
      Psychiatry thought they could medicalize this rudimentary, basic human musing. And holy chit, did it ever do damage since it became a legal entity to look at the jonses and use my “knowledge” those obvious observations, interpreted.
      After all, it’s not the behaviour, it is the observation of behaviour, both become problematic if both do not realize what they are really participating in.

      Monkeys observe each other every day and are fascinated by what their neighbor does.

      I also observe, and one of my fascinations is how we observe one another. Those little stories we spin in our heads. Mine are as “true” as a shrink believes his to be. Mine do not impact someone’s life, or even their family, their status, their healthcare.
      Shrinks love to gossip.

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  18. Wow! A lot of good posts here. A lot better than some of the tripe I read in Medscape Psychiatry today [just a particularly bad article there along with a bad set of commentary]. STUPIDIFICATION. I LIKE that angle. Whether this “replaces” other similar angles might only be determined by testing it more. It has “punch,” but by NO means an empty punch nor simple semantic wrangling IMHO. Most of the commenters here seem articulate, reasoned, & bright. Error here and error there, but that is the value of reasonably civil discourse as we see here when carried out by non-stupid people. It is self-correcting if such writers will allow it. All in all though, the points being made here are the same old same old and THAT is a problem. One person praised Dr. K. for this editorial but opined that it won’t get far BECAUSE it is so apt – that (implied) truth tends to get suppressed. This very view seems to be in line with Dr. K’s point. The other thing, above others, which stood out to me is the way Dr. K chose to use the word “stupid.” I think the focus on “stupid” may help us break through the shield of dismissal of our same old same old (valid) criticism of psychiatry. The meat of Dr. K’s editorial, however, seems to have gotten a bit confused as “Slaying the Dragon” seemed to suggest, leaving “Slay” to tilt against windmills a bit. Rather than ask Dr. K to write more, nearly any commenter here could take up that task. If his piece is a true indication, Dr. K. is not the best WRITER here. He MAY be brilliantly the BOLDEST though in writing on “stupidification.” I think we should pick up THAT pen and write with it. Yes? No? THANK YOU, Dr.Kelmemson.

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  19. Thank you Dr Lawrence


    SCHIZOPHRENIA:- Disabling Anxiety is usually the problem here, when “medication” is halted. But its possible to see this as a type of “transference”, and to reduce it by 90%.

    DEPRESSION:- Life can be full of stress and unhappiness, and ‘mental illness’ goes some way in describing this.

    BIPOLAR:- When unhappiness burns itself out, an extreme happiness can temporarily take over.

    ADHD:- The clients are completely normal


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  20. “… The more deeply the person is involved in “treatment”, the deeper he or she tends to sink into the trash.”

    It seems that some people are unaware that when in therapy and in vulnerable mode, one can easily absorb the therapists gack.
    It’s perfect. The child absorbs the adult’s gack and then goes to therapy to be reduced to, brought back to child mode and absorb more BS.
    No one tells people how much trash is free.
    From empty thoughts to medication, they need someone who buys into their knowledge.
    I can as easily as a shrink, interpret anyone’s facial expressions, words.
    That is where they stop.
    To psychiatry people must be a simple thing. One dimensional, or else I doubt there would be labels.

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