What Psychiatry Has Done for Me


If you have ever had the misfortune of receiving a psychiatric diagnosis… I can guarantee you will never be able to forget it. It will follow you to the ends of the earth, completely transforming your relationships with your family, friends, employers, co-workers and health professionals. It will impact what they think of you, how they treat you, even to the point of how they speak to you and about you. It will change the very concept you have of yourself. It comes with its own scorched earth policy. Can you think of a more significant way to make a person feel disempowered than by giving an individual a psychiatric diagnosis?

Personally it has cost me friendships, my dignity and my self-respect. It has shaken my confidence and shaped my perceptions. Slowly self-doubt begins to creep in, and you learn to mistrust your decisions and emotions as you view everything through the lens of a psychiatric diagnosis, deferring everything over to the advice of your psychiatrist. Basically, it is like a complete and total brainwashing where eventually you find yourself distrusting the human race as a whole. The stigma and discrimination I have had to endure due to my ‘diagnosis’ crushed my spirit and the dreams I had for my life.

psychiatric diagnosis

But the most devastating part of all is how my diagnosis altered my developing relationship with my two sons. They were both fed a constant diet of a false narrative about the status of their mother’s mental health onwards from the ages of four and seven, which impacted our developing relationship in countless ways that continue to this day. This is the part of my past that hurts deeply. There is nothing more precious to a mother than her children. My children are now grown men. My eldest has children of his own. Something was truly lost that I can’t get back and although my relationship with my children today is a loving one, irreparable damage has occurred that continues to impact our relationship. Yet when you’re told a lie and from that point on you base your life on that lie and so does everyone else around you, the truth becomes elusive. If you are fortunate enough to find out the truth, there is nothing to do but face it or ignore it, but good luck to you if you decide to try to explain to others that you are not what a psychiatrist labeled you. It’s a catch-22.

Like many Americans, I originally accepted my ‘diagnosis’ of manic depression. Since then, manic depression has been renamed and is now known by the more consumer-friendly bipolar disorder. I guess you could say that I was carrying on a family tradition, since I have an older sister who, years earlier than myself, also walked away from a psychiatrist’s office with that same label.

My journey down the rabbit hole began late in the spring of 1989 when I was experiencing a major depression. The words ‘major depression’ never crossed my mind to describe the way I was feeling. At the suggestion of the wife of my husband’s brother, I was taken to her own personal psychiatrist. When I reflect on my situation at the time, I wonder why the suggestion was made in the first place as my circumstances were well known to his family. I was 29 and the mother of two children. My youngest was in preschool and my eldest was enrolled at a parochial school where I volunteered as headroom mother. My husband and I had just purchased our first home five years earlier. A year after we moved in, I gave birth to our second child. These financial obligations led my husband to work an increased number of hours at his father’s business. Most days I wouldn’t see him until nightfall, which left him little time to devote to our family life not to mention our relationship with each other. At the time I had relatively few close friends and although my husband’s large family lived nearby, all of my seven siblings and their family members lived hundreds of miles away. None of my neighbors were stay-at-home moms like myself and at times I felt isolated; cut off.

I was single-handedly coping with a lot of stress. I never really noticed how I was slipping into a depression until I found myself within its midst. It’s not like there is an ‘a-ha’ moment where you tell yourself, “I have depression.” It’s only in retrospect when you have a past reference point from which to compare. So, when I found myself alone, in a small office, facing a woman, a psychiatrist I had never met before, I felt overwhelmed. This encounter would be the first and the last encounter I would have with this person. To this day I don’t know what was said between us or even her name. I do recall that I had been having thoughts about being a bad mother. It never occurred to me just how irrational these intruding and reoccurring thoughts were or even to challenge them within my mind. Up until this point, I had always prided myself on being a good mother. And even though the self-condemning thoughts about being a bad mother had been happening prior to the visit to the psychiatrist, the visit set off a real paranoia that I can’t explain. It felt like I had done something so horribly wrong, and this visit seemed to justify what I had been feeling. I don’t know if I voiced these thoughts to her during the interview, but she wrote out a prescription for an antidepressant which my husband filled.

At this point in the story, it gets hazy. I began to lose track of time and I don’t know how long after the visit to the psychiatrist this happened, but I remember my husband decided to drop off my children at another one of my sister-in-law’s houses and I was left at home alone. This seemed rather odd to me. My children were always either at school or they were with me. I also think the situation fed into the thoughts I was having about being a bad mother. There by myself, I began to experience fear as it occurred to me that the psychiatrist had tricked me and had given me a placebo. I honestly thought this. So, to counter this fear I took more of the antidepressant. I know I did not take all the pills in the bottle but apparently, I took enough. I immediately called my sister-in-law, the one who was watching my children, and explained that the psychiatrist had slipped me a placebo and that I had taken more of them. She immediately called 911.

By the time my husband arrived back at our house, emergency vehicles were blocking the street in front. I was rushed to the hospital. In the emergency room, right after having my stomach pumped, I was confronted with papers of commitment. I refused to sign. My husband called one of my sisters who was a phlebotomist at the time and worked at a hospital. She gave me a speech about signing the commitment papers because if not I could be kept for up to 90 days against my will. So, while lying in a hospital bed surrounded by medical equipment I decided to sign. As it so happened, my hospital stay came close to fulfilling those 90 days.

In my mind at least, this was not a suicide attempt, but it wouldn’t matter. That was only a technicality. When I first recounted what happened that day, to one of my sisters, I got the distinct impression she didn’t believe me.

She said, “That doesn’t make sense.”

If this was the end of my story, I would consider myself blessed, but it wasn’t. This was just the beginning of a nightmarish turning point that became my life for the next 30 years. Eight months later I found myself again committed to the same psychiatric ward at the same hospital but this time for different reasons and with a new diagnosis: manic depression.

Many years later, after reading the criteria for bipolar in the DSM, I was quite puzzled as to how I got this ‘diagnosis. None of what was listed seemed to apply to me back on that February evening in 1990. Sure, my husband and I had been fighting but this was no different than the many other times we had fought. Except this time, he called his mother. I remember sitting on the landing with one of my sons sitting quietly by my side, listening to his call. I can remember being driven to the same hospital that I was admitted to eight months prior, in the backseat of my mother-in-law’s car, with my husband driving and my mother-in-law sitting in the passenger seat; I did not fully comprehend what their intentions were or what awaited me when I got to the hospital. So confident was I that, as a new Christian, I decided to take my Bible. This action could have been my undoing along with my previous record of overdose. When we eventually arrived and according to my memory, without even seeing one psychiatrist, I was escorted upstairs to the behavioral facility by a nurse and my husband and admitted.

Unfortunately, when I recently wanted access to my hospital records from this night, I was told the records had been destroyed. I have no way of knowing what was recorded as being said by either my husband or mother-in-law or any notations by hospital staff. But I do know that sleep was not an issue, nor grandiosity. I was in control of my faculties. I was not ranting and raving, acting hysterically or brandishing a weapon. I was not delusional nor was I trying to convert anyone or reading from my Bible. I just naively and willingly went to the hospital with no questions asked.

My stay was a short one. This time less than a week and now I was officially ‘manic depressive’ and prescribed lithium for life. I had been assigned to a psychiatrist my husband’s eldest brother had been seeing after his divorce when I was first hospitalized in 1989. He initially lied to me, telling me I would only need to be on lithium for a year, never even bothering to mention any of the side effects. At 5 foot 2 inches with a small frame, during the next 12 months I gained 60 lbs with nary a word from him about this weight gain.

After receiving that ‘diagnosis’ I never saw the writing on the wall. I was to be hospitalized eight more times in a 30-year period, sometimes with as many as 11 years in between hospitalizations. On one occasion I drove myself to the hospital at the request of my husband and was admitted based just upon his recommendation. Of course, by that time I had an involuntary commitment history. But it was the last two hospitalizations in the first part of 2020 that were the most horrific. This is when I was abruptly withdrawn from a concoction of drugs. The woman I became was unrecognizable from the genuine person that I am — a far cry from the naive young mother of 1990 who first received the label manic depressive. My personal agency was completely in shatters. I can tell you firsthand the destructive nature of psychiatric drugs because I have lived through it.

I am aware of how many people may feel these drugs help them and I don’t want to disparage anyone’s feelings. But one of the things I do object to is how the psychiatric and medical community, along with the drug companies, do not fully disclose to the public the inherent dangers involved in taking psychiatric medications and the flimsy and arbitrary criteria not backed by empirical science that these drugs are dispensed with, normally being prescribed to the person for life. These are mind-altering substances. Instead of fixing some chemical imbalance, they cause them. It is a less than honest way of doing business. Iatrogenic effects, which can happen quite frequently and without warning to the consumers of these medications, are often blamed on the consumer as a reemergence of the ‘mental illness’ rather than acknowledging the true culprit which is the medication itself.

The 19th century’s sordid psychiatric treatment of the so-called mentally ill is well known by the public. Ask anyone what images come to mind when you say the word asylum and compassionate care will not be among any of those images. Although many of the bizarre, tortuous and abusive treatments were cast off by the psychiatric community, precisely because these forms of treatment have no scientific or curative value, new ones replaced the old, therefore little has changed since then. Psychiatry remains a very destructive, coercive, and highly political means of social control. Psychiatry’s reputation for exploiting women, the poor and the disadvantaged is also common knowledge to the general public. So why does a false sense of what psychiatry is and what it represents persist in the mind of the average person?

The answer to this question is multifaceted, but the shame of it all lies in the populace’s blind trust that psychiatry is valid science. Society’s overall complacency towards psychiatry’s utter lack of scientific evidence has cost millions of psychiatric survivors much grief, heartache and ruined lives. And in psychiatry’s wake, society continues to deny people their civil rights based solely upon its perception that they need help. But is psychiatric help the answer? I can think of far more kindhearted and empathetic methods and less stressful ways of helping someone cope with a life crisis or distressing situation than locking them up, forcibly drugging them and stigmatizing them with a scarlet letter for the rest of their lives.


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  1. Well stated, Tammy. I’ll just add …

    “Oh what a tangled web” they “weave, when first” they “practice to deceive.”

    And they do love to attack us stay at home moms, when our children are young, don’t they? Why is being a “super” mom, and very active volunteer, “unemployed” to the “mental health” system fraudsters?


    And they declare us “w/o work, content, and talent ” and “unemployed” – without even bothering to look at our work, or asking us about our lives.

    And when they finally bother to look at our work, it gets described as “work of smart female” and “insightful,” but also “too truthful.” And “there might be a market for a Chicago Chagall,” so the “mental health” fraudsters try to steal it, via their toxic conservatorship contracts.

    Best wishes on your healing journey, Tammy.

  2. There are a few things struck me whilst reading this article.

    One was the way that false narratives are fabricated by public officers and the way these things compound. According to ‘their’ records I am a drunk…… and yet the facts (truth) is that I haven’t touched alcohol in more than 20 years. But a Police officer needed to justify removing me from my home because my wifes boyfriend was in town, and she wanted the house to herself…… in the meantime across town a woman was being beaten to death by her violent drunk husband, and police claim they need more resources. Well, I beg to differ, and think perhaps if they allocate their resources a little better, rather than doing the bidding of someone being given ‘advice’ on ‘what you need to tell them’ and what ‘evidence’ you need to plant and when…… Still, I have confidence that HER diagnosis will have much more of an effect than mine ever will…… the slander only keeping me in place while the criminals sort out a scapegoat I assume.

    “Can you think of a more significant way to make a person feel disempowered than by giving an individual a psychiatric diagnosis?”

    Yep. I note that the slander that effected me most was the claim by the Community Nurse that I was a wife beater, a drug abuser, that I was violent, were all pretty effective. And not a single piece of evidence to support ANY of his claims n the Statutory declaration he wrote to justify arbitrarily detaining me. My wife to later claim she “said no such thing” to any of them, and my confusion as to why I was being treated in the manner I was, not even aware of the slander that had been smeared over me behind my back.

    That’s not really the worst of it. The attempt to access the protection of the law, meant that others then used that slander KNOWING it was fraudulent to do deliberate harm. A public Officer has sworn a statement and it isn’t true? many a person found themselves doing long prison sentences for crimes they didn’t commit where I live…. it’s called ‘verballing’, and is considered “noble corruption” by people such as the Chief Psychiatrist or Police Commissioner……. they encourage it by having classes in “Creative Writing” for Officers who fall behind in the fabrication of evidence. And the ‘cost’ to the justice system, and health system be damned. Lies to achieve KPIs.

    What fascinates me is that at present we have our politicians dealing with one guy stealing 80k and spending it on prostitutes (and the laptop with the videos of him with other pollies being held up in the Corruption watchdog), another sitting Member on charges of molesting a 9 year old girl. who turns up once every few weeks and bows to the Speaker to obtain his ‘benefits’ (sure, innocent till proven guilty and I understand how the State uses and utters with fraud to slander so I have some empathy for the guy), the guy with the kiddie porn seems to have dropped off the radar, the guy who bought War Medals off ebay and then wore then to a parade and lied to a Parliamentary Committee about his ‘history’, well he’s gone…..

    But it doesn’t seem to effect them. Though perhaps their ‘medical records’ are not being released from the Private Clinic by a psychologist with a Masters degree? Aren’t they in for a shock lol Though I know some of them are aware of the ‘eavesdropping on the confessional’.

    Lots of ways of doing the nasty to people where I live, many of them criminal, but police provide material assistance to the criminals by finding “insufficient evidence” by not taking the “proof” (as stated by a lawyer).

    In my religion slander is a serious matter, and WILL have serious consequences for the slanderer. And these labels are nothing more than ‘educated slander’.

    The complaint of Habakkuk and the Lords response comes to mind………. if your still allowed to read your Bible (given the gods of psychiatry have now spoken and you should be worshiping them, they may deny you your delusions) take a quick read.

    Look at the nations and watch—
    and be utterly amazed.
    For I am going to do something in your days
    that you would not believe,
    even if you were told.

    That’s a promise from someone who doesn’t lie. deceive., fabricate, defraud, or whatever other term they wish to manufacture for their evil.

  3. Psychiatry is not much more than a set of medicalized booby traps. But thank goodness the word has a chance to finally get around. And when it does, (most) psychiatrists won’t be able to hide the fact that most have egg on their faces and blood on their hands.

    • “Psychiatry is not much more than a set of medicalized booby traps. But thank goodness the word has a chance to finally get around. And when it does, (most) psychiatrists won’t be able to hide the fact that most have egg on their faces and blood on their hands.”

      I’ve just been pondering the way the Law Centre was a ‘booby trap’ for someone who had been subjected to arbitrary detention and torture.

      Consider, I approach them and have the documented proof (though in redacted form. The misconduct patently obvious despite the redactions) though they do not wish to take these documents from me, instead making application under the human rights protections for unredacted documents (and obtaining an ‘authority to act’ in the process. Watch out for that ‘booby trap’ they lay for the unsuspecting. Detail the conditions, though they will no doubt refuse to ‘assist’ should you not allow they the right to conspire against you with the people who have committed offences against you as their ‘client’)They don’t wish to touch anything they might wish to unsee at a later time, preferring instead the “edited” legal narratives they are accepting from the State, and then not being “over zealous” in their complaints about the “editing” (ie further human rights abuses by your own lawyer. In this case a whole Law Centre full of them covering up for the State under the guise of ‘access to the law’).

      The hospital knowing what is contained in the unredacted documents can’t possibly hand these documents over to people claiming to be my legal representatives. And in fact, they want the redacted ones I do have returned.

      So the Law Centre receives a set of “edited” documents (rather than the set they had a right to examine) and can claim they never saw the misconduct or human rights abuses (arbitrary detention and torture). They make a little noise about the “editing” of the documents, but don’t push the issue (lets not be over zealous where torture is concerned, the State doesn’t like that and funding may be at risk).

      The Law Centre then drafts a letter of complaint based on what they have been told by me (my wife obviously avoiding providing my cause of action with any evidence/proof preferring to work with the criminals, and the lawyers not wishing to take any evidence of wrongdoing to bias their complaint. It’s okay, we’ve got him surrounded.)

      After the Law Centre checks that I no longer have the documented proof of the misconduct, they then pretend to submit the complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist. A response is received which is bizarre in it’s contents, though they provide this poison pen letter to me with a letter saying they don’t have the resources to read the response from the Chief Psychiatrist.

      Now as I have stated, this letter was forged and uttered with by the Law Centre, as a means of concealing arbitrary detention and torture, whilst wiping their ‘fingerprints’ off the crime scene. The State negligent in their investigation of my allegations, and instead preferring the conspiring with the lawyers at the Law Centre for their mutual benefit.

      But I didn’t leave the matter there. I still had the documents showing the original misconduct AND the forged letter of the Chief Psychiatrist (using a little bit of grey matter which you would expect from an expert in mental health law right?). So I approached my Union lawyers, and provided the documented proof to such an expert in mental health law, and was interviewed by her. It seems fairly obvious that she would have contacted the Law Centre and asked them about the forged letter, and then as a result of a request, also threw me under a bus.

      Her ‘fingerprints’ however were all over the documented proof. She had seen the misconduct and human rights abuse, and made a choice to neglect her duty to her client……. because? I assume she explained this to the Queens’ Counsel at the meeting where we managed to get to the point of explaining how the fraudulent prescription concealed the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs by making them my “Regular Medications”. Probable cause? And with “reasonable grounds” to move forward with an investigation……..ewwwww. Look what they tried to do to him to cover up their crimes…… lucky it wasn’t our families and only his.

      So whilst the ‘medicalized’ booby trap analogy might be relevant, it wouldn’t be possible without lawyers who will conspire to pervert the course of justice when they come across the human rights abuses that are being “edited” out of existence by hospitals (with the full support of the State which receives a benefit from such offending). having the legal representatives ‘deliver’ the victims to a ‘dark alley’ to have their heads smashed in by the ‘thugs’ they are complaining about a clever ‘mechanism’ which ensures that zero complaints about human rights abuses slip through the cracks.

      And it’s not like their are any journalists that would publish such facts even if the documented proof were available. I mean they do have a cell next to Julian Assange available, and ‘treatments’ for those who would dare speak truth to power. Better to be the Judas for 15 pieces of silver.

      So it’s more a set of legal booby traps from where i’m looking. Though the negligence works in a way that ensures that the ‘fingerprints’ of the lawyers is wiped by the authorities to ensure a preferred outcome. Obviously organized crime but hey, is your family safe if you dare ask any questions of the Minister? I know in my instance she told me that I “better get yourself a lawyer” despite her being fully aware that the State was denying me access to effective legal representation AND that the letter she was responding to had been forged and uttered with by the Law Centre. Don’t tell me they didn’t tell the Minister how they had ‘resolved’ the matter, and left her to find out down the track about the forgery and conspiring to pervert? Whose the nutjob now?

      A song (original version by Leonard Cohen but I prefer this version by Concrete Blonde)


      Everybody knows their doing what? OmG really? Why so surprised? Anything is possible when you can “edit” legal narrative and deny access to the protection of the law. Ask anyone who knows victims of the National Socilaists in Germany 1940s. It’s simply a matter of calling them “Outpatients” and the whole State mechanism goes into ‘fuking destrution’ mode. Not caring about anything other than their own protection. And they get to call it ‘healthcare’ in as much as the German State called it ‘racial hygiene’. None of it really possible without the ‘laws’ to protect those ensuring the purity of the Nation. Lives not worthy of living decided by….. the checkpoint Charlies.

      • It can be hard to access good legal help as a psych patient. Or, seemingly impossible sometimes.

        A suggestion, boans, would be to try to say what is at the core of your complaints about how you were treated.

        In order to be heard, we have to be understandable to others: They have to be able to make sense of what we say.

        In candor, I’m not following you here.

        Try to explain to your readers as if we are in kindergarten. It might help.

        • Appreciate your comment Hayden Hall.

          “It can be hard to access good legal help as a psych patient. Or, seemingly impossible sometimes.”

          Oh I’m not a psych patient, where on earth did you get that idea? And as far as legal help goes, I have been in contact with one of the very best in my city.

          I play golf with the Consul General of a large Asian Nation, and I don’t think it’s because he has an interest in mental health issues. A lot of other people I play golf with are career lawyers, one who owns a large Law Firm who in his youth got a man off who beat his wife to death with a hammer, and then cut her into pieces…. not a day in prison 🙂 So he’s no slouch either, but he has said “these matters can take some time” unlike the 15th which is a drive, a chip and a putt.

          “A suggestion, boans, would be to try to say what is at the core of your complaints about how you were treated.”

          Simple, badly. I was snatched from my bed after being ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs, arbitrarily detained and tortured to produce the false documents to utter with and conceal the misconduct.

          My confidential medical records were released unlawfully from a Private Clinic, and the person who did that tried to arrange to have me ‘outcomed’ in the E.D. (or to be precise, her Shock Doc husband had arranged to have me ‘outcomed’, my wife smelling a rat went and spoke to her Prof of Cardiology friend, and he rudely interrupted the doctor who was about to inject me with what we call here a ‘hotshot’).

          The documents which were the motive for the attempt to ‘outcome’ me, were then retrieved, and the cover up completed by the Law Centre with the forging and uttering of a letter of response from the Chef Psychiatrist (best he doesn’t get involved in such cover ups, and given the situation he was never supposed to even know his name was being put to such poison pen letters) The letter ending up on the table at a meeting between the Head of the Council of Official Visitors (a human rights lawyer) and the Chief Psychiatrist during their weekly meeting. what a surprise that must have been for him to see that letter…….. it makes him look like an absolute plank. I’m sure he had a laugh with the Principle of the law Centre about it all….. ‘got me a good one there Sandy’.

          “In order to be heard, we have to be understandable to others: They have to be able to make sense of what we say.”

          Yes, and I have tried desperately to have others assist me in writing these matters up in a coherent manner….. even paying lots of money at times to be thrown under a bus because the people get threatened by the State. The documents I have speak for themselves, and I was fortunate to be given the unredacted copies showing the misconduct (unusual given the way my State allows the ‘mental health system’ to be used for the cover up of misconduct by public officers. Police making ‘referrals’ to ‘friendlies’ should one of their fellow officers be caught with the fingers in the till).

          Not a lot of good without a good person to assist in making it very clear what crimes occurred, when and who was involved.

          I mean personally I’m not even really interested in anyone being punished, the Minister died of heart disease, the Principle and all the lawyers at the Law Centre were ‘removed’ and possible never practice law again (okay, we need people to do the paperwork for property transfers, and administer wills etc, but they won’t be going anywhere in a hurry as far as a career goes), the FOI officer gone after a long career fuking over mental patients, the Senior Medical Officer (ex psychiatrist/ex Catholic Priest) had his access to adolescents cut off,……..and me? Well, I know the truth, and watch as people deny reality and show their true colours….. when they say they would have stood up for the Jews in Germany had they been there……. no they wouldn’t lol. They would have been looting their property because they have been ‘tested’ and failed miserably. Spines made of jelly.

          “In candor, I’m not following you here.”

          Fair enough, it’s one of the effects of being subjected to the vicious attacks the State conducts against anyone they perceive as a threat of being a whistleblower. Psychiatry providing the perfect weapon to those aware of how to wield it. Ask a question and see how far we get? Do you understand the legal consequences of a mental hospital lying to police and claiming that a citizen if=s an “Outpatient” they require assistance with detaining? It’s a crime where I live, I can even give you the ‘billing code’ for the offence (Porcure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act), but Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code (under resourced see) and therefore they have to make up what they think are crimes.

          Standing near a crosswalk with intent to use it….. penalty a blow to the knees with a kosh and a fine of $50. (funny but it’s a crime committed mostly by our aboriginal population, or at least it only seems they are the ones getting caught lol)
          Torture (concealed as ‘medicine’) can be a beautiful thing if your not on the receiving end of it, the Operations Manager getting quite a high out of subjecting ‘patients’ to her abuses. I think about the way she enabled the wholesale theft of patients valuable property (oh your gold chain didn’t get stolen during your ECT treatment, it’s the effect on the memory. See it isn’t documented on the property sheet. And how easy to not write it down, and the be seen with it at the Staff Christmas party?), and even called police to investigate patients to throw others off the trail

          I mean what else do you do to a child sex offender who pleads NGRI? Have orders made to inject him with the ‘burning flesh’ until he puts a pistol in his mouth and blows half his face away? Then change his psychiatrist and his ‘medication’, and call it a side effect?

          I was thinking earlier about how I still to this day suffer from the assumption of others that I did something wrong, …. surely I must have? In fact, i’d prefer it if the slander fabricated about me was actually true, that I could live with. How many violent psychotic drug abusing wife beaters have jobs? (possibly some of them work in ‘mental health’ and project their ‘character flaws’ onto others?).

          But it wasn’t true, and I pity the whole community when mental health services can literally destroy someone’s life by simply calling around to their home. The can’t possibly win, when the ‘Inquisitors’ visiting someone means they’re a witch.

          “Try to explain to your readers as if we are in kindergarten. It might help.”

          I’m not a writer, and never will be. I hope that someday I will have no need to interact with anyone in the State I reside in……… they make me want to vomit given the way they turn their back at the first sign of trouble. Hypocrites. Though I get the feeling from some at MiA that they are fighters, people who would have needed to be shoved with a bayonette into the ‘showers’. That sort of courage I admire. The sycophants on the other hand…..

          • boans I’ve been thinking of you and now I find this reply you wrote that I’d missed somehow.
            I guess, a word I’d have for what happened to you is, it’s “involved.”
            I believe you are on another continent from where I am in U.S.: Perhaps you are in Australia?
            I believe it may be Tim Wilson who has been advising that the Mental Health System there is NOT working at all well, over all.
            Which is not to say it’s working great in the U.S.! – and, there have been pressures here to mandate more widespread coercion of people who have received psych diagnoses; I’m not up on things, to know how widespread such mandates are in the U.S. now.
            Just reflecting some on the law, I expect your legal system, like ours in the U.S., has traditions from U.K. law. Perhaps where you are (Australia?), you also are inheritors, as we are, of the ancient legal doctrine of ‘parens patriae.’
            And you may know what that is, but, just to review: Under the legal doctrine of parens patriae, anyone who is found to be (sigh) ‘mentally incapable’ is, in the view of the law, as a kind of de facto child whose parent is The Sovereign — with The Sovereign historically having been the British Sovereign, but, for us, in the United States, The Sovereign is The State.

            This doctrine of parens patriae is a way of trying to see that someone will look after folks who are (sigh) mentally incapable. As I would understand, though, in actual practice this legal doctrine may not play out very well in many instances, for those it is supposed to help.

            Not to impugn those who become charged to serve as Guardians and Conservators, who go above and beyond in selfless care for their Wards or Conservatees.

            Anyway. My take, boans, for what it is worth, is that there may be a general supposition that people who have been subject to the Mental Health System are mentally incapable, whether or not in fact they are: My hunch is, it may be social custom to treat them as de facto children, so as to diminish such people –as, perhaps, you, and, me– instead of building them up to be at their/our best.

            In the U.S., we now have a relatively new law that may shift the legal landscape some, however: This is the Americans With Disabilities Act; and, as distinct from parens patriae, it seeks to make the most of the capacity that any of us have.

            So: Let’s say someone is reading your somewhat involved account of harms you have received from people. If that someone presumes ‘boans is like a child; we can’t make much of what boans is saying,’ that is one thing. If that someone presumes ‘boans has something going on that we can’t quite make out; it’s necessary to find the necessary supports to discern what’s going on here,’ that is another.

            I don’t know that this helps.

          • Hi Hayden Hall

            you write;

            I guess, a word I’d have for what happened to you is, it’s “involved.”

            Not through my choosing, that was done to ‘muddy the water’ so to speak by those who benefit from creating chaos. Others are then not prepared to spend the time (or don’t have the level of intelligence to) unravelling the mess the hospital administrators deliberately created.

            You write;

            “Under the legal doctrine of parens patriae, anyone who is found to be (sigh) ‘mentally incapable’ is, in the view of the law, as a kind of de facto child whose parent is The Sovereign — with The Sovereign historically having been the British Sovereign, but, for us, in the United States, The Sovereign is The State.”

            Whilst I can see where you are going with this, the issue was that I had been falsely labelled as being ‘in the care’ of a psychiatrist in order to make what were criminal offences appear to be lawful.

            You seem to have an understanding of the law, so if you can imagine, the standard set out for a person to be ‘mentally incapable’ (sigh) is that they are being “treated for a mental illness (as defined in s. 4 of the Mental Health Act) by a psychiatrist”. Not just a situation where I would like to be the ‘guardian’ of the neighbor who I have been in conflict with and would like them locked up and force drugged so I tell mental health services I am his/her guardian, and have ‘spiked’ their food with date rape drugs and they have collapsed and are ready for the ‘treatment’. You know, like legal standards and burdens of proof? “suspect on reasonable grounds”?

            My wife called the Mental Health Emergency Response Line and put them in touch with a Private Clinic psychologist who LIED and said I was a “patient” of the psychiatrist at that clinic. She offered them my confidential medical records given that they were obviously going to have me in their custody once I had been tortured and taken into custody unlawfully. This is a Federal offence. Based on the lie I was someones ‘patient’, the hospital Senior Medical Officer has then dispatched the Community Nurse to call police and have them assist in the ‘referral’ of a Private Clinic ‘mental patient’.

            These are commonly called “remotes” and are not only frowned upon by the ‘industry’, they consist of a number of criminal offences.

            Our lawmakers recognised the possibility of ‘medical staff’ using Police as their own personal thugs and kidnapping service, and thus inserted an offence into our Criminal Code. The hospital staff should have asked questions of me about who my ‘treating psychiatrist’ was, and then I should have been referred for an examination by THAT psychiatrist. However, their actions demonstrate that they were fully aware that what they were doing was criminal…… but it doesn’t matter much when you can conceal misconduct by “editing” legal narrative and denying victims access to effective legal representation.

            Still with me here Hayden Hall?

            You write;

            “My take, boans, for what it is worth, is that there may be a general supposition that people who have been subject to the Mental Health System are mentally incapable, whether or not in fact they are”

            This is why the ‘exploit’ works, smear the victim with the stink of mental health services, and then you can ‘fuking destroy’ them DESPITE the fact they are victims of crime. Police will actively assist in that process, despite having the documented proof provided to them.

            “I don’t know that this helps.”

            In fact, your attitude is the very reason that children continued to be raped by priests for 40 plus years. Oh the victim seems to be traumatised, we can’t understand why the child is acting the way it is. I know he and others keep saying they are being abused by the priest but……. “they wouldn’t do that”

            But your not alone in your attitude, and inn fact it’s quite a common occurrence. There are however people who do have a level of intelligence to extract from my ramblings what the facts actually are. Your obviously struggling with the concept that a psychologist might lie about the status of a citizen to enable them to be ‘treated’ against their will. Do you also struggle with the idea that someone might not take no for an answer when they are asked for sex, and that refusal to participate may result in the unlawful use of force?

            Don’t assume that I was a ‘mental patient’ before all of this occurred….. basic mistake. Don’t assume the child always acted in the manner it is at present….. something may have been done to them whilst in the ‘care’ of the local Church. Fairly basic logic in my opinion. Or are you a ‘chemical imbalance’ kinda guy?

            Start at the beginning and work through the process methodically. That was why the hospital removed the Triage documents from the legal narrative, that was where the ‘status switch’ was made. If they didn’t ask how I became a ‘patient’ ie through a lie, then no problems, everything was done according to due process.

            Ask who my ‘treating psychiatrist’ was and there is a major issue….. I didn’t have one, and using police to force me into an interrogation (and thus enabling the forging of Forms) and not informing me I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs is called torture by definition of the Convention against the use of torture (something not ratified by the US)

            So the lawyers could not be provided with the unredacted documents showing I wasn’t an “Outpatient”, they would recognise what had been done was criminal…….. so they needed to be provided with an “edited” set, and told to assist in throwing the victim of arbitrary detention and torture under a bus……. called criminal conspiring. But who is going to do anything when the criminals are hooked up with corrupt police who have ‘flagged’ the victim to ensure they don’t take the evidence/proof while the hospital sorts out it’s little problem? Police not happy when I turned up in a Police Station and tried to make a complain, making an immediate referral to mental health for my “hallucinating” before even touching the documented proof of what I am alleging….. they’re working together on cover ups of public sector misconduct.

            The failure to report suspected misconduct to the authorities is a serious offence also….. but why would you bother when the documents had been “edited” and the victim had a little accident in the Emergency Dept and the Coroner can’t figure out where the drugs causing the overdose came from? I know they don’t want to know, but I can tell them.

            Consider the possibilities with what was done to me being lawful? The lunch at Parliament House could be ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and we could then subject the consumers to an “acute stress reaction” before asking them questions in Parliamentary Committees? I don’t know, I know one method used on me was to threaten to execute me and dump my body in the bush. That gets the heart pumping a little….. “acute stress reactions” being requested in calls to the Mental Health Emergency Response Line and provided with the assistance of Police.


            an example of “acute stress reaction” for dummies. Imagine if this man wasn’t actually a “patient” would that make a difference for you? Because he is now in an ‘induced coma’ (chemical restraint) while they all get their story straight and “edit” the documents, and then deny access to legal representation.

          • Hi again Hayden Hall

            you write

            “In the U.S., we now have a relatively new law that may shift the legal landscape some, however: This is the Americans With Disabilities Act; and, as distinct from parens patriae, it seeks to make the most of the capacity that any of us have.”

            Your lucky to have people who have some respect for the laws that are passed. I have a letter here purporting to be from our Chief Psychiatrist where he literally removes the legal protections afforded the community and enables arbitrary detentions and acts of torture. The public here not even aware our laws are being rewritten to enable human rights abuses by people we didn’t even elect? The person charged with protecting “consumers, carers, and the community” and provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is? Sounds crazy? Care to see the ‘proof’? (of course that letter was forged and uttered with by the Law Centre, thinking I was such a nutjob I’d never figure out what they were doing. Big mistake). The law doesn’t matter when you have post hoc “editing” and the slander of mental health to cover up.

            Now I realise the way your suggesting my character has been impugned, but speaking the truth and demonstrating facts does not seem to me to be linked to the slander circulated about me by these frauds.

            I was not, and am still not asking for my ‘mental state’ to be examined. I HAVE asked that a set of documents which clearly show criminal offences and human rights abuses be examined, and that was eventually done. The people who recognised what I was saying was the truth have used the slander I have been subjected to in order to obstruct justice.

            ‘They’ know I’m speaking the truth, and they laugh at the community so afraid to speak about public sector misconduct because of the threats to their families (see for example the psychologist who received the request from police for a ‘snow job’ who later stated “It never happened” and explained to me that he was “afraid for the safety of his family”………. The Orwell quote regarding the State saying of this or that even that it never happened was surely more scary than mere torture or death). Meh, I get it. If you knew what they said they would do to my grandchildren, these ‘heroes in uniform’ you’d possibly say “it never happened” too.

            Point being that I had a psychiatrist (highly educated individual) say to me about the “edited” documents “they wouldn’t do that”. Which kind of threw me back a little given she was a smart woman…… I mean I KNEW they had done that, and didn’t expect her to believe me, ….. but how about you examine the evidence before making such a knee jerk statement? And whilst it had been assumed up to that point that Police had retrieved the documented proof of what I was saying (and were slandering me based on that manufactured truth), I still actually had the proof and it was examined by a Member of Parliament who confirmed my suspicions regarding the fraudulent nature of the documents, and the involvement of police in conspiring to pervert the course of justice.

            And his admission that he needed “to work with police” in that regard rather worrying.

            So statements such as “they wouldn’t do that” and “it never happened” need to be made AFTER examining what evidence/proof is available, not as a means to gaslight the victims of crime into thinking what they know to be true is up for question.

            A similar situation arose regarding the fabrication of a statement attributed to my wife. “Wife afraid for her safety” (communicated matter), and “wife fears being assaulted if we leave”. My wife claimed that she had said “no such thing” and this was consistent with our relationship. She had never been afraid of me….. but she may have lied right? Though given the fact the Community Nurse fabricated other slanders it seems quite possible that he also fabricated this one? The psychiatrist claimed that my wife was so afraid of me she couldn’t tell me she was afraid…. so for years she was living in fear of me and I didn’t even know it…… and here was me thinking when she said she was the happiest she had even been she actually meant it? Not exactly the sort of mind fuk you would want from a psychiatrist but there it was…….. she speaks to the thoughts of my wife without even knowing her. I had never given my wife any reason to be afraid of me, she said she wasn’t afraid of me, but mental health services wanted her to be afraid of me so …… she was.

            Personally I think it was the alcoholic, slandering forger Community Nurse projecting his wife beating tendencies onto every other man he came into contact with. He’s the one good man, out getting the ‘treatment’ (extra judicial beatings via the chemical kosh) should any damsel in distress require his white knight services. The shift of drug abuse and domestic violence to mental health services from police will no doubt be recognised as the disaster it is becoming some time down the track. These areas were “exclusions” from the Act, though the government obviously recognising the advantages of operating outside the law to effect the ‘desired changes’.

            Police statements such as “insufficient evidence” are made when they are sure they haven’t taken the “proof” (statement of a lawyer regarding the allegation I was ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs) of the offending, and then ‘flag’ the victims on the system to ensure they DONT take the proof. Criminals appreciate such assistance, and well, this would have been obvious to the Member of Parliament who had access to the records before our meeting regarding the documents. (possibly wondering why police didn’t want the documents….. curiosity certainly demoted the cat in that instance lol)

  4. I once read an article (I can’t recall where) about a new mother who was experiencing “postpartum depression”. She went to see her gynecologist, but unfortunately she had to see someone she didn’t know. But this doctor (who happened to be a woman) freaked out and had her hauled off to a psych ward. Her ordeal was horrible, but she managed (with great difficulty) to eventually get out of there. But most telling was that when she told her story on Facebook, she received THOUSANDS of messages from women who had either experienced similar situations or were afraid to confide in their doctor because they had heard of what could happen if they did.

      • It may have been an ER doctor. But it wasn’t a psychiatrist, which wouldn’t have made much difference. And she had a supportive husband who objected to her being institutionalized, no matter how briefly.

        And yes, the psychiatric system DEFINITELY counts on people remaining silent and is DEFINITELY set up to separate the individual from the community and the family. And speaking out is THE ONLY WAY to stop the charade of psychiatry. And there’s DEFINITELY power in numbers, which is EXACTLY why websites like MIA are so critically important.

          • “…smearing your character…” is psychiatry’s main function, recognized or not. And few psychiatrists (and few therapists for that matter) are able to see or care how harmful psychiatric labels and drugs are. And most of those that do lack the courage to speak out against these shameful practices. It’s a thoroughly criminal enterprise, imo.

    • A sorry performance from the medico, as post partum “depression” can frequently be relieved with zinc salts with the (sometimes) addition of B6 to make them more effective. High serum copper, which the zinc antagonizes, is a common culprit in these post partum events.

  5. You know, I think about the damage that was done to me by ‘mental health services’ (because in the end the psychiatrist who stated he could “find no evidence of a mental illness” and thus released me back into the community DESPITE the claim I was a violent, psychotic drug abusing wife beater, didn’t actually do me any harm at all).

    Though I think that the real damage was done by the way the Mental Health Law Centre dealt with my attempt to access the protection of the law.

    Can you imagine my surprise to find out that they delayed drafting a letter of complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist as long as they possibly could (2 years), and even then the letter was NOT what I had detailed as being my complaint, but a mish mash of wrongly worded half assed allegations….. though eventually you go ahead in the hope that it can be sorted with an ‘investigation’.

    So the letter of complaint is forwarded to the Chief Psychiatrist….. oh wait, no it wasn’t. The hospital had been informed of the problem with the documents I had already received via the FOI process….. that is, that they had conspired to pervert the course of justice over the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs, and I had the proof. The other matter, that is that I was NOT an “Outpatient” and this lie to police had been used to arbitrarily detain me and subject me to acts of torture remained concealed from me for more than 4 years….. though I am certain that the Law Centre lawyers were fully aware that this was what they were conspiring to conceal with the hospital administrators.

    So Boans is disadvantaged as much as possible, family destroyed, property taken (not even a photograph of my mother and father, never mind my passport, birth certificate etc) thrown out of my home by police (using the VRO to separate me from my documents and allow my wife and her ‘new man’ time to go through and retrieve what the hospital wanted returned, that is the documents showing the ‘spiking’ with date rape drugs AND the Forms for an “Outpatient” which I never was)

    Still, after the gaslighting by all and sundry (didn’t they ALL have reason to cheer if I were dead?) I walked in front of a truck, and spent 7 months in hospital. And then contacted the Mental Health Law Centre about the unfinished draft letter of complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist. They needed to check that the documents showing the misconduct by the public officers had been retrieved before they ‘moved forward’.

    So they ‘visit’ me in the hospital, and feel confident that I no longer have the documents the hospital wanted returned to conceal their criminal conduct. I had no idea that the “edited” set of documents the Mental Health Law Centre had received was actually a fraudulent legal narrative……. placing my trust in the legal mechanisms that protect the human and civil rights of the community (surely the hospital wouldn’t commit acts of fraud and utter with forged documents? They’re public officers with a duty?)

    So the draft letter of complaint is tightened up a little (whilst checking if I am now devoid of any proof) and the letter supposedly sent to the Chief Psychiatrist. A response is received by the Law Centre (or so they claim) and then then send me a letter saying they had received a response from the Chief Psychiatrist but they don’t have the resources to read it.

    Which had this actually been true would have been really lucky for ALL mental health workers in the State. Why? Because it shows that the person responsible for the protections of the Mental Health Act doesn’t have a clue what they are…… and they could literally snatch anyone they like from their bed and torture them, and not a thing would be said.

    This was NOT the scenario. The letter of response was FORGED and then UTTERED by the Mental Health Law Centre on the assumption that I could no longer prove the offending by the staff at the hospital. The matter was now CLOSED, and my approaches to other lawyers was headed off because the first call they made was to the Mental Health Law Centre to ask about the matters…… response something like, he’s a nut job wife beater and there’s nothing in the claim…….. except, how confusing when I present them with the proof? Woops……. ummmm Houston you have a problem. Not only can I prove the misconduct re the arbitrary detention, but now I can prove the conspiring to pervert, forge and utter, and a host of other little problems for those involved (see the emails from the Minister for Mental Health for example defending the content of the forged letter from the Chief Psychiatrist. And the ‘laughing letter’ from the Shadow Minister. “The Minister has been derelict in her duty” outside Parliamentary privilege?)

    A number of ‘lines of inquiry’ were active at this time. Possibly the one which resulted in actual action was the Council of Official Visitors CEO (an expert in Mental Health law) suggesting she would take the letter and my complaint about the inability of the Chief Psychiatrist to know what a burden of proof (and thus the legal protection for the community from arbitrary detentions) to their weekly meeting.

    She then unread my emails/letters (having a duty can be a problem at times, so being able to unread documented proof of crimes saves having to report to the authorities while the matter is ‘sorted out’ minus any proof. See the Operations managers “formal investigation” that produced ZERO documents) and said they could provide me with no assistance. I often wonder about the way the Chief Psychiatrist felt when he realised the Mental Health Law Centre was forging and uttering with letters and putting his name to them. Perhaps I should have taken the opportunity presented to “Meet the Chief Psychiatrist”? At that time I was still being fooled that this was HIS work, and my attitude towards the author of that letter was that they were a disgusting animal……. still, isn’t that the sort of poison that spreads from such fraud? A Principle of a Law Centre who is charged with protecting some very vulnerable people from abuses, is actively engaged in perpetuating those abuses? Not like the State government could really do much about it, given she was running for Federal Parliament right? Just the sort of corrupt individual we want in that sort of position? Someone who knows how to ‘close up a serious complaint about human rights abuses and acts of torture, and assist in the ‘fuking destruction’ of the complainants by conspiring to pervert the course of justice? “Just doing my job”? I’m sure that the funding for the Law Centre which is doing a lot of good work for the mentally ill was at stake…….and they did get a significant increase, BMWs for everyone yay. For concealing such an insignificant matter? One man dies, we all get BMWs? I don’t think this was an “isolated incident” at all. I get the impression that a lot of people have been harmed and when they sought assistance from legal professionals with a duty, they too were thrown under a bus……. and how many dead?

    So in my instance (and possibly many others) the damage wasn’t actually done by psychiatry. It was the people charged with protecting human rights who were knowingly neglecting their duty….. in fact committing criminal offences against their ‘clients’ that are doing the real harm. If it weren’t for this criminal negligence, the people using ‘mental health services’ in the manner that is causing harm would not have room to operate due to the protections afforded the community by the law.

    Would the Community Nurse be calling Police for assistance with his “Outpatients” (and thus arbitrarily detaining citizens despite the Criminal Code protection) had he been held to account for what he did to me? Well, it would have been difficult from a prison cell, though he does to this day enjoy subjecting ‘mental patients’ to the sort of abuses that made him laugh in my face for saying I would have something done about his crimes. I think he actually enjoys the power of deliberately harming vulnerable people personally, though I understand why others give him the benefit of the doubt.

    I suppose I could track this back to psychiatry, but it was more about what a bunch of criminals have done for me whilst concealing themselves behind the mask of ‘mental health services’. And Police happy to engage and become co conspirators in that process……. ‘flagging’ individuals to ensure they are ‘locked out’ from the protection of the law whilst they provide that material assistance to organised criminals (whose watching? I know that was a real worry and resulted in Police needing to steal my laptop, and threaten witnesses into silence Sorry to the Psychologist and Social Worker, they don’t really mean it when they threaten your families (but mental health services do, the Operations Manager absolutely decimating my family, and quite open about her threats to do so…. must have the support of someone important?), it just a ‘coercive’ technique, like the ‘mock executions’ they do on 8 year old aboriginal children.)

    Shame that lawyers can’t even be trusted, and are not pursuing human rights abuses zealously (possibly the result of threats from the State?) It might explain why ‘mental health services’ is the fuking mess it is? While the cats away, the mice turn to rats.

  6. Oh, Tammy, Tammy, Tammy!…. I really am so sorry that you, too, had to learn the AWFUL TRUTH!
    Psychiatry is a pseudoscience, a drug racket, and a mechanism of social control. It’s 21st Century Phrenology, with potent neuro-toxins. Psychiatry has done, and continues to do, FAR MORE HARM than good. So-called “mental illnesses” are exactly as “real” as presents from Santa Claus, but NOT more real…. The DSM is in fact better seen as a catalog of billing codes. Everything in it was either invented or created. NOTHING in it was discovered. Psychiatry is FRAUD. But it $ELLS DRUG$….

  7. The mental, psychiatric pharmaceutical movement is a rampant Industry.

    Plain and simple.
    It is about the money.
    People’s health matters none Unless it affects the
    industry’s fiduciary bottom line.

    The industry is lying to itself and everyone else in claiming it is doing a major service to anyone.

    A vast many truly hope the millions to billions of beings devastated by that despotic industry-aggrandizement will significantly eulogize that industry, in part or in full, from now on.

    We, collectively, have better answers than palliative care and systemic annihilation of life at this point.

    • heavy /s/ on the word “eulogize”, or can be replaced by a strong “condemn”

      The actions of that industry are consistently ruing life potential on Earth towards billions of individuals now.

      May we all clarify our collective understanding and change our world’s trajectory, and support and care for those still alive who are true victims of a very exclusively executed Crime Against The Whole Of Life.

  8. Each generation looks back at the one before with horror and wonders how could they have done such awful things in the name of ‘treatment’ while thinking rather smugly that our own generation has it right and its all science backed – then of course history repeats over and over in this self interested, corporate greed fest. At least in previous generations when someone came at you with an icepick you had an idea this might go badly wrong.

    Now we’re all so thoroughly conditioned into a pill for every ill we think surely those pretty little things surely are science backed? surely the regulators like the MHRA are not nearly completely (87%ish) funded and staffed by industry people? surely thats just a conspiracy theory, right?

    Meanwhile bodies and brains are damaged left and right, lives are ruined and way more harm is being done than ever before. Somehow everyone is an armchair psychiatrist or DSM zombie labelling themselves and their friends like its a game and encouraging people to go to mental (ill) health services.

    DSM disordering leads to scraps from the table – reasonable adjustments in the disordered school, or reasonable adjustments in the disordered work place or welfare benefits – all useful for the individual while obfuscating and maintaining the multifaceted cultural disorders for us all and turning more and more people into psychiatric consumers.

  9. Psychiatrist: “OK, here’s your new script for Haldol, 500mg., and another for 500mg Thorazine. You’ll sleep 18 hours a day, and be logie the other 6. But with your HUD-funded housing voucher administered through the local landlord cabal, and your EBT Food Stamps/Cash assistance card good at Farmer’s Markets and CVS Pharmacy, and your SSI & SSDI debit card good ANYWHERE for ANYTHING, plus your daily social media, hey. you can walk, take the bus, get a ride from friends, of just stay home and isolate. What a glorious, compassionate life we give you!” Right?”….
    Psychiatric patient: “R.I.P.”-anonymous….

  10. Tammy, I am so sorry you’ve been experiencing such an ordeal over so many years. Very sadly, the fact of your writing to the Mad in America blog, and entering into conversation with others who have been subject to the Mental Health System, do not alone protect you from more of the same of what you have been going through.
    For what it’s worth, here are some off-the-cuff thoughts towards helping yourself to be more safe.
    1) Acquaint yourself with the terms of existing mental health law in your state. My impression is, you might be in Missouri. Here, for example, is a link to a web page with some information about the rules in play there: https://dmh.mo.gov/behavioral-health/help/civil
    As I glance over said web page, it suggests to me the rules are skewed in favor of those who may somehow perceive something is the matter with another person. It might be said, the rules are less oriented towards helping a person who may be deemed mentally ill than towards providing comfort and support for those who are concerned about such a person. It must still be the case that there are protections in Missouri as elsewhere against abuse of vulnerable people. I encourage you to try to find what protections there are, and to write those protections on your heart.
    2) While faith and belief can be important and life-sustaining, in maintaining them I suggest you must become wise as a serpent, to coin a phrase. In my own life this year, I interfaced on one occasion with a psychologist who seemed to me very clearly to be of the conviction that religiosity, so to speak, constitutes mental illness per se. Concurrently, I could see that this clinician maintained what was, in my view, a naive understanding of the DSM — as, if you will, a literally inspired and infallible Word of Psychiatry. Not!!!! Being wise as a serpent requires you to become discerning in regard to all of the clinical people you encounter along your life’s way. It is not necessary to demonize them in whatever way; but, in order for you to keep yourself safe, it is imperative that you grow in insight as to what is going on with these people.
    3) Learn to understand and know that you are the keeper of the secrets of your own heart — and psyche, so that, whatever concerned family members and clinical people you encounter may say is the case about you, those things do not separate you from the reality of what is going on inside of you.
    4) Learn to practice a delicate balancing act, of cooperating to the extent you must with what is unhelpful on the one hand, and, on the other hand, asserting your own awareness of what would be more helpful when it is safe to do so.
    As I would understand, contemporary psychiatry has a lot riding on a concept of ‘anosognosia,’ as, a lot of what they do harmfully to those of us who are subject to the Mental Health System presupposes that we do not know what is going on inside of our own minds and bodies. Becoming aware of this concept that they have is another step towards effectiveness in navigating the Mental Health System.
    5) Be aware that you do not know what your loved ones have going on inside. For example, your two sons could be quietly torn up inwardly, from witnessing injustice while also having been told the injustice is somehow ‘necessary.’ If you are able to become more skillful at managing the Mental Health System instead of letting that System always manage you, this could aid in improving relationships with those loved ones who matter most to you!! Only, just be aware always that healing of any sort can take time, and may require much patience.

  11. Thank you for sharing your story. I , too, have nothing good to say about psychiatry. It’s not only stay-at-home moms that are treated inhumanely by psychiatry. I spent 16 years in and out of hospitasl with a change in diagnosis almost every time – whatever was being written about in the journals at the time. And some things were so off the wall that their actions made no sense at all! And they only caused more trauma!
    i had an article published in Mad in America a few months ago. After that I decided to publish my book through Amazon, notes I had been taking for 15 years about my experiences with the mental health profession. “August 20, 1985: The Day My Psychotic Episodes Ended.” That day I became free.
    I’m an 83-year old woman still trying to get the word out that “mental illness” doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Sometimes it’s a healing experience in spite of orthodox psychiatry.
    May you find peace.

    • There was a time not so long ago when a person’s problems with functioning were seen more for what they actually were: normal reactions to overwhelming stress from past experiences or current situations, and so-called “mental illness” or “disorders” were regarded as the mind’s way of expressing things too difficult too face, handle, or endure. It was a wise, compassionate approach. But psychiatry had other ideas.

      And anyone who believes that life doesn’t give you more than you can handle hasn’t dealt with psychiatry.

  12. Tammy,
    I read with interest your story, especially how it affected your relationship with your family. I’m so sorry it negatively affected it. We Christians have missed the boat and forgotten that we are called to sacrifice ourselves for one another and help those who feel weak. It makes me so sad that family has lost sight of our calling to help our struggling loved ones.

    I hope you and your family find healing and someone can help them move past the simplistic caricatures that our culture promotes of those experiencing mental distress.

  13. Your article inspired me, thank you.
    This is a second hand account of a dependant whose mother was diagnosed (labeled) manic depression with no chance of recovery.
    I do remember it all after her initial nervous breakdown. It was shortly after her fourth child with two more to follow. The memory is horrific and to long and sordid to cover here. Lobotomies were on the way out but shock treatment was avail.
    Somewhat understandable, long-term psychoanalysis was the curable prescription but not the one chosen.
    Prescribed:200mg. Thorazine3x daily and 5mg.upper huh. This then 8year old child new this concogt. was useless.
    To this day I study psychology in attempt to discern goings on. I realize its possible to have it labeled incurable.
    Cannot run from it, hide and no escaping it.
    Love and understanding.
    More to follow.
    Thank you.

  14. Operation Paperclip was a U.S. endeavor to appropriate the skills of Nazi scientists, as an aid in opposing the Soviet Union. Some of the Nazi scientists —one or more— was/were doctors who had conducted experiments on people without the people’s consent. Our Army and C.I.A. then put a key Nazi doctor to work in experimenting in ways to interrogate people. They euphemistically called the endeavor Operation Bluebird, as dosing subjects with all kinds of drugs was supposed to make them sing like birds. No relation between Operation Bluebird and our own Birdsong, I am sure!

    So, yes, Nazi doctors enacted psychiatric torture before American doctors did; and, yes, American doctors and researchers studied to learn what Nazi doctors knew.

    • “They euphemistically called the endeavor Operation Bluebird, as dosing subjects with all kinds of drugs was supposed to make them sing like birds”

      Benzodiazepines, and then put a pistol to their heads and threaten to execute to cause an “acute stress reaction”?

      The request for the “acute stress reaction” usually the ‘tell’ on the documentation. Works an absolute treat, or at least it did in my instance……(though the Community Nurse still had to fabricate the ‘evidence’ because the truth I spoke under his torture didn’t actually suit his purpose. This being where torture tends to go extremely wrong). How insane is it to beat someone when they speak the truth, and stop when they tell you the lies you want to hear?

      And given that Muslims tend to not imbibe intoxicants for their whole lives, the use of such methods by my State (without their consent or knowledge….. how can they consent if the facts are kept from them?)

      Unit 731 not spoken about a lot. I also note no reference to any psychiatric links………


      “It routinely conducted tests on people who were dehumanized and internally referred to as “logs”.” Oh, ‘mental patients’?

      American grant of immunity

  15. No psychiatrist ever said to me, “Therapy may not be what you need”

    No psychologist ever said to me, “Therapy may not be what you need”

    No MFCC ever said to me, “Therapy may not be what you need”

    No MSW ever said to me, “Therapy may not be what you need”

    I wonder why…..

  16. Tammy, thank you for a well written and compelling blog that demonstrates just how destructive psychiatry is. Your first paragraph sure captures the never ending harm spurious psychiatric labels bring. Mainstream media avoids these issues so the average person does not realize what goes on in psychiatry until it affects them or a loved one. Very grateful to MIA for shining a light on these issues and for giving a voice to those who were exploited, oppressed and harmed by the tangled web of psychiatry. Sending you best of wishes and I hope you keep writing.

  17. I don’t know where to put this comment. This is probably not the best spot, but it’s the best I can do right now.

    I have seen it written that treatment for ADHD doesn’t produce the long term benefits scientists who analyze the literature expect, if indeed stimulants work as described by the pro-drug “community”. Even the short term gains are merely behavioral and hardly worth mentioning in terms of the academic gains.

    As a commenter said a while back, when he and his wife were informed their child had ADHD they resolved to apply every known remedy that might be of value to help him. To no avail. Finally, they decided to try stimulants out of pure desperation. They kicked in immediately and their son did something he had never done before. They were absolutely stunned. The boy listened.

    Same here. Modern day miracles don’t occur, we all know. But, I could hear. For the first time in my life, I could actually follow a sentence. I heard what people were saying in full sentences and paragraphs and in lectures and I was taken from a world of guessing and faking and camouflaging, to another place where the streams run clear and fresh and the air is clean. I was transported to a new world, one in which I could discover what was going on around me, in the classroom, in the news, in the gym, all around me, a new world emerged as a place where I could fit in and function.

    I devour everything that I choose to focus on even now years later.

    Many factors impact learning. Many. What stimulants do is simple. They give us the opportunity to develop our potential. If 99% of those with ADHD are given this chance and do nothing with it, that has no bearing on what the meds do and what we can do with the possibilities that unfold. You can lead a horse to water…
    No one has proven that meds aren’t effective. Learning involves more than being able to see and to hear and even if the gains noted short term are small, don’t ignore or disregard them. A journey of a thousand miles begins with… Build upon them. 3 weeks isn’t a whole lot of time. How about 13 years producing the same limited improvements? They add up and once we learn how to learn, learning becomes more natural and we get better at it. Mastering how to learn often feeds our ability to learn more.
    Take that boy whose parents had never seen him listen and remember what meds did for him; what they did for his parents. I cannot forget what they’ve done for me and my parents, may they rest in peace, were utterly shocked by the profound changes they saw in me. (Even wanting to listen to old records of Adlai Stevenson’s speeches).

    • It really sounds like the medication was a life saver for you. I have also heard other stories of this nature, and I have no doubt they were true. Where I object is when you assume that “we” (meaning all students suffering from attentional issues for whatever reasons) will all benefit in the same way as you did. As you say above, many factors impact learning. Stimulants are only one factor, and according to the literature, not the determinative factor for most kids. Again, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t determinative for YOU and for others who had such a favorable response. It just means we can’t generalize from personal experience to scientific conclusions on a population level. I believe you, 100%. I also believe the statistics. I also believe the stories of people whose lives were made just as much worse by stimulants as yours was made better.

      So I hear your personal experience, and your understandable passion for this subject. I’m just not down with the assumption that because you had this experience, everyone who is diagnosed with “ADHD” will have a similar one.

      I’d still be very interested in hearing your response to the established fact that “ADHD” kids do far better in open classrooms than in standard ones. I have two kids who both qualified for “ADHD” diagnoses, and we used homeschooling and alternative child-centered schools, no medication or other “treatments,” and both graduated from HS with honors, and the youngest graduated from a university with honors. Both are gainfully employed, have never gotten into drugs or delinquent behavior, and appear to feel pretty good about themselves and their lives. I really think it is a possible answer for a lot of kids who get this label. What do you think?