Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Updates on critical psychiatry postings across the Internet.

Don’t Blame Trump’s Brain

From Discover Magazine: Using psychiatry and neuroscience to explain President Trump's personality and behavior leads to circular reasoning. "We don’t need these kinds of quasi-scientific analyses of...

Psychiatry Group Tells Members They Can Ignore Goldwater Rule

From STAT: The American Psychoanalytic Association has given its members permission to ignore the "Goldwater rule" and comment publicly on the mental state of government...

“MHRA Consultant Calls for Antidepressant Use in Young”

Bob Fiddamen dissects the issue of suicidality, bizarre behavior and antidepressants in light of BMJ Open's publication of "Suicide-related events in young people following...

fMRI Imaging is Less Reliable Than Many Realize

-An interview with a physicist from the UC Berkeley Brain Imaging Center about the strengths and weaknesses of brain imaging science.

Maybe Women are More Moody, Maybe Drugs are Not a Good Response

-An interview with psychiatrist Julie Holland about her new book, "Moody Bitches."

After a Turbulent Childhood, on a Path to a Healthier Life

In this piece for The New York Times, Emily Palmer describes the life journey thus far of Charles Louis, from being prescribed two psychiatric medications in...

We Pay a High Price for Unregulated Medical Devices

From The Lown Institute: New investigations and research are beginning to show the dangerous consequences resulting from the FDA's lack of oversight of medical devices. "It sounds crazy...

How It Came to Be that Sadomasochists Are No Longer “Mentally Ill”

-The Atlantic reports on the history of pathologizing and de-pathologizing different sexual practices.

How big Pharma’s Lust for Profit Harms Their Customers

From AlterNet: The increasing pace at which the FDA is approving new drugs can lead to significant risks to patient safety. Drugs that once would have...

“Biologism in Psychiatry: A Young Man’s Experience of Being Diagnosed with ‘Pediatric Bipolar Disorder'”

The Journal of Clinical Medicine explores pediatric bipolar disorder through the eyes  a young American, whose story "reveals several issues that afflict contemporary psychiatry, particularly in...

Antipsychotic Use Linked to Increased Mortality Risk in Parkinson’s

-A presentation at the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society Congress, that showed a doubling and tripling of the risk of dying within 6 months for people with Parkinson's if they were taking antipsychotics.

Bullying’s Lasting Impact

From Science Daily: A new study shows that students who experience bullying in the fifth grade are at a higher risk for depression and substance use...

“Scandal Shows Mental Health Inpatient Voice is Crucial”

The U.K.'s Guardian writes, of lessons learned from the Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal, that "the individuals who society finds easiest to ignore are the...

“Temple Grandin on DSM-5: ‘Sounds Like Diagnosis by Committee'”

Salon publishes and excerpt from Temple Grandin's "The Autistic Brain: Thinking Across the Spectrum", saying it "anticipated much of the thinking in the new...

“The Weak Science Behind the Wrongly Named Moral Molecule”

The latest research shows that the effect of the “moral molecule” oxytocin has a much more complicated effect on human behavior than we think, according to Ed Yong in a recent article for The Atlantic. “Several scientists have shown that this tower of evidence for oxytocin’s positive influence is built on weak foundations,” he writes.

Depathologize Shyness Now!

In this piece for Medium, Jenny Karlsson makes the case for depathologizing shyness by removing "social anxiety disorder" from the DSM. "Shyness, under the label of,...

Queer History – It’s Not Always Straight Forward!

From Standpoints: The profession of psychology has played a significant role in the erasure of queer history due to its historical pathologization of queer identities. "A...

“Dr. Lieberman’s Latest”

Behaviorism and Mental Health takes note of a new blog by Jeffrey Lieberman, the president of the APA, in which he claims both that...

“Steps to Reduce Pharma Influence over Canadian Docs Criticized”

The College of Family Physicians of Canada has now come under fire after releasing a report last month addressing conflicts of interests between pharma...

You Might be in a Medical Experiment and not Even Know it

From Aeon: Medical experiments are increasingly being conducted without the informed consent of participants. Article →­

Forced Psychiatry – A Legal Perspective

In this two-part video series for, attorney Gary Brown questions the constitutionality of psychiatric confinement and discusses forced treatment from a legal perspective. Part I →­ Part II →­

“Does Artificial Food Coloring Contribute to ADHD in Children?”

-Scientific American reviews scientific understanding surrounding the apparent influences of common food colorings on hyperactivity in children.

Interview with Jonathan Metzl on Gun Violence and Mental Illness

-Vox interviews Jonathan Metzl about his research into the relationships -- and lack thereof -- between gun violence and mental illness.

Lown Institute’s 2nd Annual ‘Shkreli Awards’ Reveals Worst in Health Care in 2018

From Lown Institute: "It’s hard to ignore the epidemic of corruption and greed in health care when you see these stories all together."

The Politics of Mental Health

In this piece for Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century, Hazel Croft argues for a more radical approach to mental health, exploring the impact of neoliberal...

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