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  • They prefer not to see us as human beings. They WILL not listen to our pleas for mercy or how their precious pills–which grant them status as Real Doctors–have maimed and killed countless millions.
    Instead, they chalk up our laments to proof of how hopelessly sick and crazy we are. Blame the iatrogenic damage from their professional treatments on defective genes/brain chemistry. Both assumed rather than proven to exist.
    Which made staying in the “mental health” system life under a medical dictatorship. Rather than negotiate I fled.

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  • Joshua–you might be interested in this list of anti-psychiatry principles and demands. It was created by a group of psychiatric survivors calling themselves Anti-Psychiatry Rising.


    1. That psychiatry is a tool of social control which enforces conformity to the prevailing social order.
    2. That “mental illness” is a semantically absurd concept which falsely conflates the abstraction known as the mind with the physical brain to mislead people into believing they have literal diseases.
    3. That the psychiatric system cannot be reformed but must be abolished.


    1. An end to all forced psychiatric procedures and “treatments,” included but not limited to incarceration, solitary confinement, physical restraints, drugging, and electroshock.
    2. An end to all state support for psychiatry, including but not limited to the use of psychiatric testimony in legal proceedings; psychiatric screenings in schools, prisons, and workplaces; licensing of psychiatrists; and the use of public monies to support psychiatric programs or research.


    And plan to exercise–our right as an oppressed class to fundamental human rights and self-determination.

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  • Thank you, Antonia. The irony is I went through the system because I hated myself and wanted to become more normal. The experts made me more abnormal than ever and gave me a badge of shame.
    Now I come across as a socially awkward but sweet and deep woman in midlife with multiple health issues. The latter puzzle people more than anything else about me. I also think I’ve suffered neurological damage due to extremely poor short term memory and not seeing things around me. (Worse than before I took the pills. Going off helps me appreciate my loss in cognitive function more.)

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  • Maybe follow the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?
    But running a society based on that premise has never been tried before. And I don’t think there is any law to make people kinder or more compassionate. Any more than there’s a kind of medical treatment. (The legal and medical tyrants trying to enforce morality by brute force are light years from practicing their own rules. No better than self-styled theocrats when it comes down to it.)

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  • Psychiatry hurts people. Not just physically but the soul.
    Ironic how the would-be-healers claim that afflicted part does not exist but go on to damage it by assaulting the organ they associate with the soul.
    Some old school psychiatrists helped people feel better through talking and listening. But I have found a way to get this help through friends and pastoral counseling.
    Just like I can get help for my underactive thyroid, anemia, B12 deficiency without “mental health.” These are physical problems known to cause depression and fatigue.

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  • Hope you had a merry Christmas too, Bippyone.
    I guess the psychiatrist who “helped” you did not like feminism.
    Julie Greene once told me how psychiatrists decide how normal something is. Do they agree with/do it themselves? If they do, it is healthy and normal.

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  • Existential has different meanings.
    It can mean physical–or wiping out all or nearly most of humanity like that cheerful family flick The Road. (Lol)
    Or it can mean a profound threat to more than mere corporeal existence. And often of the individual. The existential angst of Franz Kafka’s works for instance.
    Psychiatry brought on a profound crisis of the latter with me. It conflicted with my former life philosophy that I was a unique human being who had a soul and free will. Psychiatry told me that, “No. You are just a bunch of random chemicals firing in a skull. And yours aren’t even firing correctly or the chemical balance is off. So you are subhuman at your innermost being.”
    And these same Lab Coats whine about stigma. How “It isn’t fair that the mentally ill are discriminated against, scapegoated, and seen as subhuman monsters.” They write books and articles lamenting this.
    Then you read between the lines. They really don’t give a rip about those who suffer from the “stigma” they create by their dehumanizing quackery. (Even NAMI owns that the “bio model” is counter productive in changing public perception for the better.) Lab Coats really just are worried about how their “stigma” may bite them when people are too afraid of having their lives and relationships destroyed to “get the help they need.”
    That shrink’s yacht won’t pay for itself. Lower stigma folks. Just the right level. Enough to encourage unlimited involuntary “treatments” but not enough to discourage voluntary consumers either.

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  • Been thinking about the Murphy Bill. How in 2017 D.J. Jaffe and Torrey conducted a media blitz ranting about all those “untreated mentally ill mass shooters.” Every other day it seemed some new “mentally ill” mass shooting occurred.
    How “safe and effective treatments” were touted as necessary for the greater good. Not necessarily to help the “mentally ill” but for all they might come in contact with because they were such monsters when left untreated. Otherwise they were “almost as safe as regular people.”
    Know why I stayed on those drugs that destroyed my ability to think, feel, or live independently for decades? Lots of guilting from places like NAMI. “If you don’t take you’re cocktail you are being selfish. And you might kill someone like Andrea Yates did drowning her children.”
    I know the role psych drugs played with Yates and the mass shootings. But the narrative put profits above facts or the health of those trapped in the mental system.

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  • I remember back in 2017 when D.J. Jaffe and “Doc” Torrey were plugging away at the narrative of the mass shootings. With the help of the MSM who relied upon Big pHarma sponsorship.

    The reason they called for the passage of Murphy’s Bill? Public health and safety. The “severely mentally ill” had no right to run around at large without their medication because–according to respected doctors such as Torrey, Pies, and countless others–they were putting others at risk.
    Yes, they were–nearly all–out of their minds on these “safe, effective treatments” when they committed these mass killings. But the doctors didn’t care to share this because they had a product to promote. The last thing they wanted was to “pill shame” the psychiatric profession by drawing attention to the role SSRI’s play in violent or disinhibited behaviors or the dulling of emotions such as empathy or guilt that can prevent murders.
    I believed the lying narrative for years. I believed the medical experts who lied to me and obeyed them. Out of fear of brining grief to my friends/family/innocent bystanders I took my cocktail religiously. I knew it was shortening my life and disabling me. Yet I took it as an act of duty and sacrifice for those around me.
    Sadly this sacrifice was not only unnecessary, but the soul killing drugs made me a worse person–not better–to be around. Furthermore, it ruined my ability to care for myself. I’m slightly better, but had to rely on others because the drugs reduced me to a state of childish dependence for a quarter century of my life,
    The men and women I looked to for controlling my “illness” did not care about people like me and had no qualms about lying through their teeth or knowingly poisoning us (psychiatric drugs are a “slow kill”) to further their careers and get free cruises and other goodies from Big pHarma.

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  • Since going off mind altering drugs that cause mood swings and rejecting my “bipolar” label I am acting normally again. Learned normal social skills in my forties. Been in the system for 25 years.
    Psychiatry drove me crazy. Leaving restored my senses.
    “Mental health” exists solely to drive sane people crazy or prevent the crazy from ever returning to reality. Big profits in keeping people insane and helpless.

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  • I got around that by relocating. I tell everyone–including my HUD apartment manager–that I get SSI for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and an eye condition. Both real and iatrogenic in origin.
    Feeling well enough to look for work so I won’t have to worry about a reevaluation by the System. I will move back to my parents’ homestead in the near future too.
    I wish David–described in the article–had waited another year. It took me two years after tapering off sertraline before I could feel good things again.
    In my late forties I experience more carnal desire than I did twenty-five years ago. Everything has been restored emotionally. Maybe cognitively. Though I struggle to organize and don’t know if biology or frontal lobe damage is to blame. But my amygdala is up and running again.
    I love music now. And I’ve become an excellent singer at church now that I have heart to put into it. And I know how to maneuver social situations too.

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  • I have read a number of articles about teens and even middle schoolers committing suicide and leaving notes or telling loved ones it was because of the lockdown beforehand. Yet there are no more suicides than usual since March of last year.

    Glory be! The suicides for other causes must have dropped. As the writer has noted suicides can also be from political unrest, economic problems, and domestic abuse. Ergo we can assume all three of these factors are no longer the problems they once were.

    Thank you, Lancet Psychiatry. I won’t forget this report in the future.

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  • Sorry about your experience Ekaterina.
    It wasn’t just your chocolate or face creams that were taken. It was your peace of mind and security.
    I had a lot of my nicer clothing stolen during a visit years ago. This stuff happens all the time in psych wards.
    Years of these figurative slaps in the face led me to flee the System when an opportunity arose.

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  • For that matter did the nurse–who gets a lot more than the pittance her charges have to survive on–DESERVE those things? Does the nurse deserve to rob much poorer people? Does she deserve to rule the most socially vulnerable. Those with no credibility or hope of redress when wronged?

    If you’re searching for a bad guy to condemn, please consider those running the place and abusing their positions.

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  • Had to recover from 24 years in the system by hiding in my parents’ back room for a year to withdraw. A remote, rural area.
    Every afternoon I lowered my aching, trembling body into bed so I would have the strength to eat dinner. Drug withdrawals. My parents had no idea why I was so horribly ill on a physical level.
    I also had to cope with painful thoughts. I can never have a family now. I’m forced to live on less than $10,000 a year. In chronic pain thanks to long term drug damage.
    All so some controlling bureaucrat can present himself as a “real doctor” and earn $300,000 a year instead of a piddling $100,000. Sigh.
    I have forgiven the individuals responsible. But what they did was wrong.

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  • Drugs don’t stop child abuse.
    I used to teach Sunday school and was asked to stop because women found out about my “diagnosis.” So hurtful and unjust.
    Maybe people should be judged on the content of their character–what they actually DO–instead of what some quack in a lab coat says after talking to them and looking at files for 10 minutes.

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  • I saw him in an interview with a renowned journalist back in 2017. He was talking about how the “mentally ill” should be psychiatrized since “they will just wind up in institutions otherwise.”
    Makes me wonder if he knew how the standard “treatments” work by crippling and removing the labeled from mainstream society and “functional” people. By ruining our ability to function properly and causing us ticks, massive weight gain, and flattened facial expressions to aid in segregation.
    Very callous dismissal of human beings. Utilitarian and light years away from compassion.
    Not here to bash Jaffe, but point out how this ugly attitude has infected (metaphorically) so many faucets of society. Jaffe is dead, but utilitarianism remains alive and well. Along with the bioreductionist model–which dehumanizes everyone.
    The “mentally ill” are viewed as malfunctioning robots (actually read an article in Psychology Today calling someone that because of her unusually cruel behaviors) but everyone else–by default–is just a well functioning robot. Psychiatry dehumanizes us all. Including the “normals.”

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  • Do you think that’s why Dr. Pies so freely admits to the “chemical imbalance metaphor” in many articles?

    He and his fellow quacks can laugh up their sleeves at everyone else’s gullibility, but also vent their indignation that the public think they’re stupid enough to believe their own BS. And they won’t be called out for it this way.

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  • A bit confusing Dr. Caplan. “Mentally ill” and developmentally delayed are not the same thing. As someone with an above average IQ I found being conflated with the second frustrating. Nothing wrong with not being too smart, but I got sick of being lumped in with them all the time. We are NOT all alike. The case workers often hated those like me because they couldn’t handle anyone not significantly below themselves in cognitive abilities. Julie Green often complained to me about similar things.
    Glad I’m out of that situation.

    But, like the DD people, those labeled “mentally ill” seem to get a great deal of not being held morally accountable. Severe “treatments” rather than overt punishment. But it’s not any better. Especially since they can “treat” or punish you for crimes you may commit in the future.

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  • Mainstream psychiatry is cancer. A blight on the medical field.
    The perfect excuse to ignore–not just the patient’s legitimate grief or trauma–but real physical ailments that could be treated or cured but the doctor is too busy to bother with.

    The question is not whether psychiatry can be reformed, but whether Western medicine can be reformed. Doctors are so authoritarian now I hate seeing one.

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  • I was repeatedly told in NAMI and day treatment and clubhouse that if I ever went off my “meds” I would either kill myself or someone else or both. Therefore it was my moral obligation to take the drugs even though they made me ill and I realized they would kill me prematurely.
    Sad to realize the drugs were making me harder to live with and ruining my ability to perform ADLs and basic hygiene. Years and years of being lied to and about to my nearest and dearest. 🙁

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  • Szasz made the comparison of a kindly, well meaning shrink handing out drugs for unhappiness in the sincere belief it will help people to an 18th century physician using blood letting on cholera sufferers.

    Good intentions can kill in medicine if the premise is unfounded.
    Psychiatry needs to go the way of leeches and bloodletting. The ideology is cancer to the medical system regardless of sincere, well intentioned people.

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  • Yep. Psychiatry justifies and rationalizes the damage it does to the public by saying “Their genes make them intrinsically different from you. They don’t have thoughts or feelings like real people.”

    As they watch the cognitive deterioration caused by their “safe and effective treatments” they sooth their consciences by saying, “They were only fit for asylums. If I hadn’t dumbed and numbed them out these defectives MIGHT have broken the law or even hurt someone.”

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  • And, as Peter Breggin says in his videos, we know very little about the human brain too. Mainstream psychiatry would have us believe our brain chemistry consists of only two chemicals. Serotonin and dopamine. To be “tweaked” with those “life saving meds” they hand out like office mints. (At least they won’t force feed you their stale office candy if you decline.)

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  • Hi David. I really appreciate what you are trying to do.
    Here’s the problem I see with the concept of Mad Pride and why I find it hard to incorporate into the anti psychiatry/critical psychiatry narrative.

    First of all let’s look at the archetypes (AKA “diagnoses”) of “severe mental illnesses.” The two most notorious are “Bipolar” and “Schizophrenia.” I’ll describe them–though I don’t believe in them–as I would Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

    “Bipolar symptoms” include behaviors like cheating on your partner, petty theft for fun, verbal and even physical abuse, chasing someone with a knife, lying all the time, drowning your children, killing sprees like Ted Bundy, and mass shootings. All these behaviors have been attributed to “bipolar” by psychiatrists respected in their fields.

    “Schizophrenic symptoms” include selfish coldness, hating humanity, violent crimes, killing sprees, and (of course) mass shootings.

    By calling myself “mentally ill” or owning my designated role I’ll be living down to the reputation forced upon me by uncaring shrinks. If I’m not guilty of any of the behaviors listed above it’s a form of libelous slander to call me by one of the two “SMI” designations.

    The LGBT community found acceptance because, after the sixties, people became more accepting of different expressions of sexuality. They have no problem accepting gays because they’re just like everyone else. Law abiding citizens with no reputation for harming others.

    But because of its associations with violent crimes and other bad behaviors “severe mental illness” will never be accepted unless those labeled with it advertise the restraints they wear. Usually chemical. I often tried this in my years as a NAMI activist/mascot. “Look. We’re not bad. We aren’t serial killers or violent. We take our meds! Please accept and like us. We’ll be good and always take our meds even if they make us horribly ill, rot our brains, and kill us before age 53.” 🙁

    I guess you can attempt to redefine what “severe mental illnesses” are and explain that even without drugs, shocks, confinement we can be law abiding, non violent citizens. But in the end shrinks define what “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” mean.

    And as OH has pointed out there are no biomarkers. These are not legitimate illnesses or disabilities like your paralysis is David. The disabilities many of us share were inflicted by psychiatric remedies. Not problems we were born with.

    The reason “born this way” won’t work with survivors is people will still avoid us. In fact it’s worse since they write you off as hopeless. NAMI has been trying this for years. Though for much of the time they’ve known it doesn’t work.

    It’s especially problematic if you want the right to live drug free. As many here do. Society views the decision of the “severe mentally ill” to go without their “meds” as so dangerously irresponsible as to be criminal. To their way of thinking by going off your cocktail you run the risk of killing loved ones, cheating on your spouse, violently assaulting strangers, or the ever popular mass shooting spree. Not just your life at risk but all you come in contact with.

    The ONLY reason I stayed on my cocktail for 23 years was a sense of obligation to all around me. I knew those pills were harming me and making it hard to function cognitively. But doctors I implicitly trusted assured me I would morph into Ms. Hyde without them and I felt it was wrong to take that risk.

    But if you can find ways to work around this narrative–that the “severely mentally ill” are not just rude and inconsiderate but dangerous*–more power to you David Oak. I wish you and the Mad Pride movement well, though I respectfully disagree on its efficacy at ending involuntary and inhumane psychiatric treatment.

    * We’re usually depicted as dangerous but not quite self aware enough to be evil, like house pets with rabies.

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  • They aren’t Jesus. But they love to play God and take on the role of Messiah.

    Only instead of offering themselves up to be crucified, they expect us to allow ourselves to be. Voluntary would be nice–but not essential. Actually that makes us martyrs…or is that unwitting test subjects?

    “You need to suck it up. We all have to make sacrifices,” says the doctor making a 7 digit income off those like you, driving his luxury car off to one of his million dollar mansions. After successfully destroying your livelihood, adult independence, ability to feel happy, and all your ability to have ordinary human relationships. Ain’t doctors swell?

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  • Lol.
    Been off mine for three.

    My blind obedience and worshipful submission to these unreliable cons playing god, made me a permanent burden to society. And especially the people I cared about.

    It wasn’t in the best interest of me as an individual or the collective either. Unless you count morally (but not financially) bankrupt collectives like Big Pharma or the APA. It stinks to struggle with ADLs and only have $700 a month to live on.

    I never wanted that lifestyle for myself nor did my parents. We thought I was getting helped by all the “meds” they claimed were keeping me from losing all cognitive skills and becoming violent. Just the opposite.

    Now I hope to support myself as a “creative” like many survivors and even the few “consumers” who get off SSI. Struggling to “adult” in my forties when I’m much frailer than most my age. But at least my mind is coming back. My IQ has gone up nearly 20 points.

    My dad is pretty angry and sad too. Occasionally he’ll commiserate with me over the life I lost. Mom is okay with my choice to leave “mental health” but insists the drugs used to help me. Claiming I acted weird at one point when I was fully compliant and took them religiously. (She doesn’t see the fallacy here.)

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  • Because they’ve chosen to write off these suffering people as either beyond help or not worth helping. (By help I mean ordinary human help or TLC which you stop receiving once labeled SMI.)

    The “medicines” often have the desired effect of turning intelligent but suffering people into docile, childish creatures. Incapable of independent living or any quality of life most adults prefer yet easy to “take care of” or control.

    Like severing someone’s spinal cord so they’ll obey the caretaker ordering them to a lifetime of bedrest.

    Or cutting off a songbird’s wings and severing the vocal cords so it won’t fly away or annoy its keepers by singing. The songbird is unhappy but what it wants doesn’t matter.

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  • Once I discovered the hoax about the “chemical imbalance” I look back on what I’ve been through with anger.

    The drugs which were supposed to prevent cognitive deterioration (according to my doctor) did the opposite.

    I frequently beat up on myself for my inability to find gainful employment, have decent human relationships or keep my house clean. Now I can do all the three.

    They were forcing us to hobble around with our feet in fetters and ridiculing us for not running laps like they could. (Clubhouse/Day Treatment/NAMI) Disabling us while pretending to help us.

    Advocates for

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  • The notion that I was hopelessly insane almost drove me to suicide.

    Psychiatrists see only “bipolars” and “schizophrenics.” I see human beings.
    Psychiatry exists to make a distinction between the “normals” with full rights as citizens and human beings and the “severely mentally ill” creatures who can be viewed as incompetent idiots (regardless of demonstrated cognitive abilities) or dangerous criminal masterminds (regardless of the content of our character.) Or both. Whichever psychiatrists–and any “normals” who know how to exploit us–find convenient.

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  • A big problem is all or almost all the media rely on Big Pharma ad revenue for the magazine or channel to stay afloat.

    “Always the patient’s fault.” Should be the motto for the American Psychiatric Association.

    I strongly recommend the site Surviving Antidepressants for those who need help coming off and can’t get it. I cold turkeyed off Lamictal since I couldn’t cut the tablets. But I only took it for 13 days after being hospitalized.

    Personally I found Abilify was a snap to come off. Went from 20 mg to 15 mg. Then 15-10; 10-7.5; 7.5-5; 5-2.5; 2.5-0. 2 weeks between each gradation. 10 weeks with only a few headaches. But Effexor was another thing altogether. Took me 13 months to come off 150 mg.

    No more suicidal thoughts or melt downs since. The pills were holding me back.

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  • I’m more at risk for dying if I contract Covid-19 due to my autoimmune disease caused by years on SSRIs.

    Why is it surprising that STIMULANTS which wear the body down by artificially boosting energy levels make kids more prone to infection and poor prognosis from the infection?

    Does forcing a child to drink 5 cups of coffee and a 6 pack of Mountain Dew every flu season make them less at risk for infection?

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  • I do NOT defend that by any means Oldhead.

    Our opponents would (probably) argue that it’s different because it’s not punishment, but “help.”
    Peter Breggin points out how calling random brain damage, pharmaceutical torture (that is a thing) and imprisonment “treatment” instead of punishment enables psychiatrists to treat law abiding citizens worse than convicted felons.

    Would D.J. Jaffe have given the cootie treatment and avoided eye contact with some cancer victim he was trying to organize a fund raiser for? Interesting how the pro-psych force can rationalize what they do so easily.

    “I have the right to force these drugs on Blanche.” TAC Dude
    “Blanche doesn’t like them. She says they upset her stomach and give her terrors. I see her seize on them.” Friend of Blanche
    “Blanche is ‘mentally ill’ so if she doesn’t like them that’s just her illness talking. Lol. If she seizes or throws up she’s faking it for attention.” TAC Dude

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  • His death brings me sorrow. Leukemia is an awful way to go.

    Sadly it won’t undo the harmful policies passed through his activism. He was more of an advocate for annoyed family members and psychiatrists who made a killing off crippling and defaming through quack treatments than the “consumers” themselves.

    What Briana describes in her encounter with him, his refusal to make eye contact or acknowledge her humanity is what I remember during my 25 years in psychiatry. Numbed and dumbed down as I was, I felt it keenly.

    In dehumanizing others they dehumanize themselves.

    It’s sobering that Jaffe will never have another chance to make amends to those he–more or less–unwittingly harmed. To undo his TAC policies is up to others.

    Rest in peace Jaffe. May Heaven have mercy on your soul.

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  • Thanks.
    I don’t consider myself an anti vaxxer though. At least not as far as the basic MMR shots go. Even polio shots are still a good idea.

    These shots are highly effective. And the polio one saves children’s lives.

    My brother and I had all four as children. But I got my Chicken Pox immunity the old fashioned way.

    Dedicating my time to trying to help keep local small businesses afloat. Pam Popper’s gives some tips on how we can do this. I highly recommend looking up her interview with Peter Breggin on YouTube.

    A lot of people are desperately afraid they will lose their homes or be unable to scrape enough beans and rice together to feed their children. I visit a cafe near me and promised the owner’s daughter working behind the cash register that if another lockdown takes place I will still get carry out there regularly.

    She thanked me profusely.

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  • Okay. You want to spend the rest of your life in isolation? Because that’s what all the experts recommend. Utter isolation at home alone for everyone forever.

    The only plan out there!

    Sounds like a quality life and very healthy too.

    Nobody work or see friends or family ever again. Stay locked at home for 50-60 years till you die. WONDERFUL.

    Funny how a lifetime of permanent isolation is healthy now. Not like any of us have social needs after all.
    This will never end. Get used to permanent house arrest. Years and decades.

    The New Normal means you can never have coffee with friends again. I prefer death from this alleged plague myself. The rest of you can enjoy this nightmare dystopia. Funny how I’m the only person who finds it depressing. Crazy me to want friends and fresh air instead of spending the last years of my life locked alone in a room eating beans.

    Weird how everyone but me suddenly loves endless isolation, wants it to last forever and enjoys dying alone. Cause you will die even without the Covid. Utterly ALONE IN ISOLATION.

    Wish I enjoyed loneliness and hated companionship like the rest of you cranks. Everyone else loves being cut off alone FOREVER.


    Why is Covid death so scary? As the last person with human needs or emotions I wish it or something else would kill me.

    Dr. Fauci says we’ll probably never have a vaccine and should never be allowed out of our houses till the virus completely vanishes which he is pretty certain it won’t. Ergo permanent lockdown forever according to the Experts.

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  • And who ordered the months of social isolation?

    Oh yes. The Scientific Ex-Spurts suddenly decided isolating is not only healthy but praiseworthy. If you don’t enjoy it, it’s your fault and they will force drugs on you while forcing even more isolation on you.

    Glad I live in the country. Like many labeled SMI I’m no stranger to loneliness. If I avoid thinking about the future I’m okay.

    Curious how many other survivors are holding up. Like everyone else is caving in but we’ve already been through this crap. Same old, same old.

    I wish these controlling Science Ex-Spurts would experiment on themselves. At least they’re too busy to hunt down every single depressed person now. Easier to escape their notice.

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  • “If someone has committed a heinous crime let them pay their debt to society.”

    Well said Caroline. We already have the legal system to punish all of us for law breaking.

    But psychiatry has the authority to punish regardless of our behavior. The unquestioned absolute authority to inflict cruel and unusual punishment (without limit) on even the most mild mannered law abiding saints–more sinned against than sinning. Just because some Expert deems them biologically unfit for basic human rights or simple kindness and decency.

    Psychiatry punishes the “biologically unfit” for the crime of existing. 🙁

    Because of this pseudo science our culture chooses to judge us on the word of some Ex-Spurt Sciencey Dude–who just flipped through old notes without talking to us. Not the content of our character.

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  • It takes time.
    I chose to forgive the people who injured me. But it took a long time.
    If you don’t want to or feel you can’t I sympathize.

    Part of forgiving meant acknowledging the wrongs done me. I’d always been taught nice girls don’t get angry or remember wrongs. My grandma told me we automatically forget bad treatment because girls are naturally sweet–made up of sugar and spice and all things nice. 😛 Nope.

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  • I’m better now.
    Made real progress emotionally, cognitively, and finally physically.

    I get along with people now. Smiling easily. I shower every day and keep up on household chores. And I am finishing writing projects since the first time in my teens.

    I attribute these changes to going off drugs and rejecting the role society assigned me of madwoman.

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  • I’ve heard of kids “inheriting” trauma.
    It’s not to be confused with abuse. If anything the mother may strive to protect her children from the horrors she went through. Unfortunately this can backfire however kind and noble the intentions.

    For example the children of Holocaust survivors and those who were molested as children.

    You can’t fault the parent anymore than you can of unwittingly giving the child a cold. It just happens. The right kind of family therapy might help the parent. Such as Choice Theory by William Glasser. He only counseled adults. If the children acted out he would advise the parents on how to show love while preparing the child for life.

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  • Yeah. Fine line between whacking myself over the head for everything that goes wrong and blaming others.

    I dated a man also labeled “bipolar” though we had little else in common. One day I realized how we kept apologizing to each other in an excessive, compulsive manner.

    “Nobody’s fault, it’s a brain disease” translates to “everything that goes wrong is the fault of the person with the presupposed brain disease.” One of Psychiatry’s paradoxes.

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  • False dilemma. Reminds me of the story of how the disciples asked Jesus, “Did this man sin or did his parents so that he was born blind”?

    Neither Mom nor I behaved perfectly through my existential journey into madness. Exacerbated and greatly prolonged courtesy of Big Pharma Psychiatry.

    I gladly brought her to NAMI because she kept blaming herself for my weird behaviors under the influence of mind altering drugs and my new diagnostic identity.

    Looking back, I’m more upset at how my crazy behaviors impacted my friends and family who stayed with me through the quarter century ordeal. I was a drug addict and none of us even knew.

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  • I_e_cox I agree with you. This whole scenario with:

    1. Expert Doctor Monarchs who must never be questioned even when they contradict each other.
    2. The Doctors/Demagogues who inflict their will over us all in the name of “our own good” or “for the public” who are never held accountable for bad advice.
    3. It doesn’t matter if it ruins your career, your hopes of a family, renders you homeless, depresses you, or injures your physical health from months/years of isolation and stress. Don’t you ever dare quit distancing till Experts say you can. Maybe before you die.
    4. Because obedience is all that matters the Experts are happy to throw you a bone every month or two so you won’t starve (hopefully.) Quit taking care of yourself. Self reliance is evil and wrong. Only eat what the Demagogue/Doctors feed you.

    1. Never question a psychiatrist. Ever. This shows “poor insight” and doctors don’t make mistakes or lie.
    2. Being forced to take drugs that make you miserable, tired and stupid is for your own good. And you owe it to society to be good pill popper or you endanger them by morphing into a mass shooter or something through non compliance.
    3. It doesn’t matter if you feel horrible and can no longer read, work, get along with others, or attend to basic hygiene. It doesn’t matter if the pills give you grand mal seizures, heart palpitations, spasms, make you vomit uncontrollably for days on end, or put you into a coma. You must be “meds compliant” till you die. Doctor’s orders.
    4. Because compliance is all that matters, once the “meds” have incapacitated you the Experts will sign a paper so their cronies in Washington will give you a pittance every month to scrape by on. The flunkies at the Mental Illness Center chastise you for wanting to be able to care for yourself. Shame on you for wanting to work. Besides that’s unrealistic cause you’re crazy. Lol.

    De ja vu. 😛

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  • “Rejected the idea that insanity reduced people to animals…” Did it though?

    The whole notion of “mental illness” is that those marked by psychiatrists are not fully human. Incapable of higher reasoning and completely amoral. Just like animals.

    The “treated” are viewed as pets. The “untreated” as rabid dogs–either to be captured and rendered docile (helpless) or shot.

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  • It’s paradoxical that the notion of “mental illness” discourages trying to better yourself. Just the opposite of what AA is supposed to preach.

    Being told how hopeless I was as a “bipolar” led to my relinquishing self control. (Not alcohol but a psych drug that sent me on the bad trip that ruined my life.)

    It’s also disgusting how opportunists are using the notion of “alcoholism is a disease” to push far deadlier and more addictive drugs on the person as a “treatment” for drinking wine or beer.

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  • “There’s nothing also to say that a Qualified Doctor, is any better than a Library Assistant at helping a person get through Emotional Distress.”
    Doctors are great at dealing with ruptured appendixes or inflamed adenoids or broken limbs. But if you feel sad or lonely you should phone a friend.
    Asking a GP for help with emotional pain is like asking one for advice on roof repair. Not their field.

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  • It’s been a real struggle to me not to hate humanity.

    Unlike Frankenstein’s monster I used to be a human being till They damaged me beyond hope of recover and dishonored me forever in the eyes of all Humanity.

    Shrinks have harmed me–while causing suffering–by pretending their cruel, pointless experiments fixed known brain abnormalities. Apparently many were laughing up their sleeves when they talked about the “scientifically proven chemical imbalance.”

    But they couldn’t have done it without help from all the “normals” applauding the cruel damage. I know this was ignorance (except for a few like Pete Earley.) But if your kid were getting worse instead of better every time the doctor put him on something to “treat” the problem which wasn’t bad till after the doctor “helped” it would make sense to try figure out what was wrong.

    They don’t know because they don’t care. Sticking a “loved one” in a psych ward to be drugged and shocked indefinitely is easier than doing a little research to look for ways of actually helping people. Happier handing you over to the tender mercies of the experts. Then they can ignore the relative forever. Almost as good as locking them in the old asylums.

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  • Lots of people have no choice Dr. Monk. Do you really think there are no social or legal repercussions to such a decision? It’s almost never an informed one.

    After a break down following 3 weeks of sleeplessness from a bad reaction to the drug Anafranil my shrink cheerfully told Mom it wasn’t HIS fault her daughter had schizophrenia. Joyfully ruined my life causing everyone to write me off as a psycho killer.

    Put me on 10 mg of Haldol. Hell between my ears. Seizures, constant dry mouth, tardive psychosis, eyes rolling back. All attributed to my illness.

    Psychiatrists go around telling how those they diagnose are all would-be mass shooters. Through guilt by diagnosis/association they claim we’re morally defective in some intrinsic way no other human beings are. Only drugs can save us from becoming violent, suicide, cheating on our spouses, lying, stealing. All “symptoms” in various DSM categories known as “mental illnesses.” Whether we actually DO any of the above is irrelevant. The doctor has pronounced us morally diseased so we’re automatically worse than felons.

    (I don’t know you personally Dr. Theolonius. But prominent members of your profession have gone on national television to warn society of the monsters posing as humans in their midst. Also known as “schizophrenics” and “bipolars.” You aren’t directly responsible for what Dr. Fuller Torrey says. But you must be aware of it.)

    I was repeatedly told for 25 years that I had a brain disease with a known biomarker. That it had already been proven my “illness” came from a chemical imbalance in my broken brain. Not for two decades did I read William Glasser and then articles by the President of the APA declaring otherwise.

    Had to relocate and start over where no one knows me while slowly tapering. No help from any doctor. I knew better than to ask for any.

    For years I took the XXXX pills though they doubled my weight, made me seize, vomit, lose teeth, grow so tired I couldn’t keep up with simple ADLs like bathing regularly. They made me miserable and numb. Yet I took them conscientiously. Not for myself but for my loved ones. I didn’t want to hurt them or be a burden.

    Because of my wrecked body…real doctors who don’t know all my psychiatric history have diagnosed me with IBD and other autoimmune diseases…I still can’t work. All iatrogenic I firmly believe. More of a burden then ever from trying to do the right thing as a “conscientious consumer with excellent insight.”

    Obeying the rules doesn’t work in a corrupt system.

    I wish I’d broken an actual law instead of seeing a shrink. That would have had fewer legal repercussions. Seriously. Criminals have more rights in our society than law abiding citizens labeled as “severely mentally ill.” Once you get that label how you behave–the content of your character–is completely irrelevant. Everyone expects the worst of you. Especially if they know you’re “off your meds”

    Been off mine for nearly 3 years. Doing better in many ways. No melt down despite lockdown stress. My parents acknowledge I wasn’t crazy after all. I’m an embarrassment to the psychiatric profession. And doctors in general who remain thick as thieves and will carry the banner for men like Farid Fata.

    Not anti-medicine but I don’t trust doctors. Buy the used car but don’t believe a word the salesman says.

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  • Too much censorship can backfire. Hence the growth of the FlatEarther movement. I view it as too ridiculous to be worth censoring–even if I believed in denying them a platform. But I have more respect for people’s intelligence than Big Bro Mark.

    Because of this heavy handedness more people are getting angry and distrustful of PolitiFact. Great at spinning. Though if you read the entire article PolitiFact puts out you’ll see they call things “fake news” based on technicalities. Often hearsay from an anonymous source.

    More of us are leaving. Too angry to wait to be banned. Hopefully this will cause FB to become the next Yelp or Tumblr.

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  • Yep. Sili-Con Valley for one.

    Been on FaceBook and repeatedly get censored for posting anything remotely hopeful. Got threatened with invisibility. Planning on transferring my followers to a new platform where many of them are already located.

    Mild depression keeps people passive so they put up less resistance to sales ads posted on sites.

    I have no problem–in theory–with Zuckerberg doubling his wealth. But it looks like he’s willing to cause a worldwide depression impoverishing nearly everyone else to achieve this end. I have a problem with that.

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  • Yep. The whole concept itself is very elastic.

    On the one hand you have the trope of the helpless “mentally ill.” The poor Village Idiot who wanders the street muttering to himself and is mentally a five-year-old.

    On the other you have the trope of the “psycho killer.” The EVIL madman–sometimes with fits of brilliance in finding ways to do random acts of evil. Such as Hannibal Lector or Norman Bates. The scary creeper society needs protection from.

    Psychiatrists use the second trope in calls to action against mass shootings and the first when trying to sound compassionate. They flip flop between calling a “case” or human being “cognitively impaired” regardless of how coherently the “case” can defend herself/himself. And warning the public of how dangerously “unstable” this person will be if they don’t have their way with them.

    This two fold approach is useful for those who can’t see through it. By calling the person evil the psychiatrist alienates them from everyone–rendering the non-labeled more agreeable to subject the former friend or loved one to dubious treatments that cause obvious suffering. And depicting the person as incompetent and dumb makes the psychiatrist look benevolent and humane. Rendering him more trustworthy so family members feel safe delivering the relative into his allegedly tender mercies.

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  • Don Karp that’s why I’m so miserable.
    Sorry, I have no reason to trust any doctors. Especially bureaucrats with degrees in medicine.

    I would rather take my chances with the Bubonic Plague itself than let these micro-managing control freaks ruin the world. THEY are what really scare me. Not the Covid-19. Even if it had 70% fatality rates like many of the ignorant imagine.

    No, I realize Dr. Fauci never said this. All a bunch of hysterical pearl clutching from watching the News on TV. But this insane fear encourages compliance to the lockdown.

    This is supposed to be for the greater good and save countless lives. These people aren’t dead yet and won’t die–in this segment of the multiverse–if we all hunker down and OBEY the Medical Experts. They’re doctors after all. They don’t make mistakes and only want to save lives.

    If lots of people die it will be in spite of lockdown. Or because we didn’t follow it strictly enough they’ll say. If mortality rates drop it will be because of the lockdown.

    This whole scenario is all too familiar to me. Very depressing. And it may never end.

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  • I got so sick of being told how much I needed to love myself during all those years of adult preschool. AKA “day treatment” and “clubhouse.”

    Made me want to burst into song, “I love me. I love me so./I took myself to a movie show./I put both arms around my waist./I got so fresh I slapped my face!”
    I actually did during one incredibly dull session. 😀

    Like C.S. Lewis I find the reverse is true. I must love my neighbor before I can love myself as my neighbor.

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  • Yes.
    The entire premise of Pharma-psychiatry is that SCIENCE has proven people feel down or have weird thoughts only because of bad brain chemistry. And they have the pills to adjust it so you’ll feel normal again.

    A giant hoax. And even the non medical people who spread this lie know it’s a hoax. Pete Earley admits as much on his blog–justifying this deception by saying the drugs work. Meaning they turn “loved ones” into passive, sickly zombies who won’t annoy relatives.

    I was hoping this article would share more details on how ignorant or knowledgeable your friendly neighborhood shrink is. It doesn’t.

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  • And it’s turning us into misanthropes too.

    A blogger I follow is worried about how his alleged brain disease is flaring up. Being forced to stay unemployed and at home all day has nothing to do with it. He thinks.

    Of course, like me, he’s dealt with “sadness shaming.” Our shallow culture can no longer handle anyone the least bit glum or serious. So it’s either a disease we must cure immediately or a shameful sin we must repent of so we can grin ear to ear perpetually like we’re s’posed to. 😛

    Now that I no longer see my depression as a disease I no longer struggle with it for days or weeks at a time. If I feel blue I ask myself, “What can I do to feel better?” It never lasts more than a day or two. Amazing how changing that mindset helped me cope with it successfully.

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  • They’re much better at concealing what their intentions. To be fair–most neighborhood shrinks believe they help people.

    “Life saving medications. They are just like insulin for diabetes.”
    But nobody gets better even if we take them faithfully. Our bodies and brains fail rapidly. And no one cares but us.

    And maybe our loved ones. If “mental health” fails to alienate them. They don’t like family members offering real emotional support and love to us.

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  • NAMI actually had a bunch of people slip in to do that? Okay. When I first read I thought it was gaslighting. Now it looks like was just an advertisement. “This is what having ‘schizophrenia’ feels like.”

    I didn’t know NAMI was supposed to be a patient’s advocacy group. I belonged to it (as a mascot) for some years. It was supposed to be about helping us and reducing the discrimination or stigma NAMI created with other ad campaigns to begin with.

    They liked to hear the voices of “high functioning” people like me. As long as I praised my life saving medications and the benevolent doctors who could do no wrong.

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  • Check out Vernon Coleman’s blog. He is an outside the box thinker. Argues that modern meat is unsafe to consume, criticizes the lockdown, and condemns modern medicine for pushing SSRI’s on everyone they can.

    He left medicine (MD) to write books a while back. Reminds me of Peter Breggin a little. Same generation. I wonder if he’d write for MIA.

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  • Covid-19 is being used for two things. Selling a vaccine that’s probably just a placebo. And propaganda.

    They say they should have it out in a year so we should just stay home till then. Really? AIDS has been around for well over 30 years and there’s no vaccine for that virus yet. I’m sure Gates and Big Pharma will be handsomely paid after keeping the populace isolated and fearful for months on end.

    It also makes great propaganda for Big Brother rising up from the depths of the sea. Every great tyrant knows the best populace is a divided one where everyone distrusts and fears their neighbor. Hysterical fear of a possible infection with a small chance of dying is a great way to turn us all against each other. A bunch of selfish, cowardly misanthropes with no social support except the evening news and “social” media is very easy to control.

    I’ve already promised myself if I see an elderly person passing out from the stupid mask at WalMart I’m going to help them. Yeah, I know it means exposing myself. So?

    Better to die from the virus (unlikely as that is) than live on as one of those caricatures who beats up little old ladies for coming within five feet (the old lady is way more apt to die than a 30 year old if she’s infected.) Or one of those killjoy “karens” who drives around looking for children to scream “I hope you all get Covid-19 and die!” at because they’re playing in the park. A school teacher was doing this. 😛 Or one of those people who doesn’t know their grandma died till six months after since they never made phone calls and rejoiced at the pandemic since they had an excuse to quit visiting her nursing home. Or–speaking of the medical profession–that doctor near me in Louisville who assaulted a teenage girl (choking her) for the horrible crime of enjoying a sunset in the park.

    None of these behaviors are rational. If you’re so worried over infection why run toward the person for further contact as you try to punch or throttle them? These activities require touching the person. If you’re worried over their safety why scream how you hope they die?

    Covid-19 offers a great excuse to act like selfish jerks. Many are taking advantage of the situation.

    If this were the next Bubonic Plague (it isn’t) it still wouldn’t justify these behaviors. There are fates far worse than death. Like losing our humanity.

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  • Another idea for psychiatrists.

    Quit lying.
    Quit telling “consumers”–or using mouthpieces like NAMI to tell them–that Science has proven they have a “broken” brain proven to be caused entirely by a “chemical imbalance” and faulty genes already discovered.

    Quit telling people experiencing a bad trip caused by the mind altering drugs you push that it’s all their fault. Those drugs never have that effect on anyone. Unless they’re crazy to start with or lying about taking them “exactly as prescribed.”

    Quit telling family members “Drug X never does that to anyone. It’s all John’s illness causing him to sleep 12 hours a day, not cry or smile, silently pace for hours at a time, have mini seizures while his eyes roll back in his head. If he would just take his ‘meds’ exactly as prescribed he wouldn’t bother you with these symptoms. Obviously he’s not really taking them.” (Any search for drug side effects can help us catch you in this deception anyhow.)

    Quit lying to the public about how your Science has the infallible ability to weed out serial killers, mass shooters and all other criminal types in our midst with laundry lists of personality traits that lump groups of random individuals together as guilty or “sick” by association. Is red your favorite color? So was Jeffrey Dahmers’!

    Quit lying to the public about how you want to end “stigma.” You don’t. “Stigma” or slander is the best advertising technique to sell your product as Fuller Torrey, Tim Murphy, and countless others know.

    Yes. Telling the truth is pretty essential to morality. Especially when people’s reputations, health, and lives are at stake.
    Quit lying.

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  • I keep thinking of that movie The Minority Report.

    Psychiatry is our society’s pre crime division. But unlike the movie, no one holds them accountable for their mistakes. And those they accuse get punished anyhow.

    All by pretending the treatments are restorative rather than punitive in nature. And they’re doctors. Not penal enforcers of unwritten rules they can change on a whim. 0 accountability and 100% immunity.

    Why not just make suicide illegal and say all unsuccessful attempts will be punished by imprisonment, pharmaceutical torture, possible brain mutilation, and public defamation? The only difference between this scenario and the way things actually are is the Pre-Crime Psych(ic) enforcers are allowed to pose as medical healers. Psychiatry’s got nothing to do with healing people.

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  • Doing fine despite the lockdown and Covid19 fear.

    I say fear because I have had no direct encounters. My sister’s roommates caught it and recovered without hospital care. She tested negative. My rural community has no cases yet. A family friend in a city caught it and got better. As did my 89 year old great aunt.

    The lockdown itself is stressful. But I’m okay.

    Before stuff started opening I used Skype and Zoom to visit along with letters and phone calls. Way better than social media for human connection.

    Now we go to church–with S.D. in place–and I visit my neighbors in the open air.

    Since going off my psych drugs I’ve developed an emotional resiliency I never had before. Violating Expert orders was the scariest thing I’ve ever done.
    But I ignored the Experts after doing a lot of homework. According to them I should be acting like Eric Harris/Ted Bundie/Norman Bates/a rabid dog. Or at least unable to talk coherently or care for myself or get along with people I meet. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    No more mood swings, better at reading social cues, normal heart rate, improved hygiene and home maintenance. All these horrible things happened after I fled the mental illness makers.

    Stories like mine are an embarrassment to the APA and the AMA too. Psychiatry is cancer on western medicine. Not to mention the legal system–which now has a way to bypass due process and punish the innocent.

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  • Don’t forget those branded at hopelessly “severe mental” cases to help cover some doctor’s butt because he refuses to acknowledge that his precious SSRI’s can drive people crackers.

    Heaven forbid he let you go off the drugs so you can function again after catching up on sleep after he kept you awake for 3 weeks in a row. Better label you a “bipolar” menace to society so everyone will shun you till you die. And Dr. Quackenbush can bill your insurance for 3-6 drugs instead of just 1. Including the very drug he KNOWS caused the problem. 😛

    I imagine these un-healers cackling with glee and sipping champagne to celebrate every time they ruin some young life this way. Cha-ching! Souls for cash.

    I’d say “Shame on them.” But they are as shameless as they are remorseless for all the people they’ve harmed and killed.

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  • I remember how Julie Greene emphasized that the whole point to psychiatry was eugenics. It is based upon the philosophy of social darwinism.

    I admit I was slightly skeptical. Eugenics?

    Not sure the mainstream shrink at your friendly neighborhood mental illness center knows. Probably clueless. Most of mine were friendly and tried to keep me from suffering too much.

    But I believe there’s an inner circle at the top–the guys who invent new “diseases” and make guest appearances on national TV warning Joe Schmoe how evil and dangerous all the “untreated mentally ill” are. They know what they’re doing and show no pity.

    The whole premise to psychiatry is certain groups of people are “defective criminal types.” This grew popular in the 19th century. According to eugenicists these “defectives” need to be weeded out from society and prevented from breeding more “inferior stock.” Regardless of the content of their characters and actual behaviors “blood will tell” and these Men of Science must weed out the defectives.

    This demonizing of those they claim to help is necessary for psychiatrists since if others saw them as ordinary people they would call them out on the inhumanity of the cruel, pointless experiments they persist in inflicting on hapless test subjects.

    This defamation campaign has proven highly effective. Stigma is a shrink’s best friend. They WANT to turn our families and friends and everyone including other doctors against us.

    Most people don’t think this through. But they believe the SCIENCE. In their defense many think they’re helpful telling us to take drugs. But thinking we’re all dangerous monsters makes them avoid us. (Duh.) And my guess is doctors don’t care about the quality or quantity of our lives. They have similar attitudes about the disabled and elderly but the notion that we’re all would-be-mass-shooters rendered temporarily harmless via SCIENTIFIC MAGIC makes them treat us worse.

    When I moved I managed to not get “bipolar” on most medical records. Just “depression” and all those physical problems inflicted by psychiatry. Amazing how helpful and nice doctors are now.

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  • Lisa is bleeding? Where? Her heart is racing so hard it hurts?

    WTH??? 🙁 This crap is killing people like Lisa.

    Assuming she wants this drug I still worry about her health. But my guess is she’s not taking with with informed consent. Just told she has to take this miracle pill NO MATTER WHAT.

    If Lisa tells her shrink or doctor how horrible it makes her feel–assuming her body can’t adapt–they may change her to something that makes her feel less horrible (for a while.) Or just threaten her with horrible things that will happen if she ever dares to go off. It’s a coin toss.

    Pernicious anemia, IBD and other autoimmune problems. Including abnormal bleeding. My heart beat was very erratic till I finally disobeyed my quack. It may have saved my life.

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  • “Antidepressants” have already had studies showing they lower inhibitions and empathy.

    Yet prominent psychiatrists urge that still more people be put on these drugs to lower mass killings. Arguing that people murder others because of low self esteem. I dunno. How about not thinking about future consequences (low inhibitions) and not caring about others (lack of empathy)?

    Astounding ignorance as to how human beings think or what motivates us. Pseudo science combined with a view of humanity less complex or nuanced than a comic book.

    These mind altering drugs do not transform a bunch of Mr. Hyde’s into Dr. Jekyll’s anymore than heroin does. NAMI propaganda notwithstanding.

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  • Yes. NAMI is behind the police brutality toward the “mentally ill.”

    Doesn’t require much brain power to see how convincing armed enforcers that others are monsters will lead to more shootings and brutality of these people. But NAMI wants to make the world’s largest omelet and are more than happy to break countless numbers of eggs to achieve this end.

    I avoid all things “mental health” now. If I know someone works for “mental health” I will cross over to the other side of the street to avoid them if I can. They think they’re kind when they lock you up and destroy you with drugs, shocks and other random brain damage.

    They deny the humanity of their “compassion” objects. Zero empathy because of this denial. All our suffering is written off as fake just like we’re “fake people” in their eyes–without real thoughts or feelings. Only walking brain diseases.

    Delusional and dangerous. Lacking insight into their own motivations.

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  • Sadly psychiatrists are already planning on setting up their own police. My guess is if you end the current police system, “mental health” will take over completely as far as those already labeled are concerned. 🙁

    Defund psychiatry. Its propaganda is behind police hatred and fear of the “mentally ill.”

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  • This may surprise you OH, but many would not see the sarcasm. A lot of NAMI mommies actually tell themselves that.

    I wonder how many killed themselves because they had been persuaded of that. It nearly drove me to suicide. 🙁

    Unlike brain cancer or epilepsy, “mental illness” means you are hopelessly evil. Like hyper calvinism–only it’s just a minority of genetic throw backs or “criminal types” who are depraved. With no hope of redemption for any of them.

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  • Steve I imagine a couple shrinks discussing this.
    “So Bob, how long do you think you’d grieve if your wife died?”
    “I dunno Bill. It took me less than a week to get over her leaving me. Too many hangovers from partying.”
    Both laugh.
    “I can’t imagine grieving more than a week for mine. Ten days tops.”
    “I never grieve over losing anyone. Emotional attachment is a sure sign of mental illness. My dog died today. No big deal. I did what any sane person would. Put the carcass out with the weekly trash and added ‘visit the pound’ on my things to do list.”
    “Let’s say fourteen days tops. I can’t imagine loving anyone so much you grieve them that long unless you’re severely mentally ill.”

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  • 70% of those labeled “schizophrenic” used to get back on their feet or “recover” before pharma psychiatry.

    Now it’s below 16% and only because they really lowered the bar for what counts as a decent life. And the life expectancy post diagnosis is roughly cut in half.

    But the “mental health” industry likes it fine. More treatments to sell and more long term “consumers.”

    Pretty annoying when two thirds of your buyers find they can lead better lives drug free and you need to drum up new ones. At that rate how are you going to expand your turf?

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  • Frank, I’m not sure what OTC drugs are available in Britain. Over here it varies from state to state. But I’ve used adult cough syrup for one or two nights to break an insomnia cycle.

    There are a number of sleeping pills here I could buy at Walmart. I try to avoid shrinks. If I see someone I know works for mental health I’ll do all I can to stay out of their way. They’re a danger to my health, my freedom, and my life itself.

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  • Something I see as a potential problem for prescription cannabis is psychiatry’s long track record of blaming everything it does on the consumers’ alleged brain disorder. AKA the consumer him/herself.

    A lot of young people labeled “schizophrenic” for life simply got locked up during a bad trip. As a sort of ironic and excessive punishment (called treatment) they’re forced to take massive quantities of mind altering drugs to make them miserable till they die prematurely.

    I only took what Dr. M gave me. A “therapeutic” dose of the SSRI Anafranil. Yet my three weeks of sleeplessness and hallucinations were all blamed on me. Dr. M swore up and down that “They never have that effect on anyone!”

    Is this merely a clever attempt to create more “schizophrenia diagnoses” by encouraging use of a drug that can cause vivid hallucinations?

    For those of you who like MJ, my argument is with psychiatrists prescribing it and interpreting all the temporary effects as symptoms of a life long brain disorder–which requires crippling drugs and a life in segregation to maintain.

    Drugs that cause real disabilities and segregation from mainstream society are psychiatry’s gifts. 🙁

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  • My family is lower middle class. Not rich.

    I’m too damaged to work now. Iatrogenic disease thanks to psychiatric treatment.

    But I escaped because I managed to sneak off to another county and my parents let me stay for a while.

    Better to have a middle class or poor family that loves you when it comes to escaping psychiatry. Evan Durst’s family used its wealth to hound him. Just like rich people would pay tidy sums to asylum keepers for locking up annoying relations in Victorian times.

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  • The great novelist Jane Austen had to get her brother to sign her publishing contracts for her since she was an unmarried woman. (No hubby to sign for her.)

    Nowadays a woman can be placed in a similar situation. Not because of her gender but alleged “mental illness.”

    It makes no difference how rationally you behave nor how reasonable your arguments. Your label will cover it all.

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  • Well, if they’re talking about the Fear–rather than the virus itself–it’s entirely psychological. The Fear seems to be killing large numbers of people as they commit suicide and develop stress related illnesses.

    Even though it’s contagious your odds of dying from it are slim. Not arguing the lock down here but pointing out how ridiculous the Fear is. Caution is smart; hysteria is not.

    This reminds me of The Bird Box. Only the monsters aren’t Out There. They’re in our screens.

    Way easier to avoid.

    Don’t watch TV and moderate other media. Read more literary classics and talk to real people through Skype/Zoom/or the phone. Write letters. I hear physical stationary is making a comeback now. It gives a sense of physical contact that e mails don’t.

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  • Thanks for this piece, Maria. As you point out it’s not just our health and economy at risk, but our relationships and human networking.

    All the “normals” are acting crazy now. Look at the videos going viral of screaming at teens at the beach, some doctor trying to choke a girl for not social distancing. How would choking a contagious person lower your own exposure???

    Some school teacher screaming at children on a swing set, “I hope you all get sick and die.” Such compassion and dedication to saving lives. 😛

    Crazy behaviors from otherwise “normal” people. Wonder how much sooner they’d have lost it in the psych system

    This is not a war. A plague would be a stretcher, but more accurate. Similar hysteria occurred during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. The plagues were even worse.

    And, despite higher mortality rates, there was less isolation. No internet to render “staying home” so widely accessible. During a war we can do active things and bond with fellow soldiers or our communities. Even those on the home front–like Rosie the Riveter. Instead we’re called to isolation and passivity. Way more stressful.

    I feel no satisfaction at “normals” driven mad by medical bureaucrats. Only anger and frustration and sorrow. I put no faith in a doctor simply because he is a doctor after my experiences with psychiatry. A field totally approved as a legitimate specialty by the AMA. Fleeing it may have saved my life.

    Some of my negative emotions might be considered “PTSD”? I don’t know. This pandemic reminds me so much of “mental health” with its gas lighting.

    Who knows though? Maybe we outcasts who have survived it can help people through this traumatic event.

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  • I was talking to a friend last night about this movement. Her cousin/friend hears voices. The drugs bring some relief but wear off. She frequently quits them and those around her blame the return of her voices on “non compliance.” As someone who fully “complied” religiously from 1992-2016 I know why she goes off the drugs (they make life miserable) and they really don’t stop the voices long term for most.

    I went to Day Treatment. A lot of the “rebel” types would stop drugs cold turkey–frequently drink or use street drugs and act weird so they’d get locked up again. But there were many others who swore by their “meds” yet found no long term relief. “Despite” faithful obedience of swallowing the vile stuff they’d hear the same voices after a month or two. The smart ones learned not to complain. Doctors didn’t like it and would just lock you up again and put you on more drugs that made you feel worse.

    Woe to you if the Sacred Neuroleptics did not quell the voices or amplified them. Telling this to anyone in “mental health” was blasphemy. It was either dismissed as an unfortunate fluke–your fault for being “resistant” or you were accused of lying to get out of taking these life saving pills that “never had that affect on anyone.” They also claimed Haldol doesn’t cause seizures and Risperdol doesn’t cause weight gain. Grrr.

    Posting this article on FB where my friend and her cousin can read it. Thanks for writing it Kermit!

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  • Psychiatric “diagnoses” are glorified name calling. As scientific as insults by the playground bully.

    A lot of shrinks get upset at people joking about feeling “bipolar” or complaining about a “schizophrenic” coworker. They complain that only They–the leading medical experts have the right to call people these things.

    Reminds me of some skit I saw on TV where a bully on the schoolyard yells at his toady that only he (the bully) has the right to call the other kids “stupid idiots.”

    You COULD argue that names like “smelly poo poo head,” “dummy,” “slowpoke” and “ugly” are scientifically valid. Some people are dumber, slower, and uglier than others….Not sure how such names will help. But Bullies don’t want to help. Only show their supremacy and lord it over the other children.

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  • Sadly psychiatry enables abusers. Usually by accident. But since they make snap judgments about moral character (diagnosing) they focus almost entirely on externals. If the abuser dresses well and is a smooth talker they’ll see him or her as the “normal” one as opposed to the nervous, unkempt victim.

    They’ll label the victim as dangerous and give the well dressed abuser full power of attorney. Survival of the fittest is the law of psychiatry.

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  • Why wasn’t Bailey locked up, drugged and shocked? Sounds like that psychiatrist had a severe mental illness.

    Next time a psychiatrist complains about high suicide rates in their profession offer condolences before reminding them that according to their profession only the severely mentally ill ever think of suicide.

    Apparently they’re too afraid of stigma. I for one, don’t want them killing themselves but getting the treatment they DESERVE.

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  • Precisely.

    The DSM gives psychiatrists the right to treat harmless eccentrics and sufferers of Lyme Disease the same as pedophiles.

    They spread the word on TV, newspapers, social media about how “The reason this man kidnapped and murdered all those children is because he was a bipolar.” Doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together and decide all “bipolars” are serial killers.

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  • Interesting how he brings up psychiatry’s power to punish people for being sex offenders without taking any actual crimes into account. Who gives a rip about what you actually DID? Lol.

    The shrink says you’re a monster. The public will believe him.
    Why I got kicked out of college.

    Punish innocent people for crimes they might commit in the future. Great way to rehabilitate ’em.

    The “sex offender” analogy sickens me. “Mental health” frequently lumps harmless eccentrics and the suffering in with perverts and murderers. I don’t think this is an accident either.

    Scaring the public and whipping them into a frenzy against the alleged monsters in their midst is great PR for psychiatry as Torrey and Murphy know.

    Label a law abiding citizen as “bipolar” or “schizophrenic” and you can treat them worse than a convicted murderer. My label ruined my life. No apologies coming from any of Kriegman’s colleagues.

    I loathe psychiatry.

    He doesn’t address any of us. Speaks over us to his esteemed colleagues and peers. Appears to think MIA is a respected site for scholarly articles endorsed by the APA.

    Kriegman is in for a rude awakening.

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  • A woman who drowns her baby used to be called a murderer. Novelists write novels. Painters paint pictures. Murderers commit murders. But people like a neat explanation to make themselves feel secure and build their egos for being “normal.”

    Saying, “A woman only drowns her baby because she is ‘bipolar,'” is a way of imposing guilt by association on a lot of law abiding citizens. This made me suicidal after my “diagnosis” since I believed my shrink that I was a monster. 🙁

    A bunch of women at church took up a petition to stop me from teaching Sunday school once they found out about my label. I obeyed my stupid shrink and got treated like a pariah.

    Relocated where no one knows my dirty secret. I’m physically damaged, so i tell people that’s my disability and why I can’t work and never had a family. Amazing how nice they are to me.

    Tapering off the drugs helped me pick up on social cues and nuances. This Covid 19 scare is making “normal” people act nutty and ruining everyone’s social skills. The great equalizer.

    I obey the law. But Covid 19 doesn’t scare me the way it does so many. I faced the idea that I was hopelessly insane from a genetic brain defect at twenty and proved the experts wrong.

    This illness doesn’t scare me as much as the threat of hopeless insanity shrinks held over my head to keep me in line. Even dying from it scares me less. At 60% infection rates and maybe 5% mortality with my autoimmune issues, I’m more apt to catch it than die from it.
    It is what it is. 🙂

    All those “normals” sure are acting “crazy and paranoid.” Violent too. Proof that sanity is all relative and no one is immune to craziness.

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  • Yes Oldhead. Julie repeatedly told me that too.

    i started 6 mg of Stelazine in spring 1992. My life didn’t fall apart till fall of 1993 when they labeled me “Schizoaffective” which my dorm mom kicked me out over. Said I was dangerous and frightened the other girls.

    I’m not a murderer and it’s wrong for psychiatry to treat me as a violent criminal. They are punitive, not restorative in nature.

    In claiming to be merciful rather than just to violent criminals–as an excuse to treat the law abiding like dangerous criminals–the mental illness system acts in ways contrary to both. Psychiatry is neither justice nor mercy.

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  • All of mine were voluntary. The drugs kept me from thinking straight but they told me I needed them and my loopiness was all my (illness’s) fault. I kept wanting to kill myself because I believed I was an evil monster and dangerous to others so suicide was the ultimate act of self sacrifice and love. The only noble thing a monster like me could do.

    Now that I decided shrinks are full of it I’m no longer suicidal. Just angry.

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  • Well said OH.
    Judging from the article Dr. Tasch believes the narrative though she means well and might let some “asymptomatic” people leave the system at their discretion.

    I knew better than to argue with my shrink. AKA psychiatric blasphemy.

    The psychiatrists get paid for keeping us sick with drugs, emotionally abusive brainwashing, and shocks.

    My parents were shocked at how much crazier I acted the longer I stayed in the MI System. Now I’m emotionally stable but in chronic pain much of the time. IBD, fingerprint-map-dot-eye dystrophy, and probably ME.

    At least I can clean my apartment now. Still forced to live on SSI.
    Shrinks told me if I was “good” I could enjoy a career and even maybe get married. Bunch of rubbish. Doubtful any of them believed their malarkey. 🙁

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  • I loved Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH as a child.
    (At 8 I disliked Don Bluth’s film because of the liberties it took. The book was thought provoking and I read about finely nuanced issues regarding self reliance, morality, and responsibilities that come with becoming sapient. Not Disney lite on speed.)

    Unbeknownst to me there really was a place called NIMH. But instead of making rodents as intelligent as humans they’ve dedicated themselves to making humans as dumb as rodents. The fact that we can still read and write is proof that their methods need perfecting.

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  • And I was repeatedly warned of cognitive decline and “deterioration” if I failed to do exactly as my psychiatrist ordered. Counselors and case workers at the local Mental Illness Centers I dutifully attended. Support groups like NAMI. All the literature and TV shows…mainstream literature of course. All warned how dumb/crazy/helpless/dangerous I’d become unless I took my “meds” religiously.

    I pointed out how since starting my “therapeutic” doses of Haldol/Risperdol/Zoloft/Xanax/Celexa/Pick-your-neuropoison I could no longer take full time course loads at college or work full-time at my summer job or get by with less than 11 hours sleep. They would tell me it was all my “illness” which began at exactly the same time I sought “help” for social anxiety and had a horrible reaction to the SSRI. All entirely by coincidence. 😛 SMH

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  • It is 100% hereditary too. The reason it’s not only just but compassionate for society–led by the shrinks–to treat the “mentally ill” like pieces of garbage is we’re subhuman genetic throwbacks/monsters. Not really human like the “normals” and the shrinks.

    Must have mutated their DNA. Kind of like green, radioactive sludge in those old Saturday morning cartoons. Real SCIENCE folks!

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  • I have vented on this site about sadness shaming. Hence the insistence that DEPRESSION IS A DISEASE. They wouldn’t have to justify it by calling it purely biological (and beyond our control) if we weren’t pressured to grin ear to ear all the time like the Cheshire cat. Why not let me feel glum? Really. Feeling blue is not a crime, but to hear some people it’s worse than being a bank robber.

    And regarding loneliness I am sick and tired of well meaning articles lecturing on how the only reason you get lonely is you’re not full enough of self worth. That’s just dumb. Loneliness is not synonymous with low self esteem (though even that’s not a crime) and scheduling a make out session with your mirror isn’t the answer. 😛

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  • Nagging someone to come off her or his drugs without a support system or decent tapering advice is a bad thing.

    Even though I wish everyone could live drug free I know many won’t since going off is painful and demanding. And you need to do your homework and find a place you can hide if you’re a busy long term psych consomme.

    (Psychiatric Consomme. My new word instead of their word “Consumer.” Never did like it even when I was one.)

    A friend of mine is in AOT because she didn’t call me for information and just went cold turkey during lockdown before freaking out in her apartment and going to the psych ward. Again.

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  • So sorry about Abraham’s death, Mr. McNeill. Your son’s fears were rational and justified. He didn’t want to be slowly tortured to death. That’s what psychiatry was doing to him.

    I consider myself disabled. But not from any “mental illness.” I no longer exhibit any of the required traits after 30 months off my drugs. My disabilities are multiple autoimmune disorders and poor concentration/executive function. I blame these on the “cure” for the unprovable brain disease men cooked up and voted into existence to prove how they were Real Doctors. I didn’t know what pain was until they “helped” me.

    If I were going to be harmed again like your son I would want to do what he did too. Psychiatric treatments are a fate worse than death. They ruin your health, your ability to earn a living and all hope of having a family. They cut your years in half and destroy your bodily organs.

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  • Vaccinations against viruses are very ineffective according to doctors themselves.

    I read that if they come out with a vaccine for Covid19 it will only be 40-50% effective. I guess that’s better than nothing. But it’s not a magical panacea to save us all.

    Yet, what do you want to bet that if they come out with one the medical establishment will be lauded and the nanny state will finally let us leave our own homes?

    Covid19 is finally showing non psychiatrized people what tyrants doctors can be. All “for your own good” of course.

    I’m hoping we can use public distrust to turn sympathies against the Granddaddy of Control Freak Medical Science. Psychiatry. By Medical Science I mean manipulating brains to render you “docile and child-like.” As opposed to independent and functioning.

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  • I struggle to trust any doctors. Not anti medicine. But anti liars.

    The fact that the entire AMA continues to enable and even applaud the damages psychiatry forces upon it’s guinea pigs makes me angry at the entire medical community.

    They know the drugs cause excessive weight gain, kidney failure, severe GI problems, heart arhythmia, diabetes and extensive damage to the brain and CNS yet they support business as usual and often push these drugs on their own patients for kickbacks or just to avoid looking into legitimate medical complaints.
    Phooey on doctors. Despite their smarts and education they lie all the time. Worse than used car salesmen. I don’t trust any of them further than I can throw a piano.

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  • Shrinks express sorrow at the “stigma” their test subjects experience in being denied housing, jobs they could perform despite being drugged up and having family and friends reject them.
    Yet they refuse to accept any responsibility for the situation and love to go on national TV to tell the world how dangerous/stupid/evil all their “patients” are. As Paula Capplan points out if I tell someone you have tuberculosis and they avoid you does it make sense for me to express outrage over how they treat you?

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  • I’ve noticed nobody proposed taking any action to lower the numbers in nursing homes during the epidemic or find housing for the homeless. Both sides of the political aisle are happy to let the status quo continue in those areas.

    Aside from “nice guys” who were proposing locking up all the homeless in warehouse style asylums where the virus could still run rampant. Pure benevolence and altruism. Of course.

    Isn’t it swell to have a bunch of bureaucrats/doctors running everything now?

    My great-aunt has the virus. Got it at her nursing home. No efforts were taken to separate the infected from the rest.

    “Windmill or no windmill, he said, life would go on as it had always gone on. That is–badly.” George Orwell. Animal Farm.

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  • FWIW, more people than ever will be aware of the dangers of letting medical professionals grow too big for their lab coats and not holding them accountable.

    It looks like the Covid-19 may be easier to contain than many feared. But the Experts are very reluctant to admit they made a mistake.

    Epidemiologists are intelligent and know their stuff. But this virus was “novel” meaning something no one was familiar with. Baffling even to the experts. Hey, I’m fine with that. They know more than I do after all.

    But rather than admitting. “Okay. We may need less draconian measures than we at first assumed. Yay! Let’s loosen up a little but wear your masks and wash your hands a lot and only visit outdoors for now. Here are the symptoms to look for if someone is contagious,” many insist on giving doom and gloom prophecies.

    Hmm. Medical experts who would rather ruin people’s lives than admit they made honest mistakes or don’t know everything or give up unquestioned powers bestowed on them….This narrative rings a bell with me. And I bet many other survivors feel the same.

    Glad I live in Indiana. Things are looking up. And I plan on lying lower than the government demands–this month–since the last batch of Medical Experts I trusted implicitly “helped” by destroying my autoimmune system.

    My main source of stress has been “PTSD.” Fear of meddling (maybe less than honest) doctors taking over the world and destroying everything.

    A lot of doctors seem to think now that human beings don’t need sunlight, fresh air, human companionship, or food to live. And can do just fine for another two years without them. Just like the shrinks assumed we didn’t need anything but our “meds” to lead a great life. Career, family, friendship, love, purpose in living, the amygdala, pancreas, kidneys, heart, frontal lobes, CNS, GI tract…all non-essentials for the “severely mentally ill.” Keep taking your “meds” no matter what!

    (Food is hyperbole at this point. But if we keep total lockdown for 18-24 months like some experts recommend we can expect more and more empty shelves at the grocery stores and food banks when we’re allowed to go there.)

    More people will realize how horrible SSRI drugs are and how they’re used to blame people who suffer from legitimate stressors as the opportunistic shrinks seize this opportunity to push their poisons. Dare we hope people will finally realize sorrow and loneliness are not brain diseases?

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  • A public apology would be the best legacy Frances could leave at this point.

    And maybe telling the public that those his profession branded “SMI” are not a bunch of would be psycho murderers waiting to go stabby stabby in the shower or licking their lips at the thought of cannibalism.

    That was Julie Greene’s biggest offense against psychiatry. Branding all they claim to help subhuman monsters. Their drugs work well at making us look and act grotesque too. (I wonder if any psychiatrists realize this?)

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  • So do you think the rest of us should be forcibly locked up and drugged? That’s what Allen Frances and all the members of the APA do and they use the DSM as an excuse.

    If others want to use their labels and take psych drugs that’s one thing. But it’s forcing these on law abiding citizens against our will that we have a problem with.

    The drugs made me hear voices and act weird. My label almost drove me to suicide. It’s very easy for William to get what he wants. Not so with the rest of us.

    And my heart almost gave out. I might be dead if I hadn’t escaped. No suicide attempts despite the Covid19 stress either. My parents and siblings are amazed and pleased at my improvement.

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  • As Whitaker explained above this article was not to validate psychiatry but to prove how it is political rather than medicinal. It also shows how large quantities of money are recycled through Big Pharma/APA/Washington.

    But Anomie makes a great point about the APA calling the kettle black. And why do we need Lee and her colleagues to make decisions about how to vote?

    They were slowly killing me for years with their “treatments” and my immune system that they damaged renders me more apt to die from Covid 19 even though I’m under fifty. My heart beats have finally stabilized thanks to defying Standard Treatment.

    How dare these pearl clutching hypocrites use people like us–already damaged by THEIR profession–for virtue signalling to further their own careers?

    It also shows how stupid our society is. It’s no longer enough to look at a person’s behavior and say, “He’s an abuser because he beats his wife and kids. She’s an arrogant, self-centered woman because she lies all the time to gain attention. He is a cruel sadist because he tortures small animals.”

    Nope. That’s not good enough. Now we have to label the abuser as having “bipolar with intermittent explosive disorder” the liar as “narcissistic” and the guy who tortures animals is a “sociopath.”

    Dr. Obvious to the rescue. Sad how some kind hearted abuse victims will stay with the abuser because the shrink says he’s sick instead of calling him out on his bad behaviors.

    I remember urging this woman to leave her abusive husband. “But the poor dear has bipolar. I can’t leave him.” Another woman and I both urged her to leave since this did not give him the right to harm her. (Ironically we both were labelled “bipolar” yet shrinks say we’re all alike.)

    Why judge people on the content of their characters? We have shrinks to brand them with pseudo scientific “diagnoses” instead.

    And Heaven help you if you ever have a bad reaction to one of their drugs or run afoul of a psychiatrist. They’ll turn your nearest and dearest against you so you wind up leading the life of Richard Kimball.

    By calling guilty people “sick” shrinks gain the right to punish the innocent for crimes they never have or will commit–by calling them “sick” too.

    And only THEY have the power to do so. With no objective standards for anyone to hold them to.

    I wish they would “diagnose” the most powerful man in the free world. Know why? It would show everyone how much undisputed power the APA has and how potentially dangerous they really are.

    As well as the slush fund from the White House I wonder how much this fear of people wising up played a role in Lieberman’s behavior. Last time I checked he was not a Republican.

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  • Shrinks are certainly not letting the Covid 19 emergency go to waste.

    And when they act concerned about the possible lives lost I call BS on their fake compassion. Thanks to their “safe and effective treatments” I have an autoimmune disease and am as likely to die from Covid 19 as my Boomer parents.

    And psych drugs make you more likely to die from it.

    So sick of the pearl clutching virtue signallers. 0 regard for the lives of people like us. Phony as a bundle of three dollar bills.

    A nation of lonely, depressed, alienated people is a psychiatrist’s ultimate fantasy. My guess is the APA is tickled pink at all the human misery now. Ghoulish and typical as we know too well.

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  • Yes but these “untreated mental illnesses” do cause suffering which psychiatry can alleviate.

    Psychiatry alleviates the suffering of the families who are embarrassed by the person’s odd behaviors and don’t want to look like bad guys by simply not inviting him to parties. So getting Johnny shot up with 15 mg of Haldol a day will make him quiet and inactive. No more suffering.

    Psychiatry also alleviates suffering of the mainstream public by use of the placebo effect. Every time a mass shooting occurs some prominent shrink tells the public that of course only the “mentally ill” murder people like that and give him even more unquestioned authority and he will stop violent crimes forever by giving all the “mentally ill” people the “treatment” they so richly deserve for the crimes of a few they may have nothing in common with. Other than a shrink’s badge of shame.

    Psychiatry alleviates the suffering of psychiatrists themselves. It stunk being the “Cinderella” of medicines. Now, thanks to drugs, shocks, and other forms of brain mutilation in the works they can show what honest-to-gosh-real-doctors they are.

    When they praise psychiatry as highly effective this is what they really mean.

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  • I’ve been using this time to instill distrust of the medical profession in the hearts of people using social media. Nothing blatant or out there. Just subtle little seeds of doubt and skepticism. A lot of people are open to the idea that doctors don’t have our best interests at heart right now.

    My years as a psychiatric guinea pig while other doctors watched on smiling in approval, seeing the damage psychiatrists did to me have made me distrust and despise the entire American medical system. Not anti medicine. Anti doctors.

    Just because someone is a doctor does not make them honest. All it means is if they decide to harm you they have superior training and smarts to do it without getting caught. And the other doctors cover for the crooked ones so they’re guilty in their own fashion. And of course the shrinks.

    What kind of people do this? These doctors must know lithium destroys kidneys, neuroleptics ruin your brain and CNS, and SSRI drugs make your weight double and mess up your heart and gut. But they remain silent. Heaven forbid they save lives at the cost of “meds compliance.” 😛

    Dr. Fauci has been caught changing his story. It was a minor lie about face masks not being helpful. To save masks for doctors he explained later.

    But this has hurt public trust. Suddenly people are open to the idea that doctors tell lies and have their own agenda rather than the best interest of the public at heart.

    I’m teaching some online friends the truth about psychiatrists right now. Many are open to this idea.

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  • As Peter Breggin points out the reason they treat people that way with inpunity is because they claim to be “healing” them. Even if people could be persuaded it wasn’t “just your illness talking” they would see such bad experiences as a necessary evil in “getting them the treatments they deserve.”

    The very word DESERVE speaks volumes. You can say a poor person deserves help. You can also say a horrible person deserves to suffer. We need to ask people making this argument what context of this word they are using.

    Help the mainstream gain some insight into their own hearts.

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  • Robert Nikkel, if you’re using your infiltration to save lives like Schindler did, God bless you.

    I wish I knew more psychiatrists willing to criticize the damage their profession is doing. Aside from the writers here I don’t know any (personally) willing to question the way things are.

    All mental centers I have gone to insist the only way to not kill yourself or those around you is take your “meds” without fail NO MATTER WHAT. Till you die prematurely despite the horrible way you feel. What I personally have seen and experienced after 26 years in the mental system.

    They made me live in terror of my own mind for the whole time. Their message is what I hear preached on television, social media outlets and just about everywhere to this day.

    But my view and experience are limited. I don’t know every doctor or psychiatrist in the world. I’m glad to know such men and women exist and wish they were more vocal.

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  • To all potential accusations of being “anti medicine” or “anti science” I say, “No. I’m pro accountability.”

    It’s not science or medicine we fight against but corruption, lies, and contempt for human rights found in the practitioners.

    History contains many famous serial killers who practiced medicine with a license.

    If I wanted to have a daycare investigated because it looked like it was run by predators would that make me anti-childcare? Give me a break.

    Doctors lie too. You can be a “good” doctor in that you’re smart and knowledgeable with a state license. and still be a lousy human being.

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  • I think I was unusually sensitive to SSRI drugs. Had an extreme reaction to Anafranil. High as a kite and sleepless for three weeks. The whole time I took it.

    My “high” from Zoloft was milder and zapped me out of my depression. The depression was caused by getting kicked out of college, rejected by friends, having all my hopes and dreams dashed at age 20 and annoying my family by my drug addled behavior.

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  • Their flocks are “defective.” Not sinful. Sin does not sound scientific. You can’t attone for bad DNA.

    Not sure I’d call psychiatrists priests. More like tiny deities of their secular cult. (Yes. Some secular groups count as cults. I heard speculation that MLM can count.)

    Because it exists in your core being you cannot repent and reform. You are the cancer to be eliminated or frozen so it won’t spread.

    There can be no propitiation or sufficient penance when your existence itself is a sin.

    I believe that’s why I couldn’t kick my suicidal urges after my diagnosis as “SMI.” Rejecting it gave me a new lease on life.

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  • Bringing back old Victorian “lunatic” asylums seems to be the ultimate wet dream for psychiatrists I noticed. My guess is they’ll be able to collect more revenue for the millions they hope to cram in there after gas lighting them with SSRIs to make them hallucinate so they can label them “bipolar.”

    I believe there is a Batman villain who runs an asylum where he puts his victims after driving them hopelessly insane with toxic nerve gas. Psychiatry is the only medical field that so closely resembles a comic book.

    Dr Arkham: But Batman, they were already severely mentally ill. My toxic nerve gas just unmasked the symptoms

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  • You mean the people who actually want the “mentally ill” to lead decent.lives and not die prematurely? I agree Nancy.

    Take the message to those who want fewer people forced into disability and in asylums. Not swelling the ranks of the “SMI” so at least a third of the population is on a cocktail of poly pharma. Like the ancient Roman slave population. Or bringing back the Victorian asylums.

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  • That still doesn’t excuse condemning trusting patients to a slow horrible death. And they make out like bandits.

    Like my friend’s psychiatrist who partied on a Caribbean cruise after basically sentencing her to death at age 29. Dr. C seemed perfectly happy with zero regrets when she came back and found Karen dead. Plenty new cash cows where she came from.

    I realized then they don’t care if we die. Literally. As long as we die “with our rights off” they’re chill with us dropping like flies.

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  • Just read an article in a journal of neuro-science how they think they found a bio marker for depression. Is this a real neurological condition they plan on actually fixing?

    Heck no! Just an excuse to dole out more of the same poison that damages neuron receptors. Only now they’re hopeful for an excuse to force happy people to take the same old crap they’ve been handing out with for 30 years.

    “We don’t know how SSRIs work. We just know that they always do. Because the consumers tell us so. If they don’t say the meds are working we keep them locked up till they do.”

    How can anyone be that dumb? “Depression is the leading cause of disability.” Yet in order to get that disability check approved you need proof that you’re taking standard “treatments.” Hence SSRI drugs do not prevent disability from depression.

    How can respected neuro scientists mix up cause and effect so thoroughly?

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  • Since organizations/institutions are defined entirely by what they do, one cannot separate the who they are from what they do as one can individuals.

    So I can forgive the psychiatrist who ruined my life–if he wants my forgiveness. But in order to forgive him I must acknowledge that he hurt me. I was wronged.

    No debt means forgiveness is impossible.

    The institution of psychiatry is all about punishing the weak while pretending to be merciful. It has dedicated itself to lies and punishment of the unfortunate. (Occasionally letting criminals off easily or pretending to. Part of their illusion.)

    Deceit and senseless cruelty are evil. While I agree psychiatrists are human beings and some are kind and don’t abuse their powers as much as they could…most are not monsters…but they belong to the APA which demands deceit and cruelty in order to belong.

    Some self deceive (I’m not hurting them. The drugs are good for them since they’d only wind up in asylums anyhow. They don’t have feelings like normal humans do. They’re all defectives, so it’s okay to inflict brain damage on them.) The prominent ones talk out of both sides of their mouths and keep changing the narrative through television interviews and books published.

    The rest go rogue–like the psychiatrists blogging for MIA–or find another line of work. Or commit suicide because they can’t live with the guilt.

    Angry as I am, I would rather a psychiatrist come clean and accept the forgiveness of anyone willing to give it rather than destroying himself. Suicide is a tragedy for anyone.

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  • They keep talking about “non organic causes” too. Not just real doctors but shrinks.

    A shrink will seldom admit to a patient suffering something medically proven like Lyme’s Disease or Crohns. But they do acknowledge these diseases exist and let other doctors treat them. In turn the doctors refer the “non organic causes” to them.

    Hmm. “Non organic” causes. And yet they kept arguiing at NAMI how “mental illness is a real brain disease” and “an illness like any other” and “your meds are just like insulin for diabetes” and “science has proven that ‘mental illness’ is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain.”

    All those arguments sound like organic causes are to blame. Is the human brain not a real organ?

    Or psychiatry just has a bunch of drugs and shocks to sell and since these remedies only operate organically they claim the brain is to blame even as they call the disorders they treat “brain illnesses.”

    Needless to say this is a secret embarrassment to the psychiatric community.

    Google “Why We Still Use ‘Organic Causes’ + psychiatry online” for an insider look at what psychiatry doesn’t broadcast to the public. They’re pretty mad at real doctors for making a distinction in the ICD-10, feigning concern about how this will contribute to “stigma.”

    The only “stigma” shrinks worry about is the stigma against themselves as the poor little Cinderella they see themselves to be. They are the real victims and nobody gives them the respect they feel they are due.

    Their “consumers” are so beneath consideration (subhuman monsters as they believe them to be) that they don’t even consider, let alone care, that discrimination ruins their lives.

    No concern about those they harm. It’s all about them. And if they hurt their hands beating someone else they burst into tears about their own injury.

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  • If a friend of mine were being battered by her husband and he was threatening to kill her would it be reasonable for her to sit down and speak in an articulate and reasonable manner about how it hurt when he bloodied her nose and blacked her eyes?

    Even if he promised to change she should look for a shelter. What if he argued that battery was actually good for her and an act of compassion on his part because women can’t function properly without a little external “help”? No apologies or admission of harm.

    Psychiatry would be like the latter. No apologies. No admission of wrongdoing. Just blaming the victim. If the drugs harm them it’s their fault for “resisting” treatments with their bad physiology. If destruction of your brain with ECT doesn’t make you happy, it’s your fault for having Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Your kneecaps shattered when I hit them with a baseball bat? Well if you weren’t so frail like a china doll that wouldn’t have happened.
    You almost bled to death from the knife wound? Well, you shoulda thought of that before you had flesh so soft and stab worthy.

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  • The truth is it’s only recently that mortality rates for the “SMI” have been higher. Since all those safe and effective treatments came out. (SAFE for doctors to prescribe and EFFECTIVE at making them and their Pharma cronies very rich.) And any hope of recovery has gone out the window too.

    I refer you to Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic to look at the elephant in the living room.

    Psychiatrists, medical professionals, mentalists, and many others don’t care if they kill us. They don’t care if we seize, lose brain function, can no longer live independently or walk, experience nerve damage and (mercifully) die at 52. All in a day’s work for them.

    I realized how shrinks were okay with our dying when I lost a good friend at age 29. Her shrink gave her a drug that gave her grand mal seizures and threatened her not to go off it. My friend died that weekend while that shrink went off to party on a Caribbean cruise.

    None of the NAMI mommies (we both volunteered there) gave a damn that she died either. That’s when I realized NAMI isn’t about helping people. It’s about selling drugs. The only non-professionals they actually help are parents and spouses who despise their “loved ones” so much they want them to lose all cognitive function, the ability to live independently, and die early.

    Another friend left NAMI after she saw how chill they were with her “schizophrenic” sister being drugged on a poly-pharma regimen till all her organs failed at 49. If an eccentric adult relative embarrasses them so much they can always cut them off.

    But…no…it’s all about control. And the praise they get about how “kind” they are to their burdensome “SMI” accessories.

    Forcing us to take the drugs they worship means more to them than anything. Including our recovery, quality of life, or even survival itself.

    Just saw a commercial advertising another drug to treat the tardive dyskinesia shrinks have denied for decades. Of course coming off that “medication” is unthinkable since you “need” that mega dose of Haldol to treat the “bipolar” your shrink created by giving you an SSRI you had a reaction to and blaming it all on you. Horrible people with no conscience or empathy!

    We are only objects for them to get rich by performing cruel, pointless experiments on.

    They don’t serve us, but the public by providing a sense of security and “protecting” everybody from the monsters they create through torture and brain/nerve damage. They don’t give a damn about the well being of their human lab rats!

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  • The concept of SMI is far harder to grasp than the concept of Santa Claus.

    Is it violent behaviors? Stupidity? It depends.
    If they want to pretend to be nice they treat you like you’re MMR. If they want to alarm your family or turn the public against those like you, they say “mental illness” is all about acting like Norman Bates or Mike Meyers or one of those other Hollywood pictures inspired by shrinks.

    You find this in other forms of discrimination.
    Let me quote an MRA/incel: All women are independent, needy, career obsessed, gold digging, picky whores.

    Note the contradictory aspects to the image he created? That’s how shrinks describe the “mentally ill.”
    “Dangerous, helpless, childish, cunning, irrational, diabolically clever, illogical, manipulative, detached, needy, unemotional, hysterical, arrogant would-be mass shooters. With low self esteem.”

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  • Besides limiting crime to more destructive behaviors society only publicizes “Mental illness” linked to the most destructive behaviors.

    Psychiatry pretends to be merciful in how it punishes or “helps” the “SMI” criminal as a means to an end. That end? Legal impunity to inflict life long punishment on the innocent by accusing them of the potential to commit crimes.

    Psychiatry is a legal force. Their treatments are cruel and unusual punishments inflicted on those guilty of having been deemed unfit to survive.

    There’s an article from a few months back about a prominent shrink requesting special police who will answer to him alone. Pretty chilling.

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  • What are you hoping for Robert Nikkel? I applaud your hard work and sincerity, but am not sure what you intend to accomplish in the way of helping people.

    Psychiatry will abuse since it’s profitable and asking shrinks nicely to please quit destroying our lives isn’t working. Why should they? They have no reason to.

    My real hope is grass roots education of people who are not invested in “mental illness.” Ex-NAMI members who watched the psych system kill family members. (Not hyperbole.) Faith groups who reject the philosophy intrinsic to psychiatry of monism. Others who have seen the devastating consequences of long term SSRI use.

    People who desperately long to escape the Madhouse Without Walls but don’t see a way. They need help escaping an abusive system.
    Not asking, very politely, to please be a little less harmed. Pretty please. 🙁

    I was surprised at how much support I got in my choice to leave psychiatry. I showed loved ones the evidence of cognitive decline created by the treatments and the lack of evidence for any pathology corrected by the same. A lot of people want to get better. A lot of friends and family are upset too at what shrinks think is acceptable quality of life. Including very early deaths.

    If we must embrace lost causes, I prefer hopeless abolitionist to hopeless reformer. If success is impossible let us aim high!

    Even if I never slay the Dragon at least I can help some people escape being burned or eaten by it.

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  • Mental workers have been known to “diagnose” people in notes with things like “worthless piece of sh*t.”

    Read an article in a medical journal by a psych nurse joking about it.

    They talk a good game to SOUND kind and polite in public. But even then they try to scare the public by explaining how dangerous these Subhuman Others are.

    So House is not far fetched.

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  • They are anti psyche. They try to commit psychocide, but that’s not possible. So they strive to mutilate into a grotesque new form.

    Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but do nothing to the soul.

    They have damaged me physically but I make a conscious effort to forgive them every day. I believe all will be made right eventually.

    If any psychiatrist apologizes I will accept it and offer my forgiveness. Better to suffer evil than to do evil. They are to be pitied.

    They’ve mutilated their own souls far more than any of their victims.

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  • They are anti psyche. They try to commit psychocide, but that’s not possible. So they strive to mutilate into a grotesque new form.

    Don’t be afraid of those who can kill the body but do nothing to the soul.

    They have damaged me physically but I make a conscious effort to forgive them every day. I believe all will be made right eventually.

    If any psychiatrist apologizes I will accept it and offer my forgiveness. Better to suffer evil than to do evil. They are to be pitied.

    They’ve mutilated their own souls far more than any of their victims.

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  • Yep. The Golden Rule is never followed where “mental health” is concerned.

    Psychiatric labels and drugs are for losers. Not suited for Real People like the mental workers.

    THEY don’t want drugs, shocks, job loss, segregation. They want emotional support and understanding.

    I notice suicidal shrinks attribute their own despair to misfortunes and stress. Not inferior genes or defective brains.

    Hypocrisy thy name is Psychiatry.

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  • Fr. John thank you for this article. Ironically the damage to my soul that drove me “mad” occurred through a rupture in my church.

    Spiritual abuse by adults when you are a sensitive child can be very traumatic. Something the secular mentalists claiming to help me never acknowledged. Especially since “mental health” chalks nearly everything up to biology nowadays.

    Some find closure by ditching religion altogether. I only found true healing for my psyche by realizing the lies and false doctrine crammed down my throat and the disgust I felt at hypocrites. I have forgiven them, but am no more anti-religion than I am anti-science simply because medical quackery exists.

    It is ironic how psychiatrists deny souls exist. They claim to fix “broken brains” but we already have the field of neurology. It’s interesting how psychiatrists and doctors talk about “non organic” causes of complaints. Many pro psychiatry groups like NAMI argue “What if we treated mental illnesses like physical illnesses?”

    Hmm. If the disease is NOT organic or physical (as their language implies) why do they only offer physical remedies for bodily organs?

    A lot of psych apologists like Jaffe argue that “It must be in the brain because nothing else exists.” Let’s ignore the a priori assumption of monism that the majority of the world’s people disagree with. Let’s assume all odd and erratic behaviors do originate in the brain. Some do–usually through brain trauma. (Others through liver failure, thyroid issues, etc.)

    That still does not justify random acts of brain damage through coercing someone into long term use of mind altering drugs or mutilating the brain through shocks and other “psycho” surgeries. It’s like arguing for treating restless leg syndrome by severing someone’s spinal cord. Annoying as this neurological problem is, most of us would rather be able to walk.

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  • Don’t forget the guy who lives all alone in the outback. He wears nothing but a poncho from a square of tent canvas with a leather strap holding it together. Eats nothing but insects and honey he finds in the wild.

    Every now and then he wanders into town yelling, “Repent!”

    We don’t need to manipulate King Herod into cutting his head off anymore. Thanks to the miracles of modern medicine we can make this prophet as good as dead. Locked up forever and silenced.

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  • And because they are “mentally ill” and “defective” they will be given low priority as far as medical treatment goes. Along with the elderly.

    At least that’s what my brother reports from his home in Massachusetts. As far as the elderly goes. Though that usually includes the disabled.

    I am disabled. At first it was a GI issue and symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Now I am experiencing symptoms associated with conditions like MS. Pretty scary. And they’re the long term effects of psychiatric drugs. I have no doubt of that. Nor do I doubt that any doctor will deny this ugly truth.

    Makes me skeptical about this Covid 19 thing altogether, knowing that doctors lie whenever convenient. Could this be a ploy by Big Pharma to make billions with a vaccine with little real value? I am sure the disease is real, it’s very contagious, and kills people. But I also think the mortality rates are inflated. How much I have no idea.

    I recommend practicing social distancing as they advise. But, because of my experiences with the medical system, I am very skeptical of anything that receives this much publicity on television. Especially a lot of experts–in politics and showmanship more than medicine–spouting off SCIENCE STUFF.

    Dr. Fauci and other high ranking, celebrity shock docs have been found making faulty predictions of mortality rates–if not deliberately skewing the numbers. Incompetence at best.

    He also has made some stupid statements about how unless the infection rate from the virus falls to 0 we can not end the lockdown for anyone.

    Fauci claims we should all stay locked up for at least a year. Homelessness and starvation don’t exist in his Reality it seems. Finally his medical brethren and the Big Pharma messiahs will provide our salvation in vaccine form.

    Of course once the vaccine comes out, any infections or deaths from Covid 19 in the vaccinated won’t count. Just like all the times you catch the flu after getting vaccinated at work. Or get depressed on an SSRI.

    No vaccine is 100% effective. Especially regarding as far as viruses go. But that doesn’t matter because the AMA and Big Pharma will be Heroes and cash in on the illusion of security.

    Just like shrinks who claim to save the world from the mythical monsters they create.

    Actually fortune telling and sooth saying fall into the realm of mysticism. Not science. So beware of doctors giving numbers to hypothetical scenarios with high levels of assurance.

    Like the movie 101 Cloverfield Lane we have no choice but to trust those claiming to help us. For now.

    (And if you see the movie, you’ll know that while John Goodman is the bad guy there really is something out there. So please keep social distancing. And wash your hands.)

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  • Hi Caroline.
    I am less lonely practicing social distancing than I was in certain situations. Like being surrounded by people who regard me as an ogre. AKA severely mentally ill.

    You can be very alone in a crowd.

    Psychiatry robbed my life of meaning too. Here’s a link to check out. Copy and paste if you can’t click.

    I want to read your book. Nobody in mainstream churches I have attended knows the truth about the “chemical imbalances” or how psychiatric drugs really work. Or even how they test you for a “severe mental illness.”

    People are being maimed, segregated,, forced to live in poverty and dying young. They could know–if they cared to. 🙁

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  • Guilt can lead to suicide too, Madmom.

    It’s either denial (I am actually helping them feel better, they aren’t fully human, they’re only fit for asylums anyhow) searing the conscience like the Big Baddies do (the kind who demonize their “mistakes” or victims on major media outlets), or succumb to guilt and have a breakdown. Or kill yourself. Maybe both.

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  • Dr. Abram Hoffer cured “schizophrenics” with mega doses of B and C vitamins. Of course it wasn’t really “mental illness” they suffered from but a severe nutritional deficiency that caused hallucinations and other bizarre thoughts. Kind of like Pellagra.

    Dr. Hoffer should have come up with another word for it. But he actually helped people. Mom talked about taking me to his clinic in Canada back in the early nineties after my diagnosis. But it didn’t work out. Unbeknownst to us both, just going off the “meds” would have alleviated a lot of my problems. 20 20 hindsight. 🙁

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  • I can only speak for myself, but it wasn’t anything so grand or lofty for me.

    I sank under the weight of years of bullying and two periods of homelessness as a child. Got so depressed and anxious I sought help from a shrink as a friend suggested.

    Went on Anafranil for three weeks and snapped. Got put on a cocktail till I escaped after 22 years. Not sure I can ever quit grieving. The damage is real.

    Stories like those of Mad Mom’s daughter don’t cheer me up. (Nor should they.) But they remind me not to wallow in self pity. Many are worse off than I.

    Iatrogenic brain damage is the remedy. The only treatment Psychiatry offers. Its answer for everything.

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  • Psychiatry helps people by ruining their jobs, relationships, and isolating them. Their treatments consist of branding the unhappy/lonely as hopelessly insane menaces to others. And now they push disabling drugs to keep them from functioning or looking normal for mainstream society. (Adds to the credibility of how inferior the Others are.)

    Somehow they think what harms themselves and the “normals” helps the “mentally ill.” 😛

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  • They have ignored many inconvenient things. Like “consumers” dying 25 years prematurely. Diminished quality of life among those they “help” and brain damage proven to be caused by their treatments according to a member of the APA.

    They also refuse to listen when anyone complains that the seizures, depression, hallucinations or thoughts of violence didn’t start till after they got put on the magical pills handed out like office candy. I knew better than to ask my shrink for help.

    I ran away. And will do whatever it takes to keep away from the mental illness makers.

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  • A lot more would get rid of those devices if the government (across the pond) actually threatened to track them. Chalk it up to Yankee paranoia. A lot of people are AFRAID to give up their guns because the first thought that comes to their heads is Government Take Over.

    A big fuss in the mid west. We are afraid of getting infected and dying. But we don’t automatically trust the feds either.

    Convincing others not involved in the psych system that the “Mentals” could be coming for them next–to take away their health, freedom, businesses, family–is way more hopeful than trying to reason with those in the psych system. Whose income depends on refusing to acknowledge the damage they do.

    A working title for a new dystopian series. Medocracy. “Don’t be afraid. We’re the Healers. We only want to help you.”

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  • In America there have been 143,000 cases severe enough to be diagnosed. The asymptomatic do not count. 2,500 deaths out of those. If you have a calculator you can crunch the numbers.

    Italy is far worse. The worst as far as fatalities go. With 7% of recorded cases dying.

    Please read my comment below. I believe social distancing is a necessary evil after all. But with proper medical care the death rates can be kept very low.

    The idea is that with fewer cases there will be more medical resources for those who do get sick.

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  • Yes. Silencing dissenters was what the USSR did.

    No one had any motive for silencing me. Unless you count not acknowledging that the psych drugs were responsible for turning my “neurosis” into full blown “psychosis” with hallucinations that terrified me.

    But they insisted that “they never have that effect on anyone” despite label warnings. Can’t have pill shaming after all.

    Still no belief in what I say. I’m very nervous around doctors because of this.

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  • Evil tends to be short sighted.

    And there are few things as evil as crippling children and adults while pretending to cure them. Telling them powerful, mind altering drugs are “just like insulin” for the diabetes they never had.

    Psychiatrists are ruining Western Civilization by making it go bankrupt supporting those they themselves have disabled. They expect to get way more money than all the disability checks combined for the benefit they add to society by disabling people. Not that they care.

    Remember The Lorax by Dr. Seuss? The POV character never meant to destroy all the Truffula trees. His business was based on them after all.

    That’s how psychiatrists and pharma CEO’s are. They don’t plan on destroying everything since they enjoy sipping champagne on their yachts.

    But they insist on chopping down children who won’t grow back. There’s a reason Gen Y has so few workers in it. Check how many young people “use” mental services.

    Generation Rx. They’re worse off than my generation where losers like me were exceptions. Why else are many college kids so incoherent in debates? Why else this utter lack of emotional resilience and surge in obesity?

    Cognitive decline, loss of inhibition, obesity…all minor side effects. Proven to come from the “safe and effective” treatments often forced upon the public. Courtesy of the Mental Illness makers. 😛

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  • I wish they would judge us on our behaviors. The content of our character. Not what some “expert” who asks us ten perfunctory questions determines after less than fifteen minutes.

    Roger Elliot was a nervous, awkward young man. But that doesn’t mean all nervous, awkward people deserve punishment for what he did.

    Psychiatry finds a few arbitrary behaviors and quirks that may annoy relatives but are perfectly harmless. Or social anxiety which I had and they “helped” by bringing shame, dishonor and the ultimate social degradation upon me.

    Isolated me by causing family and friends to reject me in disgust and horror. They created artificial disability from drug “side effects” they blamed on the alleged brain disease. That’s how they helped me along with countless others.

    Comfort the comfortable by afflicting the afflicted. Should be the motto of the APA. 😛

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  • 10 should scare everyone. I guess the rationale behind the “MH” article is that doctors are in short supply and (maybe) all those “mentally ill” won’t observe proper social distancing and will require more lock ups.

    In America it’s mostly the right wing who’s afraid. But even they tend to be in awe of SCIENCE.


    He gives much worse death rates than those I read in other places. I read that even frail octogenarians in nursing homes are more apt to beat the bug than die. 90% survival odds in worst case scenarios.

    Joel assures me that there is at least a 15% chance that Mom and Dad will die if infected. Both are under seventy and have health issues. So some precautions make sense.

    But locking us up for six months? I don’t see that as sustainable. Yet Joel assures me it’s absolutely necessary or PEOPLE WILL DIE.

    People die every day. This is not the Bubonic Plague. And it’s not even the Spanish Flu. People didn’t hide at home during that epidemic as I recall. Now we have better sanitation and nutrition.

    But we won’t if the economy collapses and hundreds of thousands become homeless while starving on the streets. 🙁

    IMHO this is a scare tactic as a bid for power by Big Pharma/Big Government. Since Joel only hears what Big Pharma says, working 13 hours a day all week from home, he is brainwashed. For all practical purposes.

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  • Syrena Clark, even when I believed in psychiatry, I disliked the “educational” narrative that “all schizophrenics” act like something out of a horror movie. Murder is a moral issue. Not a cognitive one.

    If people choose to take the pills and see therapists or whatever, cool. It’s their choice. Provided it’s an informed one.

    But whether you are in the system or out–getting treated like a monster or shot is horrible. No human being deserves to be treated that way.

    All the “education” foisted on the public only leads to more paranoia among people like the police. Like soldiers they have finely tuned “fight or flight” mechanisms. Scaring them with stories of how evuuullll “severely mentally ill” people are will not end the shootings.

    I had the police called on me during a bad trip from a drug reaction combined with stress. No guns were pulled. They called the paramedics before I passed out.

    They thought I was having a bad drug trip. Actually I was. All psychiatric.

    That was an odd experience and I had seen my shrink that day who told me I was “depressed” though I explained I was loopy instead. But not listening to me was par for the course with most of them.

    As far as violence goes, preventing that by force is what police are for. I don’t see why “educating” police about the “mentally ill” is necessary or helpful. Let them deal with each situation as needful.

    Telling them someone is freaking out on a bad drug trip but seems harmless might be better if they are told anything at all. It may have been why they were so nice to me. Of course I was in a passive, trance like state but if they had pulled guns on me I’m not sure how I would have behaved.

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  • Sam, you think doctors love to “diagnose” everything as mental so they can ignore real medical problems and throw drugs at phony ailments with no biomarker? (Incapable of DISPROVING. Hence they get off Scot free since they can never be accused of a misdiagnosis.)

    They love to throw SSRI’s at everything. Stomach cancer. Lyme disease. TBI. Crohn’s. Arthritis. Yeast infections along with all things female. 😛

    Beats having to be professionally competent and solve real issues doesn’t it?

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  • Yes. I’m bitter and mean as that post revealed. Too much time alone.
    I’m used to being isolated but it only took a little extra to break my reserves.

    If it weren’t for others I’d be exposing, I would choose to infect myself with the XXXX virus and get it over with. After what I’ve been through death’s not that scary. Once you are dead there’s nothing more human beings can do to you.

    I’m not suicidal BTW. Just stir crazy.

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  • Dr. Biswas probably labeled the man herself. And drugged him too.

    Someone in her field told the police he was dangerous and should be feared as a vicious, murderous psycho killer. Then acts shocked when they shoot him–using the information about him that her industry provided.

    I love to think of some of the “lock them up” commenters getting dragged into the psych system. They get no pity from me when they do. They deserve none. I hope they wind up in one of “Doc” Drew’s new asylums since they thought it was good enough for the Others they loathed.

    Hitler would never have risen to power if the Germans had not elected him and applauded when he blamed the Jews for all that was wrong with Germany. Cotton Mather only was able to hang a bunch of “witches” because the other Puritans mindlessly accepted what he said. They thought killing them might help the crops grow better and end the plague.

    I recommend Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s essay on “stupidity.” Not what is usually meant by that word.

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  • It’s a great shell and nuts game. Pretend the mind altering drugs are medicine. When the mark goes insane, blame them for having an inferior brain and DNA.

    The mark is spell bound and isn’t sure what’s real. They know they’re screwed up mentally and trust the doctor. Normally a logical decision.

    If they stay on the “meds” they act crazy. If they go off–almost always cold turkey–they act crazy from withdrawals. The family doesn’t know what to think. The shrink tells them, “The family member you loved is gone forever. Lol. Make sure she takes her medicine. They never do. Remember if she acts weird she’s lying.”

    My family was never fully deceived since they knew I was obedient–wanting to “get well” and quit being a burden and bother. They knew I took those things dutifully–though they bought me a pill chest since the doctor said “Okay. Maybe she’s not lying. They forget all the time too. That illness makes them lazy and irresponsible.”

    The whole time my conservative, teetotaler, anti-marijuana, “just say know” family, college, church were urging me to become a drug addict and then yelling at me for acting like one. I was the only person willing to do any research or read articles in the APA journal. None of my loved ones read anything I show them.

    But they never disowned me and accepted my decision to come off once I revealed how I had done it nearly two years after the fact. Most families are NOT that supportive. So I’ll always owe them for that. And they’ve suffered too from having an unwitting junkie for a daughter all these years. 🙁

    Idea for a meme.
    “Just remember Batman. If the citizens of Gotham weren’t mentally ill to begin with they never would have had that reaction to my toxic nerve gas.” Dr. Arkham aka Scarecrow

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  • One of these days I’m writing a book that cites works by characters like Torrey, Pies, etc.–making them accessible to mainstream public who actually want to help people and restore them to health and sanity.

    Trying to reason with those who benefit from afflicting us and driving us crazy is a waste of time. No more discussions. Like trying to “work something out” with an abusive spouse.

    If we go back or remain the beatings will continue.

    “Mental illness” is not a social construct. It’s an iatrogenic one. Created by psychiatrists. Sometimes knowingly.

    Over 95% of all SMI cases were perfectly sane until they got put on a drug for being sad because the family dog died or were nervous over exams. Then they went bonkers and got branded by their shrink.

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  • Psychiatry=police state.

    Anthony, if possible, I advise you to leave Australia. From what I have read it’s psycho-state is far worse than ours.

    The fact that our health care is still partially privatized comes in handy since you can relocate to another state if ordered to be drugged or shocked without consent and they can’t legally kidnap you there. Or–if not state ordered–relocate to another community where no one knows your past and provide scant details for the hospital/doctors you see there.

    When you have to see a doctor he won’t automatically have access to the records of another system. You’ll also receive better care for kidney damage, IBD and other cruelties the shrinks have inflicted on you. It’s like they don’t care if you die if you have an SMI label.

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  • Ironic. Stigma and loss of income is what I got from seeking “mental health.”

    I am wondering how all those who attend community mental centers are doing. I’m sure the already marginalized “consumers” miss the time spent with the few friends they have. Especially since so many live alone. 🙁

    Calling a friend who’s still in the “mental illness system.” Hard to leave as I know too well.

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  • Thank you for this article Dr. K. You left out how television–also a great tool of stupidification was utilized by psychiatry to sell themselves. Nearly all the drug commercials you see on TV now are psychiatric. The police and hospital dramas on the idiot box push the narrative of “mental illness” as well.

    Few non-professionals read journal articles or books by Torrey/Jaffe, Lieberman, Pies or the rest. Otherwise they might see through the charade and discover how inhumane their treatments are.

    Torrey actually boasted in his underground work Shrinks about how he drove a number of “asymptomatic schizophrenics” crazy by drugging them without knowledge or consent. When reprimanded he joked about how causing “schizophrenics” to go out of their minds was no big deal.

    It’s actually lucky for these guys that their books are not widely read. I think they want their articles and books to remain an inside job–read and reviewed by approving peers–and never see the light of day. Those who practice evil love darkness.

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  • Been on at least one psych drug from age 18 to 44.

    Off now since 08/31/17.

    My mind is clearer despite brain damage and spaciness. But my body is a wreck. I can no longer digest food normally.

    At 46 I am forced to live with relatives because my SSI check won’t cover rent and no HUD anywhere. Exhausted from malnutrition since my body won’t absorb vitamins or minerals so I remain unemployed despite recent job openings that won’t be there once this scare is over.

    I don’t know what I will do when my parents are gone.

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  • I remember The Wizard of Oz where the humbug says, “I’m a very good man, but a very bad wizard.”

    My guess is there are a number of psychiatrists who could say, “I’m a very good person, but a very bad doctor.” Assuming they are well meaning but clueless makes it easier to forgive the damage.

    Like Dorothy and her friends I’m still very angry at their deception. And–unlike Oz–they continue to keep the up charade.

    Psychiatry means never having to say you’re sorry.

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  • Your mind came back but not your body. Not uncommon Laurie. Check out the archives for and read Monica’s story.

    “This caused my family to believe I didn’t care enough about THEM to seek ‘treatment.'”

    I read lines like this and feel sick. God bless you, Laurie, it’s not at you but how selfishly many families of the “mentally ill” behave.

    It’s all about them–though you’re the one in torment. And they take the word of a stranger in a lab coat over the family member they should know and love. 🙁

    Doctors are known to make mistakes, but they refuse to consider this. Too inconvenient.

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  • Their faux compassion fools no one. Except maybe themselves.

    Basically they believe that all murders in the world are committed only by a mass of inferior beings called the “mentally ill” and they want these people to be drugged, locked up, or both for their own good. I despise hypocrisy.

    Crippling and labeling certain individuals is a public service psychiatry performs.

    1. It provides a sense of moral superiority to all the “normal” as well as a sense of optimism about the innate goodness of humanity. All normal people are sweet and kind. The only ones capable of doing evil are those with “schizophrenia” or “bipolar.”

    2. It provides a sense of security. After every mass shooting the Experts point out the shooter was labeled or label him posthumously. They skillfully evade the questions as to whether or not he was “medicated.” They keep silent and nobody ever asks the question.

    I remember reading about Andrea Yates in a NAMI newsletter. They said her “bipolar” was why she drowned her kids. No mention of the psychiatric “care” she was receiving as I recall. NAMI wanted to let her get off on the grounds of her alleged brain disease.

    I found the whole thing confusing and resented letting a murderer get off scott free on the grounds that she had a “mental illness.” Didn’t NAMI know that would make us all look bad and feed the flames of “stigma”? Now I realize they were just using her case as a promotional gimmick. And it was really due to involuntary intoxication. I discovered this after I finally gave the NAMI cult the finger.

    The only reason I remained obedient to my psychiatrist as long as I did was out of the belief that I would otherwise harm innocent people. For their sake. Not because the drugs made me feel so darn good or helped me function.

    Now that I know the truth I’m very angry. Not just for my own sake either.

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  • She seemed to be blaming it on him not being forcibly drugged. Though most (not all) people truly out of their gourd are indeed drugged. Shrinks twist the facts to suit their agenda.

    Briswais fails to say whether drugs were in his system–making me suspect he was “medicated” and refuses to consider whether her demonization of people like him played any role.

    Calling people dangerous does not end discrimination. But it is great PR for forced psychiatry.

    Then when there’s the predictable decline in voluntary “consumers” these same shrinks will have a giant pity party about how “stigma” is hurting their own careers. “Poor me. I only make a 6 digit income instead of a 7. Only we psychiatrists suffer from the pain of ‘stigma.’ We are SO oppressed. And no one has offered to officially crown us sovereign monarchs yet.”

    Google “stigma + psychiatrist” and log onto a psychiatric professional site sometime. Quite a lack of insight in these virtual sob fests. Laughable in fact–on my good days. 😀

    Yet they use this same “stigma” as a marketing ploy whenever convenient. Making me question their intelligence as well as whether or not they possess a shred of conscience.

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  • I suffer many of the above. IBS, chronic pain, artaxia, weird burning sensations on occasion. All of these came 20 years after my diagnosis of bipolar 2 after a bad reaction to Anafranil which the psychiatrist blamed on my unmasked illness.

    Antidepressants are proven to mess up your digestion and heart rhythm. And significant nerve damage is normal. None of these were a problem before-though I did feel depressed and anxious. Those are easier to control now.

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  • I have witnessed cognitive decline, premature death, homelessness, and suicidal desires in countless people fully drugged according to psychiatrist’s specific orders. Yet they pretend all these people are perfectly happy and lead great lives. I guess if you wind up homeless, suffer IQ loss by 40 points, and kill yourself while “compliant” it doesn’t count. Sick of psychiatry’s denial of its botched experiments on unwitting or unwilling human guinea pigs.

    I bet the police shot the man because they had listened to shrinks like Biswas tell what dangerous monsters all those she treats are. Calling innocent people dangerous murderers is not compassion. Claiming it will end bigotry is ludicrous. And I find it hard to believe those like Biswas want to–even on a conscious level.

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  • I have witnessed cognitive decline, premature death, homelessness, and suicidal desires in countless people fully drugged according to psychiatrist’s specific orders.

    Yet psychiatrists and the media pretend all these people are perfectly happy and lead great lives. I guess if you wind up homeless, suffer IQ loss by 40 points, and kill yourself while “compliant” it doesn’t count. Sick of psychiatry’s denial of its botched experiments on unwitting or unwilling human guinea pigs.

    I bet the police shot the man because they had listened to shrinks like Biswas tell what dangerous monsters all those she treats are. Calling innocent people dangerous murderers is not compassion. Claiming it will end bigotry is ludicrous. And I find it hard to believe those like Biswas want to–even on a conscious level.

    Sickening and sad how folks believe what TV and propaganda puff pieces say more than what they perceive with their own senses. 🙁

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  • Someone here at MIA really needs to do a piece on how people can be “compliant” or on AOT and still wind up homeless. RW has done a great job showing how psych drugs severely reduce chances for employment–especially gainful. It seems an inability to pay rent should be admitted to play a role in homelessness. Funny how drugging people is supposed to magically create shelters for them.

    I call BS on this celebrity shock doc’s claim that “all mentally ill people enjoy being homeless” and drugs will fix it. And asylums are more cost effective than HUD. If he is put in charge of them we know who stands to come out ahead financially. Not the tax payers. Definitely not the people struggling to survive because his profession maimed them.

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  • Love this article Megan. It offers a new spin on “What if we treated ‘mental illnesses’ like physical illnesses?” Ignoring that “mental illnesses” are supposed to be brain diseases (physical) and rendering the analogy nonsensical. But the doctors who claim to fix these alleged brain diseases act like no others.

    My own pet peeve is how our culture practices “sadness shaming.” Like there’s something disgraceful about not grinning like the Cheshire Cat 24/7. It really irritates me.

    My peeve is not that people find their own sadness/depression intolerable (understandable) but those around them do. No matter how much cause you have to feel gloomy friends and neighbors nag you to hurry up and see a doctor to take some medicine cause unhappiness is a disease.

    If you express reluctance or argue your sorrow/grief is reasonable since you lost your job, your kid disowned you, your spouse left or beats you, you have cancer, your dog died, your house burnt down it’s always…”Oh no. You must have depression.” Then, if you still decline they get mad at you. Accuse you of being too proud to get “help.”

    Like being sad is a crime. Ironically once you say you’re getting “helped” you can quit smiling altogether and act gloomy all the time and quit bathing or going out. But say you’re taking your “meds” and everyone applauds. Never mind it isn’t working or maybe you feel like Riley in Inside Out once she lost Joy and Sadness.

    Reverse pill shaming. You must take drugs–even if they make you feel 10 x worse–as penance for the sin of unhappiness.

    I wonder if having to pose as Happy Stepford Robots is behind the loneliness epidemic. Phoniness can be VERY alienating.

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  • Ironic how according to psychiatrists “black and white thinking” is a sure sign of one of those pesky things they label “personality disorders.”

    And a sure symptom of “schizophrenia” is the inability to distinguish between the metaphorical/abstract and the concrete/literal.

    But my apologies to any any well informed psychiatrist reading this. I acknowledge that you never made that mistake but only cited the “chemical imbalance metaphor” in order to dupe prospective customers and the public.


    1. Lying without remorse for self gain.
    2. The belief that might makes right. The rules do not apply to you.
    3. No regret or remorse for the people you have hurt.
    4. Convincing someone they are worthless, inferior, insane.
    5. Self pity when called into account for how you have harmed others.
    6. Extending cordiality, respect, and regard toward some–but exhibiting harshness, cruelty, and inhumanity to those in a group you regard as weaker and less than human.

    Now what “mental illness” would these be “symptoms” of?

    Anyone want to take a guess?


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  • Remember that line from Jerry MacGuire? “Show me the money!”

    Show me the disease!

    The fact that recovery can occur without medical treatment should really make us question the bio model.

    For the sake of argument, even if psychosis is linked to a brain disease–until scientists can produce a bio marker they don’t know what’s wrong and can’t fix it. Assuming improved brain function is what they are after.

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  • Actually the Georgians (early 19th century Britain) had a better way of viewing extreme states than 21st century psychiatrists IMNHO.

    Today’s APA composes lists of arbitrary traits their elite group deemed unacceptable and votes into existence.

    In Georgian England, madness was as madness did. “Diagnosis” was composed solely of behaviors. Way more honest than our system. Once the extreme behaviors stopped you were no longer considered mad. And you had to be very weird to be considered mad.

    Ordinary “consumers” you regularly meet at NAMI or mental centers would be too rational to qualify in that era. Even those visibly muddled by the ball and chain treatments of today.

    A certain Shaun S. commented here that psychiatry needs to distinguish between the consenting and nonconsentual “consumers.” I heartily agree with him on that.

    But I think it is far more important to distinguish between the dangerous and the harmless.

    The pop culture narrative (touted by celebrity docs–experts in showmanship and propaganda) is that all the treated are harmless and safe to be around.

    All the undrugged are dangerous and a public menace. Black and white thinking to put real, complex human beings into little boxes where the Benevolent All Knowing Psychiatrist will keep them forever. Amen.

    The evidence (statistics, long term studies, empirical) tells another story.

    All people deserve to be judged on the content of their character. Not the claims of some bureaucrat in a lab coat who doesn’t know them from Adam.
    Harmless eccentrics, trauma victims, and those with head injuries should not be categorized with violent criminals. In claiming to be merciful to the latter psychiatric law proves itself neither merciful nor just to the former.

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  • A word of encouragement.
    Charlotte Perkins was cured from her “hysteria” by rejecting her role as a madwoman and made a new life for herself doing work that brought her satisfaction.
    This is the cure I’m trying now. Sadly my body is damaged and I have real disabilities.

    But I’m no longer acting like a “bipolar” because I relocated and went off the “meds” that caused my mood swings to start with.

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  • You can read “The Yellow Wall-Paper” by Charlotte Perkins online for free at Gutenberg or in downloadable PDF format.

    How the Experts try to “help” the POV character:

    1. They cut her off from everybody.
    2. They prevent her from working.
    3. They encourage her in idleness–tell her to lie in bed all day thinking about how insane she is.
    4. They patronize her–treating an intelligent, rational adult like a child or developmentally delayed person.
    5. Sensory deprivation.
    6. When she complains of depression and how intolerable the situation is, her doctor husband tells her, “That’s just your illness talking.”

    But things have changed now they say.
    Here’s how:
    1. They brand you with a new “mentally ill” identity so you get cut off from friends and family.
    2. They actively discourage you from working. The drugs and discrimination play a role. (Never ask for reasonable accommodations for you “mental illness”! They kept telling me to do that. Bad advice and I think they knew it.)
    3. They only encourage “peer” activities. Weekly “groups” at the mental illness center and NAMI meetings to discuss your “symptoms” and talk about how hopelessly crazy you are.
    4. They patronize you. Treating you like a child or developmentally delayed person even though you’re an intelligent, rational adult.
    5. They put you on drugs that dull your senses.
    6. When you complain of depression and how intolerable your life situation is, the Experts say, “That’s just your mental illness talking.”

    Yep. Things are so much better now. 😛

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  • My ex had a therapist try to seduce him. When Michael said “No” the therapist warned him not to tell anybody because “No one will believe you since you’re mentally ill.”

    This is an even bigger problem with women–though horrible for anybody. Julie Greene told me how having a counselor proposition her almost drove her to suicide.

    As long as the policy is #believenomentallyill there will be a gross power imbalance leaving clients/consumers/patients with no recourse when the authority figure takes advantage of them.

    Solution? Don’t see any counselor who uses the labels. Either rogue practitioners or uncertified or those who belong to the Choice Theory/Reality Therapy school or something similar.

    Even counselors who mean well often treat you as “less than” if they believe you are hopeless and not quite human. For example a counselor I talked to automatically sided against a woman whose family refused to let her see her grandchildren. He didn’t know her from Adam but said, “She probably was unstable or they (the “normals”) would not have treated her this way.” Troubling how his education made him automatically make these assumptions. That the “mentally ill” are intrinsically subhuman and the “normals” they interact with are never at fault.

    Check the NAMI site sometime. You can scan the forums without joining. A lot of complaining from parents, spouses, etc. about how horrible their “loved ones” act. How abusive the thirty year old son they force to live in the garage behaves. (If only he would take his meds.) Yet not a word of complaint from the “loved” one about how the caretakers abuse them.

    We know that caretaker abuse is a real thing. My guess is either they are too brow beaten to notice emotional abuse–and may feel they deserve physical abuse as well. Or the moderator censors the posts of more than “pill shaming” thought crimes.

    “Remember mental illness is nobody’s fault” could be translated “Remember everything bad that happens is the mentally ill person’s fault.” If you interact with most “SMI’s” who are conscientious patients with good insight you’ll notice how fearful they look. How they apologize for EVERYTHING.

    Not saying this is a conscious thing on shrinks’ part. But telling you that you are walking disease. (Your mind or soul is a cancer and you are hopelessly “ill” meaning evil.) That everything wrong in every relationship is YOUR fault as the “crazy” person is why so many of us get into abusive relationships.

    A few decide, “Hey, since everyone tells me I’m evil/crazy just like a serial killer why not act out on my anger? Not my fault after all.” So they become abusive and use the label as an excuse. Few do this but psychiatry encourages well meaning spouses to stay with abusers. “Mrs. X your husband can’t help his abuse. His scientifically proven brain disease means he can’t be held responsible for body slamming you against the wall and smashing the sculptor you worked on for ten years. Making him take his medicines will turn him into the sweet guy you dated.”

    But usually the shrinks will enable abusive “normals” with “crazy” spouses. We all know how that goes. And therapists will always side with the abuser as long as he or she is “normal.” Since only “sick” people hurt others after all.

    I almost married a man who treated me badly. When things didn’t go his way he told me how crazy I was and used my “bipolar” against me. I felt lucky any man would deign to be with me and let him treat me that way till he threatened my dad and sister.

    I quit dating forever once I realized the only kind of men I can attract are abusers thanks to my training at the mental illness centers for 20 years. I always felt ugly and awkward since my teens. Then the shrink told me I was a crazy psycho too.

    “But no” says Dr. Quackenbush. “I don’t like the words ‘crazy’ or ‘psycho’ since they undermine the validity of the branch of hard medical science which I practice.” All about HIS career. Of course.

    But he knows “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” mean dangerous/murderous/evil. They are moral judgments and if he doesn’t know that he’s the only one who hasn’t caught on.

    Maybe we should just look at behaviors themselves. “Bipolar” is basically meaningless. Breaking a nose, screaming vile names, locking someone in a room…you don’t need a shrink’s diagnosis to know these behaviors are unacceptable.

    And if your partner acts that way you don’t need a shrink to diagnose YOU because you’re depressed or anxious! Get out of dodge. Find a way to escape the abuser. You need all your mental faculties–and your anxiety to escape. Fight or flight is a normal response to emotional games or threats of physical harm.

    Calling it a disease is an insult and dismisses how horrible your situation is.

    The more “educated” in psychiatry a counselor–or just about anybody is–the worse they treat those branded “severely mentally ill.” That’s why I will never see anyone who believes in the DSM again.

    I received some helpful advice in interviews with Will Hall during withdrawal. He’s uncertified by any of the mental illness factories. That only added to his value in my opinion.

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  • “Meds” cut your life expectancy by 25-30 years.

    I felt inferior. My shrink said, “No Rachel. You don’t have an inferiority complex. According to my DSM you really are inferior.” 😀

    Actually trauma by itself could have been overcome. Psychiatry ruined my life in every way imaginable.
    No friends. Too sick and old for a family or career. Living in poverty and isolation. Too sick to leave my room some days.

    I sit alone awaiting the sweet release of death. Beyond any hope of improvement in this world.

    It’s too late and I’m too damaged for anything good. I’ll spend the rest of my days holed up alone in some relative’s spare bedroom like my “schizophrenic” great aunt who also gave up on life after Psychiatry had its way with her.

    Nowhere to get rid of her shame. She lived out her days closeted away-a desolate woman cut down in her teens.

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  • Dr. Hall, I applaud your courage in writing this article. We are hard on members of your profession here at MIA. But if you will take the time and trouble to read through some of our heart breaking stories you may understand why.

    I assume you mean well and want to help people. But here are some problems with the system you are working with. Not just the mind altering drugs used to treat distressing thoughts and feelings.

    But psychiatry attempts to use the Linnaean System to categorize human suffering and bad behaviors. It’s really like mapping constellations in the sky. No–not all “mad” behaviors are just social constructs. The stars in the sky are very real. But human beings are the ones drawing the lines between the stars to make pictures of hunters, bears, princesses, etc.

    Those of us labeled do not find them conducive to reintegration. They harm our relationships, prevent us from gainful employment, and can cause homelessness from lack of income and discrimination from landlords. (Not enough HUD for everyone categorized as SMI anymore.)

    For starters, do you have any idea how horrible it is to have your friends and family turn from you in disgust and loathing because you have been categorized as a monster by a respected professional?

    Ironically the more “pro psychiatry” a group is the worse they treat someone classified as “severely mentally ill.” It did not help that my “meds” caused seizures, ridiculous weight gain, and made me act weirder than ever due to hindering my thought processes. These helpful pro psych people insisted the weight gain was all my fault and everything else was proof that I was “noncompliant” when the exact opposite is true.

    And how is labeling someone “schizophrenic” or “bipolar” for life supposed to motivate them to change? It’s great for aiding “meds compliance” and “insight.” But neither equals improved life–either in quality or quantity.

    I no longer act bipolar. But no doctor would ever pronounce me cured because the DSM 5 states that that is impossible. They label me based on certain “symptoms” yet when these symptoms are gone they refuse to acknowledge a misdiagnosis or pronounce me cured. This happens all the time for those who escape the system.

    All my psychotic mania was caused by a reaction to Anafranil. Most doctors argue “Well it just unmasked the illness already there.” Guess what? I remasked it by going off the crap that caused it to begin with.

    Since all psychiatry offers is “controlling the symptoms” shouldn’t we try what works instead of rigid, mindless adherence to status quo that isn’t helping people?

    Even in the Victorian days psychiatrists distinguished between the harmless and the violent “lunatics.” Yet now they lump harmless, but lonely eccentrics into the same category as serial killers regardless of any history of violence or current behaviors.

    Ironically, by treating dangerous criminals as though they were sick, members of forensic psychiatry treat law abiding citizens as though they were dangerous criminals by calling them sick–and encourage our communities to do likewise.

    Don’t we deserve to be judged on the content of our character rather than because we once scored 6 out of 9 random emotional/cognitive traits on an arbitrary chart decades ago?

    Even those of us who choose to remain consumers are greatly upset at how those like Tim Murphy, Fuller Torrey and others scapegoat us for all society’s evils. Even if we continue taking our drugs our neighbors will view us as would-be-killers. How is such education of the public helpful to anyone but those seeking to further their careers in politics/psychiatry?

    When we “deteriorate” so we can no longer maintain basic levels of self care let alone hold down a job our pro psychiatry neighbors will often blame us for “non compliance.” Or–at best cluck their tongues. Saying, “It’s just the disease.”

    I did indeed go through a rough patch at 20. I could have used some real help from someone who cared. Instead I got psychiatry. 🙁

    I have indeed been properly punished for my depression and anxiety. Because mainstream psychiatric treatments are punitive rather than restorative in nature.

    Still alive. But it’s not a good life.

    I won’t blame you for what men like Torrey and Murphy have done in “educating” the public to further their careers. That would be unjust. But it is also unjust for law abiding citizens to be blamed for the crimes of every serial killer and mass shooter who happens to be diagnosed bipolar or paranoid schizophrenic regardless of the individual’s behavior.

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  • Thank you Dr. Moncrieff.

    I really enjoyed your book The Bitterest Pills.

    I felt vindicated–though privately– on learning that I wasn’t lying or delusional when I kept telling my psychiatrist that the Haldol made my psychotic symptoms worse. In addition to the seizures. He maintained that neuroleptics “never did that” and insinuated to my poor parents–also traumatized–that I was faking the “spells” I experienced at least once a day on that horrible stuff.


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  • Hear hear.

    How many are organically damaged and psychologically traumatized by shrinks? I’m struggling with TBI and ME inflicted on me by lying “mental health.” I am also grieving the life I will never have, isolation and poverty. I owe it all to the Mental Illness System.

    I don’t want an institution. Those places scare me more than death itself.
    A living Hell with doctors striving to abandon their humanity and take on the role of devils. May God have mercy on their own psyches.

    Ariel Castro’s victims had a lot of problems. But no one suggested giving Castro permanent guardianship of them!

    Why are articles at MIA arguing that our abusers have our best interests at heart and will take good care of us?

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  • It is pretty scary. The ONLY reason shrinks aren’t arguing for the humane practice of putting us to sleep–our alleged agsognosia means they can assume we want whatever they want–is that they can’t prescribe drugs to a corpse.

    The real reason shrinks are praising asylums now? They know more people with soft diagnoses will be going off their drugs or dying. Fewer will replace them. Asylum franchises can rake in way more profits than letting them live in less restrictive environments. Though the latter costs the public less.

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  • Dr. Moncrieff things are worse today–in a number of ways.

    There are a number of problems with locking up people who have committed no crimes. Few of the people locked up were violent and failure to separate them from the harmless reminds me of the prison system William Wiberforce decried.

    Not all were inhumane. But those that were seldom were held accountable.

    Recovery from bizarre mental states was acknowledged to exist. Now it is not. This is used as an excuse for endless druggings–and proof of how necessary the pharma-psychiatrist is.

    Nowadays we have the asylum without walls. This sounds better. But because they are able to “incarcerate” much greater numbers in the system and fewer are able to leave (numbers not percentages) there is a lot more suffering.

    Psychiatry causes segregation as well as disability. While HIPAA may keep them from blabbing your label to the community, they will tell your loved ones. You need a go between. Sadly you are excluded a lot. And when included they talk over you. My mental illness team–as I call them–kept telling my parents how hopeless I was.

    How I could never function normally and would be sure to be naughty and must be forced to take my “meds” regardless of how I complained. And if I didn’t recover they could be sure it was only because I was spitting them out on the sly.

    I completed a four year degree in just eight years. I’m surprised I could do it at all. When I complained how I couldn’t concentrate they would tell me: A. It’s just your illness. Not the medicine! B. Sometimes the meds do that. It stinks but it’s necessary since horrible things will happen if you don’t take it religiously.

    I took my drugs religiously for 24 years. Nobody believed I was taking them–except my family and a few others. Why? Because I deteriorated and wanted to kill myself.

    My mental illness team kept promising me bad stuff would happen if I went off my “meds.” And occasionally mentioned good things might happen if I were really, really good. Showing insight and unquestioning compliance. A whole lot of stick with just a bit of carrot. Best way to keep us dumb beasts under control. 😛

    When I told them how the “antipsychotics” caused disjointed thinking and psychotic symptoms and the “antidepressants” made me miserable and anhedonic–they told me that was proof of my illness. I was too crazy to know how they were helping me.

    Which begs the question–if these drugs make crazy people sane why do these now sane people go off of them? Shouldn’t having these miraculous sanity inducers prevent noncompliance? Going nuts is no fun I can tell you. My true insanity was all drug induced. And the gaslighting my mental illness team dished out did not help.

    It should be called the Mental Illness System. They don’t want you to recover. If you’re sane going in it won’t last long.

    My parents–unlike many–stuck with me through my unlovable craziness. Despite the mental illness team’s efforts to cut me off from family and friends. I have had a couple good “normal” friends who stuck with me too. Thank God for their unconditional love. 🙂

    They believed when I said I took my “meds” and were as upset as I was when I got worse “despite” Psych Magic. The whole thing was very frustrating for all of us.

    I’m sorry for the suffering I caused them now. I never wanted to be a drug addict.

    Very angry at being lied to and about! Struggling to forgive those who damaged me and really altered my life. (Some might say ruined but I refuse to think that way.)

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  • “Delusions” are what William Glasser referred to as “creative symptoming.”

    They’re acts of creativity. Which is why art therapy can sometimes be helpful.

    Find other ways to express creativity and you won’t need “hallucinations” and “delusions” anymore.

    Or help someone figure out how the “delusion” is helping him or her. Szasz referred to erroneous, odd beliefs–Bertrand Russell’s man who thinks he’s a poached egg and wants toast to sit on–as lies people believe.

    The truth is far more complicated than psychiatry would have us believe. And far more interesting. 🙂

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  • I met a man my dad was trying to help when I was fourteen. He had ambition based delusions.

    “Willie” would go through periods of believing he was the Chosen One called to save the world be becoming President in 1988. Alternating with periods of intense despair and suicidal depression.

    We thought the drugs helped him because he became subdued and less annoying after every hospitalization for a month or two. But he still got depressed since he was lonely and his life stunk.

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  • The problem with commenting on this is where to start?

    “Evidence based medicine.” How about any proof that the drugs work at all?

    By “work” I mean helping at thinking clearly, living independently, getting along with others, not dying prematurely or going through cognitive decline or suddenly becoming morbidly obese. No one in the mental illness system leads a high quality or longer life that I can tell.

    Yet numerous doctors claim that there’s no disputing what they see every day. THE MEDICATIONS WORK!!!

    How do they know this? Don’t they see the damage these drugs do to people long term? They must know these are slowly killing people.

    I have had NP’s who honestly seem to care diagnose me with mysterious ailments. Pernicious anemia, severe vitamin deficiencies, microscopic colitis, heart arrythmia, fatty liver, uncontrollable recurring yeast infections. But when I ask what’s behind them they grow silent and look weird. Yeah…they know.

    Funny how no doctor gets freaked out because I’m losing weight and my heart is normal again. These should be perceived as sure signs of “non compliance.” So there must be some ignorance involved too.

    Mom blabbed to her FNP that her daughter didn’t believe in “antidepressants” and had gone off of them. The nurse expressed horror and assured Mom that I would be sure to have a manic episode. With a straight face.

    Lucky for me Mom laughed at her. She’s been living with me and notices my moods are stable without drugs. 🙂

    And I thought SSRI’s were supposed to fix depression. Not mania. Neuroleptics are supposed to do that. Doctors need to work more closely with the Big Pharma propagandists to fill up the plot holes in their epic fantasy known as Mental Health.

    Yes. We should leave our echo chamber. But my stomach is already upset. Thanks to decades on SSRI’s that “work” at messing up my digestion.

    It’s pointless to argue with people that are living in a fairy tale. The medical student with “mental issues” may wonder why her magical meds aren’t working when she turns thirty-five and can no longer hold down a job because of cognitive decline and failing bodily systems. And everyone tells her how great her quality of life is–evidence to the contrary.

    Funny how extremely hostile “grateful consumers” can get at having the truth pointed out. I felt relief. Then anger at the people who had gaslighted and slandered me for twenty-five years. Not people who told me the (unpleasant) truth. I never was proud or happy of being “mentally ill” though. Some wear it like a badge of honor for reasons I can’t fathom.

    They’re invested in the System and make lots of money off it. So of course they want to preserve the status quo.

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  • Now they have the HUD ghetto and homeless centers and the streets.

    I believe there is a link between psychiatry and homelessness. Long term use of mind altering, addictive drugs can really destroy your ability to hold down a job.

    And I have known a number of ideal “consumers” who wandered the streets due to shortage of HUD housing. Driving people crazy with SSRI’s and benzos who were only mildly depressed before getting “helped” and making short term problems life long drove up the numbers.

    I also met people who wanted homes and perhaps needed them because their brains and CNS were too messed up for independent living. 🙁

    Lobotomies are about keeping people childish and docile. Not independent! This includes the chemical kind.

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  • Yes. The very act of aggressively pursuing large numbers of POC to force treatments upon could be viewed as racist. Check Breggin’s YouTube videos on The Violence Initiative.

    Psychiatry already displays its inherent bias against the disabled in the way it targets them. Especially those who already have cognitive problems.

    The Mental Center I once attended “served” people with Down Syndrome, Spina Biffada, and TBI. How? With lessons on life skills and lots of drugs to render them almost impossible to learn.

    Google Karl Binding. A head honcho in German psychiatry who gave Hitler a lot of his ideas. He wrote propaganda such as Lebensunwertes Leben.

    Psychiatry is inextricably bound to social darwinism and eugenics. Racism must be covert but they still justify mutilating, imprisoning and imposing often fatal treatments on the disabled who–according to their judgment–do not have lives worth living.

    The only real reason shrinks don’t advocate for euthenasia now (I suspect) is keeping people alive to drug indefinitely is how they make money. Fuller Torrey probably knows that the jig is up. So like others he has determined to cash in on opening a chain of asylums since it’s growing impossible to claim that these wonder drugs they push help with quality of life or independence.

    If the APA starts promoting euthanasia at the same time a mysterious new soap or protein supplement shows up on the market we’ll know why.

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  • BTW, people die of metabolic disorders and other problems in mental wards all the time. A faulty assumption that she would be alive if she had gone to one instead of an honestly named jail.

    Julie hated and feared psych wards and every profession linked to “mental health” after almost dying on a ward because they restricted her to one liter of water a day. The argument being dangers of water intoxication.

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  • Yep. It doesn’t help that the psych treatments cause so many additional health problems either.

    Even militant psychiatry apologist “Natasha Tracie” at Bipolar Burble has complained of how doctors dismiss her real health problems after learning of her “bipolar” label.

    My guess is most doctors simply don’t care if those psychiatry has written off as “defective” die. Our culture has less mercy on the disabled (especially mentally) than convicted felons considered sane.

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  • “I am not sure what would make a journalist NOT want to expose the human rights issues.”

    Employment. Whether a reporter for a magazine or website or a TV newscaster they work for whoever sponsors the publication or show.

    (I bet Bob Whitaker could share some tales of lost job opportunities despite the success of Mad in America and Anatomy of an Epidemic. Glad he won the Man Booker Award.)

    Banning Big Pharma ads would help immensely. Most news is all a bunch of commercialized propaganda. Used to sell drugs and psych ideology. No concern for truth at all!

    I’m trying to contact private YouTube journalists who are open minded enough to look up out of The Box. They don’t get funded by Big Pharma companies either because of how small they are despite their big followings.

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  • Funny how no one talks about “sadness shaming.” Why do we need to go around grinning like the Cheshire Cat all the time for crying out loud?

    And the “depression is a disease” is no help. It’s just a ploy to obligate you to take the “meds” and pretend they make you happy even when they make smiling nonstop more difficult than ever and you feel too numb to enjoy anything. And the original problem making you depressed is as bad or worse than ever.

    People will quit yelling at you for being unhappy if you tell them you’re taking psychiatric drugs. That’s the only benefit I experienced long term.

    One of the early Simpsons episodes showed Lisa going through the blues. In the end she pulls out of her funk when her mother, Marge, tells her the family will be there for her no matter how she feels and she doesn’t have to fake a smile anymore. Lisa smiles and tells her mom that this time it’s real.

    Maybe once we quit treating the blues like leprosy fewer people will be depressed?

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  • Funny how these very shrinks who condemn Donald Trump and want to “diagnose” him are more than happy to curry favor and kiss up to him when it serves their purposes. Such as siphoning more tax dollars to open new AOT programs to indirectly sell more drugs and psycho surgeries or open a franchise of lunatic asylums.

    Dr. Drew, Dr. Torrey, etc. What a bunch of back-stabbing phonies! As all of us who have had dealings with this profession know.

    Biederman went on the air saying it was an insult to “bipolars” to call Donald Trump one. Before you applaud him too hard remember he called Trump worse than Hitler too.

    So definitely not a complement to anyone he labels. More like a back handed insult. I guess Biederman gave up hope of cashing in on the mass shootings like others have done.

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  • Amen!

    The “medicine” drives sane people nuts and ensures people going through a rough patch never come out of it.

    It makes me so angry how they lie to well meaning family and neighbors to cripple people and turn functional people into hopeless lunatics/village idiots. That’s what psychiatric “treatments” do after all.

    I remember Mom and Dad crying and getting upset at how my “treatments” weren’t helping me as I took them religiously. They had no positive effects except when I took 10 mg of Haldol and could no longer voice my misery though I seized every day.

    When I say the treatments don’t “work” I mean as the shrinks promised. Helping us to lead meaningful, productive lives and get along with others.

    They don’t work for any of the above. Nor do they prevent crime nor suicide.

    The only way psychiatric treatments successfully work is at making shrinks and pharmaceutical makers filthy rich and providing the former a professional status no legitimate doctors enjoy–along with unquestioned legal powers.

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  • So Dr. Hickling is worried. HE knows what’s best for those “psychotic” Jamaicans who don’t know any better and are afraid to come to people like him for help because they associate his institution with the master/slave relationship.

    How is Dr. Hickling any different? There’s the real question.

    “Those ignorant, potentially dangerous, mentally incompetent defectives need a White Knight to take care of them.” That sums up all Western “mental health” in a nutshell.

    The symbols for psychiatry since the Industrial era have been whips and chains. Traditional treatments of all written off as hopelessly mad. A casual perusal of Victorian Gothic literature will furnish plenty of references.

    Then shrinks realized scars from lashings and and chain cuffs made their profession look brutal. So they figured out new ways to torture and harm without leaving any visible marks.

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  • The “deep pit”? Do you mean being found out eventually?

    Their big mistake was targeting too many people. If they had been content with just a modest number of “lunatics” in their asylums without walls they would have gotten away with it indefinitely.

    But by drugging over 20% of the population for decades, it’s impossible to ignore the long term results of the pills they hand out like office mints. Ruining the lives of 2-5% of the populace wasn’t good enough for them.

    Now the cat is clawing it’s way out of the bag.

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  • This kind of thing happens a lot in idealistic organizations as well as businesses.

    And there’s always the concern. “If I air our dirty laundry it will make our group and all we stand for look bad.”

    Sadly the truth will come out sooner or later. And the longer you pile up the dirty laundry and let it mildew the bigger the mess will be.

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  • How is labeling moody teenagers “Bipolar” going to help them become emotionally stable adults?

    How is labeling a woman who has made poor relationship choices “Borderline Personality Disorder” supposed to help her make better decisions in the future?

    Don’t psychiatrists realize people can change, grow and improve?

    Unless you get “helped” by them so your brain quits forming normal synapses and everyone in your community shuns you thanks to the self-fulfilling prophecies these psychics/pseudo-scientists make all the time.

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  • Instead of “mad” or “crazy” Bruce might say “outside the mainstream” or “unusually passionate.” Or “very zealous.”

    Kind of like Szasz’s explanation of the link between “genius” and “madness.” Both are unusual and extreme ways of thinking and behavior.

    St. Francis of Assisi was different. So is your eccentric aunt who plays the mandolin for a living. So was Ted Bundy. So was John Dewey, Albert Einstein, Robert Fulton, Mother Theresa, Henry David Thoreau, Jeffrey Dahmer, Joan of Arc, Emily Dickinson, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, a bunch of serial killers I don’t like reading about, you get the picture…

    Different is not a disease.

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  • Funny how so many psychiatrists have it in for their own family members.

    It’s like they hate a certain parent or sibling so much that simply having that person “put away” to rot and die prematurely isn’t good enough. They have to hunt down others with similar characteristics to “help.”

    Denial of their hatred and harm done to the “loved one” mixed with a subconscious desire for revenge perhaps. Eccentric family members can be embarrassing.

    Of course some socially awkward people strive to look “normal” to please others and it results in break downs–which only make them weirder than ever. Bringing MORE embarrassment to the image conscious family. Hopeless cycle. And the designated freak bears the brunt of it.

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  • My heart goes out to you, Robert Nikkel.

    You mean well and want to help people. But you are working with a morally and cognitively bankrupt system–corrupt at its core. (Not all individuals within it are that way. Including psychiatrists. The system itself is based on a lie.)

    Knowing what you know must make it that much more frustrating. Corinna West has expressed similar frustrations trying to work with groups like NAMI.

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  • Ms. Davis is innocent and means well.

    This piece reads like it belongs in another publication. But this is not meant to be an anti-psychiatry site after all.

    I wouldn’t call this piece “critical” either. But helping people in poverty is a good thing. I agree with that.

    I just don’t like how psychiatry does it. Way worse than ineffective. And kindly people (psychologists, therapists, peer support workers, case managers) who team up with psychiatrists burn out quickly if they are trying to make a difference.

    It’s like trying to bale out a leaky boat while the quacks keep drilling more holes in the bottom. The epitome of futility.

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  • I have nothing against Ms. Davis personally.

    Most of us here only want one thing from “mental health.” To be left alone!

    Their “services” lower self image, teach helplessness, prevent gainful employment and isolate from the community. Their treatments cause physical and mental disabilities.

    It makes sense that the Mental Illness System is targeting POC. (Watch Breggin’s videos on the Violence Initiative.) Many minority communities are distrustful of Mental Centers.

    An African American friend of mine commented on how many white women she works with pop psych pills all the time, talking about their “bipolar” and “chronic depression.” It looks like so many have these labels they can actually find work now–as long as their CNS and brains hold out.

    “Mental health” creates poverty. Lots of us grew up middle or upper middle class and are forced to subsist on $775 a month thanks to psychiatry’s “help.”

    Almost three years off my drugs and finally found a job. For the first time as an adult. (I went on psych drugs at 18. “Therapeutic” amounts at 20 after getting labeled.)

    Can’t wait to go off my “benefits.” I HATED going on them. Never wanted to be a bum.

    Psychiatry forced me to. They lied to me–saying my only hope for gainful employment was unquestioning obedience/”med” compliance. Basically shrinks forced me to violate my conscience by tricking me into going on mind altering drugs (against my principles) and mooch off the public.

    I kept asking, “Hey, if these treatments ‘work’ how come we can’t get jobs and act like freaking grown ups?” These questions would throw the idiots leading day treatment sessions into fits of rage. (Not all case workers acted that way. The idiots were those who threw tantrums at my innocent questions.)

    But “work” doesn’t mean independence, health, or productivity to shrinks. It’s all about docility and childish dependence.

    The welfare workers make you feel like a piece of trash at those bureaucratic offices. Far more dehumanizing and humiliating than hand outs from locally run charities.

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  • A loose summary of Kendler’s article.

    People are beginning to wise up and we don’t have any scientific proof yet. (And whatever we may dig up may not exonerate us.)

    We can’t be held responsible for our behaviors over the years due to how excited we were—at earning $800 an hour instead of a measly $200 and gaining the status of honest-to-gosh real doctors.

    So hurry up. We need a coherent narrative. It doesn’t help that all our stories published on various sites and online magazines (which the public can access) contradict each other. Doesn’t look like Real Science at all!

    Let’s synchronize our lies.

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  • Been called worse things than “deluded” by shrinks after the SSRI I took exactly as prescribed kept me awake for 21 days straight and sent me into a full blown psychotic mania. Can’t have pill shaming. Better gaslight the patient instead.

    I started out with depression and anxiety. Wound up labeled Bipolar 2 and on a cocktail. Off the cocktail and finally stabilized after 20 years though my body is a wreck. Lost a huge chunk of my life and forced to start over with broken health, no work history, no savings and no friends at 46. Will never have a family and live in fear someone will discover my dirty secret (of being harmed) and believe my abusers. Not me.

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  • My question is what if (hypothetically) psychiatrists were to discover a physical cause for the emotional/cognitive problems associated with “bipolar” or “schizophrenia”? What are the odds that their hit and miss (miss and miss?) treatment with mind altering drugs would be a good thing? Isn’t it more than likely that it would be proven they were doing something to exacerbate the real problem? In addition to creating a slew of new ones. (Like Diabetes 2. I was one of only 3 out of the 15 members of my day treatment group without diabetes. One of a minority with all my chompers too. We were all morbidly obese except for one member I knew was “non-compliant” but refused to snitch on.)

    The way psychiatrists go about their model is like a surgeon assuming there is something wrong because your stomach hurts. With no scans or other tests, he does intensive surgery removing random bits of your digestive system–a bit of a colon here, your small intestine there, a fourth of your stomach, and maybe sever some muscles in the lower part of your esophagus just to be sure…what are the odds of this actually helping the patient?

    I’m very angry at being lied to. They kept telling me they were fixing a complaint SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO RESIDE IN MY BRAIN.

    I did not fare well on the drugs either.

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  • Being told you are hopelessly sane is far from comforting!
    It made me frightened–and then despondent.
    Now I’m angry at the hoax pulled on me.

    I’d chalk it up to cluelessness on psychiatrists’ part but they are good at figuring people out in order to manipulate them into doing what will benefit their careers. Survivors as well as the non-consuming masses.

    Kind of like my ex. He was a little awkward so I thought maybe he didn’t mean to insult me. Then he started emotionally abusing me.

    Can’t blame it all on ignorance.

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  • My guess is psycho-social explanations for weird behaviors associated with “mental illness” lead to less discrimination because they humanize the other.

    From what one sees on the media the “mentally ill” have no feelings or motivations. Aside from the “mental illness” itself.

    A headline I read after the mass shooting in Los Vegas. “We Discovered the Motivation for the Mass Shooter: He was Mentally Ill.” 😛

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  • I still can’t work very easily. Trying for a full time job in customer service because sharing a single wide with my mother is more stressful/depressing than trying to work forty hour weeks. If I do little but sleep and eat and work I can make it work. Maybe.

    Even though I’m still pretty sickly after 30 months off the drugs (the chronic illness started at least six years ago while I was fully compliant though I hurt more now) I’m glad I went off. I did stuff on the drugs I wasn’t proud of. I feel ashamed and apologetic but angry too. They kept telling me the “meds” made me a better more moral person and without them I’d turn into an evil monster. Involuntary intoxication. Some believed the nonsense they told me. But many of the doctors did not. I have no respect for those professionals.

    I strongly regret seeing a shrink. I wanted to do the right thing. By taking my “meds” religiously for 22 years I thought I wouldn’t burden my family or friends. It was supposed to be the mature and responsible thing to do.

    Instead I’m forced to rely on my aging parents at 46 since I can’t hold down a job now. Never have known gainful employment as an adult though I worked full time at 17 before I left for college a year early.

    My life was ruined at 20 when I took Anafranil for intrusive thoughts and couldn’t sleep for three weeks. I keep having flashbacks and ruminating. The years 1993-2017 are just an ugly blur. I don’t know who I am anymore or what I’ve done. The only good thing is I was too numb to appreciate the horrors of what I was put through because I trusted a member of a respected medical profession. I still relive the horror of having my nearest and dearest turn on me because my psychiatrist told them I was hopelessly crazy. And I acted crazy because the drugs messed up my thoughts and I believed he was right. I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to kill myself and make the world a better place so my family could be free and remember who I was before I turned into a psycho freak. 🙁

    I would have done better getting help from Walter White instead. His “medicine” is just as safe and effective and he never labels his clients. And their teeth stay in better shape too. Lol. (But seriously if you ever visit a mental center look at how many people are toothless in their early thirties. Shrinks love to blame this on how lazy they are, along with morbid obesity and poor hygiene–dehumanizing “consumers” makes the Experts look good.)

    Dr. M tricked me into taking a bunch of mind altering drugs by calling them medicine like insulin. And he scared me by driving me insane with Anafranil first and attributing the hallucinations to my broken brain. Though I never had such visions before or since. Gaslighting is a shrink’s best friend. Almost as good as stigma.

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  • I won’t deny the role the drugs play. But the “diagnosis” itself can be alienating.

    What do all shooters have in common? Isolated loners.

    How do the shrinks plan on preventing people from becoming shooters?

    1. Drug away their impulse control and empathy.
    2. Label these people in order to alienate their family and any friends they may have.

    Shut off empathy and isolate them. Couldn’t do a better job creating mass shooters if they were making a conscious effort.

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  • People talk about “pill shaming” which is actually shaming those who take or prescribe psych drugs. (I try to avoid the former since it’s victim blaming.)

    What they don’t acknowledge is reality shaming. How they heap scorn on the heads of those who honestly say, “My life is not better. My pills do not help me think clearly or get along with others. Taking them has not made me a kinder more responsible person. After going on them I can no longer function independently.” Even though it’s the truth.

    I often hated myself because “In spite of” all these wonderfully “safe and effective treatments” I was not getting better. Must be my fault right? That–plus the numbness–led to my obsession with suicide.

    It was a relief when I read William Glasser’s Warning: Psychiatry can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health. Up till then I felt guilty that my drugs weren’t “working.”

    By working I meant as promised to me. Greater independence and better relationships and employment. Not passivity and childish dependence which is what they’re really meant for.

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  • Joanna we do not have the right to refuse ECT in America.

    Yes, Steve, it’s weird how TV shapes our perception of reality so believe what we see on the tube more than what we see in the real world around us. I saw a crime show last year where a “schizophrenic” was accused of murdering his therapist. He was not the murderer (for a change) but could only speak “word salad” when asked who he had seen murder her.

    He agreed to be injected with “medicine.” Within five seconds he sat up and began to speak coherently. I sat and thought “I have never experienced enhanced clarity or cognitive ability. Nor have I witnessed it in anyone else.”

    It’s scary how gullible we have become. They put anything on TV and people believe it. Even if they know it’s fiction.

    Mom has seen me recover without “meds.” She knows my allegedly “schizophrenic” great aunt did fairly well without any “meds.” I blame her reclusive life on ECT and the trauma and shame of being locked up and labeled.

    Yet Mom firmly believes these “meds” are helpful. She feels low spirited or blah and goes to the doctor complaining of unhappiness. (A bad idea. Never complain of emotional pain to any GP you have to see. Unless it’s physical pain from a real disease your doctor is not equipped to deal with it anyhow.)

    Mom is sickly and worn out from over a decade on multiple SSRI drugs. She is at loose ends because it’s hard facing retirement and she has nothing to do. She just sits in a chair watching TV. She complains of boredom and unhappiness and gets more “medicine” instead of asking “What can I change to feel better?”

    But the TV tells her drugs are all she needs to feel happy again. I expressed concern telling her she may have early Alzheimers or other dementia. Mom agreed. She expressed concern before we moved.

    I told her there were steps she could take to reverse it at this stage. Physical exercise–she’s too drugged and apathetic to do much. Learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument. Read books. (She never reads now.) She shrugged and said, “They have medicine to fix Alzheimers now. I saw it on a commercial,” sighed and went back to staring at the tube.

    BTW, I notice how people who work in “mental health” pushed TV on us almost as much as “medicine.”

    I hope I can get my own place soon. It’s depressing watching Mom make self destructive choices and be powerless to stop.

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  • Edward Bernays. Nephew of Sigmund Freud. First generation American.

    It’s mostly because of his slick techniques promoting cigarettes as slimming and soothing to the throat, that smoking became popular among women in the thirties. He also spread the notion that drinking out of anything but disposable Dixie cups was unsanitary.

    Joseph Goebbels studied Bernays’s techniques and used them to help Hitler rise to power. This cannot be blamed on Bernays. But what he promoted wasn’t benign either.

    And consciously manipulating people–often with lies–is wrong. Even if you try to use it for good. Like the Ring of Power Tolkien wrote about.

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  • Sounds like a (thinly) veiled threat.

    People like us–who recover after leaving–embarrass psychiatrists. We’re a much bigger threat to their institution than the Scientologists. 🙂

    Most of these guys aren’t sadists. By and large shrinks are tickled pink with a modest degree of recovery. Too modest for most people’s taste.

    Then they can parade you around at various groups and conventions as a success story. As long as you give all the glory and honor to them and praise their treatments.

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  • In the story of David and Goliath, the young lad turns down King Saul’s offer of full body armor before taking on this seasoned warrior who’s at least 9’6″ while David was probably under five feet. (Typical height back then.)

    David knew he was already facing impossible odds so he went out with only the rocks and the sling he used for killing wolves and bears while looking after the sheep on his own.

    We can’t beat them with massive campaigns or television/magazine ads or support from the cowardly or corrupt AMA. Our only hope is the unconventional.

    As Gandalf said to Borimir in The Lord of the Rings, “Our only hope lies in foolishness.”

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  • The book actually received a negative review from the NYT in 1991. Pretty ironic.

    The reviewer complains that the last third of the book veers off into a diatribe against diseases that Shorter claims are purely imaginary. Such as allegies, temporomandibular joint disease, yeast infections…I kid you not.

    Shorter reluctantly admits the first two exist but maintains they are most cases are cooked up by coffee sipping housewives with too much time on their hands. Serves ’em right for not vacuuming enough.

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  • I meant never to see a shrink. But maybe using the word “doctor” through you off. 😀

    Our only course of action is the one taken for dealing with corrupt judges. Make the public hate them. Troll psychiatric sites and you’ll find this is the stuff that composes their worst nightmares.

    I’m starting a satire site dedicated to revealing the ugly side of psychiatry. It will be labeled satire, but will contain links to real psychiatric articles I will draw on for inspiration.

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  • Be sure to mention Shorter’s book A History of the Bodies of Women and his lecture to a group of people suffering from ME where he told them it was only hypochondria and compared them to swooning Victorian ingenues. Sounds like someone is still living in the 19th century and it isn’t the patients!

    Edward Shorter denies that ME and most other autoimmune diseases exist. He claims these are all fashionable maladies dreamed up by hysterical females whilst they sip tea during afternoon calls.

    And then pull out the smelling salts. Before collapsing on the fainting couch. 😀

    Maybe he thinks blood letting and cauterization are underrated modalities of treatment that should be brought back. Lol.

    At least Shorter has moved beyond the Four Humors.

    By the way, don’t quote me. I’m indulging a satirical impulse. But mocking this guy is not hard to do.

    Google “An Open Letter to Dr. Koroshetz occupy me” for details.

    He denies ME because “it lacks scientific evidence” but promotes the concept of “mental illness” despite the lack of biomarkers not created by psychiatrists themselves.

    My guess is Shorter loves to hand out Zoloft or Xanax as quickly as possible instead of searching for actual maladies.

    And his attitude shows how inconsistent the concept of “mental illness” is. If it’s a real brain disease why don’t they treat it as such? Even Shorter views it as different from a physical disease. And yet they tout the notion that it’s a physical illness in the brain just like any other. The way they treat people they claim “suffer” from the alleged brain disease aren’t treated like real patients at all. Last time I checked the brain was a physical organ. Not a mental one.

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  • Just kidding. Sort of.
    Someone needs to write an article or two about stuff this guy has written and said in the past.

    A friend of mine–an older woman named June–had severe stomach pains a while back. So bad she couldn’t eat. Her energy went down and she couldn’t get out of bed–for obvious reasons.

    Her family doctor told her she didn’t have stomach issues. (I don’t know what tests he ran. I assume at least one or two.) He said she had a chemical imbalance in her brain making her think her stomach was bad when it was fine. He urged her to take SSRIs to fix the alleged disorder.

    June asked if she was crazy. He told her emphatically she was not but mentally ill instead. Which is really only the polite, medical-sounding term for crazy.

    June is still alive. I guess the placebo effect gave her the gumption to ignore the pain and eat anyhow. Her digestion is still very bad. And tinkering with serotonin levels is bad for the GI even if your gut is sound to begin with.

    “But I know Dr. X. He’s a good, kind man and would never lie to me.”

    I don’t know about that. But he probably is ignorant about psychiatry like most real doctors are now. A lot actually believe in the chemical imbalance.

    A doctor I saw a while back said I was ridiculous to want my Bipolar 2 diagnosis reevaluated. He gave me the old “But you wouldn’t have had a psychotic episode if you weren’t mentally ill to begin with” crap. Told me I needed all of my cocktail or vague horrible things would happen to me. Unbeknownst to him I had tapered off everything but my Effexor and should have been full blown manic. Nope. 😀

    He also claimed that nobody discriminated against others for having a diagnosis of bipolar or schizophrenia. He urged me to lose as much weight as possible. Told a woman in her mid-forties who had been at least slightly overweight all her life to lose 230 pounds in as little time as possible. He said I needed to weigh 120 pounds with no regard for bone structure.

    When I lost “only” ten pounds in two months he urged me to take metformin–claiming it would suppress my appetite. Told me to go on a carb free diet with lots of protein and animal fat and nothing but vegetables and fruit. Didn’t know fruits have carbohydrates it seems.

    I found this character’s medical know-how pretty underwhelming to put it mildly. It’s because of doctors like him that psychiatry continues to flourish I guess. None of them bother reading articles in journals to keep abreast with things, but trust the experts and prescribe whatever that cute pharma rep recommends.

    Like metformin! 😛

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  • Shorter ticked off a lot of people by speaking at a convention for those suffering from ME or myalgic encephalomyalitis at the National Institute of Health in the University of Toronto.

    He ridiculed people suffering from chronic illness, comparing them to Victorian women luxuriating on beds of pillows simply to be fashionable. Real piece of work.

    Yet Shorter supports psychiatry despite lack of evidence that those brain diseases called “mental” actually exist or that the pills he promotes save lives. His mockery of ME sufferers probably comes from the link between autoimmune conditions and psychiatric treatments.

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  • Most people arguing that “mental illness” kills are actually talking about suicide.

    Guess what? People in “treatment” kill themselves all the time.

    But if they commit suicide off the drugs everyone blames their non-compliance. If they commit suicide on the drugs everyone ignores the fact. Or hems and haws claiming it’s “in spite of the finest medical care.”

    I don’t despise Rick Warren the way Pacific Dawn does. But his line of reasoning is severely flawed. He and others need to have their faulty logic pointed out to them.

    (Rick probably embraces the idea of depression as brain disease so he doesn’t have to worry about his son being in Hell for the sin of suicide. I can’t blame him there. He probably also feels guilty because his highly public ministry caused a lot of stress on Matt who was an introvert in a church that teaches “Jesus was an extrovert.” See Quiet by Susan Cain where she describes a visit to the Saddleback megachurch.)

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  • Please read Shorter’s masterpiece about gynecology. He barely admitted allergies exist and goes off into a diatribe against female hypochondriacs toward the end.

    My guess is he hopes this book of his will be forgotten. Several critics have accused him of misogynistic views. Many conscientious physicians are embarrassed by it.

    Someone needs to drag up this forgotten masterpiece of his and ask why Shorter believes in random brain damage to cure unproven brain disorders but not allergies or yeast infections.

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  • Shorter started out as a gynecologist it seems and got in trouble for claiming his female patients didn’t suffer from allergies, yeast infections, or other real physical diseases. He reluctantly admitted that allergies exist but hysterical women folk seldom suffered from them and probably took to handing out “antidepressants” to everyone who came in.

    You know how them women folk be. Wink wink. 😛 His career change speaks for itself.

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  • Google the New York Times review of Edward Shorter’s book. 1991. It makes him look like a raving misogynist.

    He claims that women are hysterical hypochondriacs who imagine yeast infections, temporomandibular joint syndrome, allergies, and all other chronic illnesses. Wow, this work has not aged well.

    No wonder he loves psych drugs so much. Great way to dismiss the medical needs of women who come to him for help.

    Lucky for stuff shirts who hide behind stethoscopes and only get read by other academic stuff shirts this bovine excrement goes unnoticed. They get the glory of having a book published–proving professional expertise–but no popular audience reads it or holds them accountable for their views. Much stupidity that street smart folks would get but the Mutual Admiration Academia let slide. Because of intellectual “inbreeding.”

    Medicine and other sciences should be studied more by the common people. We can no longer assume doctors have our best interests at heart.

    Never see a doctor unless you know you can sue him for malpractice. They are that corrupt. We owe lawyers an apology.

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  • Is anyone on Twitter?

    It’s a little late, but maybe we could give Eddie a good trolling.

    His fellow physicians are embarrassed by some of what he’s written. Dig up some of his worst experiments. Post a link to those along with a quote from his article trashing Bonnie.

    Point out how he probably had it in for her as a successful female academic who wrote better books than himself.

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  • “A priori assumption of materialism bio-psychiatry is built upon.”
    Basically a denial of free will. You can also see this in the unethical experiments performed by behaviorists like B.F. Skinner.

    Behaviorism is psychology I realize. So no, it’s not just psychiatry at fault.

    (Interesting side note. One of the characters in The Simpsons–Principal Seymour Skinner–was named after the founder of behaviorism.)

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  • I do not relish the idea of shrinks using “shrooms” on consumers. Though I doubt they will till Pfizer or Lilly puts them in pill form. This is needed to preserve the image of the shrinks as the real-honest-to-gosh-doctors they crave to be seen as.

    Getting people to use hallucinagens through trickery or force would be a great way to manufacture more “schizophrenics.” AKA cash cows to milk. Or rather bleed till they expire.

    “Yeah but if you weren’t ‘schizophrenic’ to begin with that LSD would never have had that effect on you.” Thus spake Dr. Quackenbush. This gives him the legal authority to force you to injest “therapeutic” or massive quantities of more LSD’s and probably “anti-depressant$,” neuroleptic$, “mood $tabilizer$,” and maybe $edative$ and other crap at hi$ di$cretion.

    I do not share the author’s enthusiasm for yet another mind altering drug. Especially since “mental health” will likely foist it on the public as “life saving medicine,” “like penicillin,” “just like insulin for diabetes.” And other nonsense we already have been spoon fed by commercials/NAMI/psychiatrists. They all sound alike because they’re reading the same script.

    Please don’t take my criticisms personally Shariq. I’m sure you are honest and sincere in your desire to help distressed people.

    It’s others I take issue with. I don’t like liars. Or bullies.

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  • Oldhead, Sanders is definitely the least of the choice of evils though.

    I would advise homeless people to do whatever it takes to leave California. There are fewer homeless people in cities where I live–which means more community resources for those we do have. More HUD housing–and cheaper regular housing. More available jobs.

    And no laws–like the one recently passed in California rendering it impossible for gig workers to make a living in most cases. You can earn a living as a freelancer where I live and rent an apartment for $500 a month.

    Come to Indiana where the cost of living is only about 40% of what it is out West. Where even I could find a job. Where you actually have a chance to bootstrap your way out of financial dependence on the “mental illness” system!

    BTW, I agree that the only disabilities the “mentally ill” suffer from are those inflicted on them by the “doctors.”

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  • Puts the lie to psychiatry’s promise to cure us of all our moral failings. I bought into the bill of goods years ago. They did not make me more moral–in fact my family complained of my increased selfishness.

    Psychiatrists claim their magical/scientific pills will end mass shootings, adultery, murder, theft, drunkenness, violence. How will they do this? By causing the frontal cortex and amygdala to wither away. The parts of our brains responsible for impulse control, empathy, and responsible adult behaviors.

    This makes no sense at all. But–to my knowledge–no one ever asks shrinks why destroying the frontal lobes and amygdala cause improved morality.

    Overriding natural brain functions does not improve cognitive function, nor does it stimulate the conscience. Mind altering drugs have been known to do the exact opposite in fact. Shrinks get around this by claiming these are not regular drugs but life-saving medications that only protect and heal and are safer than aspirin.

    And if you get crazy they will blame a brain disease they can’t prove but assume must exist because #pillshaming. Or claim–as they always did for me–that you are cheeking the pills on the sly or faking the seizures and other real problems Ye Precious Pills caused.

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  • Ugh!
    One of my best friends is deteriorating mentally, but is not getting locked up like your friend, Bradford.

    She is afraid to leave the system after 30+ years. And is worse for the wear–even for a woman of 60. I’m worried she has early stage dementia.

    She has big shelf-loads of books that she no longer reads. A “good cocktail” will do that to you if you give it time.

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  • Health Ranger.
    The MI system is cancer–eating America alive.

    Poetic justice. People are happy to see the “mentally ill” tormented and isolated as they die prematurely. They refused to even look at the pills causing our torments.

    Now, due to denial that they were promoting the poisoning of their “MI” neighbors they’ve been deceied themselves into taking SSRI’s. Hey, it shut Johnny up. So it must be good for your brain, right?

    You were happy when they came for your annoying neighbor.
    You laughed as you saw him cry out in torment.
    You called for them to lock him away.
    Now they have come to destroy your brain.
    And no one is left to help you.
    Have fun, Normals.

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  • I’ll play devil’s advocate.
    Do drugs called “antidepressants” ever make people feel good? Yes they do.

    I enjoyed two SSRIs when I first went on them.

    I took Anafranil back in 1993 because of intrusive thoughts brought on by anxiety. It felt good at first–but like a horror movie it soon turned scary. The buzz turned into full blown hallucinations and I didn’t sleep the whole 3 weeks I took it.

    After getting put on massive amounts of neuroleptics and kicked out of college because of seizures and other stuff, I became suicidal in 1994. They put me on Zoloft. It too gave me a buzz–but mild enough I could control it.

    I didn’t need a buzz, but friendships and a purpose in life.

    So, if someone says, “These antidepressants make me feel great. They ended my depression,” I agree with them. They are probably right.

    Any “upper” from a street dealer could have similar benefits though.

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  • I predict Gaga’s career will take a nosedive in a couple years. Maybe sooner. Her weight will go up markedly. Everything she experiences health wise or cognitively will be chalked up to her “illness” and used to prescribe more pills.

    Eventually–like Carrie Fisher and Patty Duke–her principle gigs will come from entertaining shrinks and Big Pharma people at psychiatric conferences and “educating” the public on various PSA commercials, etc. Her only real identity will be the “Good Consumer” who talks about her disease all the time and has no real life apart from psychiatry.

    I wonder how Mariah Carey’s career is going. She’s better off than Brittany because she does what they want, but a career as a public performer requires lots of energy that the pills don’t leave. Especially emotional energy.

    I’m no fan of Scientology, but neither Tom Cruise nor John Travolta promotes their cult as much as the devoutly “SMI” celebrities.

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  • Will Gaga read it?
    My problem with talking to people about my problems with psychiatry is none of them read anything. They are happy to get all their information off TV programs and commercials and brochures put out by drug companies. Not unbiased sources. “But doctors know best.”

    A couple friends laughed at me when I talked about Anatomy of an Epidemic. They said RW only was interested in making money. SMH. If Bob Whitaker is reading this I bet he’s having a hearty chuckle.

    Lots of people who never read books also have some idea that all authors are multi-millionaires or billionaires and J.K. Rowlings’ success is the norm. Even well-known authors have other jobs or supplement book sales with speaking/teaching/coaching/consulting/editing/etc.

    If making gobs of money is your only goal and you aren’t hindered by a conscience the best route would be writing ad copy for Big Pharma. Especially ghost writing articles under the name of prominent APA members!

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  • “In reality it wasn’t about Bill’s quality of life at all but other people’s annoyance at him.”

    That sums up what psychiatry is all about. And it didn’t even help with that in my case. The more drug addled I became the weirder I acted (low inhibitions, lower empathy, lower cognitive ability.)

    From my days in the NAMI cult I collected some Lilly paraphernalia. Living in the country now. Gonna get out the big drum can and have myself a Lilly roast! 😛

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  • Trump honestly believes that psychiatry prevents crimes just like Obama did. Just like 95% of the population does. Excluding shrinks.

    Sometimes I wonder if uber-shrinks like Pinsky/Torrey/Murphy want mass shootings so they can use them to advance their careers. So they hand out more drugs knowing they cause violent crimes and rub their hands gleefully at every shooting that occurs. “Waste no emergency.”

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  • In Peterson’s defense he is a user. Not a dealer.

    (His field is psychology. He lectures about human behavior rather than biology. Probably ignorant what SSRI’s do like most non-scientists.)

    What really riles me up are psychiatrists who pass out their drugs like office mints. And–despite complaining of suicidal depression–refuse to take any. This blatant hypocrisy sickens me. Not just hurting people through well-meaning ignorance, but callous deception. I have only contempt for such people.

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  • My mother and sister-in-law swear by theirs. Doctors prescribe them. Doctors never make mistakes or lie.

    At least they enjoy some placebo effect.

    Mom has become like a zombie after ten years on at least one SSRI. Complains of feeling “meh” and joyless.

    My sister-in-law breaks down into tears she can’t control from time to time. I have seen Jordan Peterson go through a similar break down.

    Truly sad.

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  • Ashley Bobak is not responding to any comments.

    This is a short article. Obviously it can’t go into detail due to brevity.

    But it fails to distinguish between voluntary or involuntary asylums. A very big difference.

    Is Bobak advocating for the type of Soteria House that Loren Mosier ran till the APA cut his funding? Or the chain of asylums old “Doc” Drew wants to start?

    Either way, count me out. I will never trust a shrink again after what I have experienced.

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  • The “mental health” system makes reintegration into mainstream society impossible.

    I have never been in a true asylum myself–or the modern version called the state mental hospital. But once people in your community know your status as a “severely mentally ill” individual they treat you worse than a felon.

    I find the whole concept of mental illness intellectually problematic.

    Is it poor cognitive skills? No. That’s called “developmental delay” or whatever the popular term is now. It seems–according to prominent experts on mental illness–that it is bad behaviors impossible to overcome without their help.

    “Symptoms” of “bipolar” include rage, pride, lust, and greed. Traditionally called sins. According to psychiatrists certain people have no agency and can never change. This dates back to the Victorian concept of “criminal types” who could be labeled defective by low foreheads and hairy hands and skull size. Assuming you were white. Everybody else was automatically judged defective.

    Many here can testify to how wrong these alleged experts are.

    Somehow it’s innately biological AND a moral defect at the same time. How can this be? It leads to being treated worse than a convicted felon. Rather than judging you on the content of your character people will judge you on what some shrink who talked to you for fifteen minutes decided. And your bad drug reactions.

    So there’s the prejudice (premature judgments with no regard to actual behavior.) Prominent psychiatrists go to great lengths to promote this.

    People can change their behaviors without medical help. Human beings have been doing it for ages. But everyone assuming the worst of you makes change impossible till you relocate and start over.

    The drugs and shocks make gainful employment–needed for housing usually–difficult if not impossible. Suffering from GI issues myself. At least it’s a great excuse to my neighbors for why I’m on disability.

    So the bigotry and brain damage passed off on the public as “safe and effective treatment” are why releasing those in the asylum wasn’t much of a success.

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  • Hi Jane. Thanks for your story.
    Just finished reading the 01/24 article here at MIA about Drew Pinsky’s views on homelessness. Reread yours.

    We need more stories like this You put the lie to Pinsky’s BS statements about how all “mentally ill” people enjoy being homeless.

    You tell why it’s difficult if not impossible to bootstrap your way out of poverty once psychiatry has “helped” you.

    The proper term for stigma is segregation. Psychiatry’s primary function has always been to separate the “unfit” from mainstream society via labels or incarceration. Making getting hired difficult.

    Once diagnosed SMI you are subjected to treatments designed to render you childish and docile. Not independent or level headed. Even if you escape these brutal regimens of drugs/shocks/brain mutilations the damage is real. Whatever health issues you may have had are far worse than before.

    And SSI for the disabled punishes you for trying to better yourself by cutting you off at the knees.

    With the high housing costs in California it’s no wonder homelessness is a problem.

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  • Bwahahaha! Good one.

    Dr. Phil is too behavior oriented. Jerry Springer II.

    Dr. Oz would be a better proponent of the bio bio bio model. And he uses cool gimmicks.

    He could fill a telephone booth with black balloons and say, “These are gloomy thoughts filling your brain.” Takes a knitting needle: “This is shock therapy.” Pops all the balloons in the booth. “See how shocks can save your life by killing those gloomy brain cells.”

    Torrey would smack his head. “Brilliant! Sheer genius! How come I never thought of that?”

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  • I have a question for Michael and Leah.

    According to NAMI (not an anti psychiatry organization) only 20% of the homeless are supposed to be “mentally ill.” That still is a significant minority.

    Are any of them undergoing AOT while homeless? This is an important question to ask for sites that want to get at the truth.

    I got angry at “Dr.” Drew’s assertion that the “mentally ill” all enjoy being homeless. Apparently he would have all believe these subhumans among the “normal” are not only too stupid to take the “meds” that restore their powers of reason, but enjoy exposure to the elements and threats of bodily harm.

    I have sat up nights with a weeping friend who feared homelessness thanks to HUD inspections. Her executive functioning so damaged she couldn’t straighten her room properly. (As I couldn’t till recently. I finally shower regularly too. Restore normal brain function my foot!)

    “Doc” Drew’s statements that all the “mentally ill” love being homeless is as insulting as it is stupid. I doubt he discussed homelessness or anything else with anyone he treated.

    The man just wants to make a killing running a chain of asylums and is eager for warm bodies to cram into them. Psychiatry is the only branch of medicine easier to succeed in than day time talk shows.

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  • “Scripted lines”? Nobody writes my comments but me.

    Just a fantasy for any of us. Of course. Like getting back the lives they ruined.

    Preventing them from locking up, crippling, and killing more people would be enough for me.

    My body is inflamed and my brain damaged from the treatments. My heart was going bad before I escaped. Psychiatry was killing me. As it has countless others. My “bipolar 2” was created by a drug reaction no one acknowledges.

    What’s left to improve about psychiatry? They get 6 or 7 digit salaries and never have to worry about lawsuits. The Professional House is in great shape. No one is about to burn it down. Like the pigs at the end of Animal Farm. They get what they want and that’s all that matters.

    Lots of people come here to mock the suffering. “Psychiatry is not going anywhere!”

    My response? Doing right is more important than winning.

    It’s better to lose fighting for what’s right than win by joining the forces of evil. If Hitler had won World War II do you think opposing him would still have been worthwhile? (It cost Dietrich Bonhoeffer his life.) I say Yes.

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  • My question is: What if a family member gets sick of a “mentally ill” person and makes an appeal for involuntary euthanasia? If the “loved” one cries “I want to live!” they can chalk it up to lack of insight.

    The Scapegoat is irrational and can’t appreciate how subhuman they are. That their life is unworthy of living as the Germans put it. 🙁

    i worry that abusive families and doctors may be allowed to euthanize troublesome members someday. At their own discretion of course. (“Loved” one be damned.)

    It’s all about control. Drugs cut life expectancy in half. As Jaffe and Earley well know.

    They also know the Chemical Imbalance is a lie but gladly foist it on the public and cram those drugs down family members’ throat. They know they don’t protect or heal but push them anyhow. Defectives are only fit to be locked up. Crippling them and having them die prematurely is convenient for devoted dads like Earley. Or loving brothers-in-law like Stanley–uh–I mean Jaffe.

    So Earley admits his book is a work of fiction, hmmm? i daresay there’s professional envy involved.

    I bet I know who really wrote the letter he published on his site.

    It speaks volumes about Earley’s character that he accused his son of attempted homicide when attempted suicide would also have gotten him hospitalized. Kevin got treated far worse. But the homicide lie was more dramatic. Priorities.

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  • i was repeatedly told
    1. The drugs were correcting a chemical imbalance in my brain.
    2. That they were neuro-protectors to prevent decline.
    3. And they were needed to prevent me from hurting myself and others.
    4. And they were my only hope for independent living and gainful employment.

    All lies I found out. Doubtful any shrinks believe them. Except number 3.

    The real justification behind psychiatry is what I saw in an interview between Stossel and Jaffe. Jaffe told him, “These people will only wind up in institutions anyway.”

    Writing his fellow men and women off as garbage has been the life mission of D.J. Jaffe.

    In the sight of Heaven Jaffe may be judged far less worthy than those HE judges unfit to exist.

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  • Yes. Suicide has been going on long before psychiatric drugs/shocks–or even psychiatry itself existed.

    I do think psychiatry has caused suicide rates to skyrocket. I wasn’t suicidal till the shrinks punished me for my reaction to Anafranil at age 20. 10 mg Haldol that caused seizures and tardive psychosis. My shrink told my friends and family the only reason I experienced these problems was non-compliance. Took the pills religiously but my failure to improve was seen as evidence of my naughtiness. My tearful protests were to no avail. I got kicked out of college.

    I couldn’t talk normally, or enjoy anything. I was told no man could ever love a schizophrenic and I would die a virgin like my great aunt. Everyone yelled at me all the time. After a year I decided we’d all be better off if I died. God wouldn’t answer my prayers for cancer so I felt suicide was necessary.

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  • The question is: does “schizophrenia” exist?

    Weird thoughts and hallucinations exist. But there are no known bio-markers to distinguish a “schizophrenic” brain–except for those caused by iatrogenic damage.

    I read about how William Glasser “cured” people diagnosed as SMI. He called what they experienced “creative symptoms” since they’re creative mind games to cope with pain.

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  • I thought this article would be about the link between “mental health” and disability related poverty which RW touched on in his Anatomy of an Epidemic. Mildly disappointed.

    I’m happy for Ms. Davis btw.

    Like many here I didn’t grow up poor. All those wonderful “treatments” sentenced us to lives of poverty. 3 years off my cocktail I can finally clean my room again after 20 years. Thanks for the systemic damage “mental health.”

    I hope and pray I can earn enough with online gigs to save myself from homelessness soon. My parents are frail and elderly. They may have to sell the house soon.

    I can’t drive due to neuroleptic seizures that prevented my drivers license when young. Never had a family of my own. Almost no friends. In horrible pain every day with symptoms like Crohns and Lyme Disease that seem to baffle doctors.

    They get very mysterious and won’t venture guesses on the causes of the disorders they diagnose. My CNS, GI, and executive function are wrecked from long term druggings.

    Very angry. I weep inconsolably almost every night holding my cat–mourning the life psychiatrists stole from me.

    If you don’t want to wind up sick, lonely and poor stay far away from shrinks!!!

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  • Hmm. Notice how astronomers don’t get their panties in a wad because Flat Earthers exist.

    The Church of Psychiatry knows they’ve got the Good Stuff. They don’t take kindly to any one invading their turf.

    I got suspicious of NAMI when I realized they were censoring what we could read or listen to. They canceled a speaker who got better off her drugs and wouldn’t tell us why. I found out from the grapevine. Then I realized the people running the show–the “normals”–were also listening in on our conversations.

    They knew the truth would set us free. And it scared them.

    The more hysterical rants I hear demonizing the anti-vax crowd the more distrustful of the flu vaccine I become too. 😛

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  • Who is free of the medical model Dr. Blatt?

    I’m certainly not. As long as I live my “diagnosis” will hang over my head. No one with the label of schizophrenia or bipolar can see a medical specialist without the threat of being found out.

    Julie Greene was terrified her past would bite her in the butt if a doctor realized the full extent of her kidney damage. (That it had occurred from “therapeutic” lithium levels used as standard treatment for an illness like no other.)

    I’m sure you are a kindly, well-meaning doctor. My rant is not meant as an insult to you.

    It would be great if more doctors like you existed. But EVERY medical specialist I know personally either believes the medical model–sadness and all negative emotions as well as the rarer extreme states are indisputably brain diseases–or cheerfully lies to the public.

    Dr. Blatt, as a medical practitioner, you see things the rest of us don’t. Which would you say it is? Honest ignorance, deception (reluctance to blow the whistle and a desire for pharmaceutical perks) or a combination?

    It’s troubling to think how most doctors go along with this. Whether it’s because they’re incompetent, cowardly or corrupt this keeps most survivors from trusting them. 🙁

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  • The mother strove to turn her son into a murderous lunatic and succeeded.

    Why do these women enjoy having adult children living in their basements for crying out loud? Most parents view that as a bad thing.

    Why are they so upset at adult offspring moving out, getting jobs and having relationships? Most parents WANT grandchildren. NAMI mommies would love to sterilize their young. (At least those they designate the Scapegoat.)

    NAMI mommies are way nuttier than the offspring they claim to want to help. At least till the “doctor” these gaslighting drama mamas hire succeeds in destroying the son/daughter’s brain and CNS.

    The shrink never seems to care–if he notices–what pieces of work the “loved ones” are. Probably because they pay the bill.

    Why not let the poor offspring have a life? Instead they force them onto welfare and prevent them from getting jobs. And Heaven help the “kid” if they ever fall in love with anyone! More drama, screams and hysterics from their “normal” NAMI mommy dearest.

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  • Would dearly love to find a way to spike the food supply of a couple dozen shrinks with SSRI drugs in therapeutic doses. My guess is out of 30 approximately 5 would develop psychotic mania within a week or two.

    When they find out, remind them that according to their alleged science this reaction means they were Bipolar all along. The drugs just unmasked that condition. Then tell them they’ll have to take cocktails for the rest of their lives. Watch them wriggle out of that. Record the whole thing for social media.

    It would have to be publicly recorded to work. They never play by their own rules. (Whining how lack of government funds is forcing them to commit suicide instead of getting “diagnosed” and “hospitalized” and “treated” for suicidal desires like the rest of us.)

    Public exposure of the profession’s bovine excrement would be great.

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  • Consider that mainstream psychiatry is about destroying the health and cognitive function of those it “helps.” Psychiatry fills the human heart with existential angst and self loathing.

    Psychiatry prevented me–and countless others–from marriage, a career, family, or friendships with any but a few other outcasts. 🙁

    Is it any wonder so many of those with psychiatric labels kill themselves?

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  • All I can say in Dr. K’s defense is maybe all his clients are newbies to psychiatry who have never taken SSRIs for more than 6-12 months.

    Or maybe they know that psychiatrists will always laugh at how horrible they feel–say it’s imaginary and/or they’re faking it for attention. Like the seizures I had on Haldol. 😛 After that I quit sharing anything negative about ye precious pills.

    (Your mainstream shrink would rather hear you insult his own mother than the pills he prescribes. Like his whole sense of self worth is wrapped up in those things.)

    Dr. K is obviously not a mainstream psychiatrist. That’s why so many here–including myself–get upset and angry at his casual dismissal of our suffering. We expect it of the dangerous quacks working in community mental illness centers. But we hope for better from mavericks like him.

    Very disappointing! 🙁

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  • I think what most people consider prolonged withdrawal symptoms are simply damage from long term drug use. Before starting my taper I had been diagnosed with pernicious anemia and heart arrythmia. I also was experiencing Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Though the diagnosis was pretty recent.

    Going off seemed to exacerbate autoimmune problems. Not sure why. My pain threshold is lower for one thing. (Psych drugs numb physical pain too.) And my stomach acid levels are different. Was on the stuff 24 years.

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  • There are young people who start acting oddly. For whatever reason.

    Mom has always been worried about looking Normal and Blending in. It bugged me how looking good was more important than being good on the inside.

    I was a weird child. Too eccentric and imaginative. Used to throw ugly tantrums and they drove my folks nuts since everyone at church condemned them for not punishing me severely enough.

    Before kindergarten my folks took me to an educational center that ran tests. I drew a woman as they requested. The skirt was “too long” according to them.

    They asked me why I disliked preschool. I used a big word when I told them. “Responsibilities.” Tongue clucking and note taking.

    They told my parents it was their fault I was messed up. Using big words I obviously didn’t know because they forced me to. Drawing women wearing long skirts meant my parents made me feel ashamed of my legs.

    My mom was very upset. She has told me since she always knew there was something wrong and weird about me. The center blamed my environment. The bio-model blamed heredity which she claimed came from Dad’s side too.

    Why is being Weird the unpardonable sin? Lots of “normal” people do rotten things all the time. But if their cruel, selfish behaviors are socially appropriate and NORMAL everyone is fine with that.

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  • Thank you for this article Dr. Hahn. Nice to have more specialists of legitimate sciences writing for MIA.

    With the many adults involved in the life of today’s child there are plenty of potential abusers other than the parents.

    My brother and I were emotionally abused by a teacher we both had different years. My parents never found out till we were teens. We thought our folks approved of Mrs. I’s behaviors and teachings. They had no idea and were upset when we told them.

    SomeoneElse and others here could share how their children were abused without their knowledge or consent. So blaming the mom or parents is a gross oversimplification. Often unjust.

    Though this article points out the problem was less common than represented. Psychiatrists are misrepresenting their own history even as they misrepresent what they know about the human brain.

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  • Well, furies, the withdrawals can make you feel like you’re dying.

    Glad to see more articles like this. And commenters willing to speak the truth. Despite the gas lighting.

    Like the writer I had digestive problems when young. Shrinks messed my gut up royally.

    Wonder when a shrink will show up to scream “pill shamers” at those managing to survive without their next fix from dealers like him. 🙂

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  • Nobody seems to acknowledge that large numbers of people attempt suicide while religiously adhering to the drug regimen–exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

    While taking my cocktail exactly as prescribed by my shrink I frequently was suicidal and would be hospitalized 1-3 times every year.

    Off my drugs for 30 months and despite my poverty and sickness (iatrogenic digestive system damage) I have regained the will to live. But no one wants to hear stories like mine.

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  • The APA will only strip Open Dialogue of all meaning and value by incorporating the bio model. Just as they have CBT and meditation.

    My guess is they’ll turn it into a gripe session where the “SMI” person’s family is encouraged to gang up on him or her. “Keva you need to own up to being the schizophrenic in this family. Why won’t you just admit you’re the problem and take your meds?”

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  • I understand the frustration many here feel. Like others I share a small living space as the only alternative to homelessness and am still too messed up for a regular job. Autoimmune diseases and trouble concentrating, remembering or organizing.

    Plus the MI System strongly discouraged me from finding work–partly by requiring long hours in “day treatment” and “clubhouse.” So my work history is very poor.

    Others of you are worse off. Living under a bridge or abandoned warehouse. Maybe forced into AOT or locked up or forced to live with abusers. Maybe you don’t even get disability to live off.

    Melissa’s cards are not a solution to problems like homelessness. Houses of cards are for shrinks to construct. 😉 Nor do they free the imprisoned nor end the pharmacological torture. But these problems are things even the greatest medical and legal experts struggle with. Dr. Goezhe, Dr. Breggin, Jim Gottstein….

    At least Melissa is trying to bring the teeniest ray of comfort into the lives of those who exist just to serve as scapegoats for all that’s wrong with humanity today. Letting them know that someone still sees them as Human Beings instead of monsters or garbage.

    I’m trying to do more of that myself. Maybe volunteer for a warmline for survivors.

    There are other contributors here far worthier of our ire. One of them is a mainstream psychiatrist who posted a mocking comment on a young man’s memorial page a while back. It makes more sense to get angry at people like him.

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  • Of course the idea that mindlessness meditation–as Julie used to call it–or counseling can benefit purely neurological disorders flies in the face of the bio-bio-bio model narrative psychiatrists have written.

    They struggle with the narrative when they wax eloquent upon how the internet spreads agosognosia. Yet claim this lack of “insight” is completely genetic in origin.

    Respected psychiatrists seem to be arguing that genes can be altered through reading internet articles they disagree with. Lol

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  • Is that so?

    I keep hearing shrinks tell everyone–not just us–how their treatments are 100% safe and effective. They prevent murder, adultery, homelessness, drunkenness, theft, suicide, etc. And they’re “safer than aspirin.” “Just like insulin for diabetes.”

    So they admit to each other that all their medical help is worthless? A pack of lying scoundrels.

    Shrinks whining about how the geese laying their golden eggs squawk too much.They’re the ungrateful ones IMHO.

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  • Yep. Replace all psychiatrists with kiosks containing computers. You can take the test for “mental illness” with in the multiple choice quiz already used by shrinks.

    Print up the new diagnostic label/s on a receipt. Then run your Medicaid/Medicare/insurance cared through various vending machines that will dispense 7-30 days worth of pills.

    The machines won’t make you wait 2 hours extra for a 10 minute office visit. They don’t play golf.

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  • That was very kind of you Melissa. Thank you for taking the time and trouble for showing love to people our culture wants to forget.

    Some of the most judgmental, unloving attitudes toward the “mentally ill” come from the experts who diagnose them.

    I’ll have to visit your blog. It’s a struggle to keep positive.

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  • Glad you’re doing better, Will.

    I understand why you choose to take a small dose of neuroleptics in your circumstances.

    What you needed help with was the real disease of malaria. Not a slough of iatrogenic problems added to the mix. 🙁

    It was hard for me to taper off my cocktail. I receive a disability check and live with relatives. Not a feasible option for many.

    Circumstances may change. Till then, minimalist psych pills sound like they’re working for you. Good luck.

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  • Glad your suffering ended before your life did.

    The worst thing about psychiatric “remedies” is they cause exquisite suffering no onlooker can see. Even kind hearted people can’t appreciate the Hell that’s between your ears.

    My mother would tearfully ask my shrink why I paced, jerked uncontrollably, had mini seizures, couldn’t carry on a conversation, concentrate or smile. “She never was like this.”

    “Doc” M covered his butt with judicious victim blaming and gas lighting. Of course.

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  • Most serial killers live in their own homes, hold down jobs, and even have families.

    I also object to “Doc” Drew’s nonsense that “All the ‘mentally ill’ people enjoy being homeless.”

    It reminds me of how racists say “People of ethnic group X enjoy living in the high crime district.”

    I am afraid of homelessness for crying out loud! Been having nightmares about it. Lots of “consumers” are. A friend of mine kept begging to be sent to a “home” because her frontal lobes were too messed up on her cocktail to keep the Marine-style level of cleanliness and order that HUD demands and most people would find challenging.

    It’s safe to assume Drew wants nothing but state hospitals. Basically prisons rife with every abuse imaginable–including rape.

    WTH is wrong with Drew? It’s a safe bet HE never talked to them or any of his victims. Can’t humanize ’em since that would be unprofessional.

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  • How to be a respected psychiatrist.

    It’s essential to wear a nice lab coat, have clean finger nails, never raise your voice (you can scare people into submission without shouting.)

    Flash your MD around. From the only medical field that accepts people who swoon at the sight of blood.

    Forget losers like Louis Pasteur and Alexander Fleming. Song and dance numbers outweigh facts. Make like P.T. Barnum.

    Remember a happy mark won’t give much repeat business. Give them something highly addictive with as many side effects as possible. With luck you’ll get to sell 3 drugs for every original drug you put them on. 😀 That’s a cocktail of 9 meds for your average Bipolar case. Cha ching!

    Remember–only do horrible things in socially appropriate ways.

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  • Precisely Boans!
    What’s to prevent shrinks from involuntarily euthanizing the “SMI”?
    We already have no say in what they do to us. And they ignore the damage their “safe and effective” treatments have on those they regard as lab rats.
    It’s only lack of insight preventing Ms. Smith from appreciating her subhuman condition and that she has Lebensunwertes Leben (a life unworthy of life.) Therefore kindly, wise Dr. X will kill her despite her protests.

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  • So does Jaffe advocate telling police to not be afraid of shooting anyone accused of being “MI”? If not, this is still the result. Not that he would care.

    Are the folks running NAMI that dumb or do they want to get their loved ones shot if the drugs don’t work fast enough. 25 years is a long wait for an annoying “loved one” to die.

    I’ll never forget a commenter here who supported AOT and said she was glad her “mentally ill” daughter would die young and didn’t care her life was ruined by the drugs because she was happy forcing her to live hopelessly dependent in her basement forever.

    Why isn’t that woman considered a menace? She’s the one with messed up thinking. Her “crazy” daughter wasn’t the one saying that crap about her.

    Isn’t wanting your adult offspring to be crippled, unemployed and living in your basement forever pretty bizarre? But that’s the ultimate NAMI mommy wet dream. Creepy.

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  • I found work recently. The economy is better now.

    But I couldn’t keep the entry-level job due to old age and long term damage causing my autoimmune disease.

    Creative freelancing will allow me to “come out” as a survivor more easily. I have made a vow to do so in 2024.

    Leaving California would help those folks a lot. Housing is way more affordable in my state. $20,000 here goes further than $50,000 in the Sunshine State.

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  • An institution is four walls. Pinsky should have this pointed out to him.

    They are very wrong to say all the homeless enjoy being that way. Krista didn’t choose homelessness. Nor did Julie Greene or me. Yet we nearly wound up that way because psychiatry prevented us from gainful employment.

    By deliberate crippling with their cruel, pointless experiments. And promoting bigotry as Pinsky is doing. How is one supposed to find/keep a job when Pinsky and his ilk are out to sabotage all efforts and terrify neighborhoods to promote NIMBY even after finding jobs?

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  • HUD costs less due to fewer staff.

    Of course letting these people become gainfully employed so they can afford their own housing is not an option.

    I was gainfully employed at 17. Went to college and took a full course load and PT work at the campus library. Then I saw a shrink, took his pills and stayed awake for 21 days. Labels, more drugs than ever, unemployment…
    Struggling to work with a chronic illness from home.

    I still think psychiatry is exacerbating–if not causing–the homelessness epidemic. And benefits are being cut because almost 30% of the population is iatrogenically crippled/barred from working thanks to “Doctor” Drew’s colleagues. All the mental workers swore up and down if I took my “meds” religiously I could find gainful employment and maybe even get married.

    But it all depended on unquestioning obedience and taking whatever drugs my shrinks dished out. Even if they caused seizures, uncontrollable vomiting, heart problems, strokes, etc. 😛

    There are more jobs now. Sadly though, my autoimmune condition from 25 years on drugs makes many of these impossible. I can no longer work as a cashier due to bodily weakness and chronic pain.

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  • I was the model mental patient for 22 years.

    What did I get for it? Alienation. Segregation. Dire poverty. Banned from gainful employment. Massive weight gain (more than 100% body mass.) Autoimmune disease. Heart problems.

    That’s how the mentalists reward you for the insight they praise. And they assume you’re stupid and warn your family that you won’t take your “meds” since “they never do.”

    Of course my “insight” and reputation as a “good consumer” helped me escape once I figured out I’d been had. The real advantage to compliance.

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  • Never underestimate the placebo effect.
    Of course there is more than that at work. A lot of drugs bring people out of depression by producing a mild euphoria.

    I experienced this with my first time on Zoloft. But my depression came from being labeled “schizo-affective” after a bad trip on Anafranil. I got kicked out of college thanks to my label. 10 mg Haldol destroyed my ability to socialize/enjoy anything/smile.

    Mental services blamed my suicidal misery on my brain. Not being labeled hopelessly defective or drugged out on seizure causing neuroleptics.

    In the hospital someone told me I wasn’t a monster and listened while I sobbed out the year of pain I had been through. The Zoloft gave me a speedy lift. I got released for Thanksgiving.

    I went back to another college too. Full time.

    The relief lasted a month or so.

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  • I struggle with the urge to go full misanthrope myself.

    In my phone talks with Julie Greene she told me that distrust–even hatred–for most of humanity is common to psychiatric survivors.

    It comes from being cast out of society so only a few fellow outcasts will still speak to you. Of being blamed for every violent crime committed. Of trembling every time you hear of a mass shooting since you know people will blame duly appointed scapegoats for society, known as the “mentally ill” for the actions of those you have no control over.

    if it were seen as punishing a group for the crimes of a single individual, people would be forced to acknowledge the injustice. But call life long imprisonment/mutilation/druggings “treatment” and dismiss those forced to suffer. They can take pride in their benevolence and only need to fear dislocated shoulders from patting their own backs.

    But we who survive the System are not fooled. We see through this faux compassion for what it is. Cold indifference to the suffering of their fellow human beings. Projecting the murder and madness in their own hearts onto the designated Other. 🙁

    Every morning I feel what has been inflicted on my body. I make a conscious choice for forgiveness and love. Not easy and the damage remains. But my psyche is noticeably better.

    I only know what goes on in the hearts of the scapegoating “sane” because I too am guilty of this behavior. i truly am one of them–acknowledged or not.

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  • I was referring to family doctors. Not shrinks.

    I lied to a former GP about how helpful I found the cocktail I no longer took.

    He solemnly warned me of the dangers of going manic if I stopped taking my “meds.” Many others have too.

    i know they were 100% wrong. But no way will I tell them!

    Are they all that deceitful? Or ignorant?

    It’s doubtful they know anyone who came off the pills and dared to tell them the story.

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  • I have said some harsh things about real doctors on this site.

    In justice to those GPs and FNPs, they lead such busy lives that aside from maybe a few trade articles to stay current, none have time to sift through all the propaganda/marketing campaigns disguised as medical science.

    The truth can’t keep pace with all the lies the enemy grinds out. Truly sad. 🙁

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  • Thank you for your directness and honesty Richard.

    I’m not sure which of the 10 Commandments you refer to supports slavery. The one against coveting perhaps?

    BTW, you have your own reasons for rejecting organized religion. This is not an apologetics site so I will not debate you.

    Since you don’t believe in it, the cognitive dissonance you experienced with psychiatry is purely biological and moral. Not theological like my own.

    Blind and uncritical thinking bring trouble wherever they occur. I agree.

    As someone with nothing to gain by helping us survivors I applaud you in supporting our movement.

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  • That’s a good question Richard.

    A major difference between “original sin” and “mental illness” is the playing field is level. We’re ALL sinners. And genetic defects–though they exist–don’t make anyone inherently better than another.

    Whereas psychiatrists believe the majority are born sane. Such as themselves.

    Furthermore the doctrine of “original sin” goes along with the doctrine that all human beings are special beings who bear the divine breath within. And have basic rights to life and liberty by nature of our common humanity. Regardless of intelligence, strength or beauty.

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  • Psychiatrists ignored me whenever I said anything negative about the pills they put me on. Either I was lying or it was my “illness” which (quite coincidentally) had never manifested in that form before I took their “100% safe, effective life-saving medicine.”

    Liar or inherent defectiveness. Can’t pill shame.

    So I decided two can play at this game. I lied and flattered shamelessly. As long as you kiss up and praise ye precious pills they’ll believe anything you say. It shows “good insight.” LOL

    Arrogant people are highly susceptible to flattery. Remember Colonel Klink in Hogan’s Heroes?

    It helped me escape.

    They hate the truth so you feed them the lies they prefer.

    Oh, they’ll easily believe you are “symptom” free. AKA no depression. Regardless of how you feel.

    What highly scientific method do they use to figure out your depression levels? Blood tests? Brain scans? Spinal taps?

    A quiz with 0-5 for negative feelings. They throw some physical symptoms that could be caused by real health issues, but it’s a trap. Just put 0 on everything and three 1’s so they won’t get suspicious.

    My joys and sorrows are my own business. I’l deal with them as I see fit. And calling my real life sorrows or griefs mere symptoms of some (unproven) brain disease is insulting the way I see it.

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  • These are actually quite rare.

    The teen talking to non-existent people. The man going around calling himself Moses or Gandhi. The woman who imagines the CIA is spying on her.
    Very few people in the MI System I met ever experienced this pre-drugs.

    Most were nervous and unhappy from crap in their lives. Till the psych treatments sent them over the edge.
    Or they got a plea deal for shop lifting or assault.
    Or had a drinking problem that AA used to help with. Now they’re addicted to stuff far worse than booze.

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  • That is the main reason I chose to come off my drugs. Despite the suffering my withdrawal caused.

    I was brought up a teetotaler, non-smoker, “just say no” kid. if these drugs were the same as street drugs how could I continue to take them?

    BTW, a lot of little old ladies on SSRI’s would be irate if they could be convinced they’d been tricked into taking addictive, mind altering drugs by that nice-seeming doctor they trusted.

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  • ‘”Far away from the from the eloquent critiques from Mad in America, one is as likely to have a patient REQUESTING to be diagnosed or start a new medication.”

    Dr. T.N. Tampiyappa
    “The Matrix: Disentangling Antipsychiatry”
    MIA 12/19

    I have heard other psychiatrists say this. Though my label almost made me commit suicide before I decided to live above it.

    FWIW I have known some people who enjoyed being able to turn over adult responsibilities to the mental system.

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  • Do they even want to make valid scientific discoveries?

    Assume–for the sake of argument–they discover more about the chemicals of our brains and classify more. Then they discover all the “safe and effective” treatments they based their careers on have done the exact opposite of what they were supposed to.

    It’s safe to assume psychiatry would not come out smelling like roses in this scenario. So my guess is they would promptly skew or suppress the results.

    The research is entirely for show.

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  • I wouldn’t call Torrey a “hater.”

    His evil is the icy sort rather than the fiery sort.

    Most of his victims are strangers to him. He doesn’t hate; he is coldly indifferent to the sufferings of his fellow human beings. Whom he perceives solely as means to the end of his own prestige.

    He only actively hates those like Breggin and RW who get in the way of his money, fame and power.

    His evil is decidedly banal.

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  • Julie Greene had a dream of consulting to help people going through extreme states see it through and avoid the mental system entirely. Or leave the system after getting sucked in.

    I really would like to see her ebook “Life Without Lithium” get published.

    One of her brothers came over to the anti psychiatry side. Maybe he would be agreeable to getting it published as Julie wished.

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  • As an orthodox Christian who attends a Church of Christ assembly based on the Bible and fundamentalist notions, I struggled with the incompatibility of my religious faith and psychiatry.

    Yes, brain illnesses exist. Meningitis, epilepsy, dementia, brain cancer, ALS, traumatic brain damage. These cause cognitive problems–along with other issues like motor impairment.

    But what psychiatrists–especially the high ranking kind–love to warn the public against are not people with cognitive problems. (Torrey doesn’t go on national TV to warn the populace about how dangerous all people with Down Syndrome are. Notice that?)

    Basically “mental illness” refers to moral issues. If a young man goes berzerk with a gun or knife or homemade bomb he isn’t cognitively impaired. Often these murderers show great ingenuity in gaining or constructing these weapons.

    The problem is moral–not cognitive in nature. The idea that any pill can cure moral problems by strengthening the conscience and rekindling love for your neighbor is ludicrous.

    My religion promises help in overcoming moral problems (AKA sins) through traditional means laid out in our scriptures. But when well meaning church members urged me to get “help” and take my “meds” I wondered what good our church was. Did “mentally ill’ people like me not have souls since the Atonement was insufficient for our redemption?

    No one else pondered these questions. Then I discovered most shrinks–especially the high ranking members of the APA–don’t believe in souls. They are actually monists or materialists.

    My dad is a retired preacher with a graduate degree in theology. I read him Dr. Pies’s article arguing both against the chemical imbalance “metaphor” and in for hard core materialism. This turned my dad against psychiatry–realizing it was actually a rival religion sneaking into churches by posing as a branch of medicine.

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  • With all due respect Dr. T, I don’t have the power to vote anyone off the Island since I lost all citizenship rights after getting labeled. (The label itself made me suicidal while i believed it.)

    You might say I have fled the island no longer feeling safe there.

    I have no doubt the pills help some by numbing their emotional pain.

    i sought out psychiatry willingly but had no idea i would be labeled ‘bipolar’ because the SSRI would keep me awake for 3 weeks straight. On a cocktail for 22 years and kicked out of college. No career or family or friends in my late forties thanks to being labeled and drugged so heavily I slept 10-12 hours a day. (And too numb to pick up on social cues and nuances I ordinarily could.)

    You could argue I came willingly but so could the victims of Farid Fata who willingly took lengthy chemo treatments because he told them they had leukemia. And they didn’t.

    Unlike you Dr. T., my psychiatrists told me I had a chemical imbalance in my brain their drugs would rectify and I would probably harm myself or others without the cocktail i must take. Most denied what i experienced–my tonic seizures (minor side effect)–and blamed my weight gain on nutritional ignorance and gluttony. Then marveled at my depression and low self esteem. Fancy that. *Eye roll.*

    When I read William Glasser i was so relieved to know i was not a monster and it was not my fault the drugs made me feel awful instead of helping me live independently and get along with others outside the MI ghetto.

    Nowhere but MIA to share stories like mine it seems. And there are plenty.

    Thank you for acknowledging people like us exist and shouldn’t be locked up for what others have put us through.

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  • Tie a pretty pink ribbon on torture and call it compassion.

    A friend of mine left NAMI and urged me to leave “mental health” when her sister died at 49 and she saw my rapid decline. My heart is finally beating regularly again.

    My family agrees the drugs did not help me. Many people are upset at the cruel, pointless experiments performed on their loved ones. Families that actually love each other. Even the sensitive types having a rough time.

    How anyone could knowingly force a child to take drugs they know are crippling and slowly killing them is beyond me. At least my parents believed the chemical imbalance lie and were sincere though misguided. (By evil guides.) You can’t make such a defense in Pete Earley’s behalf. On his blog he unapologetically acknowledges this is false but claims it’s necessary to promote it to ensure “meds compliance.”

    Google “Pete Earley chemical imbalance metaphor.” His blog will likely turn up with the article I’m thinking of.

    Neither truth nor love.

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  • I can finally read this without being blinded by tears.

    Julie Greene was a true friend. We never actually met but talked on the phone a lot. As well as texting and emails.

    She encouraged me to come off my “meds.” Gave me great advice for my own writing, job hunting and reintegration. (Hard for those who spent all their adult lives in the MI system.)

    Sad she died so young, but she outlived the average psychiatrized person by ten years. There’s no doubt fleeing the system prolonged her life.

    And she died at her own place with Puzzle. Not in an institution as she feared.
    I find comfort in that thought.

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  • Still a few Peter Breggins out there.

    Long before I heard about Robert Whitaker, I learned the truth about psychiatry from rogue psychiatrists–like William Glasser and Terry Lynch.

    Far from upsetting me, the idea that the pills were not fixing my brain but harming it, was a great relief. I had often felt frustrated and depressed that my effective, neuro-protective pills weren’t helping me lead a happy, productive life like the MH people kept promising. No one else at the MH center seemed that “functional” either.

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  • Opponents would argue “cause does not automatically mean correlation.”

    But the fact that there are larger numbers of young people taking these drugs than ever and rates of joblessness due to emotional problems have skyrocketed should make anyone reconsider how effective these drugs are at helping people lead independent, meaningful lives.

    Psychiatry has been compared to a dragon on this site.

    I believe it is a Minotaur. An unnatural, hybridized monster lurking in a twisted maze of hopeless complexity. It prowls the darkness, devouring the young who have been placed there by the state. A convenient sacrifice to maintain tyranny.

    Unlike its Greek counterpart, our minotaur is not satisfied with 14 young people. Every year its appetite grows as it devours larger numbers of our young–and bellows for more.

    It is insatiable. Unless we find a Theseus, it will devour our future!

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  • Psychiatry is chalk full of euphemisms and oxymorons.

    Examples of oxymorons:

    “Integrate” means isolate or segregate
    “Diagnose” means perform degradation ceremony
    “Serve” means rule
    “Insight” means breaking point
    “Hospitalization” means imprisonment for no legal reason
    “Assisted outpatient treatment” means pharmacological torture
    “Mental health” means gas lighting

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  • Psychiatry’s primary function for any but “soft diagnoses” is punitive. Whether you commit any crime or not they’ll treat you like a criminal and punish you for existing.

    We already have a legal system to deal with people who actually commit crimes.

    Tom Cruise has gone on record against psychiatry. (No, I don’t want him for a celebrity spokesperson!) Funny how he never has connected the Pre-Crime Unit in The Minority Report with Psychiatry.

    Only instead of predicting real crimes and preventing them, these would be Pre-Crime Police get violent criminals released for “good insight” and “meds compliance” like Eric Harris, Devin Kelley and countless others. As well as locking up peaceful, law-abiding citizens indefinitely. Because they MIGHT commit crimes someday you see. Due process be hanged.

    We already have a police force and psychics with better track records than shrinks.

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  • In Anatomy of an Epidemic, RW implies that psychiatry faced extinction back in the 60’s. We have counselors to help adults make better life choices as well as neurologists to treat real brain disorders and other specialties for medical problems that get labeled “SMI” by psychiatrists.

    Why do we need psychiatrists when we already have yoga and meditation classes at the local YMCA and fitness trainers? There are also a few counselors who belong to the Choice Theory/Reality Therapy school of thought founded by William Glasser or the kind founded by Peter Breggin.

    I’m not anti-therapy or counseling or whatever you choose to call it. Szasz himself practiced counseling “between consenting adults” if my fellow APs care to remember.

    The APA has chosen to put not just profit but personal egos above the health and lives of those who trusted them. Proving they were honest-to-gosh doctors practicing a legitimate medical specialty, required real medicines, diagnoses, and surgeries.

    Never mind that the “medicines” were addictive mind altering drugs similar to the street kind. Never mind their “diagnoses” had only the “expert’s” say so with no objective tests and consisted of insulting laundry lists of character traits which shrinks wrongly claim are lifelong. Never mind the psycho surgeries (SOME of the surgeons do resemble Norman Bates come to think of it) are only random acts of brain damage any semi-literate thug could perform with an icepick or wooden baseball bat. They proved they are Real Doctors. Which is all that counts.

    The only thing I admire the APA for is their clever marketing techniques mixed with ingeniously packaged propaganda that would make Big Brother green with envy. Master Illusionists.

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  • I find your fourth paragraph interesting Dr. T. As a layperson i wouldn’t guess other specialists feel that way about psychiatry. They certainly hide it well from the public. Why is that?

    i applaud your honesty in telling those who come to you for help that your pills restore nothing, but sometimes kill emotional pain.

    As far as needing the drugs to kill the pain, how much of the pain was caused by social rejection/isolation and enforced idleness and poverty from getting the diagnosis and drugs to begin with? My SMI label nearly drove me to suicide since everyone turned on me.

    Fled to where no one knows about it and I tapered off the soul killing drugs. Still on disability because of my Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Official diagnosis. I believe this is from long term SSRI use.

    But I’m able to make friends, since I can understand social cues for the first time in my adult life. I am finally able to lose weight, shower regularly, and keep a clean house. People don’t shun me, or patronize me for a physical disability. For the first time in decades i feel like a human being again. 🙂

    And i hope to start a tutoring business preparing high schoolers for SAT and ACT tests. The pay could help me earn a living working part time since my habits are frugal.

    I never wanted to be unemployed forever. Many people in the system hate the enforced idleness, social isolation, and poverty. Do you think they knew what they were signing up for when they begged for a diagnosis and pills?

    And yes–many do beg for these. You are perfectly right. Few of the fellow “consumers” could conceive that the drugs and labels played a role in the unemployment and alienation they often lamented.

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  • I told my last therapist I was glad the drugs wiped out my sex drive since my label, rolls of fat, and drug altered personality rendered me undateable.

    She acted shocked. “Well–uh–why not ask Dr. X to change it?”

    Me: “To what? You know an SSRI is a standard part of treatment for Bipolar cases.”

    That shocked her as much as the news that the drugs killed my mojo and the “stigma” rendered me unattractive. She kept telling me to date “bipolars.” Said only one of those could understand someone like me. We’re all alike you know. 😛

    None of the guys I went to group with was that bright or had anything in common with me. Besides being labeled SMI.

    And the labels are so subjective and elastic they’re only meaningful as a legal status–depriving you of your rights as a citizen. Granting the psych system absolute, unquestioned authority over you.

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  • Why do they need legitimate tests when their fake ones bolster their credibility so nicely?

    If they did find bio markers they would conceal them. Why? It would show how counter productive their brain destroying “treatments” are–doing the exact opposite of what their test subjects needed. Like bleeding cholera victims.

    And then they could no longer tout their quack remedies. The whole field would be swallowed up by the real brain specialists–the neurologists.

    Hence anything that doesn’t support the efficacy of their “treatments” (AKA any legitimate study) will be suppressed. Or spun beyond recognition to support their preconceived notions.

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  • And who will stop psychiatrists with grandiose thoughts who think they will achieve great things via poly-pharma, shocks, and psycho-surgery? That worries many here.

    Lobotomies are making a comeback. But they say not to worry because it’s different. They mutilate your brain with lazars now–so that makes it okay.

    BTW, people in mental “health” repeatedly called me delusional for pursuing a college degree and trying to start a career though my shrinks assured me my “meds” would make such a thing possible by rendering me independent and productive. I’m pretty sure the psych doctors themselves thought it was baloney but fed it to me to ensure “compliance” and yacht payments.

    Does it count as harm to others if controlling family members get embarrassed by eccentricities and have the “loved” one committed instead of setting boundaries like reasonable people (not control freaks) would?

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  • I have failed at life thanks to psychiatry.

    Completely alone thanks to the quacks. Nothing good can ever happen to me again.

    I hate them. I hate all the simpletons who turn on their fellow humans just because shrinks tell them to.

    Psychiatry has turned me into a full blown misanthrope. What those quacks live to do is ruin your life and make everyone turn on you.

    Psychiatry is cancer.

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  • Some here ask what psychiatry is good for.

    You know one group they really help no one here mentions? Lazy hacks writing for Hollywood and publishing houses.

    Without the grossly simplified view of humanity–portraying people as stereotypes and tropes instead of complex individuals–Grade D novelists and screen writers can grind out a bunch of material with minimal effort.

    Why did that man murder those children?
    Because he was mentally ill.
    Yeah. But what was his motivation?
    Mental illness.
    Why did that woman cheat on her husband?
    Mental illness.
    Why did that man torture a puppy?
    Mental illness.
    Why did that character commit suicide? Did something bad happen offstage?
    Nope. Mental illness.
    Why did he rob a bank?
    Mental illness. People don’t rob banks for money after all.


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  • My mom takes the idea that I “lost it” through trauma very personally.

    She was determined to be the “perfect mother” when I was born and failed. She is not a bad woman and wasn’t abusive till psychiatrists told her I was defective when i was twenty.

    But Mom could not protect me from the three times our family faced homelessness thanks to our idealistic, improvident father’s vocation. (A lot like the great Bronson Alcott.)

    Mom’s crazy-making efforts to shelter me–my over sensitive, high strung personality worried her–backfired. She kept moving me from school to school to get me the “help” I needed so I wound up in SBD for a year where the teacher got frustrated by how smart I was. They were only equipped to deal with MMR kids.

    After 2 months of homelessness in my teens we found a new place and I enrolled in a new school in a new city as a high school sophomore.

    Had some highly sexualized bullying which traumatized me more than it would most girls due to my super modest, old fashioned background. Suffered severe anxiety in college which I saw a shrink for. He put me on an SSRI which drove me loopy.

    Just one thing led to another and snow balled. I don’t blame Mom. But she does get defensive, saying there has always been “something wrong” with me.

    She feels guilt at the idea she played a (minor) role in my suffering by encouraging my “meds compliance.” And she finds it hard to believe experts in pretty white coats and TV drug ads could deceive people.

    i love Mom and find her ignorance easier to forgive than the malicious lies told by “well-informed” quacks.

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  • A good counselor should look out for abuse and help victims to escape instead of labeling them “SMI” and having the shrink put them on drugs.

    All my counselors worked for “mental health” community centers. Hence their advice was nearly all worthless, based on the assumptions that 1. I needed my crippling, mind altering drugs to survive. 2. My accumulating list of pessimistic, defeatist labels proved how hopeless I was.

    These are the only kind Medicaid covers. In theory I’m positive about ethical counselors or coaches who know what they’re doing and how people think. But that kind seldom works for your local mental center. Those who do burn out easily due to frustration at how “clients” never improve.

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