Who Is a Danger to Others: The “Mentally Ill” or the Powerful?


The legal standard for incarcerating people in psychiatric facilities and forcing “treatment” in the US is supposed to be that a person is a danger to self or others. Armed protesters who stormed the Michigan State Capitol and had previously threatened lawmakers because of coronavirus restrictions were not labeled mentally ill, incarcerated, or made to take psychiatric drugs. Why not? Lawmakers were so frightened that at least one wore a bulletproof vest. For some reason, these protesters had a social capital that people who are labeled mentally ill, not to mention peaceful Black protesters who were met with rubber bullets, tear gas, and arrests, lack. Why are the powerful allowed to be violent and destructive, when the most marginalized among us are incarcerated against our will for being non-violent, but “mentally ill”?

Those armed protesters, who were a genuine threat, may have been seen by some as heroes fighting unconstitutional infringement of their rights. Yet anyone labeled mentally ill, especially with the most damning labels like schizophrenia, are viewed as a potential threat to the common good with the slightest misstep. Were the police waiting until the protesters started shooting and killing people before they decided they were a threat? And the protesters did this in response to coronavirus restrictions. How would they respond if their human rights were actually violated, like many who wind up with a label of serious mental illness?

When I became psychotic because of SSRI antidepressant use, I thought my parents were poisoning me with arsenic and cyanide. So, I ran away from home to find safe haven at Church, where I expected to find the Corinthians who would rescue me. It was a hot October day, and I was wearing a sweater and walking quite fast. I felt my heart pounding, and thought I was dying, overheating from poison. So, I took my sweater off and threw it in the street just to survive.

On the way to Church, I asked a woman to call 911 for me, because I needed an ambulance, because I thought I was dying from poison. Instead of an ambulance, a bunch of cops showed up. I was talking nonsensically to them when I was spooked by one of their name tags. It said, “Officer Bills.”

I thought, “Bills, bills, Officer Bills. They don’t care about me, they only care about paying their bills.” So, I ran away from them. They chased after me until I was stopped at a red light. They stopped a number of feet behind me. But I was scared. So, I ran against the red light into traffic.

The police later described me as a threat to self because of what I had done, and that was why I needed to be committed. And for this, I was expected to take a lifetime—a very shortened lifetime—of powerful, ruinous psychiatric drugs and “therapy.”

Because the “mentally ill,” especially those with the most damning labels, have been grouped together as all potentially dangerous, every thought, word, and behavior by someone so labeled can be suspect—by friends and family, the public, the police, and certainly mental health professionals. This widespread belief not only sometimes results in incarceration in a mental “hospital” or institution with forced psychiatric drugging, but also sometimes court-ordered outpatient “treatment.”

If someone has committed some heinous crime, let them pay their debt to those impacted and society in prison. But people should be free to make their own medical decisions, and psychiatry always presents itself as being rooted in legitimate science and medicine.

The mental health industry thrives on this perception that mental illness can be a menace to the public good. Without this, how could they possibly justify what they actually do to people? Just as some people believe torturing suspected terrorists is acceptable (incidentally, it was psychologists who came up with waterboarding), plenty of people feel that taking away the human rights or dignity of the “mentally ill” is fine, since we are all a potential threat.

“Advocacy” groups like to say that the majority of the mentally ill do not commit crimes. But in blaming even some horrific behavior on an endogenous mental illness—a broken brain, or some kind of a mysterious “disease”—they blame us all. It’s like attributing some terrorism to certain practices or beliefs in Islam. If it were true that Islam sometimes produces terrorists, all Muslims would become potential suspects. Pope Francis frequently points out that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. It is also important to point out that “mental illness,” as an endogenous biological disease, never causes violence either.

Just as some extremists attribute their violence to religious ideals, some people attribute theirs to a biological mental illness, as the mental health industry has taught them to believe. That some people claim such things doesn’t make it true. And that other people associate other people’s violence with religion and/or mental illness also doesn’t make it true. The reasons behind violence don’t always lend themselves to easy answers, and may sometimes be totally unknowable.

The association—in the public’s mind—between violence and mental illness, in particular, schizophrenia, is so strong, and a diagnosis so incriminating, that “the FBI had diagnosed Malcolm X with ‘pre-psychotic paranoid schizophrenia.’” “It was a way of engendering anxiety about [him].”

If it were true that “mental illness” was a big source, or the source, of violence, and that psychiatry had safe and effective treatments that turned bad people into good people, their approach might seem reasonable. But there is nothing medical about that. You would expect that people who proclaim to have effective treatments for immorality would be highly ethical people. So, why is it that psychiatrists prescribe antipsychotics to innocent “schizophrenics,” “bipolars,” and others that not only cause brain damage, but also heart disease, diabetes, and other disabling and deadly outcomes? Previous psychiatric treatments, which were also touted as legitimate medicine, like insulin coma therapy and lobotomy, killed innocent people too. Maybe psychiatrists should take antipsychotics to make themselves moral, if that is how it works.

When I confronted my current psychiatrist with the fact that antipsychotics can shorten your lifespan by fifteen to twenty-five years, he said, “No, a few years.” And added, “That’s only if you have heart problems.” Psychiatric drugs took my bad cholesterol from a normal level to a little over 300. And he is the best, most decent, moral psychiatrist I have ever had. The others wouldn’t admit to any potential real harms from the drugs. Even if it is “only” a few years, shouldn’t I have been informed of that possibility before I was forced to take antipsychotics, so I could decide for myself whether or not I wanted to risk it? Are cancer patients denied treatment, because it would “only” extend their lives by a few years? And if quality of life is a concern, isn’t that the patient’s decision to make?

A “schizophrenic, bipolar” man, Jason Harrison, was shot and killed by two cops, because they claimed he would have killed one of them with a screwdriver otherwise. His mother had called the police to get him back to the mental hospital, because he had “gone off his meds,” and she was afraid of him. His sudden psychosis was likely to be a withdrawal symptom.

This woman obviously had no desire to harm her son. She was doing what she felt was best for him with the information she had been given. She had called the police on previous occasions and had him safely taken to the hospital.

The police who killed Jason were certainly aggressive. Is what they did less horrible, in the eyes of the public and the grand jury, because the man they killed was “mentally ill”? If he had been a “good,” hard-working, family man (a man without a psychiatric diagnosis, of course), would they have been indicted? Those policemen proved themselves to be a danger to others, using lethal force when it wasn’t necessary to protect themselves. But they go free, while the “mentally ill” are incarcerated and forced to take deadly drugs just for seeming to be a danger to self or others.

If dangerousness is a legitimate reason to incarcerate people, what about wealthy, politically powerful war criminals who are responsible for the killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians? What about exploitative economic practices that deprive people of a living wage and decent working conditions, including importing things known to be produced with slave labor? What about psychiatrists who force and deceive people into taking deadly drugs? Their behaviors, more than a mere threat, actually do damage and kill people.

It may be relatively easy to subdue and control a screaming, angry “schizophrenic” chemically, but how do we subdue and control rich and powerful people who get away with crimes against humanity in fine style? It might be better stated that the “mentally ill” are deprived of human and civil rights when we are perceived to be a socially unacceptable threat to self or others. Unlike socioeconomically and legally powerful psychiatrists and wealthy politically powerful war criminals, the “mentally ill” are typically pretty powerless. And therein lies our main crime.

The fact that powerful people can literally get away with killing innocent people, while the homeless (much less the “mentally ill” homeless) can’t even get away with loitering, points to massive failures in our political and legal structures, as well as lack of awareness and indifference to others on the part of the general public.

If the cultural and socioeconomic structures of society had, from the beginning, allowed me to function, and even thrive, I undoubtedly never would have felt a need for antidepressants and “therapy.” The same is probably true for a lot of people who get caught up in the mental health industry. The industry doesn’t actually help the poor, the marginalized, the trauma victims. It exploits us.

How best to deal with violence, whether it be physical, economic, racial, ethnic, sexual, psychiatric, verbal, emotional, or any other kind, is a place for philosophers, voters, the incarcerated, the victims, economists and the poor, the powerful and the powerless, or anyone who has a stake in how societies are run, which is everyone, to discuss.

A country where people’s human rights are determined by wealth, social privilege, and power is a sick country. We aren’t supposed to be wild animals. How the weakest members of society are treated can sometimes be a bellwether for how everyone will be treated eventually.

First they came for the schizophrenics, and I did not speak out…


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  1. Well done Caroline.
    “just a few years” EH? What do we call that? So he recommends drugs that will shorten your life? The “only if you have a heart problem” is his liability insurance btw, he is a doctor so no one can prove him wrong, because no court is interested in hearing the thousands of pages of evidence, which they can’t understand anyway.

    “Advocacy” groups like to say that the majority of the mentally ill do not commit crimes.
    Yes those “advocacy” people. I can see a bunch of people being suppressed now, who would gladly become the next psychiatry or oppression groups.
    Nothing would be or is more insulting to me than having someone “defend” me, yet standing with the oppressor. I’d rather not be “defended”.
    Anyway, one cannot “defend” oneself against BS systems. And really, we should all stop trying.

    You are thinking what I’m thinking. Not only am I interested in genetic study of the gene that uses power for abuse of the less powerful, but in the meantime, I think since they are so dangerous, (and there is lots of proof) we need to lobby our politicians to either remove them from their positions or incarcerate them for the safety of society.
    If politicians will not stand up to them, all we have left is education, which you are doing.

    I consider that shortening your life by “a few years” is “murder by a few years”.

    If a completely stressed person is so taxed that they walk into danger, then it would make sense to bring them to safety until the stressors have been removed.
    One can break ANYONE. Psychiatrists are not immune. Take away power, and see what transpires. Even at immense pain and the threat of death, the brain/body goes into shock.

    Psychology themselves along with researchers have proven it over and over that stress will alter anyone. The monkey that was taken from it’s mom. Torture seems to deserve more torture and control.

    I think to talk to your shrink about his practice or drugs is a waste of intelligent conversation. They like it, it feeds them, it actually makes them feel less of a robot. They crave interaction. It makes them feel less guilty, makes them feel they are now doing theraputic work, even though it’s just about themselves. But they do not have insight to see that the talk therapy is about them.
    So I would not bother, I see it better that doctors just dislike me, rather than feed them.

  2. Ehhhh . . . I think you’re taking it too easy on Jason Harrison’s mom. She didn’t have to call the police on her son. And, I’m sure she was aware that Mad people are more likely to die from police misconduct than from attempted suicide. Harrison’s mom “Amy Coopered” him.

  3. Interesting post! I would start the Keto diet, and yes cholesterol can be a problem or become a problem. There is an incredible learning curve emerging in these pages. There is a difference when policy dictates “should” and “shall”. How I become(s) and then resonate is a I/We can continuously say in anger (rightfully so), so and so should do this becoming triggers in legal language of policy.

    I wonder how language modulates to the “we phrased our words, such that when we are actually challenged to speak, not type, one can say, “Have you considered this or that approach, …”, “Could you, could We…. for the greater and I am of the opinion, the greatest valley/gap exists in an We/Them mentality. We in some sense of the creative act are being challenged to craft our “Space” program without access to financial resources and parties who really want change to occur. (Notice I said, “We”, when my bias creeps in).

    Must I become anti-this or that and saw, saw and saw before there is a breakthrough, break out or application with braking as if I were skidding in the snow?

  4. I was thinkin’.

    What can we write instead of “the” “mentally ill”? Why do we still use their words, even though we use quotation marks?
    Who are “the”?
    Perhaps we should call “the” exactly what psychiatry does to “them”.
    We can change it to “dehumanized”.

    The dehumanized, instead of “the” “mentally ill”

    I also propose no more voting until the politicians actually fight for the dehumanized.

    • You’re tapping at the edges of the cage here Sam…but the truth is that not only is “mental illness” a semantic misnomer, the idea that there is a valid category which “mental illness” describes is also faulty. As Dragonslayer would say, asking what “mental illness” “really” is is like asking what the Easter Bunny “really” is. It “really” isn’t. It’s not just a matter of being mislabeled — there’s nothing to label!

      • No the easter bunny does not exist but the concept is real. I have to disagree with you here Oldhead, we do need labels and not for nothing. We need to call out the ‘medicalisng’ of distress and the ‘individualising’ of experience, of trauma, abuse, neglect, poverty, oppression, discrimination. Adversity in all its forms is increasingly responded to as ‘mental health’ problems. And this very individualising narrative approach is neutralising our collective Capacity to even discuss the adversity at the root of our troubles.

        • I don’t think the analogy is taking.

          The Easter Bunny is NOT real (sorry kids) so renaming “it” something else (the Spring Chicken?) doesn’t solve the problem.

          I’m talking about psychiatric labels. All words are labels. Used properly they CAN call out the ” ‘medicalisng’ of distress and the ‘individualising’ of experience, of trauma, abuse, neglect, poverty, oppression, discrimination.”

          “Mental illness” is a false label, as are all psych “diagnoses.” I don’t think you mean we need false labels.

          • Indeed, I’m just nitpicking, we have no need for false labels – can I have my chocolate egg now. Do I really have to take those tablets? Seriously I’m struggling with some people who take these concepts very seriously indeed. You know what that’s like so until I can succeed in both putting more distance from them and get closer to more amenable folk I’ll be struggling with the thought of letting them have a piece of my mind or playing dumb.

      • Miranda,
        I came across the “off his meds” term yesterday, in a movie review of all things. The movie was about the apostle John, and the movie critic complained that the character seemed less like he was trying to spread the news of Jesus and more like a ranting person who had “gone off his meds.”
        It burns me up that this phrase and others are so widely accepted despite their obvious connotation. I would love to read a blog post on this.

        Thank you, Caroline. Great article. I would add borderline personality to the list of diagnoses in which any perceived misstep is viewed as a threat. Once I had that diagnosis, anything I did or said was questioned.

  5. Caroline, I enjoy your writing but you still haven’t fully rejected psychiatry and its labels, which I encourage you to keep working on.

    You are picking up on the only true reason politicians are concerned with “mental health” legislation — the public perception of crazed violent psychokillers. And no, the public perception hasn’t changed substantially in decades despite rhetoric about fighting “stigma” (i.e. bigotry against the psychiatrically labeled). It must of course be a coincidence that the incidence of “crazy” mass shootings seems to have risen in direct proportion to the increased administration of SSRI’s. The “psycho factor” is exploited by both sides of the “gun control” debate.

    I would also be careful about stereotyping people who are opposed to this continuing lockdown as right wing yahoos; there is clearly something going on here that goes beyond concern about a virus, even if we aren’t yet clear about what it is. These are the most totalitarian times I have ever experienced.

  6. Thank you so much for writing this! The spurious association between mental illness and dangerousness is all about creating fear and scapegoating, which is the MO of politics. Politics at its core is about the distribution of power, and the fact that power — who has it and who doesn’t — often defines who is and isn’t mentally ill suggests why psychiatry is so easily weaponized for politics. Generally, the only times the powerful will self-identify as having mental illness is when they want to make an excuse for a wrong that they got caught committing. For the rest of us, mental illness is something that is imposed on us through labels and victimization. This is what Tamika Mallory meant when she said, “We are not responsible for the mental illness that has been inflicted upon our people by the American government, institutions, and those people who are in positions of power.”

    Tamika Mallory’s powerful speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUvGeEQidT0

          • I’m sorry, Rachel, for you, for me (I feel/think the same), and for everyone who’s been victimized by psychiatry. I’ve been accused in the past (not by anyone here), by multiple people, including therapists and immediate family members, of “playing the victim”. I was just lying in bed, wondering if the overwhelming exhaustion, weakness, and trouble breathing was due to Cymbalta withdrawal or due to some other shit, knowing at the same time that it’s a moot point because it’s only getting worse and there is no help for it, medical or otherwise. I hate my apartment and thought I had it in me to move again so I gave my landlord notice. I need to be out by the end of September but day after day has gone by where, not only did I do nothing to prepare to move, I barely got out of bed. It would be so much simpler to just die in my sleep one night rather than deal with yet another move where I don’t even have a place to go and there’s no where I want to be, I just don’t want to be here because I can’t deal with my neighbors anymore, or the noise. I’m not suicidal, just done. The most positive emotion I have left is apathy. I’m sorry, it sucks, and we didn’t/don’t deserve it.

          • I was brutally suicidal for a long time for many reasons. For what it’s worth, if anything to another person in dire straights, the most profound change, ironically just at the very beginning of the virus epoch, was my new generic liquid ketamine treatment prescribed by my psychiatrist. It transformed me; of course with all my other modes of operation: nutrient supplements, privacy of funded apartment (by government and parents—I know, I know), art and website building, minor amounts of other pharmaceuticals, mainly to assist my sleeping, and there are others. But my ketamine really made an important difference. It is generic, $45 a month, 15mg per day, and transcends the expensive, time consuming, and clinical over-control of the nasal spray and IV.
            Maybe you didn’t/don’t want my input, and I can understand that. But I too have lived with the apocalypse, and only hold tight–now–what I can, and proceed from there. Take care.
            (p.s. I think this is not the place for criticizing my use of prescribed drugs, especially from other commentators. I’m fully aware of the complexities. That conversation can be had at another time.)

          • One of your concerns seems to be your lack of the human connection, socializing, etc. I made a comment earlier that didn’t even address that, and I’m sorry. I tend to be an introverted and private loner so I bone-headily over-looked that I guess. I walk with family, masked, although a lot less with the Heat in Alabama rising. I zoom with family or organizations that I am either a member or curious observer/participator. I text and talk occasionally with friends. I still see my psychologist in person, and now we both wear masks (he wasn’t). I actually like him a lot, which is somewhat unusual and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Anyway. Ok. Thanks.

  7. It’s important to preserve some distinction between madness and badness. People of course can be bought. I’m not sure if all people are as scared of the allegedly ‘mentally ill’, ‘nutters’ crazy people in their midst, sometimes now they just seem concerned that people take their drugs. They call this ‘care’. After that they usually don’t want to know. The violence argument ignores the institutional violence of coercive manipulative psychiatry. They call this ‘care’. The victims of which are more often the victims of violence than the perpetrators of it. In fact it seems that people being treated such are less likely to commit violent crime than the normals.

  8. Caroline’s difficulties in understanding some of these issues are clear in this article, and shared by many others. That it seems implausible, or even arrogant, to offer myself or my data as a source of “better” understanding doesn’t stop me from trying.

    The overall situation is obviously related to the problems we have and have had in understanding ourselves and each other. That a more “spiritual” approach is indicated is not clear to many, but it is to me. And of course, the most basic understanding, in that case, would be that we are in fact spiritual beings. Unfortunately, this understanding puts a lot more power and responsibility on our shoulders than most of us are comfortable with. That, however, is the correct starting place.

    Although a better understanding of the mind as a mechanism leads immediately to a more effective mental therapy and general approach to life, one soon enough discovers the more basic truth about personality. So I like to lead with it, even though it is a large conceptual step for many.

    From this basic comes better understandings of how politics and social interactions work in general, and how important it is, in particular, to guard ourselves from the poisoning of these relationships by people who are seriously “unwell,” the true criminals. It is ironic that they have convinced us that the only criminals are petty thieves and drug pushers and the truly “dangerous” are the mentally ill, when they are themselves the major cause of most of the bad experiences we run into in life, including petty crime and “mental illness.”

    Thus we have before us the obvious need for a self-education campaign. Such data is continuously fought against as “pseudo science” or “fraud.” If you as an individual are not able to rise above the avid craving for social acceptability that is currently being pushed by the latest generation of the criminally insane, then you will not be ale to benefit from the understandings that are – at this very moment – available to you.

    I don’t expect a flood of people to take on this challenge. But I would expect a few to be willing – out of desperation if no other reason. So far I have found very very few.

    • I’m not really clear exactly what “challenge” you mean? SPIRITUALITY?…. Earth 2020 is both spiritually SICK, and spiritually awakening. If enough of us wake up enough, fast enough, we’ll be fine. Otherwise not….
      I made my choice decades ago. Spirituality for Life is the BEST PATH….

      • The challenge is to start educating oneself outside the box of mainstream science and technology. That’s all I mean by that. I don’t care about couching it in terms like “awakening.” And I don’t want to threaten anyone that things will go bad for them if they remain ignorant. But there is a lot to know that the mainstream is not telling us that we should really be talking more about.

  9. Hi Caroline,

    I got to thinking about this article quite deeply and allowed myself the time to play devils advocate.

    “It’s like attributing some terrorism to certain practices or beliefs in Islam. If it were true that Islam sometimes produces terrorists, all Muslims would become potential suspects.”

    This is of course as true as it was of the Irish in London during the bombing campaign of the IRA in the 1970s. My uncle whose name was the equivalent of O’Malley couldn’t leave a bag in a pub while he went to the bathroom because of his Irish roots. He was a ‘potential suspect’ no matter where he went.

    But thinking about the ‘practices’ I assume your referring to the stonings, public floggings etc. So I wondered what and when these practices develop, and think maybe it is as those who believe see the decay in a society and respond with these practices to bring people back into line. Certainly attendance at Friday prayers increases if people are flogged publicly for not attending. Certainly adultery goes down when people are buried up to their necks and stoned if caught engaging in extra marital affairs.

    And then I got to thinking about the decay we are witness to in our own ‘advanced’ societies. Is the rise in psychiatric ‘care’ and ‘mental health services’ not a response to this decay? In as much as Islamic States response to the ‘straying’ of people in their own society?

    The very public ‘beating’ of people like Garth Daniels by psychiatrists a warning to others not to get on the wrong side of the ‘Morality Police’.

    I mean I get it that whilst I may be a ‘mistake’ or an ‘error’ as a result of people who use the system of brutality to ‘fuking destroy’ me by planting items on me and having the ‘morality police’ treat me as if I were a ‘criminal’ (the proverbial false accusers), but without my community needing this system to deal with people violating moral codes would not have come into existence.

    I mean I did after all say I was going to leave my wife, and this in my community is seen as justification for subjecting me to acts of torture, kidnapping and should I complain about the fact that this was all made to appear lawful by the wife of an ‘Imam’, I can be slaughtered in the street, while the ‘authorities’ hold me down. Of course all kind of embarrassing for them when they find out that it was all done via acts of negligence, fraud and slander (all acts which attract severe punishments in Islam I might add.) But as is the case with Islamic State, the ‘authorities’ need to be supported even when they make ‘mistakes’ and the people who dare to speak out against them need to be fuking destroyed to maintain authority over the people they rule over. And this needs to be done in a very public manner, hence the reason everyone has run away and left me for dead. They are “afraid for their families” as was openly expressed by the psychologist who tried to assist me, but was then threatened by police when they realised the documents hadn’t been retrieved, and their torture and kidnapping was exposed. Fear being a great motivator as any police officer here will tell you. This in a State where the Commissioner calls a threat to have someone raped in the cells for not wearing a bike helmet a “poor choice of words” by the officer concerned.

    So it is the attempts being made by good people to bring our communities back into a moral code that they believe that will not bring the wrath of god onto them. Can we blame them for trying to do this to save us all? And of course there will be mistakes, but in general they have the community living in fear and following their moral code (though I think in many ways the need to do these cover ups actually allows MORE corruption, rather than less).

    So I can’t help but wonder if I should stop “kicking against the pricks” and get with the program and start reporting suspicious activities I notice in friends and family to the authorities. These mental health helplines may be just the place to call and report people who express a belief that our governments are spying on us and that the cameras that are being installed in our homes are not for our own good. Of course they are, how else are they to micro manage every waking moment? And given what I have seen certainly my government is allowing public officers the right to tamper with documents to manipulate narratives and create whatever truth they like. This will ensure that good people are never held to account for little infractions like attempting to pervert the course of justice or convenience killings in the Emergency Dept to maintain their good reputation.

    It has taken me a while to come to this conclusion but I got there. Sure they tortured and kidnapped me, but it was all for the best. They knew I would come round to their way of thinking eventually, they always do. Either that or


    So maybe we should just all get with the program and accept with blind faith that these people are doing all this for our own good, and it can’t be easy. I mean if one were to take the letter of the law into account, much of what is being done would be considered human and civil rights abuses. But that’s the ‘devil in our ears’ trying to trick us into a belief that we actually have rights, we don’t. How do I know this? Psychiatry exists.

    • “So I can’t help but wonder if I should stop “kicking against the pricks” and get with the program and start reporting suspicious activities I notice in friends and family to the authorities.”

      I remember reading about Cold War East Germany some years ago. Nobody knew who among their family and friends was spying on them. There was no trust among people. And today in America we are creating the same climate of fear and suspicion. We’ve become what we were fighting against.

      • “Nobody knew who among their family and friends was spying on them.”

        This has been the case with mental health services for some time now Bowen. What a lot of people don’t realise is that what would be considered criminal and conspiring if the person were a citizen, becomes ‘healthcare’ and ‘medicinal’ if done to a “patient”. As far as they are concerned you may as well be ‘snowed’ in a hospital bed the way they can do anything they like behind your back.

        Consider, my wife and an FOI Officer conspiring to pervert the course of justice in concealing the fact I had been ‘spiked’ with date rape drugs and documented by the hospital. When I applied for the documents, they get together and try and make me into a “patient” to allow them to conspire to conceal the offences, and all that takes is for me to speak to a doctor and get a referral to a ‘friendly’. You can then go about what would otherwise be crimes because the “patient” is now having decisions made for them without them even knowing that they have been ‘hijacked’. They were being oh so nice to my face in rejecting my applications for my medical records, whilst providing fraudulent documents to my legal representatives. It makes one rather untrusting I guess is the term because you kind of know they are stabbing you in the back, and some of them even make it obvious in the hope you will get angry and then they can start the drugging without consent. In my case they tried to have me sign documets releasing them from the crime of conspiring to pervert etc, and failed. They then handed over ‘redacted’ documents which removed the police involvement and interrogation of me whilst I had been stupefied without my knowledge (consider that, police now have the ability to ‘spike’ people before interrogations and then have mental health services deal with the mess that makes of the psychological well being. And Mental Health Services are signing prescriptions for the drugs AFTER it is done.)

        Trust in Haste, Regret at Leisure with mental health services. Because once they have their hooks into you, even the police will assist them with their (otherwise) criminal conduct.

        I can show you how to use police services to kidnap and torture and then how to conceal this from the authorities. In fact, no need, the authorities are the ones doing the concealing lol. They are doing the work FOR the criminals lol

        “We have become what we were fighting against”

        Something I think of every time I see our politicians who are removing our human and civil rights with a pen, whilst those brave souls who fought for those rights paid for them in blood. Watch as they make their presence known at the parades. Al munafiqoon.

        Anyone care to see how I have this letter writing away our right to NOT be arbitrarily detained? “Suspect on reasonable grounds” becomes “Suspect”? And the State snatching people out of their beds because to disagree with someone means you must be mentally ill, and therefore any resistance to ‘treatment’ is a sign of your illness?


        Bob obviously met these same people.

        “you have no faith to lose, and you know it”

  10. Thanks for this piece Caroline. Yes, so true once you have a psychiatric label(s) how you are perceived by others (especially medical personnel and police) is very much colored/altered, as well as aspects of your rights, autonomy, etc. The same actions/behavior of someone without a label is viewed very differently when the same behavior involves a person with a label.

    In Alberta (Canada) last week a Sudanese man went into a medical clinic and while in the examining room with a doctor (a General Practitioner) he attacked the doctor with a hammer and machete. The doctor called out for help. He was rushed to the hospital in very rough shape but died. The police said they know the motive but will not be releasing it until later. People are already speculating it’s “mental illness” and the man told the judge at his first court appearance that “he is a sick man and needs a doctor”. It is these stories that feed that whole narrative. It may be that he was on psych drugs and/or in withdrawal but that will never be covered by mainstream media.

    • “The police said they know the motive but will not be releasing it until later.”

      Aka, the facts don’t suit the narrative we want the people to believe. “Insufficient evidence” means we refused to accept the documented proof of the crimes and are actively tampering with the justice system, but what are you going to do about it? We know where your family lives.

      I found it strange that my Government provides services for victims of torture, unless they are victims of torture by our government, then they are considered mentally ill and will be tortured until they shut their mouths, or commit suicide as a result of the gaslighting, and denial of access to remedy via the law. Either way, they win.

      So as a refugee the man is a victim of torture by the Sudanese government, but if he gets treated in the same manner by my government? And I am in no way denying that the doctor was truly trying to help this man, but has something about the ‘treatment’ triggered his response? Because plugging people into electric sockets is the same even if you use the machine that goes “PING” (Monty Python fans will get the reference).

      See this program to be seen by the public regarding the twisting of narratives to suit the purpose.


    • Interesting video! You get to watch him riding through Pittsburgh while he talks!
      One of the oddest things I found on this subject was a site that was publishing data about this disease based on information received in late November of 2019. Totally under the radars of almost everyone, of course. But interesting that someone seemed to know about it that early.
      This seems incredibly off-topic but I think it relates somehow to the whole plan that resulted in the current “mental health” system.

  11. “If someone has committed a heinous crime let them pay their debt to society.”

    Well said Caroline. We already have the legal system to punish all of us for law breaking.

    But psychiatry has the authority to punish regardless of our behavior. The unquestioned absolute authority to inflict cruel and unusual punishment (without limit) on even the most mild mannered law abiding saints–more sinned against than sinning. Just because some Expert deems them biologically unfit for basic human rights or simple kindness and decency.

    Psychiatry punishes the “biologically unfit” for the crime of existing. 🙁

    Because of this pseudo science our culture chooses to judge us on the word of some Ex-Spurt Sciencey Dude–who just flipped through old notes without talking to us. Not the content of our character.

    • No longer in my State Rachel777.

      Our Premier is talking about the use of “tracking devices” on “those who would breach quarantine potential criminals” just yesterday. And the passing of Emergency Legislation to deny one of the richest men in the country the right to access the courts to enforce his rights relly does mean “we are all in this together”. That is, until like the National Socialists in Germany “we were just doing our jobs” applies.

      “If somebody with a mental illness ends up before court, then that’s a failure, in my view…it’s because they’ve not been able to, or haven’t received the appropriate care and help that could have prevented that happening.” Lawyer, Tasmania

      from this page


      Consider that statement carefully. They would like to take the use of logic and reason away and replace it with opinion and speculation. The crimes that were committed against me concealed by making the issue one of whether I have an illness and therefore the criminals were justified in committing their offences against me? Having a doctor sign off post hoc on the torture to have me ‘confess’ to my ‘illness’ proof that these were ‘good’ people.

      Do we then consider if the bank robber had debts he could not afford to service and he was thus justified in robbing the bank? Off you go, no crime has been committed other than the failure of the rich to share my friend lol.

      The ability to make citizens into “patients” post hoc will result in an absolute disaster for our court system. Way beyond anything imagined by Commissioner Kennedy when he said that ‘verballing’ was corrupting our system. Imagine providing police with the power to have people they torture ‘treated’ for the ‘illness’ they have induced via acts of known torture? And then the ability to deny access to remedy to right that wrong? You no longer have a right to speak for yourself because we don’t like what you are saying. So torture away people, because there is no avenue for remedy other than ‘referral’ to a system that is an abuse of human and civil rights.

      I’d like to leave this place now please.

        • Okay, so then we do what was done to me, plant items to MAKE them criminals and then track them lol. What I noticed was that if the person who has a duty to enforce the rules doesn’t do their job, then outcomes are easily manipulated. Appoint someone who is prepared to neglect their duty to the role where they are supposed to enforce the protections and hey presto, looks like a sheep, underneath is a wolf.

          For example the Chief Psychiatrist as Head of the Royal College of Psychiatrists was having a certain level of effect for his colleagues. But imagine if he took the role of the person who enforces the rules and then neglected that duty? It’d be carte blanche. Which shows in this letter I have where he has openly stated that Authorised Mental Health Practitioners have the right to arbitrarily detain and torture citizens, and he won’t perform his duty under the Corruption and Crime Commission Act and report them if they do. And in fact, will accept hospital administrators distributing fraudulent documents to lawyers to conceal the criminal offences they have engaged in. Too easy when people trust you.

          Good news is that very few slip through the net given the ability to use police resources to have your victims delivered to you for ‘treatment’ should they actually obtain the proof of crimes committed in the process of torturing people into confessing to their illness of not agreeing with doctor. Simply flag them on the police system and should they turn up in a station somewhere looking to lodge an Incident Report, have police refer your “patient” back to you for unintended negative outcoming. Extract as much Medicare money from them as possible whilst ECTing them into submission (see others who have been subjected to this process on this very site).

          Not that I consider it any of my business anymore. I just want to go home and not be subjected to further slander and fraud by our politicians and their ‘Masters’. I note that someone in my home has decided that such abuses should not be enabled, and that they are ‘phasing out’ the use of these torture methods (for now). Quite possibly the reason the Operations Manager who hasn’t been here long is going about setting up shop here after being removed from my country.

          That’s something else that leaves me flabbergasted. I have actually been to my consulate and told them that I have been subjected to torture, have the proof and would like some assistance to leave this place, and ……… crickets. That really surprises me because whilst I get it that the fraud is being maintained by the State government, surely my Nation would check such allegations before dismissing them? And of course had they checked they would KNOW what I am saying is the truth. Makes one wonder about the protections of ones Nation. Though I guess Jamal Kashoggi thought he was safe to go and get his paperwork. Not unlike me thinking police would take the proof of crimes and not simply hand me back to mental health services to be tortured and slaughtered (aka ‘fuking destroyed’).

          I guess the woman who watched her daughter step in front of a car is about to find out how the Operations Manager deals with “formal investigations” and ‘fuking destroys’ anyone who dares question her preferred truths. Same hospital, same outcome one would assume. Bit of advice, just accept the fraud and slander because if your paying for your own torture, it will ruin your credit rating. And of course everyone confesses in the end, they have to lest the State have to bear the cost of torturing you lol. User pays system. Something they might want to consider in the US lol

  12. Hello Rachel,
    I saw your post about loathing the endless isolation from the lockdown. I don’t like it either. I’m sorry you want Covid 19 to end your life. I would miss you. I rate you among the top 5 commenters on MIA. I love your anti-psychiatry stance and I am amazed that you are so articulate after all that the Psychiatric Drug Pushers have done to you.

    And to Oldhead, L E Cox, and Bradford :

    hank You very much for de-bunking the pro-vaccination propaganda on this site. It’s strange that those who promote this viewpoint don’t even seem to know that the same corrupt drug companies, with a very long and very bad track record of producing very nasty Psychiatric Drugs; also make Vaccines ! Duh ? Is 66 years a long enough track record ?

    Also, Natural News.com and Vaccine Impact News.com have a lot of info on vaccine dangers. If my sources are not good enough; how about the PDR ( Physicians Desk Reference ) having a lot of info. on vaccine dangers. Is the PDR scientific enough for the Pro-Vaxxers ???

    • Thanks.
      I don’t consider myself an anti vaxxer though. At least not as far as the basic MMR shots go. Even polio shots are still a good idea.

      These shots are highly effective. And the polio one saves children’s lives.

      My brother and I had all four as children. But I got my Chicken Pox immunity the old fashioned way.

      Dedicating my time to trying to help keep local small businesses afloat. Pam Popper’s gives some tips on how we can do this. I highly recommend looking up her interview with Peter Breggin on YouTube.

      A lot of people are desperately afraid they will lose their homes or be unable to scrape enough beans and rice together to feed their children. I visit a cafe near me and promised the owner’s daughter working behind the cash register that if another lockdown takes place I will still get carry out there regularly.

      She thanked me profusely.

    • Justsayno — Interesting about the PDR. It’s only online now I guess? Wonder if the PDR will be banned by social media.

      If I drove a rusty nail an inch into my foot or got bit by a rabid animal I would get tetanus/rabies shots, out of terror, science be damned. But the general mentality behind vaccines is that our bodies need constant help from the medical industry to help them carry out their basic functions, which include an advanced immune system if we treat them right. So it seems logical that “vaccines” would make our immune systems lazy, hence vulnerable.

      While capitalism is totally the culprit here, it is not so in the ways propagated by “leftists,” who equate people’s exasperation with their lives and businesses being locked down with selfish “capitalist” greed.

      It is the corporate/capitalist “Standard American Diet” (SAD), with extra sugar and salt, that has left vast swaths of the population with weakened immune systems insufficient to fight COVID effectively. Along with generally poor health practices, including over reliance on the medical industry and its drugs.

      Hooking people on mass diets (with a few variations) not only benefits food corporations, but the ensuing disease is exploited by the medical industry. Profits all around. Plus a trimmer more manageable population.

  13. Not sure if Caroline will see this now that she’s ‘bowed out’, but I always find her articles stimulating. I agree with another commentator that these feeds have a tendency to hijack the author’s focal point and there could be a separate dedicated area for extending conversation.

  14. All the talk about virology and epidemiology above reminded me that the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) used for research in psychology was developed from epidemiology. Taking something that is real, aka a virus, and applying it to metaphors or ‘personality traits’ has been a great means of deceiving the public that this is “science”. Look, we’ve got the numbers lol. Of course like the three card monte it is, knowing how the con works takes the ‘magic’ out of the equation, and your left with nothing but a trick not even worthy of a clown at a kids birthday party.

    • Speaking of funny, ……. I just went back to bed (5am) and a house over the back fence is having the door kicked in and some woman is screaming “Nooooooooo, get your hands off me”.

      Now years ago I might have been concerned that she was the victim of domestic violence and needed assistance, but after my experience I am of the opinion that it might actually be ‘assistance’ from mental health services she is receiving. And I certainly wouldn’t wish to be a witness to the ‘treatment’ given that they ‘fuking destroy’ anyone who speaks the truth when they don’t like that narrative and have a fraudulent preferred one already prepared. So. I might stay silent on this one for now and hope it isn’t another person being set on fire as a result of the ‘Covid stress’.