Psychiatry’s Greatest Harm: Its Lies Have Poisoned Our Entire Culture


As modern psychiatry grows larger and larger, it becomes hungrier and hungrier for more clients. Its formula is to invent fake ‘illnesses’ that everyone meets criteria for, and to lure people to seek fake ‘cures’ that really make them permanently ‘ill.’ But there is a more pervasive, ominous, and subtle way that U.S. adoption of the medical model has spread ‘mental illness’ and drug addiction.

The medical model’s myths have been deeply embedded in our culture for 30 years now. Today’s young parents have thus always been bombarded with lies about emotional/behavioral issues like ‘ADHD’ or ‘bipolar’ being genetic/chemical ‘brain diseases.’ For example, WebMD says: “There is no way to prevent ADHD.” Many parents thus think that child and adult problems are fated by one’s genes (hardwired), so it’s not their fault if their kids develop them. If kids’ troubles are not due to anything parents do or don’t do, then kids not having troubles isn’t due to anything parents do or don’t do, either. It implies parents can have little effect on how their kids turn out.

Thus, many parents likely think that the way they raise their kids, and the environmental impacts they expose them to, are less crucial than parents used to think in pre-medical-model days. If they undervalue the key roles of raising and exposing to stimulating/cultivating experiences, they will probably put less time and effort into these activities, or into being good role models. In fact, the main concern lately of my clients who plan to have kids is whether they’ll pass on their ‘mental illness genes’ to them. Their main worry used to be whether they had the tools needed to be good parents. They’ve been misled to believe that all you need to raise kids is add food and water and let nature do the rest. What kids truly need is to be civilized, nurtured, guided, taught, and stimulated.

To show how raising is more crucial than DNA in determining how kids turn out, consider all the vastly diverse culturally-learned behaviors around the world, and how kids learn the customs and habits of the society that raises them, no matter where they are from. There is also huge variation in learned behaviors within cultures over time — our habits have changed greatly in recent decades, during which our DNA changed little. Kids can flexibly learn infinite different abilities thanks to their brain’s trillions of synaptic connections, but simpler animals’ options are limited since they are mainly controlled by instincts. But unlike other animals, kids need upbringings since they’ll only learn what is instilled and cultivated by society. If not raised, they’ll remain in their original helpless, wild, unskilled state.

Since the medical model’s acceptance led to less societal focus on raising kids, kids probably are now less likely to mature. Persistent wildness (which we now call ‘ADHD’ or ’bipolar’) and drug abuse rates may thus be rising since: 1. Psychiatric ‘treatment’ (labeling, sedating, helicoptering, coddling, and reducing demands/discipline) of immature children doesn’t raise them — it impedes their maturation. 2. There is a growing pool of immature children to target for such ‘illification,’ whose upbringings were stifled by the medical model’s infestation of our whole culture. 3. Even if they’re never officially ‘illified,’ they still likely won’t fully mature due to their stifled raising.

Also, in health class, schools now often tell impressionable young children that vigorous activity, impulsivity, distractibility, moodiness and temper outbursts are ‘symptoms of brain illness’ rather than normal developmental stages that they can/must master. If kids learn from websites, WebMD says “People with depression often fail to realize or accept that there is a biological cause to their depressed mood. As a result,they search endlessly for external causes.” Many websites teach that ‘ADHD’ and ‘bipolar’ are genetic. The medical model is in the water kids drink! Implanting such lies so early in life may deter kids from trying to learn to cope with feelings constructively, focus their attention, or control their impulses. Their futures will be harmed even if their parents don’t accept psychiatry’s lies.

Teaching that genes cause ‘mental illness’ can itself cause ‘mental illness’ by deceiving kids into thinking it’s their fate to end up like their parents. For example, if their parents ‘have depression,’ kids may view their own normal sad feelings as signs of ‘inheriting it,’ especially if parents don’t ask why they’re sad but instead say: “It’s in our genes.” So instead of facing and resolving their issues, they’ll also seek ‘cures’ from MDs and get turned into eternally ‘ill’ clients. And kids who think they can’t avoid their ‘genetic fate’ won’t try to avoid repeating their parents’ errors: A boy whose father is a drug addict may see no use resisting urges to use, since “drug abuse isn’t a choice; it’s inherited.”

The ADHD scam has lasted for thirty years — that is enough time for a new generation of ‘illified’ parents to have arisen who will likely comply with psychiatry ‘raising’ their kids, as their parents did with them. Their insufficient upbringings interfered in their learning mature coping tools, so they can’t teach or model them to their kids anyway. So even if their children are never ‘illified,’ they still won’t be fully transformed from their innately helpless/uncivilized state into self-reliant mature, responsible adults. A self-perpetuating, ever-expanding, malignant cycle has thus begun.

The medical model’s cancer-like spread caused many adults to lose touch with their emotions — to forget that sadness is a normal response to unavoidable life struggles commonly experienced by everyone, such as disappointment or loss, rather than a genetic/chemical physical illness. This blocks people from being driven by their feelings to solve the problems that upset them, which is how our emotions help us. Thus, people who accept the medical model, even if not in ‘treatment,’ don’t productively identify, understand, and devise plans to address their upsetting issues, due to wrongly thinking that they have none and that they’re powerless to help themselves. They instead forever ‘battle depression or anxiety’ itself, to no avail. They have been set up for certain failure.

The medical model has poisoned our culture in many ways. In just thirty years in America, it has largely undone the huge adaptive potential that millions of years of brain evolution had provided. Psychiatry profits by parasitically creating an increasingly ‘ill’ society whose people are helpless and vulnerable to legal/illegal drug dealers. They’re either tricked into not using their resourceful capacities to handle life’s challenges, or never fully developed them since their upbringings were stifled. Psychiatry’s harms extend far beyond those people it ‘treats’ — they are undermining our society’s entire foundation.


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  1. Thank you, excellent post. Love the title. Absolutely, the “mental health professionals” are “parasitical.” And you are absolutely right, properly raising children is imperative for a healthy society. The women are NOT all “irrelevant to reality,” as my psychiatrist apparently believed. The “mental health professionals'” staggeringly disrespectful beliefs that being a stay at home mother and active volunteer, as well as a working artist, qualifies one as “unemployed” and “w/o work, content, and talent,” prior to even looking at my “insightful” artwork, are insane. And I am being named “artist of the year” next year for a non-profit organization.

    I took a child who was sexually assaulted at the age of three, got him away from the sexual predators, properly raised him. He healed with love and time, graduated as valedictorian of his high school class and graduated Phi Beta Kappa (with highest honors) from university. Properly raising children matters. “Women’s work” matters. Loving mothers are not “irrelevant to reality” as the psychiatric industry believes.

    Once the psychiatrist who was drugging me up, based upon lies and gossip from the child molesters according to my medical records, learned the medical evidence of the child rape was handed over, he wanted to have my child tranquilized. Psychiatric drugs do NOT cure people from distress caused by child abuse! I had to walk away from such a stupid and unethical psychiatrist.

    The primary actual function of today’s psychiatric industry, according to their own medical literature, is silencing and torturing child abuse victims. Today, “the prevalence of childhood trauma exposure within borderline personality disorder patients has been evidenced to be as high as 92% (Yen et al., 2002). Within individuals diagnosed with psychotic or affective disorders, it reaches 82% (Larsson et al., 2012).” And since covering up child abuse is illegal, this means most psychiatrists belong in jail, as people who aid and abet pedophiles.

    Just a FYI, today’s “borderline,” “psychotic and affective disorder” treatments, the antidepressants and/or antipsychotics (aka neuroleptics), can create the negative symptoms of “schizophrenia” via neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome. And they can create the positive symptoms of “schizophrenia” via antidepressant and/or antipsychotic induced anticholinergic toxidrome. But since neither of these psychiatric drug induced illnesses are listed in their DSM billing code “bible,” the psychiatrists are too stupid to know this.

    Is a woman who found the medical evidence that “schizophrenia” is likely primarily an iatrogenic illness, created by the “treatment,” really “irrelevant to reality?” Perhaps a little more respect for the feminine, including the feminine or intuitive side of the brain, is in order?

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    • I wonder if there Is such a thing as “Negative Schizophrenia”, without Neuroleptic consumption.

      There’s nothing I’ve experienced more demotivating than neuroleptics – they definitely create chronic lethargy.
      This is what “medication” consumers experience, and they can’t do much about It while they consume “medication”.

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      • Amazingly, neuroleptic use rose to become the top selling drug class of all types in America in 2008 and 2009. This was largely due to “ADHD”-labelled kids no longer being effectively sedated by stimulants upon becoming teenagers, but instead being revved up by them, since this is when stimulants start to have stimulating effects. Of course blaming this on the prescribed stimulants wouldn’t have been good for business, so these teens now needed a different (or second) diagnosis with different drugs that would effectively sedate them. The newly expanded (expressly for this purpose) “bipolar” label came to the rescue with its anti-manic/anti-psychotic drugs to shut up these kids once again. This explains why mass “bipolar”-labeling of teenagers started five years after mass “ADHD”-labeling of little kids started, and why 85% of “bipolar” teens had been previously “treated” for “ADHD”.

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  2. I hate to argue with distinguished bloggers, but what sounds like the medical model they’re rapping, doesn’t seem to be medical at all, but moral- attempting to control “immoral” activity via drugging, which sounds like model muddle (I was always an avid reader of Humphry Osmond) at best. It reveals itself in these ADHD “treatments”. Notice that no attempt is ever made by the medicating shrinks to determine the origin of the undesirable behavior to determine treatment (allergies, food additives, and, as well as other things, worst of all being heavy metals like lead, that can lead to behavior changes, that “speed” can’t treat).

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    • No psychiatrist I know would constitute a great moralist. Most wouldn’t know what morality was if it bit them in the butt.

      Some kids/YA are diagnosed with ODD because they act like hooligans and shop lift. I got in trouble for being “too good.” I kid you not! In the mental hospital I meekly submitted to at 15 the staff didn’t know what to do with me. My behavior actually scared some. More of a Lisa Simpson than a Bart. I was too moral and they considered that a mark of depression/OCD.

      At 22 some “experts” talked to Dad and me. “We have found two key problems with Rachel.” I believed in moral absolutes and I refused to sleep around. BUT if I had been the other way they would happily label me a “sociopath with nymphomania.” Or something equally ridiculous.

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  3. It truly is a tragedy. I’d even go as far as to say it’s a crime against humanity. Ultimately the children are the greatest victims, as they have no rights to refuse or be fully informed and don’t even get a chance to grow up before they become addled by drugs. You are right in criticizing the “illified” parents who outsource their obligations in exchange for an easy, but ultimately more harmful way out.

    Psychiatrists have controlled the whole discourse for far too long. It started with the politicians granting them state-sanctioned power to approve of and inflict the treatments of their own design. Then the propaganda blitz on the general public followed and gradually over decades their intellectual supremacy, fabricated illnesses, and debilitating “treatments” have not only been normalized but became increasingly more sought after. The profit motive, especially in light of big pharma, is so blatant as to be some kind of kafkaesque joke.
    People actually believe this is all scientifically verifiable practice instead of being confirmationally biased, normative, subjective social control.

    How to break their grip? It’s hard to say. People don’t want to believe that good “doctors” would be so intellectually bankrupt and corrupt. Without nearly as much financial backing as they have, the best we can do is try and spread the word, to resist peacefully and through the spread of dissenting information and anecdotes like on this site. Throughout history, righteousness and truth have often dwelled in the most marginalized corners until a certain critical mass that allows mass societal conversion can be achieved. Until that day comes, we have to keep working and keep telling our stories, making our arguments, and challenging the powers that be.

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  4. A lot of “ADHD” kids would improve scholastically if parents fed them oatmeal for breakfast rather than Frosted Sugar Bombs and they had gym every day and did calisthenics every hour of school time. And got rid of the TV or severely restricted viewing.

    Sugary diets, sitting for 7 hours behind a desk, and another 5 or 6 before the tube aren’t natural for kids. Putting them on more unnatural junk–drugs–to gum up their thinking is not the answer!

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  5. good article. I do not completely agree with some of the statements and conclusions. When the author wrote about psychiatrists “coddling” people, etc., plus his view of parenting, it became clear to me: not only is the author a psychiatrist, he’s never been a low-status, poor, “mental patient.”

    I think the author also ignores a number of larger, social issues that help fuel psychiatry’s growth and fill its coffers. Social and family disintegration, anomie, growing inequality, the “disenchantment of the world” that comes with modernization, plus the medicalization of deviance.

    I do agree that drugs are not the answer. Depending on the situation, drugs might be part of the solution (pain killers for pain while doing physical therapy, for instance), but drugs are not a good long-term solution, especially for problems in living.

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    • YeahIsurvived:

      I guess I did not make it clear, that by coddling, I meant how the mis-labeling of normal, healthy kids as permanently disabled by “defective brain hard-wiring” misleads parents and schools into unnecessarily lowering their demands/expectations of these kids, especially school accommodations which prevent these kids from being challenged to reach their full potential, and condition them to expect things to always be made easy for them. Psychiatry’s lies trick parents into thinking their kids will never develop “executive skills”, so they do many tasks for them, or “hold them by the hand” while they do them, overseeing them closely to rescue them from any mistakes. Such coddling during childhood is not only unnecessary – It harmfully prevents kids from learning the tools needed to self-sufficiently cope with a tough real world upon entering adulthood.


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    • “Depending on the situation, drugs might be part of the solution […] but drugs are not a good long-term solution”

      This is contradictory. If the drug is degrading the situation in the long run, it’s a bad idea from the start. With regard to neuroleptics, Harrow (2014, p.4) found the following results:

      % of schizophrenic patients still psychotic after 4 years:

      Never on neuroleptic: 7%

      Sometimes on neuroleptics: 46%

      Always on neuroleptics: 72%

      This strongly suggests even occasional neuroleptic intakes reduce the chances of long-term recovery, and the only acceptable dose of neuroleptics is zero.

      Taking drugs is like getting a debt: you may feel like you have a lot of money, but in reality you will have to pay everything back, and with the interest. And the longer you delay paying off your neurological debt – the longer you delay doing your withdrawal – the more debt you will accumulate and you have to pay more and more interest.

      Psychiatrists are usurers.

      Harrow, M., Jobe, T. H., Faull R. N. (2014) Does treatment of schizophrenia with antipsychotic medications eliminate or reduce psychosis? A 20-year multi-follow-up study. Psychological Medicine, Page 1 of 10. © Cambridge University Press 2014 doi:10.1017/S0033291714000610 Repéré à

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        • “That’s not at all clear. In a crisis, antipsychotic medication can be invaluable.”

          There is no doubt neuroleptics reduce psychotic symptoms in the short term.

          However, I do not know of any study that suggests neuroleptics are superior to the absence of neuroleptics beyond two years, whatever the posology. It is possible that taking neuroleptics even once in a crisis increases the risk of remaining psychotic beyond 2 years, compared to the absence of neuroleptic.

          We should find a study that compares a group “absolutely zero neuroleptic” to a group “neuroleptic in case of crisis”, and see who has the best results after 2 years.

          In my opinion, the group “Neuroleptic in case of crisis” will have superior results before 1 or 2 years, and lower after, for various reasons (habituation, withdrawal syndrome, psychosis of hypersensitivity, psychological dependence…). Neuroleptics will always be a neurological debt to be repaid with interest. There is no free credit.

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        • I believe the problem with using tranquilizers for crises, is that a tranquilized person is unable to fully understand, work on, and possibly resolve whatever caused the crisis. They are likely to instead ignore the crisis’s cause, which will thus not only persist but get worse over time. Furthermore, it sets a trend for not developing and relying on one’s own coping abilities/strengths, but instead always turning to chemicals to cope with life’s problems in general. And since tranquilizers are often addictive (like benzodiazepines), then one has to deal with worsening withdrawal symptoms in addition to their real life problems.

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        • I tend to agree with Dr. Terry Lynch that VERY SHORT TERM use of neuroleptics might help someone out of touch with their surroundings who was violent or agitated. Kind of like morphine after invasive surgery.

          By short term I mean 1-4 weeks on the full dose and a week or two for tapering off. Unfortunately American psychiatrists don’t operate that way.

          10 mg of Haldol made me more agitated than ever. When they saw my reaction the orderlies pitied me–I trustingly helped them inject me like a lamb to the slaughter. They consoled me as best they could, telling me other patients experienced eyes rolling back, Parkinsonism, and restlessness.

          As far as the psychiatrist was concerned he told my parents, “That shouldn’t happen.” Someone was lying or woefully ignorant, and it wasn’t the orderly.

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      • Drop The Disorder

        Schizophrenia is described in the literature I have seen as a Long Term Severe and Disabling Disorder. So if only 7% of Non Neuroleptic consumers have it after 4 years – then we have 2 different disorders. 1. Very Recoverable Schizophrenia and ; 2. Non Recoverable Scizophrenia.

        But in Reality we have :- “Neuroleptic Induced Long Term Severe Mental Illness”.

        Thank you for clearly making this distinction. This is my experience!

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      • Harrow has been replicated by others:
        Harrow, M. & Jobe, T.H. (2017) concludes in “A 20-Year multi-followup longitudinal study assessing whether antipsychotic medications contribute to work functioning in schizophrenia”:
        “Negative evidence on the long-term efficacy of antipsychotics have emerged from our own longitudinal studies and the longitudinal studies of Wunderink, of Moilanen, Jääskeläinena and colleagues using data from the Northern Finland Birth Cohort Study, by data from the Danish OPUS trials the study of Lincoln and Jung in Germany, and the studies of Bland in Canada,” (Bland R. C. and Orn H. (1978): 14-year outcome in early schizophrenia; Acta. Psychiatrica Scandinavica 58,327-338) the authors write. “These longitudinal studies have not shown positive effects for patients with schizophrenia prescribed antipsychotic for prolonged periods. In addition to the results indicating the rarity of periods of complete recovery for patients with schizophrenia prescribed antipsychotics for prolonged intervals, our research has indicated a significantly higher rate of periods of recovery for patients with schizophrenia who have gone off antipsychotics for prolonged intervals.”

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  6. What we have been watching for 40 years now is the collapse of Western culture at the hands of an ever growing greedy alliance between the richest corporations in history and their agents who move among the people, the doctors. Not just psychiatrists either. I was in America recently and was assailed by continual and aggressive advertisements for drugs every time the TV was turned on. Drugs for gripes, aches and pains, feelings, everything. They appeared to far outweigh ads for cars, clothes and other goods. This costs big bucks and the pharmaceutical companies have them.
    I watched the medicalisation of everything – no suggestions of lifestyle changes, of diet changes, just take our product, a pill. It is a mad consequence of unfettered capitalism and unless checked will be the end of our civilisation as we know it.
    If the brightest, most energetic, most enquiring and questioning children are the first targeted by sedation, where will the leaders come from?

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  7. Brain plasticity, which is the ability of the brain to continuously change with various environmental influences, etc., is often listed as one of the key discoveries of neuroscience. Yet, psychiatrists completely ignore it as if it doesn’t even exist – for them, everything has to be interpreted in terms of genes, neural circuits and other unchanging entities that somehow have to be manipulated using drugs. This ignorant view is due to ‘confirmation bias’ – the tendency to search for and only favour information that confirms one’s pre-existing beliefs or hypotheses.

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    • Nancy99:

      Yes, psychiatry has managed to convince many well-educated parents and teachers that children are incapable of learning how to change their behavior, even though animals as simple as mollusks can do so! Just as a wild animal that is repeatedly shot with tranquilizer darts never becomes tame, kids that are sedated daily instead of raised, never become civilized/mature/self-sufficient. It is a zombie apocalypse in the making.


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      • Dear Lawrence- I’ve been forced to take drugs for a long time. As a child I took them off and on- if that werent enough damage. Then 5 years ago they forced me to do it being called bipolar 1- I’ve had hell to experience. Now I’m on heavy drugs and have no legal recourse. Any thoughts on how to withdrawal and remove the requirement- plus be active against it? I’m getting discouraged.

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        • Brandb4, my heart goes out to you. I am now off my psych drugs but feel like I have the flu all the time. Worst of all–I hate lying, especially to loved ones–I have to lie to family and all but the friends in the know. If they knew the truth they would flip out even if they didn’t lock me up “for my own good.”

          If you want to communicate offline my email is evelynnichols at outlook dot com. Two Ns in the name. Survingantidepressants has helped me greatly in going drug free.

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    • Thanks Nancy99,

      I have had my own experience of “Plasticity” through the practice of Buddhism and ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ in adjusting to coming off Neuroleptic Medication.

      My own “self discipline” methods were not enough to get me through, at the time.

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  8. ADHD couldn’t have been a problem throughout much of the 20th century because during this period most people were not expected to receive a college education. It is only when most people are expected to complete college, and “success” is gauged on whether you’re a member of the professional class making on average 30 to 40 K a year that it (i.e. distraction in class) becomes an issue. Without this accent on higher education, and the “achievement” that comes with it, you wouldn’t have any ADHD.

    Sure, this nonsense was spun by medical model psychiatry, and exasperated by lax parenting skills. I think you have to look at it from a historical perspective, too. How could the ADHD rate go from almost 0 to encompass nearly 10 % of the juvenile population? You’ve got the right idea, but I think one also has to look at the present importance attached to higher education to get a better grasp of the why and how. Were such an importance not attached to higher education, there would be little reason to label kids hyperactive and attention distracted.

    Now we’ve got pre-school. You didn’t have that when I was a toddler. Nursery school and kindergarten were it. This pre-school has to do with the importance of preparing children for school with the expectation that it will help them do better. Again, it’s the expectation that people should have a college degree that fuels the ADHD epidemic. You’ve got something similar behind pre-school. If having a 30/40 K job is “success”, any bump on the road to that goal could be characterized, as is happening here, in typically pathological terms.

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    • Frank:

      Good points. And in reality, though “ADHD-treated” kids may initially briefly outperform their unsedated peers who haven’t yet learned how to sit still or pay attention, these peers quickly pass them and leave them in the dust once they do learn these skills (which the sedated kids never learn). That’s why long-term studies around the world show markedly worse academic attainment by “ADHD-treated” kids, as measured by grade level of work and standardized test performance. Parents are fooled into thinking their “ADHD-treated” kids are learning by the high grades they get once they’re “classified”. But these grades weren’t earned, since they’re the result of their “IEP”s which include accommodations like greatly reduced expectations and extra help from staff, which in essence are merely authorized cheating. Similarly, college, students who claim they use stimulants as “performance enhancing chemicals” actually have far lower GPAs (Clegg-Kraynok “Sleep Qualities and Characteristics of College Students who use Psychostimulants” 2011).


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    • Eric:

      Thank you. I just read the front page article of “Clinical Psychiatry News” Vol. 45(10), which is a free newspaper sent to all U.S. psychiatrists, and it made recommendations scarily reminiscent of what occurred in Nazi Germany as discussed in your ‘Invisible Holocaust’ article. It was entitled “Palliative Care Reimagined – Approach Might Benefit Some Psychiatric Patients”. It urged that a “palliative approach”, such as a more “relaxed use” of addictive/dangerous drugs, be used for “persistent mental illnesses” such as “schizophrenia” or “refractory depression”. The implication of this article was that it would be preferable to “relieve suffering” by giving such people higher and higher doses until they eventually overdose (as is often done for terminal cancer patients), since they have “insufficient quality of life” and are at risk of dying from suicide, anyway. Psychiatry is sinking to lower and lower depths.


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  9. That’s right, the mental health system and the recovery movement have poisoned our entire culture. Even if someone is not being subjected to electro shock or drugs, then they are getting psychotherapy, life coaching, or they are being told that they need to work on themselves to recovery from their malady.

    But never are they told the truth, simply that they need to stand up for themselves. They need to stand up to the historic abusers and to people who function in similar capacities today, and they need to stand up but good to all the therapists.

    If your social and civil standing have been damaged, you will feel distress and likely justified anger. You have to see this anger as your compass. The way to restore your social and civil standing is to fight back and score some tangible victories. Even if you cannot do this, at least you should be able to join forces with others and put up a good fight. But if you let the therapists have at you, then its just abuse survivors abusing each other.

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  10. Thank you, Lawrence. This seems profoundly and sadly right to me. I think it is part of the larger trend of Focualtian “disciplining” of individuals and society, as opposed to more physical and explicit–and thus resistable–forms of control. I would add also to what you write the effect of “smart” (really dumbing) phones; in addition to what is obvious all around us, I believe there is no solid research showing sharp increases in childhood depression and anxiety within a few years of their introduction. We are, indeed, in truly awful shape, as a society, for dealing with what is coming down the pike.

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    • Oldhead:

      I don’t think change will ever come from enough MDs joining our movement, since not only are they hugely profiting from ruining people’s lives, they would have no other way of earning a living if they gave it up. I think it is the people who are not enriching themselves via this system that we need to explain the truth to. The brainwashing about the medical model starts in childhood, so I think we need to find a way to get our info to children and the teachers and parents who raise them.


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      • I find some hope in the fact that fewer and fewer people trust medical professionals. Many find the medical establishment less trustworthy than attorneys.

        If enough people protest the corruption in the medical system, MDs will eventually need to sing a different tune or let homeopaths have most of their business.

        If you notice all the angry doc bloggers decrying how “phony” homeopathic medicine and nutrition are you realize they spend hours a week writing these posts/articles because they perceive natural health consultants as a threat to business as usual. Some of them even troll sites and forums for natural health fans and those suffering iatrogenic damage. They are that desperate (and nasty.)

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      • We don’t need to be picking sides in a battle for market share between the pro-drug and anti-drug white coats, or between the psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

        What we need to be doing is acting against the kinds of social injustices, particularly familial child exploitation, which so marginalize people. We should then be acting against all such therapists and healers as they are bogus, they try to turn the problems back onto the survivors so that they can propagate their own denial systems. Mental health and recovery turn your experience of injustice into a medical problem and a self-improvement project.

        The licensing of these secondary abusers, does not protect the public. It protects these white coats and the original abusers. So we should be working to eliminate licensed psychiatry and psychotherapy, and then to discredit life coaching, recovery, and motivationalism.

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      • If they gave it up and came clean, they could make a living stamping license plates in their friendly local penitentiaries. It pays fifteen cents an hour, which is a good living when room and board are covered and they’re’s nothing to buy.

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        • You could easily make the case that they are worse than Bernie Madoff. He robbed many individuals of their life savings. Corrupt psychiatrists rob people not just of their earning potential with disabling “treatments” and labels, but their reputations, health and life itself.

          A lot like that doctor called the Angel of Death who lied by telling many they had blood cancer to sell them many rounds of unneeded chemo. Psychiatry is a similar form of medical fraud.

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  11. ”Illification” is exactly right! But, I DON’T think that scam is a runaway train. Truths – pathogenic families cause “mental illness”, ANYBODY can change, and we owe NOTHING to psychiatry – DO set people free. In this country, childhood is legally dominated by families. What we need to do is give people chances for growth from day 1 of adulthood. It’s never too late for a real life.

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  12. Great article Lawrence– ive been trying to tell people for so long- they’re all being brainwashed and manipulated -with misery see- view- the psychiatric /MH kind of misery see- view- the propogated view the whole worlds going mad from-or thinking they are.
    Filling itself with insecurity from- imagining its what, the experts say it is- are telling them it is,-and all that MH made-created- insecurity, is then going out to everyone else- on the planet- and in their despair and insecurity from it- because of this insecurity, their not sure is insecurity, or mental illness,- just in case,- their backing the people, who have created it all- instilled it all,- out of insecurity that’s been put their by misery see people in power- with a power- and a sick egenda- because hey- maybe were going to be needing these Powerful professional- people- we cant shoot the guy we might need- the messenger- who we might need to save us- from this stuff in our heads- that who knows, might be, this mad, thing- mental illness thing- everyone else, seems to be afflicted with or by- i better just hang onto the myth come reality- in case its me- going to be me, not sure, im pretty insecure- lol- wonder why mate.
    I go another step again- im saying that all the wars- and all the crimes- in a round about way- are being – committed because of psychiatry – MH- all the despair and insecurity called MI_ isn’t illness- but a propagated crippling insecurity- dressed up as mental illness- were all not sure, afflicts us or not- created by the sick and drug dealers, of psych-and MH- “the troubling MH- psyche-thought package”- is in every mind on the planet- slowly getting in- a bit at a time- a day at a time-one misery see view at a time- and all we can do is try and wake them up- counteract-not that its going to make a lot of difference, until any one world government takes away the power they’re abusing- and abusing some of us with- over half going by the latest statistics- the rest is a kind of jibber come back and forth- because its not an even playing field- we can say whatever we like- and they can just flick a switch- to shut us up and our loved ones- their torturing- so their is no conversation- theirs only a dictation-a one way street- and silence- if you beat that in a word fight- a morality fight- door closed- tell someone else- so yes the worlds inflicted effected and infected- but their not stopping- cause they’ve got “legislation” that allows them to continue- all the rest is jibber by two opposing teams- believers- non believers- begging these people knowingly harming over half -to save just under half- who wont stop it cause their in an elvis trap they created, that were all trapped in- either media wise- or in fact- reality- so – “the only thing that can save us” is for “one world Government to take away this forceful – clearly abusive to over half- force poisoning power away” – they’ve got no moral compass- when they’re, “knowingly” harming more than they’re helping- and the ones their not helping- they’re harming- that’s not a doctor- doctors don’t knowingly harm people- without a doubt their power to do that, must be taken away,- regardless of whatever the result-outcome- doesn’t matter- you cant continue to knowingly harm “over” half the people your claiming to be helping- – and that goes for the government giving them this power to do so- weve spoken long enough- too long- and were going nowhere but into arguments about how wrong things are – that their just being silent to- or arguing with jibber against- to me everyone involved- effected by the wrong- should all just put all their energy, and focus, into getting- just, one world government, to take the power away- its the only way- im 100% sure of that- been around too long listening to too many arguments about the rights and wrongs- that just get shot down by the authority- in the same way they shoot down any argument in a bin with. with their authority and their power over others-take that away- and who cares what any of them have got to say- that’s more them, than us- that’s their main worry- no one believeing them anymore- or having to,- freaks them right out- big time- and that’s why its the only thing we need to fix-we have to make the playing field even- we have to make them as equal as us. in word feeling meaning- in law- in reality…otherwise were just talking- a nd they dont care because they dont have to listen- or answer- so were just a noise- like their patients noises- they dont like-that their going to do to us the same thing they do to their patients with and about- shut it down-power over it- with this legislated power theyve been given to do so- anyway think ive tried to clue everytone up again- ill just wait for us to evolve- whilst im waiting for society and psychiatry to evolve- all good– have a good one. I dont know how im going to get it into the heads of the people- but this is the only way we can fix it.Cause you see whatever we say- has to be made ok by them- be OKd by them in effect, ultimately,- to go anywhere- w ho needs or wants that- and why keep doing it. its like a never ending nightmare- like friggin groundhogs day or something. “they have to lose the power theyre abusing with” first- talk later when the fields even.

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      • First of all sorry, obviously pdf files links are not supported here,you will have to copy and paste the link to view it, but it is worth doing and reading it to understand what is going on.
        It is insidious to ask children what they think of their experience of taking these stimulant drugs, using the credibility of Oxford to instigate. Ilina Singh is using this quote by Kureishi and using children to hit against:

        “It is the attempted standardization of a human being and of a notion of achievement that is limiting, prescriptive and bullying.

        Ritalin and other forms of enforcement and psychological policing are the contemporary equivalent of the old practice of tying up children hands in bed, so they wont touch their genitals. The parent stupefies the child for the parents good.”

        Hanif Kureishi

        I agree with Kureishi, further, the hard science proves harm done by the drugs.

        Ilina Singh set up ADHD Voices.

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        • I wasn’t sure if you were highlighting this work as a good or a bad example. I read the report, the last link, and it seemed to be more about the author’s theories about conduct niches and performance niches than about children in spite of all the drawings and quotes (and bits in annoying font that were difficult to read). Half the children were from the US and the report was written in US English. One child from the UK was described as living in a lower middle class neighbourhood and I am still trying to work out what that is.

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          • Terrible warning ! Children can not study the hard science to know the future harm done to them.

            Singh says:

            “Medical professionals in particular should help children to flourish with stimulant drug treatments, in good and in bad conditions. ”

            Sorry I really do not think so.

            Think ‘good and bad conditions’ = all the class system. upper middle working and in-between.

            Think they imported her from the US. US companies also taking over MH in the UK…. Universal Health Services (UHS) .

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  13. I see the point of what the distinguished doctor is saying, but would like to raise another idea. Since the late 1940’s when broad acre farming and the use of fertilesers began to be used and home grown vegetables with their micro nutrients fell into disuse – is it possible that each generation has been getting less and less of the important nutrients which we all need to make our brains work properly? Doctors like Carl Pfeiffer, Abram Hoffer found micronutrients like the lack of zinc, magnesium played a role in those labelled with mental illness. As each generation passes on a lower amount of a Nutrient, each generation could be more severely affected – what if all schools and homes served up nutrient dense organically grown foods, I think it would have an effect on the ADHD epidemic.

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  14. Actually the “ADHD scam’ you refer to is at least fifty years running: I was put on Ritalin in 1967 by way of our family physician. I was told that my ‘brain was different than the other kids’ and that Ritalin would make it ‘normal (because you know…science understood the brain so well in 1967!). Back in 67, ADHD was referred to as hyperkinesis-or one being hyperkinetic. It also carried the moniker of minimal brain damage (MBD). Whatever. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

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    • But it did not become a big business until prozac paved the way for it, with its hugely successful “depression is an illness caused by a chemical imbalance” advertising/marketing/lobbying campaign. Ever since then, “ADHD” criteria were broadened so that all children met criteria for it, and “better living (or dying) through chemistry” has been the American way.

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  15. dr kelmenson has talked about a very important problem ….the drugging of kids…
    but MARDY9 has brought up something that might help the problem…very important..
    we need to push over and over the connection between NUTRITION AND BRAIN function..
    kids are not eating healthy…

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  16. Teaching that genes cause ‘mental illness’

    you first make thieves and then punish them.

    For if you suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first make thieves and then punish them.
    Sir Thomas More, Utopia, Book 1
    English author, courtier, humanist, & saint (1478 – 1535)

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  17. Thank you for your contribution. Great article.

    I wonder if it is possible to give quantitive estimates of the damage done by antipsychotics?

    Is it possible to give a rough guess on the long-term effect of antipsychotics on recovery?

    Antipsychotic medications are viewed as cornerstones for both the short-term and long-term treatment of schizophrenia. The evidence for symptom reduction will be critically reviewed. Are there benefits in terms of recovery?
    Leucht et al has 2009 found (How effective are second-generation antipsychotic drugs? A meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trials) the effect NNT(Number Need to Treat)=6 for short time treatment (1). However this was looking at 50% or more reduction of symptoms on the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS).
    Leucht et al 2012 looks at maintenance treatment with antipsychotic drugs. Between 7 to 12 month are covered. The results published are better but conclude that it is necessary to “clarify the long-term morbidity”.
    Bola et al. 2011 (5) found just 5 studies with real placebo, i. e. RCT (Randomized controlled trial). One of them Rappaport et al 1978 found that umedicated patients managed better, e. g. readmission into hospital. NNH turned out to be 2.9 (NNH= number need to harm).
    The Council of Evidence-based Psychiatry exists to communicate evidence of the potentially harmful effects of psychiatric drugs to the people (3).
    Nancy Sohler et al. gives 2016 this summary: «For many years, this (…)clinicians’ belief in the need for long-term use of antipsychotic medications strong (Lehmann, 1966) that it has been impossible to design a sound observational study to address the question of efficacy or harm … (O)ur study also could not conclusively evaluate whether long-term antipsychotic medication treatment results in better outcomes on average. We believe the pervasive acceptance of this treatment modality has hindered rigorous scientific inquiry that is necessary to ensure evidence-based psychiatric care is being offered.»
    So I understand there are nearly no RCT controlled studies (avoiding «cold turkey» problems) answering my question on recovery.
    Real world outcomes and results

    However is it possible to use other studies to evaluate effects based on other studies and real world results?
    WHO Cross-Cultural Studies, 1970s/1980s found (Jablensky, A. 1992, Hopper, K. 2000): 16% of patients in the developing countries were regularly maintained on antipsychotics, versus 61% of the patients in rich countries. 63.7% of the patients in the poor countries were doing fairly well at the end of two years. In contrast, only 36.9% of the patients in the seven developed countries were doing fairly well at the end of two years. In the developing countries, 53% of schizophrenia patients were “never psychotic” anymore, and 73% were employed. In the rich countries, only 37 percent of the patients had good outcomes, and 59 percent had become chronically ill.
    Naturalistic studies of e. g. Harrow, M. & Jobe, T.H. (2012), Harrow et al 2014 (11), Wunderink (4,7) and Wils et al 2017 show that patients do better without long-time antipsychotic medication. Harrow, M. & Jobe, T.H. (2017) concludes in “A 20-Year multi-followup longitudinal study assessing whether antipsychotic medications contribute to work functioning in schizophrenia”:
    “Negative evidence on the long-term efficacy of antipsychotics have emerged from our own longitudinal studies and the longitudinal studies of Wunderink, of Moilanen, Jääskeläinena and colleagues using data from the Northern Finland Birth Cohort Study, by data from the Danish OPUS trials the study of Lincoln and Jung in Germany, and the studies of Bland in Canada,” (Bland R. C. and Orn H. (1978): 14-year outcome in early schizophrenia; Acta. Psychiatrica Scandinavica 58,327-338) the authors write. “These longitudinal studies have not shown positive effects for patients with schizophrenia prescribed antipsychotic for prolonged periods. In addition to the results indicating the rarity of periods of complete recovery for patients with schizophrenia prescribed antipsychotics for prolonged intervals, our research has indicated a significantly higher rate of periods of recovery for patients with schizophrenia who have gone off antipsychotics for prolonged intervals.”
    Jaakko Seikkula et al 2010 (Journal Psychosis Volume 3, 2011 – Issue 3) has reported on long-term outcome of first-episode psychotic patients treated with Open Dialogue Therapy in Western Lapland approx. 80% recovery (6). “Showing the benefit of using not much medication supported by psychosocial care.” 19% were on disability allowance or sick leave with 17% ongoing neuroleptics. Sveberg (2001) reported 62% on disability allowance or sick leave following standard care and 75% ongoing neuroleptics (11). Disability allowance or sick leave goes up more then 40%.
    The effect of cognitive therapy (8) and psychotherapy (9) is documented.
    Bjornestad, Jone et al. 2017 reported “Antipsychotic treatment: experiences of fully recovered service users”: “(b)etween 8,1 and 20% of service users with FEP achieve clinical recovery (Jaaskelainen et al., 2013)” under the profession’s current protocols.
    Approx. 60% or so of first-episode patients may recover without the use of antipsychotics (Whitaker 2017).
    In order to maintain the narrative of antipsychotis beeing “effective” schizophrenia is falsely declared chronic i. e. drug dependence is preferred over recovery.
    Now I know this guess is not exact science, but does it seem that approx. 40% of patients subject to regular medication (e. g. in Norway “National guideline for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of individuals with psychotic disorders”) loose long-term recovery compared to non-medicated patients?
    Would this be a fair guess of the long-term effect of antipsycotics on recovery?
    Alternatives to medication

    Morrison et al. 2012 (8) concludes «A response rate analysis found that 35% and 50% of participants achieved at least a 50% reduction in PANSS total scores by end of (cognitive) therapy and follow-up respectively» i. e. NNT=2 for «follow-up» with cognitive therapy. Antipsychotic drugs perform NNT=6 according to Leucht et al. 2009. This shows Klingbergs conclusion (9): “In conclusion, psychosis psychotherapy does not have an evidence problem but an implementation problem.”

    Patients have a right to know in advance to decide with informed consent the benefit of actual symptom reduction in the beginning at the price of long-term reduction of recovery. Where there is a risk there has to be a choice.
    I would appreciate your answer based on your knowledge of studies. Thank you in advance.

    Follow-up: Jim Gottstein: Schizophrenia Drugs Reduce Recovery Rates from 80% to 5% (Comparison Open dialogue/Harrow results)

    1) Leucht S, Arbter D, Engel RR et al. How effective are second-generation antipsychotic drugs?
    A meta-analysis of placebo-controlled trials. Mol Psychiatry 2009; 14: 429–447
    2)Leucht S, Tardy M, Komossa K, Heres S, Kissling W, Davis JM.2012 May 16;(5):CD008016. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD008016.pub2.
    Maintenance treatment with antipsychotic drugs for schizophrenia.
    3)Council of Evidence-based Psychiatry
    4)Wunderink L, Nieboer RM, Wiersma D, Sytema S, Nienhuis FJ. Recovery in Remitted First-Episode Psychosis at 7 Years of Follow-up of an Early Dose Reduction/Discontinuation or Maintenance Treatment StrategyLong-term Follow-up of a 2-Year Randomized Clinical Trial.
    JAMA Psychiatry. 2013;70(9):913-920. doi:10.1001/jamapsychiatry.2013.19
    5)Bola JR, Kao D, Soydan H, Adams CE. Antipsychotic medication for early episode schizophrenia. 15 June 2011.
    6)Robert Whitaker. Harrow + Wunderink + Open Dialogue = An Evidence-based Mandate for A New Standard of Care:
    7)Dr. Lex Wunderink, MD, PHD of the University of Gronigen (Netherlands) speaks about his findings for long-terms use of antipsychotic drugs at the 2015 Yale Symposium: New Data and New Hopes Call for New Practices in Clinical Psychiatry.
    8)Morrison AP, Hutton P, Wardle M et al. Psychological Medicine. Volume 42, Issue 5 May 2012, pp. 1049-1056. Cognitive therapy for people with a schizophrenia spectrum diagnosis not taking antipsychotic medication: an exploratory trial. Psychol Med 2012; 42: 1049 – 56
    9)Klingberg S, Wittorf A. Evidence­based psychotherapy for schizophrenic psychosis. Nervenarzt 2012; 83: 907-918.
    10)Harrow M, Jobe TH, Faull RN. Psychol Med. 2014 Oct;44(14):3007-16. doi: 10.1017/S0033291714000610. Epub 2014 Mar 24.
    Does treatment of schizophrenia with antipsychotic medications eliminate or reduce psychosis? A 20-year multi-follow-up study.
    11)Scientific Symposium. Pharmaceuticals – risks and alternatives. The 15th of October 2016 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Jaakko Seikkula, Professor of Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychologist, Finland. Naturalistic study designs for developing the system to reduced medication
    Open letter to the Directorate of Health, Knowledge Centre, Public Health, Medicines Agency, Patient Safety Program, Norment, Experience Expertise 12. February 2017:
    12)Knowledge- and research-based liquidation of current harmful psychiatric medication in favour of evidence-based practice to promote recovery

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  18. I was troubled by something in the church I attend. The preacher condemned smoking pot from the pulpit. (I’m a teetotaler and don’t smoke tobacco or MJ, btw. He wasn’t stepping on my toes.)

    What troubled me was remembering how his wife had demanded, “Did you take your medicine?” of her grandchild before service started.

    These are not evil hypocrites! They themselves are woefully deceived. When I think of how that woman is encouraging her 8 year-old grandchild to take “medicine” that is actually a mind altering substance worse than marijuana I want to weep.

    Then I get angry. But not at the grandparents.

    Aside for some weirdos who enjoy having sick or crazy kids, most parents/guardians are duped. They think that the drugs are “medicine” that will save the child. Nothing could be further from the truth!

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  19. Awesome article DR. K. I know you blame the MD’s for taking the easy road out and you blame the parents for being brainwashed. My point is simple and straight to the point and that is family life in society today has changed from what it was 30 years ago to both parents working, getting home late and thus providing no role model in the child or children’s life.

    Somebody posted about the children watching the tube for 5-6 hours after sitting at a desk for 7 hours, well, once kids reach a certain age (7-8), it’s tablets, the internet, cell phones etc and this is because of their parents caving in to their children’s demands or requests. They become reclusive and go to their rooms or somewhere else in the house. No one is home to monitor this behavior because mom and dad are working. It certainly can’t be good for them or the parents down the road. I’m sure there are studies conducted on electronic device uses and I bet there not good for the children’s brains.

    I grew up in the early 70’s and all I did was play sports after homework. I didn’t care about eating dinner, just playing sports till dark, every evening, from baseball to ice hockey. My mom was a stay at home mom who made sure you did your homework before anything else. I believe today that not all kids have that discipline and MD’s prescribe medication to control them because today’s parent’s allow that to happen. I run a $30 million company, whereas I’m not perfect, I’m not taking medication either except for cholesterol.

    Today’s parents are brainwashed or simply too lazy to raise their children the right way because every thing is so expensive. Parents need to make sacrifices today and they don’t because they have a $500K + mortgage to meet. For the last 30 years, society has changed and not for the better.

    My favorite line from the article is the following: “In just thirty years in America, it has largely undone the huge adaptive potential that millions of years of brain evolution had provided. Psychiatry profits by parasitically creating an increasingly ‘ill’ society whose people are helpless and vulnerable to legal/illegal drug dealers”. Again, doesn’t this go back to the change in society where both mom and dad are working. I’m not letting the doctor’s off the hook in any way, shape or form, because they perpetuate the problem, not cure it.

    Excellent article Dr. K.

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  20. Talks cheap- actions speak louder than words- time for “a” world government- “any one” world Government to take away the power Govt Psychiatry has abused, “that they abuse over half with-latest figures”- that governments allow them to do- no ifs buts or maybes- take away the law- the legislation- or at least alter it-to stop the abuse.. Great article Lawrence- you look a bit like that bloke on that -conflict- show on the telly.- 🙂

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    • Johnyb, power corrupts. A One World Government would be a bigger bureaucratic mess than we already have. The only protection such a system would provide is its very incompetence.

      I think Mike Adams on Natural News has a better idea of disbanding our current federal system–or waiting for it to come apart at the seams–and replacing it with small, localized governments. These could still unite in a sort of loose federation, but the governments would be kept SMALL and ACCOUNTABLE to the governed. In such a system psychiatry and other evils would have very restricted powers.

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      • Thanks FeelinDiscouraged — yeh i thought it sounded a bit new world order- 🙂 – i just mean one government anywhere- lol. maybe i worded that wrong. I don’t care how it happens to be honest-just that it happens- i just think any one government- anywhere, would be a winner,- big winner- well would to me , anyone hurting from the system– the can’t es-capers- really need the new healing recovery withdrawal wards- and the people who messed them up, against their wishes- fixing it- them- so everyone heals- but they’re just not doing it, in spite of stealing those two words, from the victims,-and using them themselves,- without opening the wards to go with the words,-and that’s what’s broken the camels back- for me- it has – like when confronted about that, the new adopted words, they said were evolving too- we evolve- i said oh yeh, sure, when are the withdrawal wards coming, then, to prove it, silence, and then on the safe wards site- i was told they are healing and recovering- turns out its just in their minds- like business as usual- so that was it, right then and there i decided i cant do this anymore- they just pretend , and lie, i can take a lie, when i know it is- but pretense, is too much, you don’t know when their lying, or telling the truth, and fifteen years at this war, i just decided stuff everything- its eating me alive, and everyone else, even though some people seem to handle it, its all too much war for me, in me, and all my family, then i thought if you think about it- nothings changed in fifteen years- maybe they’ve gotten worse even- and it feels like the more you say, the more they lie or be silent, and in a strange way the more they win, because most of the words coming at them are in angst, and angst repels, so hard to know what the best way to be- speak is-, how to tell the story so that the people can take it on board- or inside without feeling repelled or awkward from the driving force when the drivers an angst-or very much that, or of course that could be just me and me caught up in a me kind of way- either way, theirs caught up- and then their’s “Caught Up”- that’s me- 🙂 – and i just cant be , i know were all the same in the sense, no one ever wanted or should have been caught up by this horribly violent system of care- but the horrible, aren’t seeing the horrible they are- acting- being to people- 15 yrs later- so it has to be one government, anywhere, who has to save over fifty percent of the people- according to those latest figures- the 75 studies-over fifteen years- from last week- that says over half do better not on the drugs- which to me says today things have to change- not tomorrow- and that should be on the front page of the mainstream news- because that means- ipso facto- they’re hurting five or more- to help five or less-potentially even- is enough to take that law away- it “means” their abusing their power- and abusing over half the people doing it-to me that’s a government- or the police or and a court case away- because its criminal– clearly- has to be- imagine a surgeon with a track record like that- or a real doctor of any type- saves 4.5- kills 5.5– doubt they’d even get that far- so i think its gone beyond speaking to them- its time to demand , not from them, they’ve shown/ and proven- themselves to be who and what were saying, that only leaves the governments giving them the power to do so. Any one of them could be the difference and the start to something beautiful- or something- were never gonna get out of, these tyrants who see themselves as healers- recover- ers- all of a sudden- well over the last 5/6 years anyway, are totally in denial. and have an arrogance that’s beyond connecting to or with, that’s so up itself, even if you wanted to, you cant.. and when you do- its- jibber this- jibber that-will you- no i wont- do you- no i don’t- just can’t do that any more. I feel like- nah your not talking to me any more- your too crooked and corrupt to even talk to- and you don’t answer anyway-not honestly that’s for sure- and their all well and truly indoctrinated- do you or anyone you know try to talk to cult people who knock on your door, out of their cults- i doubt it- and we all know why- this is the same thing- these people are the same ilk- or cult type people-indoctrinated mentalities- closed minded-everything about them “screams” cult- so government-any one- take their power away- take the cults power- to force drug us, away. To be honest i cant do it anymore cause of the emotions – too angry for way too long- the back and forth just keeps the porridge bubbling- the one line- maybe two- will help me inside-where its been too much- like it is for anyone being stood over – poisoned- or watching helplessly whilst one of our own is dragged down and kept down- by the same people- so if i can word it right in say two lines or so- and know inside that its just about getting the message into the psyches/ hearts-of some people- any people- it might start a ball rolling’ that gathers momentum, and keeps going- like a trend- when one follows, someone else does- so two things- for myself cause i still want to try- but cant keep going back and forward chewing the cud-and two- I firmly believe its the way forward- like the common sense of me- in me- is telling me. were past the rest- its time for these governments who give them the authority, their abising, and abusing us with, to take it away, cause its so clearly- hurting/harming people- their report and statistically- and theyr’e so clearly not listening and sill doing it to people- hurting them- and over half- end of story, end of talking, time to put up- feels like talking, when that’s happened, is wrong- beyond talk- cause that’s(new data) the sign, and the time for government to step in- which you would either expect them to, or for the people doing it, to stop it- immediately- and neither has happened- so that’s it- that means- you don’t talk- that means you go to the source of the problem- and that’s the government letting them- not them- their corrupt and stupid- poisoned by their own poisons- and that’s literally, with last weeks figure of 75% of new doctors are all sick in the head- and all on their own mind bending drugs- so not only shouldn’t they be practicing- but their obviously not well- sitting in judgement on others- how bent is that- the loonies judging the loonies- so that in itself says we can really only talk to 25% of them- and expect a real answer from- not a scew with, drug effected answer from-mixed in with their shot, drug addled, already troubled emotions- and thinking- loonies running the show. Anyway see what i mean- im sure i could have said most of that in a couple of sentences-:-) .or I write a miles worth- when a few inches/lines will/would do. Anyway thanks for connecting-i love this site mate- this is the best site, with the best people.
        ,- the most clued up, in touch with the pulse, place, out there. Its only an offering – if it feels like im telling -im sorry, im not about dictating- or telling people things- take it style- when they’re the pulse and the energy of the fight were all about especially- too much respect and appreciation for that- just wanted to say that. To me this is like an offering to the gods- that might be going a bit far for all of us- but its something like that–:-) maybe the kings of loving- cause to me when people want to enlighten people- help people- especially people feeling terrorized- traumatized by a system of care- which is an oxmoron- then those people- you guys- send out the most love- the most meaning- the most caring- the most hope- the most guiding words , and the most good. Just the way it is- the way, and the weighing- of things.

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  21. By the way among those children raised within an Amish community ( not those having left and come back )
    The children NOT HAVING BEEN VACCINATED – UNVACCINATED- non of those have been diagnosed with “autism”. You have only to look at all the “ingredients within the “vaccines” do a little more investigation -to feel like puking at the audacity of the vaccine industry and the deception . Lookup “Simpsonwood” to see how a vaccination policy maker leaves a vaccination policy decision making meeting , to warn his own family not to allow their newborn baby to be vaccinated even while he’s attending at a meeting , advocating vaccinations for the rest of the population. ( Because he knows , he knows how dangerous they are)
    The people have been poisoned by vaccinations plus other equally horrific AMA “medical care”, ADA Heavy metal mercury + more ,root canal, and cavitation conventional “Dentistry”, Then you got poison food , GMO’s + other poison add ins, Of course you have the poison producing pharmaceutical cartels , and the horrorshow super-pseudo-science poison distributor with high voltage electroshock as a backup, we have psychiatry itself. All of it could be properly placed under the category of Rockefeller “Medicine”.
    Within, Homeopathy , Traditional Naturopathy , Energy Healing Systems like YuenMethod , organic grown foods, advanced Hal Huggins dentistry and other first do no harm methods , are found much better options for thriving and surviving .

    Just to add to the valid observations already made by the blogger and other commenters.

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    • It sounds like you’ve been reading Natural Health too Fred. 🙂

      Because of all the lies and corruption it’s hard for me to trust anyone in the medical field. The fact that GPs cover for all the damage created by Pharma-psychiatry makes them accomplices in their moral guilt.

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  22. WebMD says “People with depression often fail to realize or accept that there is a biological cause to their depressed mood. As a result,they search endlessly for external causes.” Ugh, this is disgusting. What a horrible state of affairs

    Thank you for writing this article. Very important to publish clear overviews of the harm of the entire model to our society.

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  23. Dr.Kelmenson’s approach to this problem is refreshing. Too bad that many of today’s parents take the easy approach to parenting immature children in propagating family dysfunction. They want to believe the underlying cause is due to genetics instead of taking the time to learn the skill of parenting. Thank you Dr. Kelmenson for your brave articles.

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